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Im also annoyed lmao doesnt at least sex mean "sex" in every other language? Like guys its not that special that it means fucking in your language too goddammit

It is actually quite impressive how much I fucked that up though, like out of all the names I could’ve chosen, I chose one that means “exofucking” in multiple languages. If that doesn’t show how much of a mess I am I don’t know what does

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wow, trespass era, im impressed

i got into them rly early thx to my lovely online best friend aliya, idk what happened so suddenly but i’m rly mx hyped again hahah but yea i’m actually a monbebe for quite some time now

“no matter how clever he is, he still needs an exit visa. or i should say, two.”
“why two?”
“he is traveling with a lady.”
“he’ll take one.”
“i think not. i have seen the lady. and if he did not leave her in marseilles, or in oran, he certainly won’t leave her in casablanca.”
“maybe he’s not quite as romantic as you are.”
“it doesn’t matter. there is no exit visa for him.”
“whatever gave you the impression that i might be interested in helping him escape?”
because, my dear, i suspect that under that cynical shell you’re at heart a sentimentalist. oh, laugh if you will, but i happen to be familiar with your record. let me point out just two items: in 1935, you ran guns to ethiopia; in 1936, you fought in spain on the loyalist side.”
“and got well paid for it on both accounts.”
“the winning side would have paid you much better.”

GOT7 Reaction To Being Surprised While On Tour

Here’s how GOT7 would react to being by you while on tour. The EXO and BTS reactions should already be posted by now :)

I do not own these gifs.

JB ::He would be quite happy and impressed. He would definitely whisper “I love you,” while hugging you.

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Junior :: His already brightened day would brighten immediately and he wouldn’t utter a word before hugging you.

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Mark :: He would giggle softly before rushing over to hug you and not letting go the whole night.

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Youngjae :: He would scream loudly before running over to squeeze you.

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Jackson :: He would scream, like Youngjae, but he would definitely overreact. However, later, he would shed a few tears while hugging you.

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BamBam :: He would smile, while slapping himself lightly to make sure that he wasn’t imagining things.

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Yugyeom :: He would softly laugh, bot believing you would come all the way here and would immediately turn shy.

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Nothing. (I wish that were my lowest grade as well)

10th part of the Ereri uni au. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

Eren is quite impressed by Levi’s nerdiness; he already knew he was a good student but still the question is “how?”. His highest grade doesn’t even reach Levi’s 85.

Levi, you should share with him your tricks/tips for his own sake.

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Saw your tag a while back re: cycling depression. Thank you so much for saying that. My depression is cyclical as well and I cannot dedicate my life completely to my dog because of it. Sometimes there are stints where we don't do much of anything but she has a great 'off-switch'' and can hang til it blows over. However much of dogblr gives the strong impression that life cannot get in the way when you have a dog. They are incredibly adaptable beasties.

oh man yeah it was a big worry i had for a long time, but thanks to some very gentle and kind words from atomicbombastic i actually feel quite a bit better about the whole issue! im glad it was something you could relate to, i appreciate you sending me this cause i didnt know it had meant anything in particular to a follower!!! like just sometimes its hard cause you obviously want whats best for your pets and you dont want to ever be in a position where youre not giving them your all you know, which is exactly what depression unfortunately does, but im so happy to hear that you have found a way to deal with it also! i think its definitely like you mentioned about choosing a dog that is a good fit you know? breed research and they are indeed very adaptable things!!

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i remember when u said u hated anime and now im so glad u got into it because LWA is quite literally the Best Fucking Show Ive Watched, its so goddamn cute

like what my problem was is i never found ones that were unique to look at. i just didn’t like the anime art style but when it’s visually cool it’s so fucking good . LWA is so fucking good im like so impressed i want all my friends to watch it because it’s so enjoyable and like a fun cartoon i can see even non anime fans loving

also i spent a goddamn eTErniTy doing the nails on my other hand, again with fake tips, shitty acrylic and nail polish, but this time i also used fucking nail stamping place and no kidding the whole thing took me good FiVE HoURs of my life and dinner for NO goOd reason.
but fine its whatever, fits the while chaos of today and at least my hands are fucking fancy af now, im going to go back to sleep now

I drew a thing today!

I love drawing fantasy stuff a lot and merms are one of my favourite, if not my favourite. :D

While Im drawing I usually make up a little bit of context to help me with ideas and feel and heres this one:

I improvised the character and he’s loosely based on a sea urchin. The impression I got while drawing this was that he was incredibly poisonous and he’d been chained to the bottom of the ocean to keep him away. Other than that, he hasn’t done anything wrong, and as you can probably see, he’s incredibly sour about it. I’d say he’s been down there a while and he’s become quite unfriendly, not that I blame him.

(lend me some sugar)

I have a headcanon that Emma and Killian eat lots of junk and Henry is all smug teenager about it and tells them off for it, and months and months ago @freyreh prompted me to write Killian trying cotton candy for the first time. For some reason this baby bit happened? I don’t know, guys. Captain Swan Believer fluff, quite literally.

(Also contains a terrible Pharmacy Tech pun, if you get it I will be impressed.)

~1k. Rated K.

Henry lets himself in, toeing off his shoes and sending his schoolbag skittering across the polished floor with a touch of vindictive relish. He’s not had the best of days. It had started with a request for a ‘chat’ with the principal, the thought of which had set his heart racing and his palms sweating before he’d even had a chance to ask Violet for a lunch date. That part hadn’t been all that bad, though as it turned out spending most of the school year in other realms wasn’t doing much for his GPA, and he’d had to swear blind to avoid all portals, magical objects and anything else that wasn’t immediately relevant to the curriculum for the foreseeable future.

