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I was wondering if you could draw a picture of Josh and Tyler running away from a dalek? I sort of want Josh to be the doctor but if you don't want to that's OK.

Making drama 
guys, I have 20+ requests, so if you don’t see a response to your ask.. I see your ask in my Inbox.

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hi! your art is beautiful. like i'm always so stunned whenever you post. i'm an artist too, but whenever i paint something i can never blend very cleanly. how do you make your skin look so... smooth? if you don't want to answer that's fine :)

ok so this is a really quick and messy example but I slap down some colours that I’ll be using with my flat bristle brush in sai

then I’ll select a colour from one of these areas and, using a lower opacity brush, put strokes of that colour where it touches a different colour to create a transition colour, then selecting that colour I’ll repeat the same idea so that you get smaller patches of colours that looks smoother than before

you can just leave it like that or refine it a little more with increasingly smaller brush sizes for a more painterly look but I enjoy having smooth and soft looking skin so I take my watertool and blur the strokes a bit to reduce texture - I don’t blur too large of an area too much tho, otherwise it all just becomes one even colour and takes away from the point of shading

this is probably one of the main reasons why I only paint in PaintTool Sai and not photoshop haha, I’m so used to using the water tool in my art to smooth out strokes lol

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Can I have a reaction of the rfa+v+unknown reacting to mc being a guy????? If you don't want to that's ok>_<


- In all honesty

- he was sh o o k to the bon e

- “Wait…. You’re a guy…? I guess those rumors are true. Jumin Han is gay.” 


- he literally spat out his beer and shat his pants

- Had to squeeze the chest area

- went through the 7 phases really quick but still loves you a lot


- Is honestly okay with you

- gay or guy she loves you

- You will forever be loved by a coffee bean baby


- He didn’t believe you at first

- then thought you were seven

- took him a few days to accept that you were not seven nor a girl


- He thought it was a joke

- started to pray when you actually showed that you were a guy. 

- always asks to sit in your lap now because thats how much of a baby he is. he’s a four year old guys. He even said it in a chat log. 


- He was very accepting

- Was a bit worried for his religion though

- Loves you so much that he dropped his religion just to love you. 


- He was shook 

- He locked himself in his room for a while

- soon came out from the closet and his room gay gay gay gay g AY 

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hi!! can i get 61 with josh or dan smith (i know you haven't done any fics for him, so if you don't want to that's ok) thank you so much!!

Send me writing prompts!

61. “If you go anywhere near them, you’ll have to deal with me!”

i f*cking love dan smith???? thank you for this???

“Are you sure you’re gonna be okay?” Dan asked you for literally the twelfth time that evening, you’d been counting. You were getting ready to go to Lights Out, one of London’s more known clubs, for your friend’s birthday.

You had made the mistake of telling your overbearing but undeniably loving boyfriend a few days ago and the entire time up until tonight was spent trying to deter you from going.

You look over your shoulder and stared at Dan, watching him fiddle with the sleeve of his long sleeve shirt as he looked at you. You gave him a smile and turned back to getting ready, signifying your answer. You heard Dan sigh and move to sit on the bed but you paid no attention.

You reached over and grabbed your beige silk top from the wardrobe and pulled out some shorts; at first you were apprehensive on the outfit but once you had it on it was perfect. You gave an approving nod in the mirror and turned to Dan who had your shoes hooked on his fingers.

“Here you go,” he said in a sulking voice, much like a child would use. You laughed and grabbed them from him. Once you put them on you finished with putting on your simple jewelry and the diamond necklace Dan had bought you not too long ago.

“Okay how do I look?” You did a full turn, almost tripping in your shoes. Dan stood up and wrapped you up in his arms, holding you close, and rested his head on top on yours.

“You look stunning, might I add very fuckable, I’m upset that you aren’t staying home though,” Dan mumbled on top of your head. You wacked him on the stomach for his second comment and his laughter shook through your frame.

“I’ll text you when I get there. Do not screw up tonight Dan or so help you,” you pointed a finger at him and threatened.

“Oh don’t worry, I’ll be here if you need me. Now go have fun. I already put the present in your car love.” You gave him a grateful smile, a huge kiss on the cheek, and grabbed your things before making your way out of the flat and over to your car. You gave one last wave to Dan who was standing in the door way and drove off.

