Mattel, the company best known for Barbie dolls, has recently been trying to step up their game. In November, the company launched a new line of body positive, more melanated Barbie dolls with various heights, eye colors, and hair styles to appeal to a larger demographic (finally) and we took notice. Well, I’m here to tell you folks that the evolution of Mattel is still in motion. They recently launched a new line of dolls: DC Super Hero Girls. I took a little stroll through Mattel’s website, and honestly, I have to say that I’m here for the girls!

When I was a kid, my “go to” Halloween costumes were Spiderman and Wonder Woman. That being said, anything super hero related catches my eye. Honestly, feminism is its own super power, right? Right. I had to check this out. I went online and decided to look more into DC Super Hero Girls outside of what Mattel is doing and watched a few-bite sized episodes of the WB animation on YouTube. I pretty much fell in love. The first episode I watched showed Amanda Miller, the principal of Super Hero High, in all of her Loretta Devine circa 1987 Gilbert Hall director Stevi glory. That’s enough to have me sanging “Yassss, honey” all through my living room.

@izettanicole thinks these dolls are a win, read on here to read how. [x]

Officially done with summer classes! 

Now that I can be enjoyable to be around again, I’ve nothing to do for the next two weeks. So, I’d like to try to catch up with everybody, maybe Skype some people. So don’t be a stranger! Help me have things to fill my time aside from becoming the very best like no one ever was. 

You Walked In and My Heart Went “Boom”!

Jacob Frye x Reader

#34: The way you flirt is shameful.

Anonymous asks: Hi. Can you please write a story where the female character is Jacob’s mentor, who can make and detonate bombs, intelligent, not susceptible to physical attraction e.g. scent, face, etc. and has the harshness of Katniss Everdeen? Thanks.

Originally posted by keyblademasterassassin

Jacob walked into the shop with his usual goofy grin as the smell of smoke flew by him and out the open door. He had spent the morning fixing his hair so it looked just right. It was like he was trying but not trying to hard. It was a ridiculous idea. And he didn’t need Evie constantly chirping over his shoulder about it to know so. She never noticed things like that. Hence, why Jacob, master Wordsmith, had such a hard time catching her eye but he was sure that this time would be different.

“Afternoon, Frye.”

She hadn’t even looked up from the metal contraption stirring in her hands but she just knew it was him. God, he loved her. Perhaps, love was too strong a word considering their relationship was still in the early stages. And by that, he meant to say that they never left the mentor-mentee stage of their relationship. 

“It’s Jacob, love.”

She was about the same age as Evie and him. Jacob never actually bothered to ask. But she was a protege. That much was obvious as he amusely grew up watching Evie’s fierce competitiveness with their fellow assassin in-training. She was the only one in Crawley that could match his sister is just about anything. Actually, more often than not, his mentor bested Evie. Not that she cared. Evie did however. Despite his sister’s bitterness, there was still a layer of respect Evie harbored for the young inventor. 

“Place your bracer on the table. You can come back for it at sunset.” Her eyes remained their laserbeam focus on the oddly shaped metal in her hands. Jacob could only assume it was some sort of bomb. 

And man, was she talented among beautiful. It was one of the reasons he insisted that she was to follow the twins out to London. Letters upon letters boasting about her great skills and how she was a valuable asset was what got her out of their dreary hometown. If leaving everything and everyone she ever knew bothered her, she never mentioned it. 

“Actually, love, it’s not broken.”

But Jacob would certainly break it again if it meant another excuse to come see her nimble fingers at work. It felt like she was non-stop. A machine programmed to do nothing but analyse and reproduce the ideas flowing out of her mind.

In fact, there was a part of him that thought she was too good for him. That she was a little too similar to Evie for his liking. Of course, that never stopped him from pursuing him and her either outright ignoring his advances or being oblivious to his preening and specific attention seeking. 

“I take it you’re here for something besides slowing down my work.” She finally put the item down, with a wry smile. It must have been completed. Whatever it was. Jacob had never seen anything like it. It was filled with so many nuts and bolts, the darn thing looked like it could take on an entire building.

“Can’t a fella drop by on a nice Saturday afternoon to say hi?” Realizing, he had been just standing at the door like a fool, he moved away from the entrance and towards the desk she was working on. He made sure to leave the door open so that smoke had a bigger passage to escape through. He learned that lesson pretty fast during his childhood.

“You haven’t said hi yet but you’ve clearly just expressed the sentiment so you can be on your way now.”

Okay, so she could be a little cold. But Jacob liked a challenge and he knew that she was capable of warming up. At the very least, Jacob knew that if she truly detested his company, he’d be out on his arse by now. It was a small victory to say that she at the bare minimum tolerated him.

“Ouch. That hit me right in the heart, love.” Jacob feigned pain. ”It’s a shame you prefer to be kept behind the scenes like ole Greenie. With that kind of aim, you’d be an excellent sniper.”

