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Question about YouTube red. I have the trial for the month, and was discouraged by the lack of content available. I know it's still new and I should withhold judgement, but aside from PewDiePie, I don't see schedules for anything beyond what's out. Also, will the shows be made available through the regular service down the line? It seems a bit risky to pay monthly for something that doesn't appear (to me, I may be wrong) to have a lot coming soon, or would be able to watch free with ads later.

Yeah, the originals content is not part of my calculus. For me, it’s ad-free YouTube + Legit Spotify replacement, making it a revenue-neutral addition to my life. 

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I-I also wanted to askif you have any headcanons for Iwaoi? I'm falling for this ship and that faster than I ever would have believed!! *Looks at Rachel with a pout* o(>w<)o

Oh too many, too many! And yes, it’s totally Rachel’s fault

  • Oikawa drags Iwaizumi out at night at least once a week to look for UFOs, they never see anything but the stars but it gives them plenty of time to cuddle together to stay warm.
  • Iwaizumi usually pays for Oikawa’s meals, unless it’s a special occasion like an anniversary. Oikawa usually pays then because he’s the one that insist on going out for food when Iwaizumi would’ve been happy staying at home and watching a movie (and making out).
  • Oikawa has a framed picture of Iwaizumi doing a thumbs up and smiling. He appreciates both the smile and Iwaizumi’s arms when he looks at it.
  • Iwaizumi calls Oikawa names like ‘shittykawa’ and ‘assikawa’ even more when he’s embarrassed about something. It’s usually ‘assikawa’ because Oikawa’s normally catches his eye and a majority of the time, it’s why he’s embarrassed.
  • Whenever they go on dates, they are nearly always holding hands, a lot of the time they don’t even realize they’re doing it, they’ll just go to reach for a menu at a restaurant and find that their fingers are intertwining.

And I usually leave this at five, so here *runs and hides*

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i think you'd make a lot of money camming...

I’ve thought about it but I cant do fully nude stuff. Maybe if someone would pay to watch me eat food/read/clean/online shop in my bra and underwear then I’d be about it

At this moment in my life I have nothing to really complain about. Yes school is stressful but it’ll all pay off soon. It’s going to be worth it. But as I sit in my dorm lounge at 2:05am, studying for my 8am anatomy test, watching videos of the USWNT kick ass, I realize that there’s nothing I miss more than playing soccer. I’m not sure if it was all the great friends, the memories, or the goals that I miss most. I would do anything at this point to be able to play soccer again like I used to. 😧😩

Staying Awake/Focused in Class

We all have those days where we’re extremely exhausted, whether it’s from some intense cramming the night before trying to finish that assignment, or not realizing you’ve watched all the Netflix shows that exist on this planet. But life doesn’t wait for anyone, and a lot of us would still like to pay attention and learn in class. So I’ve complied some tips for staying awake and focused in class:

  • PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY: The most distracting thing for me when I’m in a lecture is my phone, so I put it away! I usually shove it in my backpack: out of sight, out of mind.
  • ELIMINATE DISTRACTIONS: If you also get distracted by other students using their phones and laptops, sit near the front of the classroom where those screens will not be in your sight line.
  • DRINK WATER: A lot of the times, we lose focus because our bodies are tired, drinking water will help boost your metabolism and keep you awake.
  • HAVE GUM/MINT: The minty flavour of gum and mints can help you stay alert because of the freshness and spiciness.
  • ACTIVELY TAKE NOTES: I find it hardest to pay attention when I am not writing anything down. Jot down some notes, even if they’re brief, it’ll help your brain stay focused on the material, plus they can serve as reference for studying later!
  • BEWARE OF YOUR POSTURE: When I’m tired, I subconsciously slouch and it just makes me even more tired. Posture can affect how your brain functions, so sit up tall, straighten your back, and uncross those legs (it messes with your circulation)!
  • LISTEN TO YOUR TEACHER/PROF: This one may seem obvious, but we start dozing off when we stop listening. Whenever I’m finding it especially difficult to focus, I force myself to listen to my professor and THINK according to what they are saying. I find that this helps me with daydreaming and dozing off.
  • PREPARE FOR THE CLASS: Most of the time when I can’t stay focused in class, it is because I have no clue what the professor is talking about. Do the assigned readings before class, or bring your textbook along so you have a general idea of what will be covered, this prevents you from getting lost, and inevitably losing focus and interest in the class.

Lastly, if you’re reaching that breaking point of exhaustion and you know that none of these tips would help, I would suggest recording your teacher/professor’s lesson, but make sure to ask for their permission first! This way you can go back and listen to the lecture again if you had a lot of trouble focusing in class.

OPM Vol. 2 DVD really gives us more in-sight into Saitama's character aka...

