Ok may I put my two cents in?

Like I know there are people that are upset over the spreading of bootlegs, but cmon at least be MATURE about it. I have seen so many “AGH IM SO MAD RN. HOW DARE YOU POST A BOOTLEG AGH. UR A DISGRACE TO THE FANDOM. REAL FANS WOULDNT DO THAT” Really. Cmon THATS a bit excessive innit? Don’t just resort to “IM SO MAD” make an actual point say it. I mean I get where people who watch these are coming from, some people ( a lot of people ) aren’t able to see the show I FEEL you homie. But people who post bootlegs are STILL in the wrong. But please, again, don’t resort to petty insults, we are the Trash of the Thing and let’s just try to appreciate what we got guys ( we got LMM for christ’s sake ). [THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IVE PUT AN OPINION LIKE THIS ON HERE *HIDES IN SWEATER* ]

for those of you still sad about not being able to pet ur fav in fates: THINK AGAIN BECAUSE in this stream (skip to 43:00) it says that you can still pet in fates but its only with your spouse!!

listen… the way lexa says “thank you for staying” has me fucked up. she’s literally just glad that clarke is there. did clarke have to be the one to stay? no. she wanted to keep an eye on lexa. but lexa wanted clarke to stay. she got spit on and almost knifed and still just wants to be with clarke. there’s basically a war starting but lexa just wants clarke around so she can talk to her again and protect her again and and maybe gain her trust again. she just wants clarke there with her. im fucked up

  • what she says:im fine

Never mind. I did end up finding a video of Nord. Showing him raking, or do i dare say biting Juliet. Im glad to finally see a video of Nord again, but this is still depressing.

Hey I got deleted (n1c3) so I remade im still the same old britishbeatlemania // mar // vero // trashbag since 2k10 except now im thousands of followers less damn bye bye the internet fame i never really had.

Reblog so I can find new blogs to follow all over again! Also @ my old mutuals, still tryna find all of you plis reblog this to make things easier c: (Also PSA that like old times, this is my secondary blog so if i follow it will be through donovan-sane)

Also reblog this to spread the word that no matter how shitty this site is, i will apparently never leave it haH so hey yeah hmu 

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im still dying at jensen calling him mish. again. i never seen him say it in text and now i can say i have. please post this tweet on my grave :') also he responded pretty fast. its also nice to know jensen supported the message as well it was very sweet, and he basically watched 30 seconds of misha's ass crack (which im sure he seen way more of but i wont even start on that)

Like, why did he respond so fast??? Did misha tell him about the video before hand?? Were they together when Misha posted it?? Was he there when he filmed it?? WAS HE THE ONE TO FILM IT??

We need answers.

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Scenario of how the varia would react if their s/o had accidentally shot them in the butt!! (No critical injury or anything just not able to sit properly for a couple weeks)

i hope you don’t mind that I used gifs cuz im lazy.


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He would never hurt his s/o unless they betrayed him but he would make sure that they never held a gun near him again.  And that they were trained.


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I feel like the two of them say this to each other frequently.  Like that’s theyre equivalent to “i love you’


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He probably would be the coolest about it, but he is still not letting you hold a gun anytime soon.


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I feel like this is just the generic face of anyone that gets shot in the butt.


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He’s mostly just angry that you aren’t good with weapons.  After that he made it a point to teach you.


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he wouldn’t let you near him anytime soon after that.  Like you have to be at least five feet away from him at all times.

realized i’ve failed to make any gratuitous references to “im the man…” gotta rectify - so hmmm   kites, belts or shirts      ru still readin      (yeah u say as long as u dont post that fucking avid dancer song again)   ok   the green one    

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hi pau, i love your art so so much. you are very talented and i hope you reach your dreams someday! i used to draw a long time ago but then got discouraged and now youve inspired me to doodle again! im glad that you still draw hxh, too, unlike a lot of other artists... cause i love the series; its really inspiring. and encouraging to imagine gon cheering you on lol. please have a good february! work hard!

AAhh…I don’t know if you’re sending this because of the txt post I wrote in my main but I really appreciate your words! I’m glad I activated anon again I’m getting a lot of messages lately about this , HxH is a really important part of me. I was saying the other day that it seems that this fandom isn’t really active or at least not as much as before! I used to have a lot of activity with hunter but I’m not getting the same number of notifications lately , maybe everyone moved to more popular fandoms but for me it’s kind of…well….it’s sad , if you like a show that much why don’t you keep drawing? that’s what I think and that’s why I don’t usually move to differents fandom/I watch the popular shows like everyone do. Hunter has become a personal part of who I am , I can’t stop drawing about it. Thanks you so much for your compliments too! Please keep doing your best too! Now my gang is cheering you on too , DO YOUR BEST!

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Help. I've fallen into Ramona hole and I don't think I'll be able to get out (tho that might not be a bad thing cx) what did you think of the recent episode? :) it seemed to have a balance of plot and Ramona. (Oh my heart x3 thos nosesnuggles tho)

Im in that hole with you my friend, I actually like these two, yeah people say they fell in love too soon, but so did romeo and juliet—- uhh, bad example.

Anyways I love it. I adored the hell out of it, My friend is still trying to revive, though she will be dead soon, again when watch it again. Haha. 

The episode was beautiful, nicely done, it didnt seem to fast, though I kid you not there was a apart of the episode where Donnie vanished out of no where, though to my surprise the gap tooth lil sh*t was just standing off screen >…> what a butt. My favorite part besides Mona and Raph were Casey and April.

Those two were so pissed off that it was extremely hilarious. The Ramona moments were amazing, like two teenagers in love, and yeah that can get annoying but here, they didnt it great. Why? because we dont get to see that a lot in tmnt, we dont get to that side of Raph, which was literally the adorablest thing I ever freakin saw he’s worse then his other brothers!

I loved the parts where he save Mona, and she saved him? I gotta rewatch it. Screenshots will be coming, yeah others have theirs but….Mine are so better, like nextons better, lol.

Anyways, this is by far a great way to end the show for another hiatus, which honsetly im okay with that. 

best way to end the show, ah teen romance is beautiful <3

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Hey jeanine! I need advice((: , theres this guys and he says he has feelings for me and stuff and he texts me. But him and his ex have history. They dated for a really long time and idk i just feel like he misses his ex and he's just using me./: i asked him if he still loved her and he said he wasnt sure. Also heres the thing he texts me but we dont really talk in person. I tried avoiding him for a while when i found out he still liked his ex, but he texted me again. & idk im just confused

He sounds like an F boy… He’s clearly not over his ex. it seems like he’s using you to get over her and make himself feel better.

Girl you need a guy who is clear about his intentions and fully pursues you 100%.