“Mr. Green is a fine man but we are nothing alike and I would prefer it if you refrained from making any comparisons between the two of us while you are making your way out.”

It was a less than subtle way of trying to shoo the male assassin out but it wasn’t direct. So playing the oblivious card was always a fun one.

“Fine, fine. I won’t mention Greenie when I decide to go on my way.”

She halted in her admiration of her invention, which Jacob assumed was to take a deep breath. Perhaps out of exasperation if she really was anything like Evie. She muttered a few words underneath her breath as she continued to clean up her station.

There was little doubt in Jacob’s mind that his mentorship attributed to one of large reasons, he hadn’t been dragged out the door by his hindlegs yet. She wasn’t much of a people person. Most assassins weren’t. It had something to do with hiding in plain sight.

“So… How is your day going?”

Wow. He was resorting to small talk. This was in no way going in the direction he wanted. Jacob didn’t understand it. His witty banter was killer with all the ladies at the balls and even back home. But whenever she was around, his tongue got tied up in knots. And not in the way he liked.

She didn’t miss a beat.

“The way you flirt is shameful,”  she said simply. No shrug. No pointed look in his direction. Just a fact. 

“What? I’ll have you know that all the ladies of London think I’m a terrific flirt.”

“You flirt with all the ladies of London often?”

Jacob’s eyes widened as he realized the hole he was digging in was right above quickstand. “No-no! That’s not what I meant. That just came out horribly wrong.”

It was at this point where Jacob wished he still had his assassin hood pulled over his eyes that he heard a soft giggling burst in rambunctious laughter. She laughed, a beautiful sound, until she was red in the face and tears stung her eyes.

“You… you were having a go at me?” It was an observation but his evident confusion somehow rephrased into a question.

“Sorry. You always were so easily flustered back in Crawley. It’s nice to see that the Ladies Man of London is no different from the Scraggly Pubescent Boy that used to sneak peeks at the female assassins during training.”

“I did not!” Jacob wanted to sound more upset but the twinkle in her eyes softened his tone. 

“The pier. Tomorrow. Seven.”


“That’s what you came to ask, right? The pier. Tomorrow. Seven.” 

“Seven,” Jacob parroted. “in the evening?”

“No, seven in the morning.”

Jacob nodded.

She rolled her eyes. “Yes, you prick, seven in the evening. Now go before I change my mind.”

Jacob couldn’t stop the grin on his face. For a moment she just blinked at him, scared that his face was going to split in two.

The man quickly spun on his heels and headed to the door, a light pep in his steps. “You won’t regret it!”

“I already do, Jacob,” she murmured, twisting the shilling hanging loosely around her neck.

Some thoughts on Too Short to Ride

Anonymous said:
I was surprised to see a handful of people say that 2short2ride was an ablest episode bc of the ending. I was wondering what u thought about it? Do you think peri is/could be autistic? ( ik these arent very Lore-driven theories, but…)

Okay, there are a lot of things to cover in this ask, plus my own thoughts about the episode, so I’ll try to integrate and keep it concise. 

1. The “short” motif

I want to bring this one up first because it’s the focal point and the driving premise behind the episode. Because of their height, they decide to shape shift and look at other attractions, and eventually get to the bottom of what’s making Peridot upset.

“Short” has been associated with Peridot before. In Too Far, Peridot, after Amethyst started ignoring her, Peridot felt bad. Her term for this feeling is feeling “small.” Peridot isn’t the best at expressing her own feelings, and sometimes I think that she can’t put her feelings into words while she’s feeling them. It’s why her tape-recorder is important. She needs to process her thoughts, and playing them back to herself helps that process.

When Peridot says she feels small, clearly something in her has been conditioned to think small isn’t a good thing. When we look at Peridot at her most confident, in Back to the Barn, it’s because her idea of strength was exactly that of Steven’s idea of strength in Coach Steven. Her robot was huge, bulky, and capable of brute force fighting.

Source: SU Wiki

But big and bulky isn’t Peridot’s optimal strategy. Look at all the events leading up to Catch and Release. She got by on Earth alone with nothing but her own intelligence, her limited tech, and a combination of evasive manoeuvres and trap-setting. This is someone who works best with a lot of information, and then setting up the arena for her to win, no heavy-lifting required. She works best with preparation, not brute force.

She nearly succeeded in taking out Garnet and Pearl, permanently, in Friend Ship. And this was through a combination of holograms, traps, and quick thinking. She sacrificed her own foot instead of fighting the Crystal Gems directly. But Peridot is her best when she’s like this. 

Back to the big-small dichotomy, in my Homeworld Update I talk about how Homeworld, despite being in the technological golden age of their civilisation, is still giving big gems like quartzes higher ranks than they do their technicians. And I compared that to how doctors and engineers have the highest salaries in our knowledge-based civilisation. Big and physically strong soldiers would have been the best to decide things in wartime before modern technology helped them. But look at Jasper in The Return; she takes out Garnet with a measly stabiliser. Peridot could have done that, and she was about to do that when Pearl, Amethyst, and Steven burst into the deck of the ship. 

