All Over Again (A Tayvin Fanfiction)

Based on a request sent to @tayvinfanfiction to write a one shot based on The Moment I knew, only Adam showed up at the end


“Happy birthday, love. How does it feel to be 27 years old?” Adam said as soon as Taylor picked up the phone.

“I’ll let you know when I wake up” she rasped before his laugh rang through the phone, causing her to smile.

“Sorry for waking you up so early. I just wanted to wish you happy birthday before I got on my flight”

“Don’t worry about it.” Taylor dismissed his apology “Are you sure you’ll be able to make it? Cause I wouldn’t be mad if you can’t be here”

“Baby, this is your birthday. There’s no way I’ll miss it. I promised you I’ll be there and I don’t intend on breaking that promise. I might be very fashionably late, but I’ll be there. You have my word”

Adam was currently in London, having being called in for a few emergency meetings a few days prior. When he first got the call, he was devastated. He had to be away on Taylor’s birthday, a day he has been waiting for, for a while. But after a lengthy call with his team, they managed to change the meetings and cram them all into two days so that way he’ll be able to at least be at her birthday party that night.

“Thank you, Adam. This really means the world to me. I love you” Taylor smiled.

“No need to thank me, if it makes you happy consider that your thank you. Seeing your beautiful smile is more than enough for me.”

“Why are you being so cheesy today? Like more than usual. What’s going on?”

Nothing is going on. Can’t I be nice to my girlfriend on her birthday?” there was a short pause, and several voices were heard in the background before Taylor heard Adam sigh “I have to go, Tay. I’m about to take off. I’ll see you in eleven hours, my love. Happy birthday. I love you”

“Okay. Have a safe flight, I love you too” and with that, they both hung up.

Even though Taylor woke up earlier than she would have wanted, she couldn’t wipe the smile off of her face. It was only 7am, a lot earlier than what she was used to now that she’s been on a break for almost a year, but waking up to a call from Adam and being able to hear his voice made the ungodly hour seem a lot better.

It was 5 pm when guests started arriving. The first people to be at Taylor’s front door were her parents and brother, Austin. They helped her decorate her and Adam’s house while Taylor and her mother worked in the kitchen on the food. Not long after, Karlie and Selena showed up and helped with the finishing touches after they sent Taylor up to her room to shower and change before more people showed up.

By 8 pm the music was blaring through the walls of the house, the downstairs was packed with people and the party was in full swing. But there was one person missing- Adam.

She knew he would be late. He had an eleven-hour flight, meaning he landed two hours ago, and it took time to go through security and with paparazzi waiting for him at the airport he took longer. She also knew that with LA traffic, even though they lived as far away as they could from the heart of the city, it would take him a while to get here. But he wouldn’t even pick up his phone.

He sometimes forgot to turn it on after he got off the plane, but never this long. It never took him two hours. It took him half an hour to realize it was off when he was really distracted.

She told herself that maybe he was driving, so he couldn’t answer his phone, and that he’ll be here soon. He shouldn’t be long.

It was almost 9:30 and Adam still wasn’t here. She felt stupid for getting her hopes up, for getting all dressed up and putting more effort in her look for him, she felt stupid for thinking he was different than her previous boyfriends, that he wouldn’t hurt her, that he would keep his promise, that he would show up. She felt stupid for thinking that she wouldn’t care if no one showed up, as long as Adam was there to celebrate with her she would consider this as a good birthday.

She hated how she kept glancing at the door, hoping that he would walk through it at any moment, wrap her up in his arm and apologize for being so late. She hated how she kept asking her friends whether they saw him or not, only to be disappointed over and over again when getting a negative answer. She hated how she wouldn’t put her phone down in case he called or texted her.

Taylor glanced around the room. She was surrounded by her friends, everyone congratulating her and wishing her happy birthday, they were laughing and dancing, and they all kept asking where Adam was, whether he was coming or not, how they were doing. She was surrounded by her friends but she felt so alone.

