If it’s about fish and daemons, I actually know another expert besides you.

So like a few days ago I posted this “consider this: college age reddie where they have never met and their first encounter is when eddie “back that ass up” kaspbrak  accidentally dances straight into richie’s crotch at semiformal and then obviously richie makes some stupid “at least take me on a date first” joke and the situation progresses from there” and i was like “haha i won’t write it” but then i went and mcfuckin did so here it is. not really nsfw, despite the concept.

@richietoaster (since you asked to be tagged i hope you like it)

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Nighthawk/Alexandra Fowler from the book Hero!

Anon, it’s this girl over here! Just in time for Hero Week, but I think I’m out of schedule lmao (sorry). I can’t think of a bio yet, so I’ll just leave her portrait here.

The purple highlights are just lighting effects, I can’t leave her hair just… black? haha. And sorry for the messed up suit, I mean, I’m pretty bad at drawing costumes lol

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