Okay, so he may have had his fingers crossed, but his more immediate problem was that he was being kept awake at all hours of the night by baby Robyn’s colicky screaming, since it’s pretty hard to concentrate on even the most interesting lesson if you need to keep your eyes propped open with toothpicks.

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mars is pretty much someone’s vibes

I’ve been trying to find a way to describe it and that’s the best I can do

because whereas someone’s ascendant is the first impression when you see them and their sun is when you start talking to them and their moon is if you get close enough to them and their mercury is their conversation and words and their venus is their style and beauty, mars is that vibe you get off them that you can’t quite place why you get that vibe off them but you do

it feels different from the energy of the sun that you can explain in how a person acts and ascendant in their outer persona

(mars and sun are compared a lot since they’re fiery high energy)

it’s more raw and lying beneath the surface but undeniably there. it could be some kind of base allure that falls outside of venus, sun, or ascendant.

of course we see it come to the surface clearly when someone becomes passionate or angry but I feel like its underlying presence is still there even without those situations

you can’t say why you get this feeling off someone. it isn’t anything they say or do. it’s just there.

there are a lot of things i love about jackson wang 

i love that he’s known for bluffing constantly but somehow he really still comes off as a genuine person and that’s such an impressive feat because that means he must really be quite genuine 

and i love that despite the fact that he acts like he’s the shit and basically every article of clothing he owns says WANG on it in all caps i still get the sense that he’s really humble

and he’s always acting jealous of mark whenever mark gets any attention but you can tell at this point he’s only doing it for the laughs because when it comes down to it he’s the first to point out how amazing mark is like how on asc when they asked if jackson thought he was better looking than mark jackson immediately without hesitation said no & how he thinks he’s not bad looking but not good looking because “i look in the mirror” which really makes me so sad because it’s not fun looking in the mirror and thinking badly of yourself i wish everyone could look in the mirror and love themselves

and then that same time on asc mark & eric wrote that even though he’s annoying he’s funny sometimes, just to ease him, but after that he asked mark so seriously “you didn’t tell me i was annoying” in this tone like he’s been told that by people before and is insecure about it and he’s so worried that his best friend thinks he’s annoying too 

and he’s so talented with his dancing and his fencing and his languages 

and his laugh is my favorite thing and he’s just so freaking FUNNY like everything he does is hilarious 

and i love how affectionate he is with everybody and how caring he is toward bambam and the way he is with his parents 

and the fact that he understands and acknowledges the difference between being a rapper and rapping because your company tells you to 

and i love how he said he likes girls with thick thighs and dark skin because nobody ever says that and even though i wish none of us needed to depend on someone’s opinion to feel good about ourselves, we do, and that means a lot 

i’m not sure how this turned into such a rant but man jackson just seems like such a great guy i just wish i could be best friends with him

fake people.

what really bothers me most of all is fake people. my biggest pet peeve and something i just can’t tolerate is the fake people of our world. it seriously makes zero sense to me. what do these people earn or take out of being this way. is it a self esteem thing? is this just something people do out of habit just to impress their peers? does it make them feel better knowing that no one else knows who they actually are? im not quite sure i understand the purpose of putting on a fake front to make themselves different then how they actually are. i get that these people just want to be liked and popular, but is it even worth it to have to pretend just to fit in? its annoying and bizarre. 

god I texted the canvassing job saying I wasn’t the best pick for the job and the boss is like “nothing ventured nothing gained you can jsut quit. I was impressed with you what’s giving you pause lets work this out” and im shitting please don’t believe in me please don’t give me the benefit of the doubt it makes the guilt of falling out on u so much worse dude

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Mun play - Admya-suggestions

The boy was in a coffee shop, sitting at the bar seats facing the window to the street outside.  The name on his cup read ‘Solis’, leaving him quite impressed by the fact that his name had been spelled correctly.  He was people watching, but was, ultimately, oblivious to the world around him.  Solis had in his favourite green earbuds, but wasn’t playing anything.  Instead, he used them as a noise blocker.  His fingers, resting on the counter, were fluttering gently.


idk man im just saying

I was reading an article about Rowan Blanchard and her response to white feminism, and though I was very much impressed, the comments regarding this angered me quite a lot - i.e. Rowan is only 13 years old and her opinion did not matter, 13 year olds cannot be feminists, Rowan did not have real life experiences to “shape her opinion”. I find this to be complete bullshit and not to mention ageist. Rowan’s age has nothing to do with the fact that she is a feminist. I am 14, and not as educated as she is about the subject, but I still identify as a feminist. I personally understand the concept of feminism, and try to apply it to my daily life as much as I could, and I think it’s beautiful that Rowan has grasped this much as a 13 year old. I have witnessed people in my age group with such a deep understanding of feminism and some even try to educate the individuals whom have not completely grasped it yet, and I find that very uplifting. I believe feminism knows no age. You can be 6 years old and identify as a feminist. You can be 88 and identify as a feminist, just like you can be 67 and still enjoy cartoons, or 34 and still play video games. I think it’s quite fortunate that there’s an incredible amount of young people who are willing to discuss such important topics and it is saddening that our opinions as teenagers are thrown aside because we are simply too young and lack experience. You do not need experience to believe in something. Rowan is very mature for her age, and I believe that she will only grow and develop more as the years progress.