She couldn’t take it anymore. She got up, getting Charlie, Burns and Christina’s attention, who were sitting next to her, with tears threatening to spill from her glossy eyes and the need to just be alone.

“Tay, are you okay?” she was stopped by Charlie’s voice when she reached the hallway, she never even noticed he followed her.

His friends seemed to always know when there’s something wrong. She spend so much time with them, almost as much time as she does with her own friends, that they know her just as good as her friends. She always loved how well they knew each other, but right now all she wanted was to be left alone, not questioned.

Taylor took a deep breath before turning around to face her boyfriend’s friend, hoping that he wouldn’t notice the tears in her eyes.

“Yeah… yeah, I’m fine. I just… I need to go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back” her voice cracked at the end of her sentence and she hoped he wouldn’t notice, but he did.

Charlie gave her a look as if to say he wasn’t convinced, but eventually nodded and walked back to where he was sitting just moments ago.

When she was finally alone, locked in her bedroom, she tried to hold back the tears that were threatening to spill on her cheeks. She tried telling herself that if he couldn’t keep his promise then he wasn’t worth her tears. She felt stupid for wearing the black mini dress that he loved to see her in so much and putting on the dark red lipstick that he always said made her look so sexy no matter what she was wearing.

“He said he’d be here. He promised. God, I can’t believe I was so stupid to believe him” Taylor whispered to herself before sliding down the door and leaning her head against it, looking at the ceiling and trying to hold back the tears.

She felt so helpless. She couldn’t cry, because everyone will know. She couldn’t scream, because everyone would hear her. She couldn’t call him and yell at him for making her feel so stupid and how much she hates him, because he wouldn’t pick up, and as much as she wanted to hate him, she couldn’t. She loves him so much that it hurts.

After a few more minutes, Taylor felt like she was calm enough to go back down and face everybody. She slowly got up from the floor and walked over to the bathroom to look at herself in the mirror before she went back down.

It was well past midnight when almost everyone left. The music was off, the lights were turned back up from their deem setting, the mess was visible, and the only people left were Karlie, Selena, Austin and her parents, but Adam was still nowhere to be seen.

After closing the door, Taylor walked into the kitchen and grabbed a plastic bag and started collecting the trash, completely ignoring the looks everyone in the room gave her.

“Don’t just stand there, help me clean up” she said after a few moments of silence, the only sound was the rustling of the bag as dirty cups and plates were thrown in.

“Teffy, what’s going on? I thought you said Adam would be here” Austing eventually broke the silence that set on them.

“Yeah, well I said a lot of things. I also said he wasn’t like the others, but look where that got us. A repeat of the past” Taylor answered coldly.

“Sweetie, I’m sure it’s not like that. You know that. Adam isn’t like that, he wouldn’t of promised he’d be here if he knew it wasn’t possible” Andrea tried to console her daughter.

“It’s not just that, it’s everything. It’s the fact that he said he would be here, that even when I asked him this morning if he’s sure he’d be able to get here, that I told him I would understand if he said he couldn’t, he still promised me he will, that he said he would never break a promise  he made me. It’s the fact that I wore this dress that I knew he loved because I wanted to look good for him, that he wouldn’t even pick up his damn phone when I called him or answer my texts just to let me know where he is. It’s how I waited for him this entire time to just walk through the door, and how I felt how if he was here I wouldn’t care that no one else showed up, because he would be there, and that’s more than enough for me.

“He fucking promised me time and time again that he wouldn’t miss my birthday, that it was too important, yet he did just that! And I just can’t believe myself for thinking he would somehow be different! All men are the same, they get me to trust them, to open up, but they end up walking away. Every single fucking time. And I’m so tired of this goddamn game” she didn’t even notice the tears she has been holding back the entire night finally spilled down her cheeks.

She was so frustrated with him right now, so hurt, that it didn’t matter to her.