Small shouldn’t be an inherently bad thing, but that’s how she feels. When Mr. Smiley told her she’s tiny and needs to grow more, no doubt she was offended. Gems emerge fully grown. She can’t “grow” and it’s not in her control. Add this a layer of her knowing she’s an Era 2 Peridot, meaning she can’t even temporarily grow by shapeshifting and she’s be livid. 

Mr. Smiley treated her like a child, and Peridot, confident of her own abilities, and trying to be proud of who she is despite everything, was visibly upset by that.

Peridot: I do not have to grow. This height is indicative of my rarity and importance. I demand entry, you clod!

Source: SU Wiki

She says exactly this, because she knows being small conferred her a lower rank back on Homeworld. Being away from all that, it seems to be happening again.

I’d like to point out that another time she’s felt more confident in herself are when she has her limb enhancers, and I’ll go onto that next.

2. On ableism

I’ll directly engage Anon’s ask now and first define ableism. It’s a form of discrimination that favours the “able-bodied.” But recent definitions have come to encompass more than that. Ableism is also the belief that the differently abled have to be “fixed” or that they’re “defective.” And disability now no longer refers to only physical, but also mental disability.

With that, let’s look at how Peridot’s limb enhancers have been treated throughout her development as a character. When the CGs first realise that the limb enhancers are assistive technology and not biological limbs, this happens:

Source: SU Wiki

Amethyst casually tosses them into the ocean and we never hear of them again. And here some will say that they didn’t know the limb enhancers were needed; perhaps they were just weapons. At least we think we never hear of them again. But their absence clearly makes their mark, and we do realise that more than weapons, Peri’s limb enhancers did function as limbs. 

The first instance we notice the limb enhancers are significant are in Too Far. Steven and Amethyst make fun of Peridot for her “weird names” for her own body parts. Looking back though, what did she call by the conventional body part names? Her foot, her arms, her limb enhancers. This is significant information, especially with the new information we got from this episode.

I’ve long been saying that Peridot seemed way too surprised at the sight of her limbs in Catch and Release. And that she’s clearly physically unable to carry out the duties she was designed for in episodes like When It Rains. 

And I said it was a positive thing that she lived in a society in which she was given assistive technology so she could be productive and feel accomplished in a work-related sense. And she is. She proudly calls herself a “certified kindergartener.”

She clearly has need for them, but more than that she misses them. In Log Date 7 15 2, we see her act confidently and simulate conversations with the other gems because of the can-stilts that Steven gave her. Even before this, I mention the importance of her tape recorder. And in this episode, we see the tablet holds some significance as well.

Because it’s all about helping Peridot do more than if she didn’t have assistive technology. Yes, we could all go about without the Internet, our phones, and our cars, but we don’t want to. Now, imagine if it were a real and physical need. If the parallels aren’t clear enough yet, gems can’t gain more muscle mass, or mass for that matter. No amount of exercise, physical training, or things of the sort can make Peridot physically stronger. It’s the clear marker of someone differently-abled. There are things they can’t change about themselves, but that doesn’t stop them from being happy and doing the things they want to do.

That’s why limb enhancers are important; that’s why assistive technologies, both here and in our world, are important. And that’s why it’s significant that Amethyst is the one confronting Peridot about it on the beach. Because Amethyst threw away Peri’s limb enhancers. Amethyst must realise by now the consequences of her action that day. And Amethyst makes a good point. Peridot doesn’t need to focus on what she can’t do, but rather what she can do. It’s the big-small, bulky-agile issue all over again. 

Nonetheless, what she does afterwards is less than encouraging.

3. On Peridot’s metallokinesis

Because when Amethyst tosses Peridot’s tablet, she knows fully well this time what that tablet means to Peri. Peri makes up for her lack of size with really good strategy and a lot of information. The tablet, like her finger screens, helped that a lot. But you know, even without that function, that tablet gave Peridot a lot of comfort. This moment would be just like Lapis’ crushing her tape recorder. The difference here is what Amethyst said, “You don’t need it!” And I think this is where a lot of people called her out for being ableist. 

To understand why this happened, I think it’s significant we look into her thought process first. At this moment, she’s annoyed with Peridot, because she’s actively reaching out to her and Peridot appears to ignore her. We know how difficult it is for Amethyst to talk about personal issues with other people, and this is an issue that hits her also, as a “defective” quartz. But we know Peridot’s not ignoring her. And I think deep down she knows Peridot isn’t ignoring her too. Isn’t it very like Amethyst to not listen when Pearl and Garnet are chastising her, only for those words to hit later when she’s alone? Amethyst is frustrated and upset for her friend.

But she misunderstands the problem. She doesn’t think Peri needs to be “fixed,” and she’s not denying that Peridot is physically weaker. The issue with Amethyst is that she takes away Peri’s assistive technology on the basis that Peri is fine without it. Peri will be okay without that tablet, but that doesn’t mean Peridot is great either. She’s surviving without assistive technology because she’s forced to. She’s had to be resourceful and make do with everything she’s got ever since she got to Earth. It’s like asking someone without a wheelchair to crawl for a while. They’ll get around, but it’s not a nice feeling.