I feel like in the past 24 hours since the One Punch Man Vol. 2 DVD release, Saitama has gone from being kinda gay for Genos to being REALLY GAY FOR GENOS lol. Taking baths with him, practicing “voice pitch training” with him, giving him his house keys, worrying he will catch a cold, worrying that he would run into trouble, preparing dinner for him, eating happily with him, going to watch fireworks with him, paying for him to have fun, buying food for him, waiting for him to come back, wanting Genos to live a normal life, JUST PROPOSE TO HIM ALREADY GDI UGH I CAN’T EVEN…

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why are the fine bros losing followers?

basically they released a video about how totally excited they are to announce that they will be licensing out “[their] react video format.” And y’know like, how licensing stuff works is that you pay them to produce things under their brand. except like, they’re being such gracious people and not charging fees up front. You just would have to pay them later. Y’know. For making simple react videos.

Like, you sat a few people of a certain demographic down and made them look at a thing and then recorded them responding to that thing! It’s like… facebook comments, but in video format!! Woooowww! You’re trademarking… that?

Anyway, CGPGrey (a better explainer than I will ever be) sarcastically rephrases their video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-Zr7c-J6qE

also if u like Cr1TiKaL, he also reacts to their video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_rCQEtlCtU

and then after it was received less-than-enthusiastically, they posted another video about how they realized they used big, scary legal words and they are sorry that our small brains got confused, and they then proceed to vaguely condescendingly ‘explain’ what they meant. It wasn’t an apology or anything of the sort, and they didn’t seem to understand what really upset people about this.

CGPGrey master-of-sarcasm’d this one, too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dPnaAt-Rbs

I don’t necessarily think that they were coming from a malicious place with their idea, but did they really think that people would be lining up for this? I’m like 80% sure that anyone interested in making react videos would rather just… make their own. On their own.


“you know Y/N is here right?” Corey asked, “like storming down here right now about to kill us?”

“she’s not going to kill us.” Josh stated but then turned to Theo with wide eyes, “she wont kills us right?”

Theo wasnt paying attention, he was looking up the hallway. you were leaning against one of the walls, watching with a grin. Theo smiled back.

“whats the plan today Theo?” you asked.

“i thought if i started enough havoc you would show up.” he answered.

you laughed, walking towards him, “dont tell me you went through all this trouble just to get my attention.”

“and if i said that was the reason?” he smirked.

you brushed past him, walking further into Eichen,“then i would say stop being a coward and just ask me out like a normal person.”


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How would zico, leo, Suga and Jungkook react to you wanting to adopt a little pet baby bunny? Thank you I love your work! ^^

Thank you anon! I’m sorry this took so long but here it is!

Zico: “It’s not cuter than me is it? It can’t even do aegyo like I can, see watch! Zico-Zico-Nii… and you’re not paying attention”

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Leo: *Forgets you’re even there because he’s petting and talking to the bun, asking about it’s day and feeding it a lot to make sure it’s full*

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Suga: “Yeah it’s cute but you have to take care of it and still give me attention *ends up taking a nap with the bun*

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Jungkook: “Look Jagi! We look alike! Aren’t we cute?? We are now his parents so you better be prepared! ahh our son looks just like his appa”

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 ***Bonus Hanbin and Pinky***

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PillowTalk - Justin Bieber Imagine

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“So we’ll piss off the neighbours
In the place that feels the tears
The place to lose your fears
Yeah, reckless behavior
A place that is so pure, so dirty and raw
Be in the bed all day, bed all day, bed all day
Fucking you, and fighting on” 

“Oh my God! This song is so good!” You yell jumping around on yours and Justin’s bed as you watched the music video. “Oh my God! He is slaying my life right now!”

“Babe. It’s literally one in the morning.” He mumbles, reaching up to you in hopes that you would calm down and lay next him. 

“He is so fucking hot! Holy shit!” You continue to jump on the bed, not paying any mind to the fact that Justin had even spoke. “I’m going to cry.” 

Just then the phone was snatched from your hands and the music cut off. You looked down at the culprit,watching as he locked your phone and placed it under his pillow before facing away from you. 

“Justin!” You say, kneeling down next to him. “I wanted to listen to that!”

“Yeah? Well I want to sleep, so you can talk about how ‘hot’ he is tomorrow.” He muttered, still not looking to you.

A light smirk had fallen across your face as you placed your hand on his upper arm. “Are you jealous?” 


“Oh my God. You’re so jealous.” You laugh before tugging on his arm, making him roll onto his back. “Is it too late to say sorry now?” 

“Don’t do that.” He says, a small smile finding its way to his delicate lips. 

“What do you mean?” You chuckle, running your hands through his hair as his smile grew. “For the record, I wouldn’t want the ‘PillowTalk’ with anyone but you.”

“Shut up.” He says, looking into your eyes. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Imagine Dan having a Superbowl party at his and Barry’s place, but he’s the only one that follows the sport so no one else actually cares about the game, but Dan tries to teach them a little, and Holly and Suzy brought like football themed snacks. The game is going to start and Barry is watching, like, Steven Universe and Ross and Holly arrive and Dan’s like 

“Okay, let’s put the pre-game on.” 

and Ross is like “Wait, I like this episode.” 

And Dan is lile “But we’ll miss the stats!” 

And Holly pats his shoulder comfortingly. 