“And the only thing that keeps running through my mind is how he said he’d be here. He said he would be here, but he never showed up” Taylor added, before throwing the plastic bag on the ground and turning to walk up the stairs, only to be stopped dead in her track when the door opened.

“Taylor. God, baby, I’m so sorry. I tried, I really did, but it just seemed like everything that could go wrong, went wrong. I’m sorry, my love.” Adam said as soon as he saw Taylor at the foot of the stairs.

Instead of responding, Taylor walked up to him, grabbed his arm, and pushed Adam outside, closing the door on her way.

“I’m sorry, Taylor. I really thought I would make it, but just as we were about to take off it started raining really hard so I was stuck there for over an hour, and by the time I off it was almost 9 am, and then there was a problem with security and we had to wait for the paparazzi to clear out or find a way to leave through a different exit because they wouldn’t let us through, and then my phone died so I couldn’t call you, and traffic was really heavy, and no matter where we went and what short cut we tried, there was no way to avoid it.” Adam took a step close and tried to put his hand on Taylor’s cheek, but she just took a step back and slapped his hand off.

“Do you even care how you made me feel? I dressed up for you, I waited for you this entire time, just hoping you would show up, trying to convince myself that you’re different, that there’s a reason you aren’t here, that you wouldn’t just stand me up like that. I don’t even care whether you were here or not, I care about the fact the you could have called or texted me when you got stuck before taking off, that you made me a promise that you knew you may not be able to keep and never thought of telling me” Taylor was on the verge of yelling, she was so upset that didn’t care who heard

“I know, but just… god, baby, I know this isn’t an excuse, but just know that I wanted to be here, more than anything in the world, and I’m sorry for promising you that I’ll be here on time, or at all really, but I really thought I would. I was so sure.”

“You know what, forget it. I’m going to bed. Goodnight, Adam” she said lowly and turned around to walk back inside.

“No, I’m not going to forget it. I made you a promise, one that I knew I’ll have a hard time keeping when I had plenty of time to let you know, but I didn’t. I made you believe that I’ll be there to celebrate with you, and I wanted to, really did, but I wasn’t, and I hurt you. I hurt you, I ruined your night and made you wait for me, and I’m sorry for that. I’ll never be able to tell you how sorry I am, and I want to make you up for it, because you deserve a proper birthday celebration. You deserve so much more that I gave you tonight. What I did was wrong, and I know that, I shouldn’t of done it, especially when this has already happened to you. I’m really sorry, baby.”

After Adam finished talking, he stayed silent, looking at Taylor in the eye and waiting for her to respond. Eventually, she opened her mouth to talk, only to close it again, at loss of words, and opened it again.

“Thank you, Adam. But it doesn’t make it any better. I’m gonna go to bed. We’ll talk tomorrow. Goodnight” Taylor said quietly and walked inside.

As she walked in, everyone’s eyes were on her.

“I’m gonna go to bed. Night”

When she reached her room, she took off her makeup, brushed her teeth, and changed into one of Adam’s t-shirts. As she crawled into bed, the door opened and Adam walked in.

“What can I do? What do I need to do to make it better? To make you forgive me, to make you happy again” he asked.

“Right now, nothing. I know you’re sorry, and I know you wanted to be here, but it still hurts. I’m not mad at you anymore, but I just need time to forgive you. This meant a lot to me, and it’s hard to forgive you when something like this happened to me before”

“Okay, I can wait. I’ll wait. I’ll wait for as long as you need. I love you and I never meant for this to happen, to ruin your birthday like that” Adam nodded to himself.

He then took off his jeans and t-shirts, turned off the light and got in bed beside Taylor. He was pleasantly surprised when he felt her curl up next to0 him and rest her head on his chest.

“I love you” he whispered and kissed her head

“I love you too”


[TRANS] 151128 Youngjae’s Instagram Updates

FROM Youngjae
Hello it’s GOT7’s Youngjae
Haha I’m not sure how I should write this “thanks to” letter. Mmm i think I have more to be sorry about than thankful. Mm First of all, the reason I was able to become a GOT7 member was mostly because of my parents and my company. My parents are really important to me. I haven’t been able to express it as much to my mom and dad, but I think I’m doing okay at it. Until I got to be part of GOT7, I’ve had a lot of troubles with my parents haha I’m sure no one would’ve expect things to become like this.

