Cancer - Unraveling the Cosmic Cradle 

The sign of Cancer is emotionally responsive, withdrawing, and self preserving. The individual’s hyper vigilant defenses mean it can be exceedingly hard to crack the Cancer shell and gain access to the inner wonderland. The individual is acutely concerned with security and protecting himself and loved ones from harm. Those he is not familiar with are seen as threatening and shadowy. The world can become too scary and unsafe to the Cancerian, and he can retreat away into the safety of solitude for long periods of time. Although he gives the impression of being open and welcoming, the individual fiercely guards his privacy, heartstrings, and secrets. Swinging from the craters of the moon, a million miles away from people and the prospect of danger is the Cancer’s favorite hiding spot.

To ride the internal dreamboat that awaits within the Cancerian is no easy task. Open wounds are haunting, and the pain of past hurts engraves in his fibres. The individual must sense an island of safety and peace from people before he feels comfortable opening up. It is important for prospective partners and friends to commit themselves long term and resist threats of abandonment and humiliation. The individual routinely psychologically examines his company, and follows his defensive gut instinct on the calibre of surrounding people. He fears he will be toyed with, abused, embarrassed, and heartbroken. His need for security and stability is so pronounced that he will eschew connecting with people that will overturn his sense of balance. Like a developing baby, there is the fear of stranger danger and unfamiliar faces. He builds homes inside people, and doesn’t need these to be torched and trashed. His trust is locked away, and he rarely gives anyone the key. The residual needs from childhood stay present late into life, and the anxiety of being neglected and forgotten long remains.

Insecurities insulate his course shell, and the Cancer person knows attachment can lead to pain. Because he holds onto every emotion, euphoria, hurt, feeling, and sentiment with claw marks, his inner threads are ripped apart when somebody leaves, uproots his life, or betrays his trust. The deep horror of being exposed and damaged is traumatic and reinforces his belief that most people  are capable of tremendous harm. He can release his guard when he meets those who share his receptive empathy, respect his need for alone time, and understand his confusing dynamics. The Cancer person is known to be furiously protective of his loved ones and children, and he is equally defensive when it comes to shielding his own inner child.


picture by Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez

So far, Lizzie does not follow Fitz and Gigi on twitter. While I find this nonsensical, as she’s friends with them, it does mean she doesn’t see their conversations about her. So that makes sense.

Darcy, however, follows both Fitz and Gigi. I tend to think the D doesn’t use twitter that often, but. He definitely can see the conversations that his BFF and little sister have about him.

Which is endlessly amusing to me. 

You know guys, for a genius, Ford really isn’t that smart. Or at least he is woefully ignorant. Remember the AMA a few months back where Bill said that any drawing or depiction of him was a peephole into our universe. That increasing the number of these depictions increased his power. He must have been incredibly smart to never tell or let Ford catch onto that cause look at how Ford freaking decorated his most secret inner sanctum

Multiple massive detailed portrait’s of Bill on every wall. And it doesn’t stop there. Oh no not even close

Look at the little pieces of paper on the floor. Almost every single one of them has an eye, a triangle or both. Imagine how many peepholes that makes. AND EVEN THAT ISN’T ENOUGH!!!!

There is a freaking probably solid gold statue of Bill just sitting on a self undisturbed. A solid. Gold. Statue.

The only reasonable conclusion I can come to is that Bill was the one who bought or made all of this when in control of Fords body. He didn’t tell Ford that they made him more powerful, just that they helped with magic stuff or something. Either that or Bill just liked how he looked a whole heap and Ford didn’t question his vanity. And even after Bill was proved to be an enemy, Ford left the stuff there as a reminder of his mistake, a warning never to trust Bill again, unintentionally allowing more power than I’m guessing Ford would want him to have.

Either way that’s what in my mind makes the most sense.