The drive to the club wasn’t too long and you had music to take your mind off of it. You were worried about what tonight would entail; the club was a rowdy one and you would have to fend off the handsy people that were there.

You had the valet man take your car as you made your way to the entrance where you could see all of your friends.

“Look who showed alone! We were expecting Dan to come on by with you Y/N.” You knew your friend was just joking and gave her a large hug and wished her a Happy Birthday as well as handing her her gift.

Hugs were flying around and soon you were making your way into the place. The rumors had held true, the scene was insane. Peoples bodied pulsing to the sound of the music, drinks all about, and lots of wondering eyes. You were suddenly wishing Dan was around knowing he would protect you all but you pushed that to the back of your mind and focused on having a good time.

“I got us a reserved section towards the back of the room.”

Once in the section you were pleased to notice that there was lots of free space and you still could move into the middle, more populated areas.

“So then he gave me this stunning piece,” your friend showed you all the brand new and shiny diamond infinity ring on her index finger. You all gasped and grabbed her hand.

“My god you must be doing something right,” you told her suggestively and you all broke into laughter.

As the hours and drinks passed by you could feel yourself having more and more fun, but you missed your boy. You were glancing at all of the club activity when you saw a man gazing your way.  

You tried to avoid eye contact.  In fact, you put every ounce of energy you had into concentrating solely on the drink in front of you.  But he moved closer, and it made you uneasy.  

“Hey there,” he said, sliding into the seat beside you.  

You nodded and said in your most unappealing tone, “Hi.”

“Why don’t you come dance?” he said, gripping your wrist tightly.  

You instinctively jerked your arm away, startled that he would touch you at all.

“No thank,” you said, the knot in your stomach growing larger.  You looked around desperately, noticing all your friends out dancing already, oblivious to what was happening at the table.

“Feisty one, yeah? That’s alright, I like a challenge,” he scooted up closer to you, pressing his hand firmly on your thigh and leaning in to kiss you.

“Get away from me-“ you snarled, turning your head away.  This time you were the one gripping his wrist.  You used your grasp to shove him away from you.  

“Jesus Christ,” he muttered, standing up and starting to back away. “Fucking tense bitch. Lighten up, will ya?”

He walked away then, but your heart still pounded in your chest.  

You immediately fished through your purse searching for your mobile.  In your ecstatic state, you texted Dan quickly, “Can you pick me up?”

Within a minute he replied, “on my way.”

You sighed a breath of relief.  You were a little too drunk and uneasy at this point to have a good time.  So you gathered up your belongings and decided to go tell your friends you were ditching early.  

You were hovering on the edge of the club, one hand feeling the wall to brace yourself, when you felt an all-too-familiar grip around your wrist.

You pull away, just as you had done earlier, but this time, the grip is much firmer.  And when you turn to look at the man, you see this time, he’s also accompanied by a pocket knife pointed right at the fleshy part of your stomach.  

You freeze completely, practically go limp in his grip, and you see the smirk cross his face.  

“What do you want,” you asks shakily.

His smirk grows wider, “You.”

Just as he started pulling you towards the back of the bar, you feel your arm get jerked, before his grip is released.  You pull your arm back, cradling it to your chest before taking a look at the scene before you.  

Dan had practically tackled the guy.  You watched as his knife skid across the floor, earning an assortment of gasps from the crowd.  Dan, now on top of the guy, wound up for a punch right to the face.  You blinked harshly, you’d never seen Dan lay a hand on another person, let alone deck them right in the nose.  

“If you go anywhere near her, you’ll have to deal with me!” he spits into the guy’s face.  He threw another punch, and another…

Two bouncers came rushing over to the scene. One ran to you making sure you were okay and the other pried Dan off of the man. Dan pushed the bouncers arms away and came to stand in front of you.

“Take care of this,” Dan barked towards the man who had came to you first. He nodded and with the other bouncer grabbed the man and set him down on the bench, one of them calling the police.

Dan looks you over first.  You’re eyes are wide open and you’re still cradling your arm.  “Did he hurt you?” he asks, tenderly reaching forward and touching your shoulder.  

