the 100 family

they are an actual family and don’t try to tell me otherwise. the way that those kids shared their oxygen with each other was so selfless and they all worked together to get up into space and i am just so proud of what they’ve become. 

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“No. Fucking. Way,” Harry stands, in the drive way, staring at the car in front of him. 

Y/N leans against it, a smile on her face as her arms are crossed over her chest, keys in her hands, “happy-your album is doing amazing-day,” she grins, holding out the keys. 

“You’re fucking with me,” Harry shakes his head, but the smile on his face does not fade. 

“No, it’s all yours,” she says, standing up. 

Harry wraps his arms around her, lifting her up, “baby,” he laughs, “this is the best gift I have ever gotten.”

“I just, I’m so proud of you,” she admits, wrapping her arms around his neck, her legs wrapping around his waist, “you’re doing so great and you deserve this.”

“I love you,” he sets her down, kissing her face, “I,” he presses a kiss to her lips, “love,” her nose, “you,” her forehead. 

She giggles, “I know,” she kisses him back. 

“You didn’t have to do this, I still think I’m being punked,” Harry admits, setting her down and grabbing the keys. 

Y/N leans against it, “nope you go where ever you want in the car,” she pats it, “or do whoever you want in the car, on the car, it’s up to you really.”

Harry laughs, walking around the car, inspecting it. Of course he could have bought the car himself, he’s Harry Styles. But the fact that she had paid attention to his dreams, to his desires, the fact that she went out of her way to do this only made the car better. 

“I love it, I love you,” Harry says, “car to accompany me on a drive?”

“I would love nothing more,” she smiled.

I Write Disasters not Tragedies (YOI) Preview

I’m noticing a trend- practically everything gives me story ideas and makes me want to geek out- from a train passing by with an open boxcar, to finding an old worksheet over a movie I actually ended up really liking, to pretty much anything I end up seeing on TV. So since “The Day After Tomorrow” was on, here. I’m bad with titles so this probably won’t be the final title. Here’s just a little bit of the beginning of the story, which involves getting stuck at an ice rink because of a huge storm.

“I’m just so proud of him,” Viktor whispered to the random man passing through the hallway leading to the bathrooms and the kiss and cry. “That’s my husband, you know…” Viktor stood at the edge of the rink, near the wall, praising Yuuri to anyone who would listen. He was so caught up in telling everyone how proud of him he was that he didn’t even notice Yuuri mess up the spin part of his routine and fall flat onto his butt in a split position. Viktor did take notice, though, when Yuuri winced in pain.
“I’m gonna feel that in the morning,” he groaned, trying to get up. Phichit skated over to help him up at the same time Viktor let the random guy return on his way to the bathroom and got to where Yuuri was.
“Are you okay?” Viktor asked.
“I’m fine,” Yuuri said. “But I would be lying if I said that landing like that felt good.”
“You did just fine, what are you talking about?” Viktor asked.
“You’re my coach!” Yuuri cried out. “You’re supposed to be watching me and then tell me if I messed up!”
“I did watch you!” Viktor defended himself.
Before Yuuri could say anything else, though, Yakov announced from the hallway that he was leaving, and that it would be a good idea for him to, too.
“But we all just got here for practice not 10 minutes ago,” Phichit said, confused. “Why would we leave?”
“Listen,” Yakov said, pointing at the ceiling.
Yuuri, Viktor and Phichit listened. They couldn’t hear anything except the buzzing of the lights and the chatter from the lobby.
“I don’t hear anything,” Viktor said. “What are we supposed to be listening for?”
“You’re supposed to be listening for-”
A tremendous boom that made the walls reverberate and the lights wink out with a crackling sound cut Yakov off.
After the initial general exclamations of surprise from the three of them, and from everyone else in the building- and one notably shrill, ear-piercing scream from the locker room area- Yakov sighed. “For that,” he said.
“Was that a bomb???” Yuuri asked worriedly. He felt around in the blackness for Viktor’s hand but didn’t find it. “Where’d you go?? Viktor??? Viktor!!! Viktor, are you dead???”
“I’m right here, Yuuri,” Viktor said from behind Yuuri. “I’ve got a terrible ringing in my ears now, though.” Reaching out in the dark and finding Yuuri’s torso, Viktor put his arms around it and held Yuuri close to him.
“Listen now,” Yakov said. The background noise had diminished enough, thanks to the power going out, to make the metallic roar from the ceiling audible.
“What the heck is THAT?” Phichit asked.
“A hurricane. Or maybe it’s a massive storm that’s just as strong. Either way, it’s the biggest storm I can remember,” Yakov said.
“It was only raining a little when we got here!” Viktor protested. “It couldn’t have turned into a big enough storm to knock out the power in only 10 minutes!”
“Tell that to the weather,” Yakov grumbled. “Let’s go before it gets worse. I have a pretty bad feeling about this one. Go pack up your stuff and leave, all of you. This is a low-lying area! Wait too much longer and your cars will be gone! Speaking of which…” His sentence ended in just footsteps running down the hall, towards the front lobby.

