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When Bonnie and Damon explain why they don't have any hope I see it as Stefan is trying to rekindle a Bamon marriage, look back at their explanation and think of it as if Stefan's trying to fix a Bamon divorce.Can you see it ?

Hahaha, this is the gifset you mean, I think:

And I can totally see that, that’s hilarious. Stefan the Bamon fanboy, at it again. 

tbh the whole episode would be more tolerable if we imagined his desperation to get Damon back (and needing Bonnie to stick with him to give him “a reason to keep holding on”) is due to a deep-seated desire to reunite his OTP. 

Would also explain why after he staked Damon he was like, “OK LETS GO” and Bonnie was like “Wait, but Enz-”and he was all, “nOPE NOPE NOPE TOO DANGEROUS GOTTA GO RN” lol

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(Sorry if you ever get so many Tim Drake asks you just get insane but) How would you have modernized Tim Drake? Since the whole idea of the New 52 was to modernize characters, how would you modernize Tim? For rules you can't just say don't change a thing about him, but it's a clean slate no Red Robin continuity and you have to make him younger to fit in better (since apparently that's 95% of the changes the New 52 did)

Listen friend, I love Tim Drake. I love him so much.

Aw man you taking my favorite fix it which is usually ‘fuck New 52’. But I see what you mean, so here’s how I’m interpreting your ask: If I was in charge of New 52 Tim Drake at the start and told to totally revamp him, how would I do it which is really interesting.

After the whole Ryan Potter thing, I made this post talking about maybe a modern internet based Tim Drake might go about introducing himself. I still really like the idea and would probably still use that as Tim’s origin, to save you time, it says that Timmy was a YouTube nerd and had a channel where he posted videos about Batman and robin. The videos became encouraging once Jason died and Tim actively began pushing them to Bruce’s e-mail trying to get Bruce out of his stupor. Bruce is charmed and accepts Tim as Robin.

I think Tim could easily make the transition as a millennial is which I think what New 52 tried if they had any concept of what a millennial is actually like. From a grumpy, white man’s perspective, millennials are whiney, self-absorbed, rude assholes who only care about themselves and their problems which is exactly how New 52 TT portrays them. I would scrap that. Tim would become the awkward nerdy tech geek but who’s actually real sweet. He keeps quiet in school, to nervous and stressed to talk to anyone. His parent’s are still absent, travelling the world, but they have high expectations for Tim to succeed. Tim works his ass off in a million clubs and at school to make his parents proud and get into good schools. But being Robin is the first thing he’s ever done that he chose and he loves it.

Tim would still run his video blog, he would probably be on all the social media. I always liked the idea that Tim (with help from Babs and Bruce) was kind of in charge with covering up for the Bats. He edits pictures, makes phonecalls dropping hints about who Bruce Wayne was seeing when Batman was kicking butt. He helps keep curious snoopers (like himself lol) out of the Bats’ business. I can see a modern Tim getting real snippy at Bruce and the League sometimes. Millennials hate being patronized and demeaned by baby boomers more than anything (take notes Lobdell). So purposefully or not, Bruce and others may make comments about the Titans or about their behavior and Tim will not stand for it. It’s like programmed into 90’s-00 kids to fight back when someone over thirty complains about “"Millennial problems”“ so tiny Tim is standing up to Batman mid-fight because the man dared to accuse Robin of being too into his tech and not paying attention.

 Tim was always the "peoples” Robin, the average everyday kid that a lot of people (like me) identified with. So I think with Tim’s personality and hobbies he would transition real well. He was created right on the cusp and so edging him into modern times would be an easy fit. It could also comment on real world issues: racism, generation blaming, the struggles being put on teens, politics and put them in perspective of comics. That’d be real neat, if done right.

