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awe dude cmon, ya know what i meant. i just wanna make sure i'm the appropriate age to be on your blog.

Fine, fine.

You must be forty-nine years, three months, seven days, and nine hours old to be on my blog.

If you are older or younger than that, you must leave.

Listen if you’re having a sad day treat yourself to some Pirce Is Right the excitement, and pure joy the contestants have on that show is infectious. Also, that game show is pure America soooo I had to draw some Public AU where America guest stars as one of the showroom guys and loves picking up and spinning the contestants around when they win. 

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Headcannon: Kenny is cold and touch-starved to he loves cuddling under thick and fluffy blankets. When he sleeps he builds a nest on the bed. He makes a cocoon with the blankets and supports the cocoon with pillows. He needs warm and soft.

Aw touch-starved…. :’( I think he’d def love huddling under blankets yes. Especially given his house has poor heat. Also 

cuddles and lots of blankets are good for the soul 


ok. a couple things with this.

1. Jason you just??? kicked your brother into the air?????? ok.

2. performing a stunt of this calibre is known as “pulling a Grayson”

3. “Dick could have probably done it in less time”

4. do not insult Timothy’s vegas wings you simpleton, they’re beautiful 


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Just a little bit of advice for the transparent things (in case you want to do more) just always make sure you go around the outline at lease a few times :) when I was first doing those I would always miss a few spots. So just take your time and go around the outline a few times and yea :D I like it a lot tho :)

Thank you for the advice!!!! It is just something I wanted to try. I will do that next time 🙂👍🏽