And how would Peridot feel knowing she can’t keep up, not because the technology wasn’t possible, but because she was being deprived from it? You see, in the end I don’t think metallokinesis solves the need for assistive technology. Metallokinesis is inherent to her. It’s like having to use prosthetics but being good at math. It’s great she has that power, but it has nothing to do with assisting her condition. She still is physically weaker, and that’s somewhere  Peridot feels vulnerable, and she would still like to do things that entail the average amount of physical strength. Metallokinesis helps, because Peridot has always, always, been resourceful, but her life could be made easier.

It’s great that she’s tapping more of her potential. What I find makes the ending not-ableist is that she has the tablet with her in the end. It’s a concession that she does need her old setup. We don’t hear it from the others though, as to whether they feel the same way. That’s something for another episode, I hope.

Rebecca Sugar mentioned in an interview that their drawings for Catch and Release would be the last time they’d see her limb enhancers for a while. I’m hoping we do see them again, and that everyone accepts they’re needed in Peri’s life, and that Peri would want that too.

Unrelated to this assistive technology discussion, the very end of the episode is something I do appreciate. Peridot herself invokes the name “Shorty Squad.” And suddenly she might be coming around as to associating short with bad. That’s a good thing, because in that regard she’s not equating her worth to her size anymore, and this is a vocal manifestation of it.

Hey, guys! This is my 2nd week doing a reading list and it’s helped so much in getting organized. So let’s get started! These are all amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed them!

  • Endlessly by @buckybuchananbrnes (Bucky x Reader)
    Summary: the fluff is strong in this one and so is the smut. I loved it :D 
  • Catch Me (Intro) by @buckyywiththegoodhair (Bucky x Reader)
    Summary: In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.
  • Soldatin (Parts 1-9) by @annwhojumps (Bucky x Reader)
    Summary: You are being held captive by Hydra and a sudden opportunity to escape presents itself when a mysterious male named Bucky steps in to assist.
  • I’m Here to Assist You (Parts 1-3) by @knittingknerdy (Bucky x Reader)
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  • I’m Not Pretending by @sebastianstanismyobsession (Bucky x Reader)
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  • Friendly Fire (Parts 1-5) by @officialcaptain-marvel (Bucky x Reader)
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  • Cuddle Drabbles by @aubzylynn (Bucky x Reader)
    Cuddle Drabbles Master list
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{16.07.16} // 96 days to O Levels

[4-5/100 days of productivity]

//i don’t think i’ll be able to post everyday but i’ll try my best to//

I was really busy catching up with work yesterday and studying for my Social Studies test on Monday today that I forgot to post for yesterday again sorry!! [i know i’m irresponsible] Anyway, all the best to those having upcoming tests/exams!! (ง •̀◡•́)ง keep going!!

I caught my favorite yesterday at about 1:30AM. 
I went to the beach with some friends and literally everyone at the beach that night was playing. We picked up stragglers who would join our group for awhile and then go our separate ways. Some guys knew Gengar was my favorite and he was on all our radars- we split up and they found him first and yelled that they found him so I could come catch him!! And when I did I nearly cried I was so happy!
It was such an amazing experience. It was a stormy night, and everybody there was really dedicated. I met a guy who downloaded the game two days ago and was level 15. I put my Pokémon at a gym, I caught quite a few rare Pokémon, I hatched SEVERAL eggs, and I high fived and fist bumped so many strangers. 
I have never been able to talk freely with other people. It was like all my anxiety melted away because we were all just trainers trying to be the very best! We were all supporting each other! Everybody there was helping each other out, giving advice. Someone would ask, “Where is the Dratini?” and like five people would answer, trying to be as helpful as possible. Every now and then someone would yell, “My egg is hatching!” and a bunch of people would gather around that person to watch.
It was honestly just a really magical night.

Knightmare (Part 2)

Hoshi x Reader x Vernon

Angst Fluff Smut(Later/maybe?)

Summary:  In a post apocalyptic medieval era, you find yourself longing to change the hierarchy by becoming a knight. You meet all of the requirements except one. You’re not a male. The higher ups catch on after the King’s son, Prince Vernon, is kidnapped. You were doomed to be hanged for betrayal but escaped with a help of friend. Now you must save prince Vernon to prove powerless peasants aren’t a waste of life.

Word Count: 2,081 CHARS: 11,469

A/N~~ Here’s part 2 before I avoid tumblr all next week!!!!!!!!!! I am working on some new Oneshots and AU scenarios and I try my best to keep my masterlist updated. Thank you for taking the time to read and if it’s not too much trouble tell me how you feel or think. I lazily looked over this so I gonna have to come back and read over it and make changes.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 /

Across the land of waste and broken villages, lived the main kingdom. Controlled by a fire wielder, King Navin, along with his beautiful wife Queen Sena, a wielder of water. King Navin intentionally met Sena when she first came to Royal City like many other young ladies to present themselves as wives to him. Together they had a beautiful baby boy named Vernon. And now, they are the most powerful family to take the throne. But that didn’t mean everyone liked them.