Also memes, Tim Drake would be so into memes and you know Bruce has threatened to fire Tim is he finds one more Pepe the Frog meme taped in an odd place (but Tim keeps hiding them and Bruce keeps threatening but nothing happens and Broose is just so tired. Please Tim stop, I’m begging you)

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random headcanon, deacon would be the type of friend to forget to give sole a blanket and pillow when they stayed over but if sole forgot to give him a blanket he would just get into bed with them and they would be like "wtf" and he would be like "you forgot to get me a blanket, im tired go to sleep now"

Can totally see that happening, although I have a feeling he’d also be the type to make Sole feel bad and ask for cuddles by way of apology

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Can you imagine Archie being split into two? What would his dark side even be like?

Probably really petty and catty. He’d air everyone’s dirty laundry, the hell with doctor/patient confidentiality. And he’d give the worst advise like “go jump in the lake” or “you should totally break up with her” to anyone who came to see him.

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(I'm freaking loving Aloe so I'm totally asking questions for it!) Would Alice's and Chloe's relationship go pretty far? If so, who would be the first one to say, "I love you." and would it be just random or really romantic? And I can totally see Adrien shipping it, yes.

I think it could go pretty far - I admit to have imagined them once adopting a child and being the coolest mom ever but that’s just my fantaisy- but they probably going to go throught some bad phase, breaking up, going back together, all those thing…

Because Chloe and Alice are both pretty stubborn and proud person, they probably took a long time before saying “i love you” clearly to each other, maybe even after they start dating. But when they finally it’ll will probably be very romantic

Honestly Adrien is such a cutiepie he could ship anything

So here’s what I got out of this episode: 

  • Vidalia is inspired by Amethyst and I s2g I don’t think Amethyst has ever heard that in her life
  • Vidalia was totally ready to shoot anyone who would harm her children or her paintings
  • Onion actually really likes Steven and tries to share things with him 
  • There is a chance that we will see more of Vidalia because Amethyst trusts her enough to confide in her 
  • Even now no one tells steven anything and it’s still probably because they don’t want him to worry but it’s going to make him feel like it’s his fault
  • Onion has a good relationship with his parents he’s not acting out because they’re negligent, even though his dad is really busy, he’s just Onion
  • Sour Cream is a broody teenager at home but Vidalia knows how that feels and doesn’t make him feel worse 
  • Marty and Vidalia most likely had a one night stand, and Vidalia was left to be a single mom at a very young age, and Amethyst was probably a huge comfort in her life
  • seriously, amethyst calls him ‘Farty Marty’ and shapeshifts into a goofy version of him, it’s so helpful having a friend like that when a bad relationship ends. (especially since the world isn’t really kind on young single parents) 
  • Vidalia had probably met Rose at one point
  • While it is possible that Vidalia painted the portrait of Rose, Greg can paint too, and since they knew each other they might have painted together, or Vidalia taught him to paint, etc. 
  • and
  • Vidalia is the only human we’ve seen other than Connie that really has any kind of grasp on what the gems are, none of the other humans of beach city really know much about the Gems but Vidalia has at least a slight understanding that the gems are pretty much rocks which I think is cool she probably learned just from hanging out with Amethyst 

a little trio of sparkly witch au icons! (i just wanted to get a little art bloop out before i ride in a car for 9 hours today pfft) you’re free to use them! just give credit in the description >vo/+:+:+

Well, I was wondering about that 24 year night on Darillium. If the Doctor ever gets occupied, she’ll just nick his TARDIS again, won’t she? And she’ll have another adventure with another Doctor. She’ll cheat on the Doctor with the Doctor. And he won’t know exactly how to be angry about that.
—  Steven Moffat on River stealing the TARDIS (x)

Hello! As you might have seen, we animated, designed, and directed a seven minute sequence recently in the Adventure Time episode titled “Beyond the Grotto”. It was such a delight and joy to work on, where we were given a TON of creative freedom by the AT and Cartoon Network staff to really take this episode of AT and make it our own. I had a lot of ideas on how to make this dreamy sequence truly feel other worldly and layered conceptually, and had the wonderful opportunity to really put my vision into the ep.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to share some process that goes into working on higher concept shorts like this. As you’ll see above, the sequence starts out VERY rough before it can come to a place where it looks finished and hits all the marks we’re going for. A lot changes between the roughs and the final, especially timing. The road to cool animation is paved with a lot of laborious stuff, haha!! A labor of total love though.

