Flirty + princess charming  head canon for Zelda me and my friend have. Link is SUPER weak for her.



OHHH HI GUYS im done sooo there is the draw i was doing the other day at the stream.It’s very simple but i like it a lot. Of course those are the PB and M from my AU. They are practically the same but they actitudes and life roles are very different. 
Marceline is a very simple (fuckingrich) girl. She’s totally a fan of music,and she’s proud of the stores and parks of his family (aka his father and her lol) 
PB is.. orphan.And she lives alone in a little department :0 She’s totally a grumpy and sometimes it could be really douchebag or rude with some people… She doesn’t have a lot of money… :S So Her closeth is soooo weird,old and full of used clothes (butfuckingcute/cool) and usually she wear masculine ones .She’s totally a nerd at school and she’s so fanatic of skate and stuff. Also she’s totally a fan of the trademark “Nightosphere”  owners of a lot of clothes and skate articles stores and some parks around the country. /And his best friend is a looser without arm xDDDD :I )
In other worlds,Marceline live in this little town because she doesn’t like big cities at all.Also her father sent her to watch the local park/store because they are running out with workers at this tinny town.She’s like the manager or something :I Also she go to the school of PB and that.So in other words Marceline is new in town and they don’t fucking know she’s the daughter of the freaking owner of all that :IIII 

Anyway… my ugly AU is taking some order and being more specific than just random sketches of characthers:Im actually working in a couple of comics and detailed pics. 
This is my Skate/Just a girl AU main characthers.

“ Skate/Just a Girl AU, Bonnie thought Marceline would be like any other girl she’s had run ins with, but when Marceline proves her wrong, it set forths a transcending love between the Beauty Marceline and Skater (and a little tomboy) Bonnibel.

Sorry for my bad english.

Plus: The flat picture is transparent 83 


This is my “i could get hit by a truck and would say thank you” face but i’m posting for #tdov anyway
im Jino and im masc. agender(he|him|his)
i started as a tomboy, i was pretty happy just making dudes uncomfy with how much i didnt act like a “typical girl”, then i was the one who was uncomfortable.
i went through thinking i was trans, then i identified as demi-boy, now i’ve settled on agender/genderless(even the term genderfuck makes me smile).
tdov makes me happy. its amazing to see there are REALLY so many people out there that have similar struggles as mine. happy tdov!