“And how long has our hierarchy existed?”

“For more than 200 years with the division of wielders and throwaways.” The young prince spouted like a tape recorder, lamely resting his chin in his hand. He would rather be out, getting into trouble with some friends in the heightened sunshine, but he wasn’t allowed one centimeter over the walls of the castle. The reason for this was the threat of enemies targeting Prince Vernon and finding out the unfortunate secret that the King and Queen have been keeping from the country. No matter how many times he begged, he was met with the same answer. NO.

“That’s correct, your highness!”

“Aaron, can we do something else? Something actually fun?” He asked, exhaling out. The young servant furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

“Well, I would think learning about your empire is fun and besides, one of these days you’re gonna have to take over. This knowledge will be handy for you, your highness.” He replied but the prince rolled his eyes, slowly shaking his head.
“What if I don’t want to be chained to damn throne, sworn to protect the citizens of Royal City?” He question, avoiding the eyes of the servant.

“Excuse my language, your highness but don’t say that.” Aaron whispered, leaning across the table.  The young servant knew the consequences if the king himself heard his son talking like this. And it would not be pretty for Aaron. In the background, a bell could be heard ringing, signaling a fresh hour of the day. “Your highness, it’s time for flute lessons.”

“You know I hate that stupid instrument. I would rather read.” The prince announced. Through the Prince’s imprisonment, he found an interest in reading books of all nature. With books, he gained knowledge of  a literary world that he never knew about. His free spirited soul still wondered about the outside, but books helped him envision what his world possible looked like through vivid words.

“Read!?!?” Aaron started. “Read what exactly, your highness?”

“I wanna read one of those books.” The Prince claimed, pointing at one of the larger books on the bookshelf. He had made it a goal to read every book in the castle’s library. It was nearly impossible but the prince didn’t care. 

Aaron hesitated. He didn’t want to get in trouble if Prince Vernon was late to one of his classes, but being Prince Vernon’s only friend, he would do anything to make him happy.
“Maybe after flute lessons.” Aaron suggested.

“Fine.” Vernon groaned.


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anonymous asked:

If you are doing prompts and things for Annie and Armin, imagine them basically doing heart eyes and Eren catching them

A 6 month old prompt I finally fill as an excuse to write an idea I got from watching the opening scenes of Fellowship of the Ring…

I hope you enjoy. <3 I’m trying my best to get back into my writing mojo, especially since I love it so much and these two continue to bring me infinite amounts of joy. 

Also, for your listening pleasure while reading! 


The sound of the first firecracker sent his classmates into an uproar. To say nothing about the violin and flutes flaring up from the band at the far end of the Trost hall.

A large group quickly gathered towards them, as people paired off and spun each other around to the sound of such a pleasant tune. Armin had to admit, despite the headache that was sure to come of all the noise, the sight of his classmates and friends in such rare high spirits was enough to lift his as well.

He scanned the crowd from his bench at the table. Laughter bubbled up from within the group, pulling an easy smile onto his face. Armin could see Sasha squeezing Connie tight, practically lifting him off the ground as they excitedly swayed to the new tune. To his amusement, Jean looked slightly lost, as if trying his best not to embarrass himself when asking for a dance. Of course, the one most would assume he wanted to dance with was preoccupied for a fact, Armin knew well. He hadn’t seen his two best friends for a good fifteen minutes, and he knew what that meant…

Clearing his throat, he moved along. Marco chatting with Mina, Jean inching to get closer to Marco, Ymir hugging a giggling Christa from behind and attempting to spin her around. Reiner had both of Bert’s hands in his own, teasing him as he egged the other boy onto the makeshift dance floor with him. Even the quiet Bert couldn’t help but laugh as he finally relented. And that just left….


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tiny life update in pictures:

1) I work out now when I come home from work! well, I try to. it’s boring doing it alone so I hope I can keep up my momentum. I took this pic to show off my braiding skills (because now I can braid my own hair) but because I have layers now it all fell out during my workout but my eyeliner stayed put though so that’s exhibit A and B of that I guess

2) my sister and I go out all the time at night now to play pokemon and the park near my house is always the best to play at because despite the mosquitos it always gives us a pretty view

3) my heart breaks a little more each time I realize dean isn’t a good bf to rory anymore and I wish that I wasn’t literally years late to catch up to this show so I had more people involved in this with me!! dean reminds me soooo much of my ex bf though so I’m overly emotionally involved so maybe it’s for the best I have no one to talk about it with because I’m sure they’d be like “ummm are you okay it’s a tv show”. but it’s cool because I finally have a show in my life again to look forward to buuuut I really wanna hop on the stranger things train so I might have to take a break from gilmore girls… if possible