Here is the initial rough sequence, or a small step up from story boards. Beneath them you can even see some of the initial boarding. Here is where we work out the gesture and some of the timing.

Here is where clean up begins; we take the rough animation and work to make it clear and readable. Here is where we also work out the finer details of timing, to make sure everything is clear and the moments/acting hit as hard as possible. Since we animated the whole episode in flash, we worked to make the line quality as weird and “un-flash’ as possible. We found a nice settling place with a dispersed line tool setting created using the pencil.

For Adventure Time, we ended up doing some more interesting coloring techniques. Here is where the BGs (By Matt Cummings) start to get dropped in and we’ve applied flat color to the animation.

The finished product! I had to idea to do an offset printing style of color starting after Finn and Jake consume the purple stuff and start forgetting themselves. Before that point, they’re colored how they normally would be in a traditional AT episode, but as they descend into an outer body experience, I thought it would be neat if the colors were literally out of body and slowly became more purple as the episode progressed.

Thanks for checking this out, and check out the Adventure Time episode “Beyond the Grotto” if you can!

Ghostbusters Remake Now Officially Not a Flop


This past weekend the controversial reboot of Ghostbusters finally brought in more money than it cost to make, topping $158 million in total worldwide box office receipts, putting to rest any notions that it would be a flop by not making back its $144 million budget.

“But wait,” a whole lot of dudes who got way too personally invested in seeing the gender-swapped action comedy fail said, “The director said the film would have to make $500 million to make money. It’s never going to do that! (P.S. I’m not sexist).”

American movies do cost a ridiculous amount to market, often more than the film’s production budget. The idea that half a billion dollars is wrapped up in the experiment that is Ghostbusters is perfectly conceivable, and the idea that that money will not all be recouped in ticket sales isn’t far-fetched. However, making that your only measure of success is looking at things in a very narrow way.

Sony is interested in Ghostbusters as a brand, much the way Disney was interested in Star Wars as a brand when they bought the rights for $4 billion from George Lucas even though The Force Awakens brought in only half that in ticket sales. Nobody with any sense would call The Force Awakens a failure, knowing that renewing the film series was basically a license to print money in the form of spin-off media, toys and more.

The same is looking to be true for Ghostbusters. It’s not just a movie, it’s a Top 20 album (No. 1 on the soundtrack charts). It’s a surprisingly successful line of action figures. It’s a bestselling book on Amazon.

Not only that, the rising tide lifts all boats. Know what else is currently a bestseller on Amazon? The original Ghostbusters DVD and its sequel, currently sitting at #38 and #148 respectively. That’s not even counting however many people are streaming them. Renewed interest in Ghostbusters, the brand, is selling a pair of 30-year-old movies like hot cakes and Sony just has to lean back and watch the cash roll in. Heck, the new film isn’t even out on DVD or Blu-Ray yet and IT’S already one of the top-selling movies on Amazon thanks to pre-sales.

Sony has other big plans for the Ghostbusters brand. A new animated television series set in 2050 called Ecto Force is due to arrive in 2018, with Ivan Reitman producing. Sony’s president of worldwide distribution, Rory Bruer, has unofficially confirmed a live action sequel, and we may also be getting an animated movie. That is a lot of Ghostbusters.

