tddk day 3; strengths/weaknesses

When Shouto graduated from UA, he thought for sure they would all separate in different areas and drift apart. It was common, wasn’t it? It happened with his middle school classmates. Class A had great memories and lived together for three years, but they were all going to be professional heroes. They were bound to be too busy to hang out.

Except. Of course Midoriya found a way to make it work. Having inherited the responsibility of being the new light of hope, Midoriya was always moving. It felt like he was everywhere. “You can always count on me,” he’d said to everyone, but looked right at Shouto like there was a hidden message in his words. (Shouto didn’t understand what it was even now.)

He helped all around Japan, never quite settling in one place. Everyone saw him at least once a week.

Shouto saw him almost everyday.

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“I found one. It’s perfect. Brookline. Center Hall. Two stories. I just figured, after everything that we’ve been through in the last couple of days… hell, the last couple of years… I thought we deserved a little bit of normal.”

twenty-five days of peter and olivia
↳ day thirteen - happiest moment

  • me: they're not gonna do the punk/jerk thing in civil war it's way too cheesy they wouldn't do that
  • me: [remembers civil war is made by the people responsible for beat up steve rogers choking out "till the end of the line" calling back to a flashback of steve and bucky moving in together, thus successfully breaking through bucky's 70 years of brainwashing with the equivalent of their marriage vows]
  • me: they're gonna do the punk/jerk thing in civil war
Ice Cream

I’m literally so cheesy and sappy lately, guys.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  A love triangle between Stefan, Caroline and Caroline’s ice cream cone.

“Yummm,” Caroline drawled out as she savored the first lick of her hard-earned ice cream cone.

“That good?” Stefan asked, watching with a smirk as she took another long lick of it. 

“Perfect,” she said with a contented smile.

“I’m glad to hear it,” Stefan said, “It only took checking every ice cream shoppe in a 50 miles radius to find it.”

“I wanted cinnamon!” she argued, “It’s not my fault that we had to go all the way to Roanoke to find some.”

“You would want the least common ice cream flavor known to mankind,” he teased.

“That’s because it’s the BEST flavor, Stefan,” she explained.

He sighed and rolled his eyes, crossing his arms.

She narrowed her eyes at him before turning her attention back to her ice cream cone.  Stefan watched as her tongue chased a rapidly melting drop down the cone and lapped it up before it could drip onto her jeans.

“Wanna lick?” she offered, as she felt his eyes on her.

“No, I couldn’t take something so precious to you,” he said.

She shrugged and continued eating.  Stefan smiled as he watched her in this simple moment.  These moments were his favorite.  Where she was safe.  Happy.  Young.  Human.  Like she deserved to be.   

“What are you looking at?” she asked with a smile.

“Nothing, you just got a little..” he leaned forward to brush his thumb across the corner of her mouth.

The late summer air became suddenly thick as he leaned even closer to gently press his lips to the spot his thumb had just left.  He gave her a whisper of a kiss before pulling away to gauge her reaction.

She looked surprised, followed by happy, followed by shy.

“I guess you earned that,” she said, “For driving me around all day for ice cream.”

“I would have driven you anywhere anyway,” he said, sincerely.

“I know,” she said, unquestioningly.

Stefan smiled at her before looking back at her ice cream.

“You know, maybe I will have a taste,” he said, before suddenly lunging for her cone.

“No!” she screamed, jerking it away in a panic and sending it flying to the ground.

They both looked at the rapidly melting cone, oozing onto the sidewalk, mouths agape in shocked silence.

Caroline lifted one arm and pointed Stefan back inside the ice cream shoppe.  He nodded and marched in obediently to fetch her a replacement cone.  Caroline smiled and licked her lips, tasting the leftover stickiness of her ice cream and the remnants of Stefan’s kiss. 

Pucks Vs Pastries

Jack loved his job as one of Samwell High school’s history teachers. He loved working with the kids. They all seemed to really love him as well, even if he was notoriously known as one of the strictest and most difficult teachers in the whole school. Most of the students viewed him as tough, but fair, and they all knew he would drop anything to help a student who asked politely even though he looked terribly intense 90% of the time. The fact that Samwell’s hockey team had been ranked number one in the nation every year since he started coaching was just an added bonus.

He sat in the teacher’s lounge during his lunch break, thinking of some questions for the test he was going to give on Tuesday. He needed to be able to get the kids thinking about history and it’s importance, while also weeding out the students who cared from the students who didn’t. He bit into his peanut butter and jelly sandwich, thinking while he chewed.

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sang the sun in flight - fideliant - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) [Archive of Our Own]

Rating: Mature
Relationships: Harry Hart/Gary “Eggsy” Unwin
Summary: Haloed in the noonday light, Eggsy’s profile seems to glow, warm colour in his cheeks, hair edged golden with sun. He looks just like a prince, Harry realises. A king in waiting. This is how he will remember him, now and forever.

An alternate ending to with your fierce tears.


Do you remember the first time that you ever saw me? [DRABBLE]

AN: Okay so this is my first and probably last drabble. Hopefully it isn’t too awful, lol.

Caroline tied the bow around Stefan’s birthday present while humming to the latest Taylor Swift song on the radio. His birthday was hard for him, as it also marked the anniversary of the death of his best friend Lexi, and it was the one event during the year where Caroline restrained herself from throwing a huge affair. She’d spent days online searching and bidding for the Bon Jovi LP which Stefan had lost to one of Nora’s spells gone wrong. Even though Stefan had all the albums on his phone, his valued EP collection was something that not even Damon dared to touch. Luckily he’d managed to retrieve the rest of it, when Lily called a second truce after Halloween. It was a few days after the Halloween party which had been filled with drama of the heretic variety. Just your average party involving Mystic Fall’s residents, a life or two threatened and some blood spilled. Okay, a lot of blood spilled. But one good thing to come out of the holiday was that Valerie had lifted the vervain spell willingly.

Caroline grabbed her car keys to collect dinner. They were having a pizza movie night. The Godfather was the first movie on their list, Stefan’s choice. Followed by, Love Actually, her choice. There was nothing Caroline loved more than a good romance and Stefan though he rolled his eyes a bit seemed to not totally hate them. Later that night, after their delicious three cheeses pizza that Caroline couldn’t stop eating until she was stuffed, they cuddled up on the sofa. “I love this part”, Caroline said, referring to the scene where Mark expresses his love to Juliet even though she didn’t return the sentiment. “I didn’t like it as much as a kid because he couldn’t get his happy ending but I guess I’ve grown up”, she said chuckling. “ I guess some things just aren’t meant to be”. “Hmm” was Stefan’s response as he pulled her closer. He contemplated about how he had thought for the longest time that he and Elena were meant to be. How he had registered as a senior for yet another time just to get to know the girl who had captured his attention. But this time he also remembered a girl who had accosted him during the first day of school with a flurry of questions which he couldn’t remember. But then he remembered something. “Good thing I only lied about being a Gemini” he said. “Otherwise I’d have to go six months with an incomplete Bon Jovi collection”. Caroline smiled at him referencing one of their first encounters. “Oh please, somehow you would have found a way to get the missing EP. I know how much you love your Bon Jovi” she said grinning. “True, I do. And I love you” he said kissing her softly on this lips, both of them wearing matching smiles.