You shake your head, finally mustering up the energy to look up at Dan.  Once you do, you’re able to let out the breath you’d been holding.  It’s unsteady and chopped, but it feels good in your lungs and head.

“Let’s go.” Dan wraps his arm around you, leading you through the crowd of people who’d just instantly gone back to the party they’d been having.  

The cool air felt nice against your skin.  It shocked you back into reality a bit.  Dan helped you into the passengers seat before climbing in the driver’s side. Silence was accompanying you all through the drive home and you were trying to process all of the events that had just occurred, alcohol still lingering.

When you got up to Dan’s flat, he helped you up the stairs and onto the bed.  

“Let me look at you,” he said, glancing all over.  “Did he hurt you at all?”

You shake your head again.  “You-“ you say, lifting your hand to point, “your hand.”

Dan raises his bloodied knuckles.  “It’s nothing,” he says.  

“Thank you,” you whisper, still slightly shocked.  “Thank you for being there.”

You both got ready for bed not saying a word to one another, not broaching the subject of tonights occurrence. The bed was comfy and you were more then ready to welcome sleep with open arms.

Before sleep could fully take you Dan pulled you into his chest and put his lips towards your ear.

“I’ll aways be there, sleep well love.” With a kiss placed in your hair you finally let your dreams take you away.

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hello. i was wondering how fantastic beasts is whitewashed? I'm actually generally curious because i haven't seen it yet (although i was planning to) and i want to know if i should still go because now I'm not so sure. whats wrong with fantastic beasts? you don't have to answer this if you don't want, thats ok :)

reasons not to go see this shitty movie:

  • Fantastic Beasts is whitewashed in that it takes place in 1920′s New York (during the Jazz Age) and features a cast that is more than 80% white. It profits off of black culture and history by using it as a setting, but whitewashes it by casting white people as extras and leads. Many parts of the movie take place in Harlem, but look like this
  • The movie also cast Johnny Depp, a violent abuser, so paying to watch it is basically supporting him and the assholes who thought it was a good idea to cast a man who beat his wife in a Harry Potter movie and then not tell the fans about it, to make it a “surprise.”
  • This is made worse by the fact that the movie has a storyline where an abuse victim is turned into a monster and then killed (full trigger warning)
  • The major plot of the film is an allegory for racism with a white cast. The villains of the movie argue for wizard supremacy, saying that it is “for the greater good,” and that Muggles as well as goblins, elves, and other magical races are better off under the rule of wizards. Just like the original Harry Potter movies (which had poc speaking in 0.47% of it’s runtime) the major villains are meant to make the audience think of white supremacists, but racism allegories that only have white people are boring and lazy. Doing this is essentially locking POC out of our own stories.
  • Still no canon LGBT characters, with the (possible?) exception of Depp’s role as Grindelwald, which is worse than nothing.
  • The movie also has a character who is born with magical powers and a family who is extremely anti magic, represses them and then meets a man who he has an odd amount of sexual tension with who manipulates him by making him feel better about his powers. The storyline both draws parallels to LGBT experiences and perpetuates unnerving stereotypes.
  • It’s probably going to be boring shit anyway tbh 
  • It’s pretty obvious at this point that JKR wants ally points for things like casting Hermione as black woman in the Cursed Child and revealing that Dumbledore was gay, without actually having to bother with giving her stories real diversity. She described Newt Scamander as “swarthy” last year, only for him to be played by a man who is the exact opposite, and the story she wrote in preparation for this movie, History of Magic in North America, showed her lack of understanding of Native American culture, and North American history in general.

tl;dr: it whitewashed 1920′s New York, has Johnny Depp in it, and it capitalizes off of LGBT themes, black culture, and abuse as a storyline while treating POC, LGBT people, and abuse victims as invisible or worse.

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I know this probably won't happen but, is there a chance of, like, a blog just for the human companion stories? Where you would write more? I really want more of these stories, but if you don't want to write them that's ok

I hope it’s ok that I’m answering this publicly, because I am so excited about the project I’m working on right now.

So. The world is kind of on fire and as a Smol Queer™ with diverse friends and family, it is absolutely terrifying to be in the US right now. And since writing is the only good thing I can offer, my response to the horror of the world is a desperate burning need to pull my friends close and write aggressively optimistic stories with them.