The point is that Sony had a lot more riding on Ghostbusters than just a big box office, or they never would have approved that ridiculous budget. When all is said and done at the box office Ghostbusters will maybe not have gotten back every single buck spent making it or selling it in ticket sales, but it will have successfully breathed life into an old property that is making money on everything from fruit juice to children’s books to Halloween cost-OMG THAT IS ADORABLE! It re-affirmed Melissa McCarthy and Paul Fieg as major box office draws, launched Kate McKinnon as everyone’s new favorite comedic actress, and even taking into the mantrum that happens in online movie user ratings, most people enjoyed the film. In short, by every reasonable definition of success, Ghostbusters is one. Period. The end.


TF2 Go character selection screen.

No one ever picks Bidwell

17 as cafe workers

Woozi: The cutest waiter that everyone wants and asks for by name. Secretly lazy af though and avoids customers like the plague. Gets excellent tips for practically doing nothing

Seungcheol: Headhoncho; the boss. Likes to help out in the kitchen but breaks every plate and flirts with Jeonghan nonstop. He’s not allowed back there anymore

Jisoo: Bubbly barista who gets too absorbed in talking about anime and burns the coffee.

Dino: Doesn’t really work there but he hangs around so much that he might as well. Likes to annoy all the workers and gets 50% off of everything.

Mingyu: In charge of getting things off of the top shelf but also drops all the ingredients.total butterfingers

Seungkwan: Constantly singing show tunes while doing the dishes. 

Jun: In charge of decorating all the pastires and cakes but he gets more frosting on himself than aything else. Half of the time he’s just eating them

Minghao: The one worker that always hurts himself. 

Dokyum: Cashier that flirts with all the school girls that come through. Annoying as hell but he rakes in more customers. Also threated the most, wONdEr wHY?

Hoshi: The only one who actually likes being a waiter. When its someone’s birthday he comes out with a cake and sings happy birthday at full blast while Seungkwan and Dokyum do harmonies. 

Vernon: Hates working but he needs money, yo. Likes to hide in the laundry pile and take “power naps”

Jeonghan: Knows all the regular customers. Pretty much the face of the cafe. At least 30 people fall in love with him in a day. Will probably steal your girlfriend if you bring her here.

Wonwoo: Owner of the cafe. Constantly wondering why he hired half of these people

Attention UT Fandom

So like with any other fandom, there are ships that some people love and some people hate, for many reasons. It’s fine to dislike or even be disgusted by some ships, but please do not go out of your way to tell artists your negative opinions! If you would feel disappointed seeing one of your favorite artists drawing content you don’t agree with, keep it to yourself and silently unfollow if it makes you uncomfortable enough.

“But I feel strongly about the content they are drawing and it’s just.. wrong!”

So what? They are drawing for themselves and not for you. These artists aren’t going around and pushing their views on others. They are merely posting to share with those who would enjoy. Note that most of these artists have disclaimers on their blogs and tag properly to ensure only the appropriate audiences will come across it. If they are tagging improperly, just let them know calmly like “Oh sorry to bother you but just letting you know any NSFW undertale content should not be tagged as undertale, but as undertail instead”.

You can’t help what you like and dislike, and that’s okay. Heck, even the artists themselves might have had a hard time accepting that they like what they like (trust me on this one). Attacking them does absolutely nothing positive and makes them feel awful for doing nothing wrong. Remember that these are fictional characters and what people may enjoy in fanworks does not reflect what they approve of in real life.


if you don’t like something an artist creates, don’t follow and don’t bash.


“Thanks, I got over fights with him before, I can do it now. I’m fine.”

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so here’s something I don’t get. in fandom, when people make a post about how great and/or totally canon their ship is, often they’ll support their claim by saying something along the lines of “see how much they care about each other??? they care TOO MUCH to be JUST friends.”

and I dunno. that bothers me. is there some imaginary line, then, some limit of how much a friend is allowed to care before suddenly their affection is romantic? are you saying that, as an aromantic, I will never be able to love my friends as much as a significant other might? that if I say I would go to hell and back for my friend I’m either lying or in love with them? that no matter what I do, the love I have for my friends will never be enough simply due to its nature?

I just don’t get why friendship is made out to be such an inferior thing.