So yeah, I don’t know if I should keep going with this or not. I mean, I could, but I have a lot of other ideas too.

magnus burnsides, shaking where he stands, balling his hands into fists at his sides, trying his hardest not to go pet or hug a service dog

“magnus…don’t do it”

“i know.  im just…im so proud of him.  look at him he worked so hard to get there im so proud” he replies, tears in his eyes

BTS is one of those artists that had to climb their way up to where they are now and watching them grow into these incredibly talented artists who make music that inspire and even heal a lot of people makes me really proud and grateful to be a fan. They are quite frankly, the epitome of the expression: “From Zero to Hero”.

I never thought I’d see the day they’d have their names on those seats…it was really beyond what any ARMY expected (though I always believed they were meant for greater things). Once again, BTS showed us NOTHING is impossible with hard work, faith, and passion. 😉 With this, they continue to be an inspiration to not just their fans but even the music industry as a whole–especially to other aspiring artists.

lol I feel like a mom whose sons are having their graduation. 😂😭 But I can’t help it. I’m just so proud 😭❤

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Do you ever forget how young Taemin is and then you remember he debuted when he was 14 and has accomplished so much and grown tremendously as an artist and shinee loves and supports him so much because I do and I’m not crying about it.


Idk, I feel like these two frames are important. The first one he’s being spoken down to like a hopeless disappointment by a superior. The second, he’s being asked to undertake a dangerous mission with full respect and trust in his abilities by a superior. Look at the difference when he’s show a little bit of faith by the person in charge. I just. Am. So proud. He flourishes when a little trust is given to him. Season three could be interesting when the first person to ever trust Lance independently is taken away from him.

Can we just talk about that Jaune/Ren hug though

Not even looking at it in a shipping way, or a friendship way, but just these two guys.

We have Jaune, a character who spent two whole volumes dealing with toxic masculinity, and constantly trying to be “the man” of any given situation, be it wanting to be “the hero” of the fight, refusing anyone’s help because of the idea that men can handle things themselves, or insisting on continuously asking out a girl who repeatedly shot him down on dates because that is what “men” do, openly initiating and embracing another male in a moment of very emotionally vulnerable physical affection, without brushing it off or making “no homo” jokes, as a way of conveying how much the other boy means to him. (Even going as far as to cradle the other boys head intimately while doing so.)

And we also have Ren, a character who in every instance until now seemed completely taken back by any physical contact by anyone, immediately and willingly walk into someone’s arms, and just bury his face in their neck, and hold them back for an extended period of time. For someone who does not like physical contact, showing that amount of intimacy with anyone, especially someone they met only a year prior, is a HUGE display of trust toward that individual. (the only instance that i can think of where we did not see him seem even a little awkward with being touched before this episode is in vol 2 while dancing in the background with Nora during the ball. Even when she Booped his nose, he shrank back from it first before smiling.)

This was not just a hug, this was character growth at its finest.

i’m just,,,,,, harry made this masterpiece!!! he poured his heart and soul into it, he made this music, he wrote these lyrics, he created these melodies, he created these intense emotions you get once you hear the songs, it’s all his voice,,, well i mean him and his team but like i’m just,,,,,,,, i;m so unbelievably proud of him and everyone involved with making this album because it truly is incredible