Enter the human companion stories.

My closest friends who write are all into the idea, so step one of what I’ve been calling the Universe Project is done!

Step two will be fleshing the universe out better. The Ginna stories as they stand are intentionally a bit vague on details, since they were just jotted off to post for fun. If we’re all going to be writing in the same universe without contradicting each other, we’re going to have to have a stronger established setting. Since my writer friends are all in various fandoms with me, and have almost all written collaborative fanfics with me (and if not, with each other), and we headcanon together for stories all the time - I have absolute faith in our ability to make a cohesive setting together.

Step three will be to write Human Companion stories (or stories with characters adjacent to the human companions). And since we’re all writers, writing is a thing we do, so that should not be a problem.

Final step: figure out self-publishing and get the stories out! I’ve already got a mostly written Ginna and Loren story that will need editing to make congruent with the shared universe, and probably a bit of expanding to novella length to make it a good stand-alone story, so that final step is not so far out of sight!

Probably we will eventually get a website for the Universe Project, but even then I will still loudly publicize all the stories that come out of that project here on my writers blog. So following me here is a good way to keep abreast of any developments!

Anyway, sorry this answer got so long. I am just very excited about the Universe Project and the Human Companions stories. I’m always happy to hear about others who loved them too, so thank you for sending this message. It really brightened my morning!



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ok ok but like you got me hooked on noctnyx thanks for dragging me to this beautiful hell btw and i was wondering if you could write something from this dialogue but if you don't want to that's ok obviously! - “Don’t you have to be stupid somewhere else?” “Not until four.”

i can’t believe you sent me a spongebob reference for a prompt… and i can’t believe that this is what i came up with for it.

Nyx froze in the bathroom doorway, saying nothing. He leaned a shoulder against the frame, careful not to make the wood groan and alert the enchanting creature shuffling through his kitchen.

It wasn’t so much the fact that Noctis was voluntarily out of bed at three in the morning that made Nyx smile. It was more so that the sight of his coat over his slight frame was so charming.

If he could wake up every morning for the rest of his life to Noct in nothing but his Kingsglaive coat, Nyx would be a very happy man.

It was far too big for the boy. The sleeves dropped right over his hands, just the tips of his fingers peering out as he prepared coffee for the two of them. It fell to the backs of his knees, bare legs stark beneath the black fabric. The collar on one side kept slipping down one shoulder to tease at luscious moonlight skin, peppered with pink love bites, before Noctis shrugged it back into place.

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Christmas newsies imagine please? One with the reader's Christmas at home being a little different since her grandma's sick and lashing out at the rest of the family. The reader ised to be really close to her grandma so this hurts her, but she tries not to let it show when she's with the newsies, but they find out anyway. And you can take it from there. If you don't want to that's ok too. Love all your writing 💕

Keep carrying the banner, cutie! Awesome request!

- K

Originally posted by erniemacmillan

Your teeth are starting to chatter, and it doesn’t help that you’re moving so slow in the cold weather. Or that you chose to walk through the four inches of snow on the sidewalk instead of taking the roads that are normally shoveled. But you want to take the long way to the Lodging House.

You know when you’re sad, and it seems like nothing can make you feel better so you don’t do anything to fix it? That’s what you’re feeling.

“Hiya, (y/n).” You look up to see Buttons smiling at you, jumping from foot to foot in the snow. “You headin’ ta the Lodging House?”

You plaster a smile on your face and nod. “Walk with me?” you ask.

Buttons grins. “Sure ting.”

The Lodging House is full of festivity: Even more so than normal. The boys bustle around, either chasing each other, stealing each other’s possessions, or passing presents wrapped in newspapers to each other. The hallways echo with laughter, but you can’t find yourself to do more than smile.

“Hey, (y/n).” You look over your shoulder to see Crutchie sidling up next to you, smiling. He nods to the group of newsies running around the room. “Enjoying the show?”

You smile and nod, turning your face back around. “What’s going on?”

“Why, it’s Christmas a’ course.”

Frowning, you look at him and let out a confused giggle. “Crutch … It’s December twenty-third.” 