When I first passed my audition, what can I say, I’m still young but I was even younger then, so I cried..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ As soon as I passed, I called them, and seeing them happy for me made me feel really.. you know ㅎㅎㅎ To be honest, my parents didn’t want me to become a singer. They just wanted me to study, get a good job and have a stable life. Our family is actually struggling financially, but at the time I asked them to help me get vocal/singing lessons because I wanted to become a singer~ told them I’m going to learn to sing and made a fuss about it. I went to take lessons for a little bit in 8th grade, then had a hard time going due to issues at home, but I wanted to learn again during Sophomore year in high school so I really tried to persuade them haha. Regardless of knowing what I’m doing, they gave me allowance and I even worked part-time jobs without telling them haha. I’m still sorry for the things I did back then and would like to let them know I thank them through this letter (smile) (smile) And then I somehow came across JYPE audition! At first I didn’t pass. But they suddenly contacted me after a year and told me I passed, so I was really happy. Thinking back again and talking about it still makes me happy.. When I started practice, I couldn’t stay in Seoul the entire time. The days I was able to stay in Seoul for practice were Fri-Mon and I had to go back to Mokpo for the rest of the week, but the bus fare was pretty expensive. I received 100,000 won to go back and forth every week, but one day my dad didn’t have enough so he gave me 80,000 won. I told him it wasn’t enough and that I needed more. Honestly, 80,000 won was more than enough for food and bus fare, but you know there is the regular bus and the premium bus– for some reason I insisted on taking the premium bus every time. Taking the regular bus from Mokpo to Seoul would’ve cost me 20,500 won, but the premium bus fare was 30,400 won.. I remember it exactlyㅋㅋ

I begged and begged just to ride that bus and my dad would get angry at me while breaking the piggy bank, but it didn’t make me feel good (/satisfied). I felt bad, but I wanted more.. Whenever I reminisce those days now, I wonder why I was acting that way. I’m still young, but I guess I was just even younger. I don’t know if my parents would remember these things, but whenever I think back, I want to cry because I feel so remorseful. I was too young to realize then, but I’m always sorry and thankful, mom and dad! After all that, I practiced harder and became part of GOT7!! I thought, wow did I really finally debut? My parents came to see me on the day of our debut and hugged me tight.. Bear with me for rambling on but anyway!! I really wanted to tell my parents I thank them very much. I love you, mom and dad. It feels strange for someone like me to say this, but let’s all be good to our parents!

Also to all the Ahgases who always watch over us whether from afar or up close, if all of you weren’t here, we wouldn’t be either. I’m very thankful and think you’re all lovely for supporting us with love no matter what we do. I ask you to continue to love us just as you have all this time. We’ll keep working hard and become amazing singers for Ahgases. Thank you, sorry and thank you again. This became really serious unlike my personality.ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Ahgase and GOT7, let’s keep going like this~~ I love you

Ahhhh and when we recently won first place wowwowaang honestly, I didn’t cry.. Rather than wanting to cry, you know that feeling of “wow it’s so overwhelming, no joke, are you sure the singer who won first place isn’t someone else??” And wow, everyone thank you so much. This doesn’t come easily and it was possible because of all your love for us. So I’m going to work even harder to do better, although the thought makes me worried at the same time. We’ll keep trying and show even better sides of us. I truly love you, IGOT7!

Ah also.. Those who are fluent in English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and other languages, please translate this. Our Ahgases are all smart, so you can do it! ㅋㅋㅋ Ah is this too much of a mission.. It’s because I think those from other countries can have fun reading and be happy from the translations. Anyway I love you!

