💔💔💔 she just passed away right now . I lost i feel like the last best friend i had :( taylorswift i just lost someone else recently and its just really hard i love u taylor thank u for always being there and getting me through hard times . I know u wont see this but know i love u so much

everyday i regret not asking for my crushs number bc he wont be riding the bus next yr since hes moving+has a car rip my hopes and dreams of getting a nice bf

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I'm just going to come to you for my kdrama feels, I FUCKIN. FINALLY STARTED SHUT UP FLOWER BOY BAND. AND. SECOND EPISODE I UNDERSTAND THAT ONE TEXT POST NOW. BUT IT'S THE THIRD EP. THAT'S RIPPING MY HEART APART FUCK. Like, I'm sitting here internally sobbing into my coffee. I'm only 7 minutes into the third episode and I just want to go cry into a bed of sponges but that wont be enough to soak up all the tears. Also I'm totally in love with Sung Joon (ji hyuk actor?) holy shit fmfmlmflmflmflkds

you mean


because i already

love him haha.

dude episode 3 was hard like when theyre on the roof lighting fireworks and shit and when ji hyuk gets on his knees. like fuck. now you’re making me want to rewatch this whole series. it’s the best.

i thought about joining a gym but tbh i am kind of terrified of 2 things. well okay 3 things 1. is just going to a gym like what if i get ring worm gyms are disgusting but 2. is im afraid of like men sexualizing my body if i get like muscles bc i’ve seen it happen and its so disgusting and i am in some magical place where men don’t even notice me and like no one sexualizes my body like i could walk around on the street in my underwear and it would be fine its a real luxury and i don’t want it to go away and 3. is that im afraid that ill get super ripped and then buy into social conditioning and like 2. wont even be a fear i have anymore or something creepy so i’ve never done any like weight training or any kind of body building /exercise that wasn’t just to make me feel healthy. but i think that if huge muscles are like a consequence of learning to kill a man with my bare hands it would be okay bc if anyone grabs my ass i will just literally kill them? with my bare hands.

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really hope you start to feel better soon! Remember to get plenty of rest, eat/drink some liquids and even take any necessary medicine so you can feel up to going to the amusement park soon ∩(︶▽︶)∩

thank you very much for being concerned!! ;u; 

i’ll probably make sure i get enough rest tomorrow, i really can’t afford to be sick

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I know that will sounds a little bit... I don't know, too much girly, but I just saw the guy I love get a girlfriend. I was waiting to tell him how I feel since two long years. And this happened just before I wanted to. I'm so tired to be ripped apart. All my life I have been alone. I don't know what's wrong with me

nothing is wrong with you, but maybe its not the best idea to hang on to someone that i guess doesn’t feel the same way back :c and you wont be alone forever, you’ll meet someone sooner or later i’m sure 

i had just had five teeth ripped out my face but that wasnt enough to stop me from shutting down my mother saying some people “let themselves get into situations” what she meant was DV relationships. I was like no seriously no. 

i wont go into detail but i was like what about this? what about this? it isnt as simple as “leave” and mum was like yes it is i did it, blah blah (some douche ex of hers - not dad or matildas dad). and i was like okay for you. not every relationship is the same, not all people are the same. you cannot and i wont let you blame a woman (or man) for having difficulty in or leaving an abusive relationship!!! YOU ARE SCUM OCCASIONALLY!!!! 

then i did a cross word 

i just HATE myself sometimes because i hate these poison toxic thoughts that keep swirling around in my head killing every ration of reason and logic and every ounce of understanding that everything is okay because they wont go away they wont stop reminding me how fucking awful i am and god please i dont want to have another episode like i did the other night but im freaking out and god i hate this and i hate how i’m about to get my period and i know everything is heightened because of that i hate that when im like this i cant control how i feel and i just want to rip my hair out and smash things and i just want to tell you to leave me because whats the fucking point putting up with someone who can barely keep her head above the water whenever she tries to  step even one foot into the deep end 

i guess ive never been good at swimming and i probably never will be

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I got my two big toe nailed ripped off and burned so they wont grow back because I’ve had the surgery done 8 times to get the corners removed and it never works and I lost my insurance when I graduated so I didn’t want to have to pay in the future for the surgeries my whole life so I just got them completely removed.

(( I know I only came back a few days ago and this was very poorly planned, but hey, Im going to Bermuda!

Ill be gone for a week. 7 days without internet. BUT i will throw out some starters and stuff so i can just jump back on track when I get home. But for now,

Its just gonna be me n the Family on a cruise ship (orz rip me, Im terrified of boats) and going to that wonderful place. Hopefully I wont get trapped in the Bermuda Triangle ))

kinda long post but wont cut it tbh sorry not rly bc rp idea

[So I watched like the first episode of the Devil is a Part-Timer anime and am remembering an old rp; so who’s up for a literate frenemy yaoi fatherhood para rp? idk its still in the makings but im imagining yifan (satan) and some other heavenly equivalent (rp partner/god i guess) colliding in battle and the power is so strong some black hole rips open and they get sucked into the mundane/human world (earth) and land together in some weird alleyway and realize they cant use their powers to finish the other off and theyre weak and realize everything in this world is new and it terrifies them and they get startled by a wail and they find a wet bundle beneath a dumpster and both are too scared to touch it but yifan does it and its a baby and more manly screaming and they sense supernatural power and the baby is the source and the god person wants to harvest the power to return to heaven while yifan wants to use it to kill god but its too young and theyre cold wet and alone in a strange world and for the time being call truce until they go back to their real forms but in the meantime they’re the daddies of a young baby okay then they kiss kis fall in love im  screaming

Gets jealous when you tell her you were spending time with your female friends?

Has zero motivation and always complains about how much she hates her life?

Expects you to pay for every meal out together because she still won’t look for a job?

Vagina drier than the Kalahari Desert? 

Psychologically abuses you until you give her your cellphone password so she can go through your messages when you leave your phone unattended? (WHO’S NUMBER IS THIS?!?)

Feels worthless because you wont say “I love you” after only dating for 2 months?

Has psychological breakdowns in public that embarrass both of you?

Threatens to lock herself in your bathroom and mutilate her own body because she doesn’t get her way?

Welcome to my 2013 - 2014. Never again. RIP.