“I know.” Crutchie shifts the crutch to his other arm, grinning to himself. “It’s just that we gots ta work tomorrow and on Christmas, so we’s celebratin’ today.”

You frown again. “Who’s going to buy a paper on Christmas?”

Romeo stops running just in front of you to give you a deadpan look. “You’d be surprised.” Then he keeps on running, Skittery right on his tail.

“Well, I would invite you guys to our Christmas dinner, but I’d have to talk to my parents first,” you laugh.

“How is your family?”

Your smile falters for a second, and Crutchie narrows his eyes in suspicion. “They’re good. We’re all good.” You see the way your friend is looking at you, and shift your weight to your other foot uncomfortably. “What?”

“You lied.”

“I did not!”

Race sidles up next to Crutchie and puts his arm on the boy’s shoulder. “Ah, (y/n), so innocent. Crutch here always knows when we’s lyin’ or not.” 

“But I’m not lying!”

“Yeah ya are.” You turn around to see Jack smiling softly down at you, Les clinging to his side and Katherine holding his hand. “C’mon and sit down, (y/n), and we’ll talk.”

You look around you at the four boys and girl, and you realize you’re not getting out of this. Following Jack, you sit on one of the house’s worn out couches next to Crutchie, and Race sits on the arm of the couch. He originally tries to put his feet on Crutchie, but is swatted away. Katherine, Jack, and Les sit across from you, and you smile to yourself. The littlest Jacobs loves Jack Kelly.

“A’ight,” Jack starts, taking his hat off and leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. “What’s goin’ on wit’ your family?”

There’s a long pause between the group as they all wait for an answer. The only sound is the other boys running throughout the house.

Suddenly, you burst into tears, and every person’s eyes widen in shock. Race slides down onto the couch next to you and puts his arm around your shoulder. Crutchie does the same. Jack and Katherine share a look, and Katherine leans forward. “(y/n), please tell us what’s wrong. Maybe we can help.”

You sniffle and wipe your nose, leaning into your friends’ comforting arms. “My grandma, she’s … she’s really, really sick. And lately, she’s just been lashing out and being super hurtful to everyone. We used to be really close, but lately, she’s said some really, really horrible things to me. And I just …” You sob. “I’m just not excited for Christmas anymore.” 

A new round of sobs takes over your body, and Race and Crutchie look at each other over your head. “Oh, (y/n) …” Katherine starts, leaning forward to grasp your hand. “I’m so sorry.”

You wipe your eyes. “It’s okay, I’m fine. I just wish my grandmother was too.”

Everyone is quiet. Even the noises from around the lodging house have stopped, as if the other newsboys sense the discomfort in the room. Or they heard everything.

And this is their Christmas.

You stand up and press down your skirt and straighten your shirt. “I should go. I’m ruining your Christmas.” You go to step towards the door, but a small hand grasps yours, pulling you to a stop. 

Looking down, you see it’s Les holding your hand, his hat crooked on his head. His eyes are worried as he looks up at you. “Christmas is about family,” he says. “And, you’re our family. You’re not ruining our Christmas, you’re just helping us see what this holiday is all about.”

Jack stands up. “Les is right.” He holds out his hand for you to take. “Let us help you.”

You look around at the people surrounding you. Katherine looks up at you with a smile and worried eyes, and Race just looks worried. Three newsies are peeking in the room from the door, and finally, you look at Crutchie. He nods at you.

Sighing, you reach out and take Jack’s hand, still holding onto Les’s with the other. “Okay.”

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If you do get a po box I'm gonna be so excited bc I've always wanted to send you a letter (if you don't want me to send letters that's ok tho)

bruh id love to read some letters >:O

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there are so many problems with the insta phandom, and i think i'm aware of most of them, but could you maybe explain/list all the reasons? if you don't want to, that's ok.

I don’t want to list all but here’s a few:
- harassing Dans bro in the year of 2017 (fake and not)
- Trying to keep llama/lion branding alive
- Stealing posts
- seriously joking about things that may trigger people
- edgy culture (and not ironically)
- glorifying YouTubers who use D&P for money
- glorifying shitty YouTubers in general
- starting drama for attention
- spamming D&Ps pictures with “YES DADDY FUCK ME 😭💦💦👅💋❤️” when the person is 12
- constantly tagging D&P in Phan posts

And the list goes on.

