• <p> <b>jungkook:</b> im tired<p/><b>jimin:</b> you aren't the only one<p/><b>jungkook:</b> [to himself] im tired of you being so cute and not realising how much you wreck my mind I just want peace<p/><b>jimin:</b> what was that<p/><b>jungkook:</b> oh nothing I just said im so tired I want to punch myself<p/></p>

AHHHH. My very first Mattlex comic! *wipes tear*
I got this idea randomly the other day when my friend was talking about how someone complemented her pin when I remembered a certain drummer who also wore a jean vest and could use a bit of flare. And thus this comic was born!! A big thanks to @esparafuso and @sorethpid who were like my personal cheerleaders as i streamed this haha!! LOVE YOU GUYS!
This is especially for them and @mimimarilynart who have all been sweet enough to take me under their arctic/puppety wings. I love you all! 😘❤️❤️❤️