Two 100% different mood drawings with 100% different color palettes

Mainly just for color practice but I was also feeling in a Darkpath mood so I kinda… combined the two… as usual. Also gave Fred a bit of love too. He needs more of that. even if he’s about to get a fiery fist to the gut but he’ll be fine his suit is fireproof

Did another DP color study a while back too that you can find here if interested

all the members had full hand in producing the album, all of them are mentioned in the medley credits, not just rapper line. i feel so proud, there is this swirling feeling in my stomach, that can now only be filled by the full versions of those songs. even without cypher. 

how they act in a realationship

 so I imagine luke would be like kissing your best friend. you would be just so comfortable with each other and could tell each other anything and he would just randomly call you up and say ‘oh hi I have tickets for (insert your favourite band/artist) let’s go’ and the show would be like a 5 hour car drive away but instead of taking a train or something luke would insist on driving. but he would also be really nervous around you at the same time bc he was just so afraid that he was too full on and you would always have to reassure him that it was okay

I feel like calum would be very proud of you and whenever you two are in public he would hold your hand and swing it back and forth just to let people know you’re his girl and if you complained about it saying it was annoying he would stop and put his arm around your shoulder instead and when you would be trying something on in a store he would insist on squeezing in to the tiny room with you bc he was 'afraid of being kidnapped’ but he would always sneak in sexy lingerie for you to try on and depending on your mood you might buy it and not tell calum and he would get such a surprise when you just strolled around the house looking the hottest he’s ever seen you

ashton would be kinda like luke in the fact that he would be very spontaneous and just bring you to random shows and festivals and he would treat you like a queen he would just come home with random presents and bouquets of flowers for you and this would just make your day and it would make his day to see you so happy and ashton would just love you with everything he has and he would just stare at you in fascination and you would be v v insecure when he did this and he would just grin and say 'wow how are you so beautiful’ and you would blush and ask him the same thing because ashton was v beautiful and you loved him v much

michael would be the most annoying boyfriend ever but he would also be v cute and caring with you like you could ask him to do something and he would refuse and you would be super annoyed and mutter 'asshole’ or something under your breath and he would be like 'excuse me who are you calling asshole’ and you would laugh and say 'you dickhead’ and he would be like 'you cant be saying much you’re such a bitch’ and you would pout and he would laugh and say 'im sorry baby you’re not a bitch you’re v v beautiful and nice and I love you a lot’ and then he would go off and get you chocolate or order in a pizza and cuddles on the couch together and this would happen nearly daily which you really loved

a/n so this was kinda different but I hope you all liked it anyway requests are open 

Things that are possibly the last words Sirius said to Remus.

‘‘Be careful. If something happens to you, I would… okay, just be careful.’‘

‘‘Well, it looks like we have to save the day again.’‘

‘‘Let’s make Lily and James proud, shouldn’t we?’‘

‘‘We’re still gonna bang tonight, just so you know.’‘

‘‘I love you. You know that, right?’‘

‘‘Wow this situation seems super serious…’‘

‘’If something happens, take care of Harry for me, will you?’’

i present to you … punk/fem!phan :D a.k.a. Phillipa “Pippa” Lester and Daniella “Dani” Howell.

i feel like as girls, both Dan and Phil would be so into the cool piercings and dyed hair that they prefer to keep short and also cat-eye eyeliner because yes. (is it just me or is fem!dan really hot ?? lmao bye)

please do not repost or steal or anything of the sort, as this took hours to do and i’m very proud of it <3

Rating: Explicit
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: M/M
Fandom: 5 Seconds of Summer (Band)
Relationship: Michael Clifford/Luke Hemmings
Characters: Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin
Additional Tags: Muke - Freeform, Clemmings, there’s plane sex tbh, there’s implied cashton too u know just tiny hints, Fluff, Smut

Summary: Michael will probably be too stubborn and too proud to ever admit that this is one of his favorite things, having Luke sleep next to him, his body pressed so close to Michael’s, clinging onto him, his breathing making Michael shiver every time, or the way Luke always finds a way to inch even closer to Michael in his sleep or how he drools a little when he sleeps, his mouth hanging open adorably.

If it were anyone else in the world, Michael would get mad and shove them off saying ‘I’m not your damn pillow’, but it’s Luke, how can he not want that?


DID KUROKO TETSUYA JUST CALL KAGAMI TAIGA “HIS ANSWER”?  #oh my god  #OHMYGOD  #it was a love confession after all  #that’s why he waited to be alone with him to say it  #Kuroko you are totally an adult I am so proud  #and the way he looks at Kagami  #like he’s his most precious in the world  #and that surprised look in Kagami after  #totally shocked because Kuroko’s precious smile  #Kagami close your mouth  #actually better no


If you just went through a tough break up and you’re holding yourself together
I’m proud of you
if you’re having feelings about past relationships and holding yourself together
I’m proud of you
if you didn’t hurt yourself when you really wanted to
I’m proud of you
If you ate that thing you really didn’t want to but was good for you
I’m proud of you
if you’re going through a hard time and you’re fighting anyways
I’m proud of you
you’re doing great and things are going to get better so I’m proud of you for making it this far


the dean winchester graphic challenge | cuddlesackles vs. deansdamnation
↳ prompt: day

emo kid whines for a whole minute and a half
  • emo kid whines for a whole minute and a half

you probably cant make out a single word i say but last night i was so hype for orphan black that i got all in$pired and poetic and i actually wrote something for the first time in forever and im especially proud of the last bit and i wanted to share bc that’s what this website is for right?? sharing ur own creative content and not crying about tatiana clones? who knows.

anyway, this is just an idea draft, like an incomplete thought or whtvr but im still posting it bc life is short AND OPINIONS AND/OR TIPS ARE SUPER APPRECIATED I NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET THANKS 4 UR TIME :)

attention unicorns!!!

hello! i know there are new unicorns here so i’ll explain but we’re all trying to get uniq their first win in korea soooooooo a big part of that is watching JUST their teaser using this link here:


we’re only second to cross gene at the moment by like .6% so it’s anyone’s game!

do it to make the boys proud! see them cry! realise how much our little (but growing) fandom loves them!

just loop the video for the next 25 mins, easy!!!

I got permission from Bloo’s old owner to do this, but this was something I wanted to do since I started working on Bloo V2 - mainly because I wanted to see how the two suits would look, with two years difference between them.

This has shown that even if you’re amazingly proud of a suit when it’s first done, as I was with Bloo V1, you can surprise yourself, and improve more some years down the line :)

So if you think that what you’re doing doesn’t look that great, just remember this: Practise and practise and keep making. Even if you don’t see it now, one day you’ll look back and you’ll go “wow, I’ve really improved!”


In highschool I didn’t let myself wear make up every day. It was really important that I be comfortable with my self at its purest form before I start enhancing with make up. For me it was a big deal because I know so many girls my age that can’t leave the house with out makeup or they just don’t feel pretty with out it and I really did not want to be one of those people. And I am proud to say that I can leave the house with out make up and think “damn girl you got it ” 💜💜💜💜💜