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I didn't read the sh books so I'm a little lost- how is magnus a prince??? If you don't want to answer that's ok!!! Thank you <3

hi! so magnus’ father, asmodeus, is one of the seven princes of hell and the ruler of edom, making magnus the son of a prince of hell. therefore like we just refer to magnus as a prince of hell because a lot of his powers are similar to his fathers’ and it’s just really freaking cool shskksks

5 things

was tagged by @myautisticjournal (thanks!)

rules: answer all the questions in a new post and then tag 15 people

5 things you’ll find in my bag

  • fidget cube
  • my phone
  • like five different meds
  • my 3ds
  • a neurodiversity pin (ok technically it’s *on* my bag but it still counts)

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom

  • me
  • two cats
  • approximately 7 blankets
  • a video game and merch shelf (organised by series and date of acquisition)
  • three shelves of books

5 things i’ve always wanted to do

  • fly
  • learn how to use a sword
  • wear a cloak/cape in public
  • write a book
  • go to a convention

5 things that make me happy

  • my comfort stuffies and blanket
  • my friends ♡
  • reading my fav books
  • doing crafts
  • vidya games

5 things i’m currently in to

  • homestuck
  • stardew valley
  • log horizon
  • undertale
  • pokémon

5 things on my to-do list

  • resume learning japanese
  • learn embroidery
  • finish my halloween costume
  • finish my sweater
  • finish my cross stitch

i’ll tag… @sassafras-stomp @assetbucky @melancholy-starlight @compressedconstellations @polymathic-polyphony @clefairysoup @nonbinary-aigis @daskaterskrub @writheandwrite @mandaka @linnythealien and anyone else who reads this and wants to do it, you’re tagged!

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Question. Things abt u that r particularly kak like? Things abt me that r particularly old Joseph like? And the rest of the squad too? Too lazy to type all em out.

DSJKLFDSJFKDSLJK oh my gosh that is a good question!!! :D ok, hmm I gotta think for a bit lol…..

for you- funny, personable, easy to talk to and good with handling problems! also, nice to babies and little kids :D

Originally posted by sansan9

for Mei- perceptive, trustworthy, good sense of humor and advice for others!! (also a lot more outgoing than Jotaro lol xD)

Originally posted by tennosuke

for Isaac- a helpful listener, creative, calm and hard-working!! (THIS GIF IS MAKING ME LAUGH SO HARD SKDJFLKSDJK)

Originally posted by sdc1989

for Sam- sweet and fun to be around, kind (I JUST REALIZED I SAID THIS A LOT but its true, you know!!), and knows some French!!

Originally posted by tennosuke

THIS WAS SO MUCH HARDER THAN I THOUGHT, since you all have a lot of great things in common lol!!! :D but I was trying to think about the characters too lol, so I had to think of all the different traits!!

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DEAR GOD YOUR ART IS WONDERFUL. I have been looking through all of you art and it it SO GOOD. I love the colors you use when you draw and your style is so beautiful it just warms my heart. My request is maybe... if you are feeling up to it (you don't need to and i'm sorry if i'm bothering you) if you could draw something? Anything really... I know you like pewdieken, Pewdiejack, and Septiplier (Me too you are not alone ;) If you don't want to thats completely ok.*Gives you the biggest hug ever*


THANKS A LOT.  (⑅´•⌔•`)*✲゚*。

Iimah rly flattered that u like mah art ,i will try to keep ur kokoro in fire //wink wonk//

I was about to draw pewdieken instead of pewdiejack but well,mah hand slipped and hello jackaboy.

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Maybe the Paladins + Allura finding out their s/o is trans?? If you don't want to that's 100% ok.

Lance: Lance gets relieved when his s/o tells him because he thought they were going to break up with him and he’s just like ‘phew’.

Shiro: Shiro becomes their protector if anyone insults them and he probably hols them in an iron grip hug for a couple minutes.

Hunk: Hunk becomes super happy and makes sure they know that he doesn’t care about their gender, he loves them for them.

