ok honestly, not to expose myself or anything,,,,, but i want some more fandom variety on my dash,,, so im gonna try and follow some more blogs!!!!! can u guys help me out and reblog (mutuals, spreading this would be awesome??) if u post:

  • voltron!!!!!!!!!!!
  • star trek
  • harry potter
  • star wars
  • just general shows/movies
  • v o l t r o n (*whispers* klance…..)
  • honestly….. i will check out whatever,,,, i just have a lot of comics and i love comics but,,,, i need variety in my life,,,,
  • (also,,,, teen wolf and game of thrones is chill too rip)
Dear trans MLM

Please dont “settle” for anyone who treats you bad. I know from personal experience and I regret it everyday, so I am writing this post as someone who doesn’t want other trans MLM to go through the same.

On a few occasions, I had felt pressured to like someone or be with them simply bc they liked me. my thinking was basically “who knows when someone would ever like me again?” “so they treat me like shit, its not like a person like me could ever do better” “he’s straight and constantly misgenders me but i like him and he says he likes me too and thats all that matters” we need to stop believing that crap. you can do better.

listen mate jin is such a bright shining gift to this world and if you still sleep on him then fam you’re missing out. you haven’t seen true sunshine ‘til you’ve seen seokjin

  • someone:are you excited for this night out??
  • me:more nervous than excited
  • someone:are you excited for college??
  • me:more nervous than excited
  • someone:are you excited for anything??
  • me:more nervous than exci