What We Missed (Part 7)

Summary: Friday evening arrives and everyone gets ready for the date. 

Word Count: 461

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A/N: I love you all

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“You look great,” says Dary as she embraces you tightly. “This Bucky guy is going to love you.”

“So, his name is Bucky?”

“Yeah, Bucky,” she repeats.

You mouthed his name before nodding. “Cute.”

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Dean was reaching for the second flowered bandaid on his face when he heard footsteps to his right and looked to see you headed his way.

“Y/N,” he said, relief evident just in saying your name. “Maybe you can help me fill in the gaps here. What happened to the djinn? Could’ve sworn I had the son of a bitch and then it must’ve knocked me out.”

“The djinn? Were you guys playing doctor for monsters?”

“Playing doctor…? I’m sorry, what?” Dean asked. You stopped in front of him, reached out and ran your finger gently over the bandaid on his forehead with a smile. His skin felt electric where you’d touched it and he watched you with rapt attention.

“Seems like our firstborn is a natural caregiver, generous on the bandaids,” you said. 

“Our firstborn?” Dean asked, eyebrows raised. You laughed softly, face drawn a bit in concern.

“About yea high,” you said, holding your hand to your hip. “Has your eyes. Looks at you like you’re her personal superhero. I believe you’ve met. Are you ok?”

Dean ran a hand over his still-flower-bandaged face, nodding absently.

“The djinn,” he said quietly. 


He snapped his eyes back to you and noticed now that you had your hand on his forearm. His heart sped some at the small contact and he nodded at you. Not the real you, to be sure, but a version the djinn had created. And a version of you who was looking at Dean with an expression born from so much adoration and, at the moment, worry, that Dean forgot for a moment that he couldn’t stay with this version of you forever.

“I’m ok,” he said, fixing his eyes on yours. You slid your hand down to twine with his.

“You sure?” you asked. He nodded again and gave your hand a squeeze.

“I’m sure.”


Imagine a Djinn Creating a World In Dean’s Mind In Which He’s Married To You With Kids

More gif imagines!

More djinn dream!Dean here!

Clumsiness Begets Romance

Summary: After an incident with a knife, you are taken to the hospital, where you meet the last person you thought you would. Requested by @megameohmy 

Word Count: 1,010

Warnings: Mentions of blood, cutting accidentally with a knife, going to the hospital because of said injury. 

Chaos, blood, screams, and questions. That was all there was for a good ten minutes before everything went black. At the last second, you felt a pair of arms grab you before your head could hit the tiles.

You don’t know how long you’ve been out, but by the time your eyes are fluttering opened, everything around you is still and quiet. You think it best to stay calm, you vaguely remember having fainted and assess your surroundings.

A hospital. You are in a hospital and you are lying on a hospital bed. The window is to your right and there’s a curtain separating you from the other patient you’re sharing the room with. Why were you here?

“Hello? Are you awake?”

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Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x Dylan O’Brien


Word Count: 7566 (Yeah I can’t write short fics anymore lol)

A/N: I don’t remember who asked me to do this I’m sorry! But I hope that y’all like it! THERE ARE HEAVY MENTIONS OF SMOKING POT IN THIS. IF YOU DON’T CONDONE THIS, DO NOT READ!

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The Way You Look Tonight

Steve x Reader (Because my little marshmallow needs some love. All of them do, but I’ve been paying special attention to Buck, so Stevie is feeling a little left out.)

Prompt: Oh and I would have an idea: maybe there is a 40’s themed party( because Tony was feeling like it), so Bucky/Steve and the reader go together but Bucky/Steve loses his composure when he sees the reader in 40’s style? with dancing maybe? rest would be up to you 😊

Requested by: @anoril

Word Count: ~2000

Warnings: Slightly sad Steve, besides that, the amount of adorableness may just kill you. I went overboard.

A/N: I spent the whole time writing this listening to Enoch Light & The Light Brigade. Want to step back into the 40’s??? Listen to them. I’ll be linking songs throughout the fic so you can click and hear what will be playing in the story. Please enjoy!!! <3 <3 <3 <3  (P.S. Even though the title of this story wasn’t used, it totally reminded me of this story after I wrote it. You can find the title song here)

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  It was Christmas time again, and everyone around the tower wasn’t feeling in the holiday spirit all that much. Things were slowly being patched up after everything that had occurred, but tensions were still high: especially between Steve, Tony, and the newly unfrozen Bucky.

  You weren’t much, just a low tier agent that happened to brighten up everyone’s spirits. Everyone loved when you were around, since you just seemed to brighten things up where the healing process seemed to be going well. You biggest challenge were the three boneheads that were being absolutely stubborn.

  Tony was your brother; he was always a pain in the ass to you. Bucky was starting to warm up to you in his own way, and you two had become very good friends. Your problem laid with Steven Grant Rogers.


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Imagine that you put a camera in your room, because you want to see how you sleep. When you watch through the footage next morning, you see how a tall man with shoulder length black hair and odd clothing comes to your room in the middle of the night. He adjusts your blanket and then watches as you sleep, occasionally stroking your hair or brushing his fingers over your cheek. You are terrified and wonder if it was the first time or has he been visiting you like this every night.
You decide to wait and see what happens. You go to sleep again after making sure that all the doors and windows are closed and locked. But when you watch through the footage again next morning, you see that he has visited you again. He doesn’t do anything or attempt anything, he just watches as you sleep. You decide to stay up that night to catch him. You climb into bed and pretend to be asleep. It’s not too hard because fear keeps you awake.
You don’t hear anything as he enters your room. Suddenly you feel a hand stroke your hair and with a shriek you quickly sit up. The strange man takes few steps back, surprised that you’re awake. You just stare at him in silence and strangely you get lost in his beautiful emerald green eyes. After awhile he explains who he is, says that he has been watching over you for some time now and admits that he’s intrigued by you. As weird as it is, you just kind of accept it and go back to sleep. You feel him climb into bed behind you and he pulls you to his chest. When you awake next morning, he’s gone. You feel slightly sad and can’t wait to see him again.

watching “The Bronze” with Sebastian Stan would include

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  • him begging you not to watch it
  • Y/N NO!
    Y/N YES!
  • “aww i like maggie”
  • “hope is my spirit animal”
  • sebastian face palming every time they show lance
  • “oooh i like your hair like that”
  • “y/n , please angel, can we stop?”
  • “we’re only starting, sebby”
  • “lance is such an asshole, i love him”
  • “HOPE NO!”
  • “it’s only a movie, y/n”
  • “shut up tucker-motherhacker”
  • seb doing everything he can to distract you from the movie but failing miserably
  • “oh my god i wish Mackie was here”
  • “Ohhhhh this is it, this is THE moment oh my god”
  • him trying to close your eyes with his hands 
  • standing in front of tv to prevent you from watching his glorious moment
  • hitting him with pillows and shooing him away
  • “holy shirt seb is that really you?”
  • “omg you’re so - holy crap IS THAT A TATTOO?”
  • “i did not know you could do that”
  • sebastian thinking of 85 ways to break up with you
  • “we need to recreate that seb”
  • “poor ben”
  • “YOU’RE SUCH A BUTTHOLE i love you”
  • “urgh i hate maggie”
  • “gosh you look sooooo good”
  • “i hate you y/n”
  • “i love you too sebby, and your gold”
  • taking pictures of his embarrassed face
  • posting it everywhere you can
  • him taking you to bedroom to recreate a certain scene from that movie