Story Time with Ela

My brother and I were watching the Japanese Frozen trailer, and he knows a bit of Japanese, so he kinda helped me with understanding some things.

And when we finished, he kinda sits there and says, “You know. The term that Anna used for her sister isn’t very proper. The phrase she uses means, "sis,” as opposed to the more formal one, that means sister, but held in a higher respect.“

So I look back to the screen, and the first words out of my mouth were, "Anna, you fucked up. Your sister is a queen, you show some respect, missy.”

A!U Wishlist

♫|| so my random A!IU is that Maka is an angel in Death City and Death City is a place when people die they go there. so like what I’m saying is the person dies and makakaka meets up with them and shows them around. of course, she doesn’t look like an angel but one could probably sense that she is and just- 
no taylor no more-

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    Gaila didn’t realize it at first not until she has to squeeze herself into her red dress one day before work. She’s an avid visitor of the gym, using weights and the treadmill to fuel the animalistic characteristics of her species, it’s not like her to gain weight. Then come the smells, followed by her emotions, and then the cravings and by the time she realizes what’s going on she’s in full panic mode. 

    It’s late at night when she finally gets the courage to tell him. He’s got the day off and she can see the little lights of some hollowvid playing from under the door and it takes all her effort to knock on his door. 

    ❛❛ I’m pregnant. ❜❜

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my crush isn't in my class either :( or my school. or even my town. he is a thirty two year old man with a radio show and is procrastinating his next album. ezzy bb ily