Director Masatsuka Haruhiko talks about the highlights of “Caleb Hunt, Private Eye”

Translation of the other interview posted on Hankyu’s official site to promote Snow Troupe’s upcoming Grand Theatre show “Caleb Hunt, Private Eye/Greatest HITS!”.

The interview with the revue director, Inaba Daichi, can be found [HERE].

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Director Masatsuka Haruhiko joined the Takarazuka Revue in 1976 and proved his talent early on, with his debut work, “Dawn of Lombardia” (Star Troupe 1981). Since then, he has built his own individual style through mainly hardboiled productions, notably “Black Jack: A Dangerous Bet” (Flower Troupe 1994), the first time Osamu Tezuka’s masterpiece manga was made into a musical. With productions such as “The Wind of Buenos Aires” (Moon Troupe 1998), a play which portrays the complexities of the human mind while skillfully incorporating tango, or “BOXMAN” (Cosmos Troupe 2004), which scored a Kikuta Kazuo Drama Award for the Cosmos Troupe Top Combi, he keeps drawing out the wavering psyche and relationships between men and women through natural dialogue and gestures. With this upcoming play, Masatsuka returns to working with Snow Troupe at the Takarazuka Grand Theater and Tokyo Takarazuka Theater after 6 years, for the first time since the hardboiled “Roget”, which had a police detective with emotional wounds as its protagonist. We listened to Masatsuka talk enthusiastically on the cusp of directing a Snow Troupe performace after a very long while.

A realistic man that makes the most of Sagiri Seina’s sublime acting sense

—— Who is Caleb Hunt, the protagonist that Sagiri Seina will be playing?

As it’s also written in the title, Caleb Hunt makes a living as a “Private Eye”, which is by no means an ordinary occupation. Rather than becoming a “Private Eye” straight away, he is someone who had pursued many different things before that. But in the middle of it all, he is a very humane person, whose way of living is rooted in justice and who has a lot of dignity as a human being. I could sum it up as “a realistic man”, but after all, it’s a role performed by an otokoyaku, so I am looking to Sagiri to flesh out the “such a person could really exist out there” part of him in an otokoyaku way.

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I still see myself as a footballer and want to fully focus on that. As I say, it is my dream to play for Manchester United. I think that I am capable of that; I was a starter in the World Cup winning team and the team that made the semi-finals of the Euros. But I can also see myself going to America. What I’ll do after my career, I don’t know.
—  Bastian Schweinsteiger on the potential for serving the national team in a different role in the future

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noran explained it and also another 2 translators i’ve seen, say also that he said “Why are YOU here?” …the subs have been off before during videos

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girl meets world au - vloggers (part 4/?)

riley, lucas, maya, & farkle are lgbt vloggers in a squad called “the core four” (the snapchat one)