Then, like, he actually manages to get the game on and Arin and Suy are there and Dan really tries to explain it to Arin, who TRIES really hard to pay attention for 5 minutes before he devolves into making jokes about the player’s last names. 

Dan would be a little bummed because no one gives a crap, but slowly, they start to try to get into it for him and they root for the team Dan wants to win- except Ross and Brian throw their support behind the opposing team- and they actually pay attention through the second half of the game. And Dan is a happy little cupcake. 

Here's a concept...

I’m just saying, if you’re going to have Segs and Kaner on the same team, why not include shirtless beer pong in the Skills Competition with bonus commentary provided by Evgeni Malkin and James Neal?? You’re missing your chance here, NHL. I would pay an embarrassing amount of money to watch that shit.


“what is it now?” you sighed, turning to look at the Mikaelson. you two liked to bicker… and flirt, and then bicker some more. but at the ball, you werent really in the mood for a fight.

“i just wanted to tell you how lovely you look tonight.” he said, “and to ask you if you would do me the honour of dancing with me.”

you smiled before you could stop yourself, “yeah, sure.”

he smiled as well. Bonnie and Damon watched from the bar and Bonnie grinned, “i knew that dress would make him crack and just ask her.” she turned to Damon, “pay up, you lost the bet.”

I’ve spent an alarming amount of time listening to Les Miz, and there’s one bit that’s always confused me.

During “The First Attack,” Enjolras sings:

Courfeyrac you take the watch/They won’t attack until it’s light/Everybody stay awake/We must be ready for the fight/For the final fight/Let no one sleep tonight

Two issues I have with this:

1. I want my soldiers to be alert during their watch, so I’d never say “Don’t worry man, no one is coming tonight.” I’d at least leave open the possibility of an attack, otherwise my soldier wouldn’t pay much attention, and would probably spend the whole shift resenting me for making him sit in the cold if I’m positive no enemies are coming.

2. Why on earth would you want your soldiers to pull an all-nighter before a major battle?? Especially if you are positive no enemies are coming until morning! I mean, they tell you before the SAT to get a good night’s sleep, and if it applies to the SAT, it applies to a revolutionary student uprising. I mean, come morning, not only will your soldiers be sleep-deprived, but their morale will be low because they spent the last eight hours thinking about the coming battle and how they are probably going to die.

If I was leader, I would come out singing:

Courfeyrac you take the watch/They may sneak in before the light/Everybody go to sleep/We must be ready for the fight/For the final fight/So go sleep well tonight

And you know what, the battle might have gone better with my well-rested troops.

So when Marius come in a few minutes later, singing:

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I’d pop up suddenly and say:

“Yeah man, we’re not meeting here anymore because we won the war and moved our headquarters to a nicer cafe.”

iKON React to You Becoming Hyperactive


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I think he’d find it rather cute, maybe jokingly teasing you for a while. Or just watching you jump around the house. If you got a little too hyper, he might decide to stop you from eating sugar again.


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He’s just a bundle of joy to me, so he’d probably become hyper active with in seconds and run around the house with you.


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I feel like he’s a mix of his two hyungs. If he’s tired, Bobby might just watch you run around the house. But if he’s happy, he’ll definitely have those dance competitions with you.


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Like Bobby, it would depend on his mood. If he’s working or tired, he’ll pay more attention to the TV or his work. But he’s also a major dork so if he’s not busy, he’ll join you in your hyperactivity.


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He’s another large dork, he’ll probably drop whatever he’s doing just to spend some time with you, even if it does take a lot of energy.


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Junhoe could go two ways. He might be moody and ignore you for his phone. Or he would become as hyperactive as you. There is no in between.


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I don’t see our Maknae as a hyper active person, a little fluff ball of for sure though. He’ll probably just stand on the side and let you do what you want, laughing occasionally and letting you do what you want.

Dear Tyler

I knew you would drift away
I didn’t know it would happen this soon
With your boyish wonder
And red head stubbornness
I don’t know quite how to let go

To say you remind me of me
Would only be redundant
But I am desperately brokenhearted
At the thought of the two of us
Going our separate ways

You were the one who taught me
That unconditional love existed
Not in others, but within myself
And in loving you I have found
That any cost to me is worth paying

I knew you would drift away
I am still not prepared for this
I hate myself after we’ve had a fight
And still cry watching you sleep
I don’t know quite how to let you go

  • I really wish Jordan would do another car vlog sometime
  • I mean I cant be the only one who loves just chilling and watching him drive its just so nice
  • I mean it sucks that they always come with comments like jardon stop talking to us and pay attention to the road we dont want a kill cam
  • And like, Jordan's so responsible about it tho, he always has his eyes on the road, both hands on the steering wheel, and like its legitimately no different to having friends or family in the car with him because hes talking, except its us hes talking to instead and like
  • Remember that one time where he was like, yea i just had to turn off the camera to get through this difficult corner/intersection so he could focus on it instead of us and then turned it back on after like
  • I dunno it kinda turned into a rant too just, I trust Jordan alot and I would just love more vlogs like that I dunno xD