Pidge: Pidge gets all smug because she totally knew it but she wanted to make them feel comfortable, hugs and kisses are likely.

Keith: Keith takes on the role of an overbearing parent, constantly asking them if they need anything(he’s even done some sewing if they need articles of clothing for their transition if they’re still going through that process).

Allura: Allura doesn’t even blink because gender for her is a very theoretical thing, Alteans didn’t use gender as much as Earthlings.

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could you write that femslash au with kate noticing her new neighbour America who gardens in her bikini if you don't want to that's ok too

It ended up being an American flag sports bra. I hope that’s acceptable.

an american crisis
(read on ao3)

Kate doesn’t notice the apartment next to her has sold until there are boxes by her door.

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I'm thinking about becoming a lawyer so I'm curious what made you leave it? If you don't want to answer that's OK too.

I was entirely the wrong personality type to be the type of lawyer I was, because I didn’t get enough fulfillment from my job, or from just “beating” someone, to sustain me. I am the type of personality that thrives on having lots of varied interests. I like spending time with friends and family, I like having hobbies. I like having time to write lots of fanfiction and scroll through Tumblr. In the end, I had too many things I wanted to do with my life that weren’t practicing law. I just didn’t get anything out of what I considered the silly little petty squabbles that are the day-to-day in litigation. I just wasn’t interested in the endless tiny maneuverings. I have friends who are still lawyers who thrive on the strategic competitiveness of the whole thing, but I just considered it all pointless. And when you get to the point where you consider what you do to be pointless, then that is where you need more than ever to have a life that is more than what you do. My problem was every waking moment of my life was literally consumed with work, and so from the time I woke up until the time I stumble home after dark and after dinner and fell into bed so I could do it all again the next day, I was doing stuff that I literally considered to be busy work. It was killing me. I cried multiple times a day. I wished I could just die, or wake up and be old and have had the incredibly boring life I was living be over. Feeling pointless and powerless in an all-consuming job bled over to making me feel pointless and powerless on the planet, period. 

And then, like Arthur in the coffee shop AU, I had this moment where I realized that…the rest of my friends practicing law didn’t feel that way. Like, it was an enormous chore to drag myself out of bed every single morning, and I assumed it was like that for everyone, and it turns out that it’s not. It turns out that there are lawyers out there–lawyers I’m really good friends with!–who *love* being lawyers. But they’re not me. They got a lot more out of the satisfaction of doing a good job for a client, of arguing a motion really well, of getting the right outcome in a conference call. They found it interesting and compelling and sustaining. I just didn’t. 

I can’t tell you which personality type you are. What I can tell you is that there are definitely people who adore being lawyers. If you go down that path, and you’re miserable, don’t fall into the trap I did of assuming everyone else is, too, and that’s just what life *is.* 

(I will also say, though, that I loved law school, I loved my first non-firm legal job, I love my current non-firm legal job. I just didn’t like firm practice. There are lots of different types of law, and not liking one type of law life doesn’t mean you won’t like other types.)

That was A LOT being thrown at you, and I’m sorry. I hope some of it was helpful. If this is helpful, too, know that I went into the law because I have a decently analytical brain and I’m a pretty good writer. Legal writing forced me to re-learn everything I knew, so I’m not sure being a good writer is even an advantage, but I think you should like reading and analyzing things. I’m not sure any practice of law is mechanical, except for maybe tax?  

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Fic prompt idea? Kind of different from what you usually write so if you don't want to that's fine. But like ok. So beca is writing Chloe a letter for her birthday and it's kinda tell all about becas love her Chloe. Maybe documenting all the times becas love for her was solidified. Basically fluff. But like fluff written by beca?? If That makes sense? So like the prompt is like you're writing the actual letter by beca? If this is too weird don't worry about it. So like dear chlo...

Hey Chlo, 

You know how I feel about birthdays. Throwaway holidays that just exemplify our self-congratulatory nature. I mean, who needs to celebrate the anniversary of their birth, anyway? 

Um, I was thinking about your birthday, though, and I guess it all started to make a little bit more sense? Because I realize now that the idea of celebrating your existence isn’t too ridiculous. You’re kinda worth all the birthdays that no one else really deserves? Don’t make fun of me for that, dude. I’m trying here. 

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