4) I have a golf cart at work! and even though it goes super slow (as expected) it’s so fun to drive it because I feel important and official and I love my job sooo much I’m so happy here even though it drains me because it’s full time but $$

anonymous asked:

ok but like punk!jish catches someone picking on his lil pastel!ty and jish beats thE ABOSLUTE FUCK OuT oF thE GuY until tyler like freaks out and stops him. this popped into my head today when I witnessed some kid bein bullied at my school awhile ago and i was about to walk up there but this SUPER BUFF GUY THAT LIKE EVERYONE KNOWS TO BE THE TOUGHEST PERSON EVER punched the guy stRAIGht in the face and kicked him on the floor, and I kid u not he picked up the victim and carried him away. 10/10

i love this!! best story i’ve heard in ages, what a legend!!!

“Aw, where ya gonna run to, pretty boy?”
The guy looming over Tyler was massive. Over 6ft tall, biggest guy in their school, to be precise. 
“J-just leave m-me alone, p-please,” Tyler whimpered, trying with all his might not to cry. He hated confrontation, didn’t have a mean bone in his body. “I never d-did anything t-to you.”
“S’true, ya didn’t,” the guy said, laughing. “But look atcha. You walk around in a fuckin’ skirt and flower crown, like a little girl. How can ya call that tough?”

And just what the fuck do you think you’re doing?”
A harsh, angry shout came from a few steps down the hall. The big guy whirled around and Tyler looked over his shoulder.
“What, he’s your property or somethin’?” the bully spat, but Josh knew he was afraid.
Josh intimidated everyone. Pink hair, stretched ears, tall, all leather-jackets-and-ripped-jeans-stereotype, a sleeve tattoo down his right arm. He owned the place, and everyone knew it. He also owned Ty, doted on him, only softened around him. And he’d protect him from anything.
“As a matter of fact, yeah, he’s mine. Don’tcha know what happens when ya step on my turf, buddy?” Josh spat, sarcasm dripping from his tongue like venom. He crossed the distance between him and the tough guy in a few long strides, glaring down at him.
“S’not really your type of guy though, is he? Look at him! Dresses like a fuckin’ girl!”

Josh’s fist collided with his jaw, sending the boy reeling as he covered his face. 
“Fuck you!” he spat, glaring at Josh. 
“Walk away, tough guy. Already warned ya, consider this strike 2.”
The bully laughed, turning to face a quivering Tyler. “S’cute how ya boyfriend’s gotta fight for ya, isn’t it?”
Josh lunged.
He jumped at the guy, arm wrapping around his throat and dragging him back away from Tyler in a headlock. He shoved him to the floor and kicked him in the stomach, eyes blazing with anger. He kicked at his stomach, loomed over him as he punched his face over and over.
“Josh! That’s enough! Stop, please!” Tyler cried, reaching for Josh’s shoulder and shaking it. “Joshie, please, you’ll kill him, stop!”
Tyler’s voice shook Josh out of his reverie, climbing off the guy and glaring down at his passed-out body before turning to Ty. Tyler’s big brown eyes were teary, and as soon as Josh opened his arms he was against his chest, trying his best not to sob.

Josh drove Ty back to his place, constantly looking over and seeing if he was okay.
“You would’ve been proud of me, Joshie. Tried to stand up to him,” he said in a tiny voice, playing with the frills on his skirt.
“That’s my tough boy,” Josh said with a grin. “M’sorry I scared ya like that, suga. I couldn’t just stand there ‘n let him treat ya like that.”
“S’okay,” Tyler said with a bit more strength in his voice. “Y-you’re kinda hot when you’re mad. Jus’ not when you’re swingin’ punches, don’t like that.”
Josh let out a short laugh. “Won’t do it again, darlin’. He won’t come near you anymore.”
And Josh was right. Tyler didn’t get harassed again, but maybe it’s cause Josh just would never leave his side.

