930215 ☆ happy birthday ravi!

happy birthday to the number one rapper in all starlights’ hearts! ravi, you constantly amaze us with your beautiful lyrics, amazing compositions, and your ability to be the sweetest but most baddass rapper ever. your unconditional love for vixx and your fans is so endearing, and we appreciate all that you do for us. you celebrate us every day, but today, we’re celebrating you.

Hey guys, this is GRACE (dearmyjimin), your resident Jungkook and Jimin stan. My blog has just hit it’s first-year anniversary and I wanted to start a series of yearly follow forever posts that serve as both a personal compilation of some fav graphics of my own (so that I can track how much I’ve grown as a designer), as well as to thank everyone who has helped me in one way or another. Each and every creation was made possible because of all the support I received. I wish to thank those who follow and support me, my lovely mutuals and friends who encourage me and all the blogs I follow for decorating my dash with amazing content. I am proud to be an ARMY and to stan 7 Kings who are the sources of inspiration behind my creations ♡

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Spanish Text Talk Phrases

So, for those of you who don’t know, I went on a search for quite a while for Spanish text talk / internet slang that Spanish-speaking people use. I did get a few responses, but earlier today, I finally really found what I was looking for through a course on Mango Languages. Mango is a fantastic program for anyone looking to start a new language, and it’s free through some libraries. However, not many libraries do offer it, and I only have it because mine does. Having said that, I figured I’d share what I found with all of you! Here you go. 

K? - ¿Qué? (This was adapted in more recent years with the spread of the English language. Typing ‘K?’ simply means “What?”)

K haces? -  ¿Qué haces? (A shorter, more informal way of asking, “What are you doing?”. It’s an equivalent to “Wyd?”)

Kieres? -  ¿Quieres? (Another example of the qu being replaced with a k. You can pretty much do that with any word that starts with qu in Spanish. Simply put, this translates to “You want it?” or “You want one?”)

X k? -  ¿Por qué? (The multiplication symbol, x, is read in Spanish as “por”, as in 5 x 5 is read as “cinco por cinco”. Therefore the x is understood as “por”. The k, as i explained before, is read as “qué”. Put those two together, and you have the Spanish word for “Why?” or the English text talk equivalent “y?”)

X fis - Por fis (A more casual version of “por favor”, which means “please”. This is the Spanish equivalent to “Pls”) 

Ntc - No te creas (Literally translated, this comes out to “don’t believe you”, but it’s understood as “just kidding”. Ntc is the acronym for that and therefore is the Spanish equivalent to “jk”)

Tkm / Tqm - Te quiero mucho (You might see it as tkm or tqm, but either way, they mean the same thing. Literally translated, “te quiero mucho” means “i love you so much”. That said, the English text talk equivalent is “ily” or “ilysm”)

Bb -  Bebé (This simply means “baby” or “babe” and can be used here as a term of endearment. The English equivalent would be something like “bb” or “bby”

Jajaja / jjj - hahaha (This wasn’t part of the course, but I’ve seen it online from Spanish-speaking friends on Facebook, so I figure I’d throw it in there. Congratulations. You now know how to laugh in Spanish.) 

I’ve also seen Spanish-speaking people use English text talk too, though. I was texting someone earlier today, and he used “lol” even though the entire conversation was in Spanish. Just thought I’d let you all know of that too

At any rate, I don’t know if or when this will come in handy for anyone, but in case it does, there you have it! And with that, I bid you all goodnight.


Fluffy Baby boy!Namjoon (Mommy kink)

Hello there my beautiful babes~ I hope you don't mind me combining these request and all and I really hope you like it. I had hoped to get more than this done tonight but oh well~ It’s 6 am so I'm gonna pass out now. ill try to get more done tomorrow! Ily bbs!!💚

~ Admin Momo^^

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