weird sharonsteve things:
  • steve bringing bucky up in literally every conversation scattered throughout the day
  • finding steve crying over pictures of himself/bucky/the commandos at 2am
  • weird ass framed pictures. one of peggy on the dresser, one of bucky on the nightstand
  • the media assuming steve and bucky are dating (bc they’re always together) which puts her in an odd 3rd wheel position
  • steve going all “hey you remember that thing that happened in ‘38?” before catching himself because he’s talking to sharon and nat who weren’t there
  • steve getting even gayer (bi-er? sounds weird) when thor brings asgardian booze and he gets drunk for the first time since the serum. as it turns out he’s a lightweight who kisses his pals when intoxicated (including a lengthy-bordering-on-make out session with bucky then followed up with trying to go for it with tony who shoves him in sam’s direction)
  • teaming up with sam/nat/bucky on missions
  • he’s one of those people who kisses his best friend and his gf and they both know but don’t care
  • sharon trading mistletoe kisses with nat (as bucky and steve ignore the entire thing, tony takes a picture and tacks it to the wall because “this, gentlemen, is real art”)
  • sharon sharing an apartment with nat and wanda, date night at their place. wanda cooks, steve asks a lot of questions about what kind of food that is. vision piping in with how he helped cook it, bucky interrupts with “we boiled everything from eggs to canned spam” stories (tony mocks with “in MY day we had to walk uphill both ways in the snow, barefooted”)
  • bucky and sharon bonding over how shitty steve is at dancing and “hey don’t blame me, I did my part in ‘35. I can try again if you like but I’m rusty. your toes are prob bruised from being stepped on anyways”
  • someone is always crashing on steve’s couch and more than once (when staying the night) she has found a tipsy bucky or tony sprawled out on steves bed because “that piece of garbage is lumpier than biscuit dough” so she takes the lumper herself on those nights. sometimes she just plain smacks the offenders arm and mumbles “move. now.” it almost always works
  • mutual inappropriate groping with almost all of the avengers at tonys parties
  •  making breakfast and steve somehow manages to not only burn the toast but also the eggs. sam strides right into the apartment, curls up his nose in disgust and mutters about how nasty burnt toast is as he grabs yet another charred carby victim
  • roadtrips with the other avengers, sharing a room with clint and sam who stay up almost all night rambling about all the things, having a room next to bucky who gets an extra keycard for sharon/steve’s room because he doesnt sleep well and steve makes a good pillow
  • generally being a weird af pairing but just going with it

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Please read P1 and P2, it’s compulsory as this is an ongoing fanfiction, not a bunch of imagines. For the next few chapters, I will just add a note saying ‘Start from P1 if you have not read this story.’

Warnings: slight swearing.

Summary: it’s been some time since you and Erin had lunch together, so out of curiosity you revisit her work place.

Catching up and meeting Jillian p3.

As the T.V news blares it’s news, you hear a certain name that has you hooked. Ghostbusters.

All though the catch up with Erin was two months ago, you did remember her telling you she was part of the group Ghostbusters, but never really explained what it was, despite the obvious yet slightly insane group name.

You did keep in contact though, only through messaging and it was kept as small talk, seeing as she was too busy nowadays.

A new group of four females, named the *ghostbusters* have apparently gotten rid of a *ghost* haunting the Jared Owen Theater. People have crowded around the extremely recent event, and a few NYC police are investigating the inside and-

That was all you needed to hear. Glancing at the screen before you turned it off, you noticed Erin, Abby, Holtz and Patty.

Stuffing your phone in your trench coat jacket, you shut the door, keys jingling in your hand.

About one month ago, you had bought yourself a simple 5 seat car from your part time job and several other voluntary jobs.

Driving to the sort of familiar location, the Jared Owen theater, you stop immediately seeing a crowd of possible 150 crowding the entrance.

You park as near as possible and run towards the commotion. You squeeze through gaps apologizing continuously until you reach the front which is already obviously, taped up by the police.

Only four TV reporters and some crew gathered closer around the group while police kept watch and guard making sure people didn’t go past the tape.

You yelled, hoping to be louder then the already loud crowd. “Erin! Erin! It’s Y/N! Erin!”

Upon hearing your name and Erin’s name, all four turn their heads towards your direction looking around and finally set their gazes on you.

“Y/N!” Erin shouts. She pushes the press and TV crews aside and runs to you, with the rest of the girls jogging behind.

Patty yells some sassy remark about not wanting to answer any questions. Police and officials and the crowd looked shocked. “Y/N! Wassup girl! Haven’t seen you in ages! Let’s go to our place!”

You greet all of them quickly and walk off with them, away from the crowd, the police, press and TV crews.

(I know that’s not what would happen in real life but welcome to my fictional world, where everything and anything is possible.)

“Wait! My car is parked somewhere else, so I’ll just follow you guys.”

Walking off to your car, you start it up and follow them, and head to theirs.

At their place.

Walking up the stairs you once walked up, you noticed your surroundings were slightly different. Way more tools were everywhere, on a wall there were heaps of strange looking weapons or guns and there were a few books here and there.

You notice a good looking guy, sitting at a desk. “Hey! I’m Y/N, Erin’s cousin. Do I know you? Cause I haven’t really seen you here…” you trail off.

“Well, you don’t know me, because you haven’t seen me before,” he grins. “I just said tha-”

“That’s Kevin. He works at the desk. He’s learning to answer the phone at the moment,” Abby interrupts, slightly exasperated.

You slowly nod and take a seat at a rounded sofa with a table. “Are you looking for Erin? Because she’s in the loo at the moment,” Patty says.

Bang on time, she come out of a hallways you never noticed the first time you visited, but then again you were only there for like 15 minutes.

“Y/N! Nice to see you again. Why are you re-visiting?”

“I saw the thing on the TV and I wanted to talk to you about something,” you said, biting your lip. You needed to know what happened between her and Holtz, who was at the moment sitting silently her bench engrossed in some sort of engine.

She nodded. “So, what’s up with you and Holtz?” You asked, once you were in the small hallway she came out of.

“Oh, well, I asked her out but she said she liked someone else but wanted to still be friends.”

“Sorry for that,” you said quietly.

Inside you were actually happy Holtz didn’t like her. But something sparked a tiny flame of jealousy, the thought that she liked someone else made you slightly ‘jelly.’

“Hey, don’t worry. I met someone else though,” she smiled. “Doctor Franco Moretti.” She pronounced his name with an accent.

“Is he Italian?” You asked. You had been studying the language and hearing it a few times on your phone while you were practicing, Franco Moretti sounded slightly too elegant for a Spanish, Mexican or Latin man.

“Yes! Well, half. His mothers Italian and his father is American.”

“Well that’s great news! I hope you have good luck with him this time, ” you winked.

As both of you walk out, Abby and Erin start talking about the Franco guy. Patty is reading a New York history book. Glancing at Holtz who is still tinkering on the thingy-ma-jiggy, you sit on the chair in front of Kevin again and start talking about the logo’s he designed.

They already had a ghost with a banned sign over top but he was still enthusiastic, and he reminded you of a sweet little innocent, child. Besides the fact his mind was corrupt by slightly more adult like things and he was super hot, all though due to his slight lack of general knowledge, you didn’t gain any loving feelings towards him.

Feeling a tap on your shoulder, you turn around only to have your heart pound. “Fuck, Holtzmann, you nearly gave me a heart attack!”

She grinned, but quickly bit her lip and said, “Y/N, can we talk?”

Telling Kevin you’d be back later, you stood up from your seat and followed her to her work bench.

“So, I was wondering, um, if you’d like to go for dinner? Just as friends though- but I mean if you don’t want to you don’t have to-”

You say yes quickly. You wouldn’t usually accept a random dinner date that fast but it was Jillian, and you were only going as friends.

A little teeny weeny part of you wanted to be more then friends.

What am I thinking?

Her intent gaze broke into a wide grin after you said yes. “Great! I’ll see you tonight then, here, at 8!”

You walked away from her little corner but turned around to see her busting out old but great and hilarious dance moves.

You grinned. Grabbing your coat, you apologized to Kevin saying you’ll talk soon and yell out a goodbye.

Driving home straight away, you smile the whole time, excited for the upcoming event.


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After leaving tumblr for a few years, I realized that it actually did wonders for my deen.

So between caring for 2 babies, I’m going to try my best to be active on tumblr again, in shaa Allaah.

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People can say what ever negative shit they want about pokemon go but it is one of the best things to happen to me in a long time. I’m dating someone because we met outside of a gym. I’ve ran with a group of strangers at 2AM to catch an ivysaur a block away and cheered with them when we caught it.

Honestly, I gave up on finding someone romantically years and years ago. But now there’s someone in my life who tells me I’m cute and we walk around town at night trying to catch pokemon but just wind up talking for hours instead. I like the way they look at me and they’re someone I just want to be around. I really think it’s gonna be something great. 

Even if pokemon go dies and becomes some weird thing we laugh at because of how obsessed we were or this relationship may not turn out the way I want it to I will be 100 percent fine with that. Because of pokemon go I have some thing now that I wouldn’t have gotten any other way and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Sorry if this is full of grammar mistakes and a bit rambley but I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I want to get it out of my brain before I go on my date tonight ;)

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Do you still paint? If so i just wanted to let you know i love you art. Ive been following you on everything for 2 years now catching up. I really like you (in a friendly way) and i wish we could sometime talk...

I do! I found a music station that plays early-mid 50s French & Spanish music that is really calming to paint/read/write to while listening. It’s helped me become less anxious when working on my projects.

I’m so happy to hear you’ve been following me through my journey for so long! Thank you! You can always feel free to message me. I’ll try my best to reply appropriately and in a timely manner.

Thanks for the message. Little asks like these always brighten my day. :~)

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Bonjour tout le monde ! Je suis finalement de retour ! Je vais essayez de faire de mon mieux pour rattraper tout mon retard…Je suis désolée si j’oublie quelque chose dans l’actualité ou les tweets mais j’essayerai de ne rien oublier ! Merci pour le soutien ! Ça signifie beaucoup pour moi !
(Je suis désolée que mon blog ait disparu du 14 Juillet au 18 Juillet mais il a été suspendue pour une raison inconnue mais comme j’avais un peu Internet j’ai réussi à arrêter la suspension ! De nouveau désolée…)


This was after he found out he was an undercover cop and I think it’s him trying to let Four have a chance of getting away.

“We’ve crossed a line and we can’t ever go back. We can’t undo all the hurt we’ve caused and no matter how far or fast we fly this ship sooner or later that past is gonna catch up with us.”

This is what he says to Five before telling her the best thing she could do is leave. It sounds like he hasn’t really made up his mind what he’s going to do yet but if he doesn’t bring them in then somebody else probably will.