Who else is there.. Friends haha I don’t have that many friends ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I came to Seoul during my Junior year and I was really lonely. I had no one until around my Senior year, when a really close hyung of mine came up to Seoul and started taking lessons! Or maybe I’m wrong. Anywho when I was in Mokpo, he took good care of me and we listened to each other’s worries, so I was really glad when he came up to Seoul too. Even though he isn’t blood-related, I’m just as comfortable around him; we talked a lot and he gave good advice when I went through hard times, and overall he made my experience in Seoul less difficult huhu. I wasn’t able to tell that hyung I thank him ㅋㅋㅋㅋ but hopefully he’ll read this and know I’m thankful ㅋㅋㅋ!

Speaking of hyung, to my real hyung! My hyung is now my vwaitwamin (vitamin) that gives me strength. He can tell if something’s wrong from just the tone of my voice, it’s scary sometimes.. Once I called him on a rough day and he constantly asked if something happened and ha (sigh) ㅠㅠㅠㅠ hyung always knows me best *tears* ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ah I’m crying too much in this letter ㅋㅋ That’s how close I was (/am) with my hyung. Oh that doesn’t mean I’m not close with my noona or anything, but I should write about her as well. Or else she’ll be upset ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅎㅎㅎ

Actually it was my noona’s birthday not too long ago ㅠㅠ after my schedule I completely forgot about it and didn’t call her, but she called me first. Then I remembered right away ㅠㅠ I’m still trying to decide what to do for her. She says it’s okay but I want to do something.. I told her “happy birthday” through kakaotalk along with an ugly picture of me, and my noona wa very happy. If I get some days off soon, I’m planning to bring a gift to her ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Whew.. I wrote to those I’m thankful for and about the things I’ve been through, and it’s not too much or too little, but it seems I’ve had many ups and downs in life ㅋㅋㅋ There are probably more people I should thank, but I’ll write the second letter another time!

Everyone who’s always supporting me – my parents, hyung, noona, members, Ahgase, JYPE, my friends, other hyungs – I’ll work hard as the amount of support you’re giving me. Thank you and love you, always. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️★★❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Translated by: got_pang for GOT7&Co.

chicken dates // k.j.w

Scenario: Bobby x You

Genre: Fluffyyyyy ♡

Word Count:???

Warning: Mild swearing & 💩 references

Author’s note: My second scenario! Thank you to anyone that read the first one. Reading it now, I went waaaay too fast-paced lol, so I’m gonna try to keep this one simple and short. But anyways I feel like writing again so here’s another one (that also revolves around food?? idk. I’m basing this off of my dream date with jiwon lol) I’m gonna be sticking to Bobby Fluff scenarios for a bit so that I could get used to writing before branching off into other members and genres (hopefully I’ll be able to do angst soon!) I hope you read this and enjoy!! ♡♡♡

Originally posted by hanbi-i

“Fighting evil by moonlight, Winning love by daylight, Never running from a real fight! She is the one named Sailor Moon!”

You groaned once you heard the familiar melody of  favourite childhood theme song flow into your ears, the cheerful noise waking you up from your warm and cozy slumber. Normally, you would be singing along and adding eccentric dance moves to the upbeat tune, however ever since you put it as your alarm clock, you felt like smashing someone’s face whenever someone uttered the name “Sailor Moon.”

Rolling over to your side, you turned over in your sheets, pulling the soft duvet over your body more tightly, only finding that it was quite difficult to do so, due to some force of resistance pulling on it. Frowning, you pulled even harder, resulting in the sound of soft whimpering from beside you.

Oh right. You weren’t in the bed alone.

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I’m feeling so strange these days, for some reason, I’m sad, depressed, tired. Yet, I’m a bit happy that I’m being able to write and I think soon I will be able to return to my book after the long time I stayed away from it. But I think my social anxiety is attacking me again. I hate it, I hate this feeling that me or what I do don’t matter. I know that is not like that, but my social anxiety makes me feel that way and very insecurity when it comes to social situations. I hate it and I wish I never had it. >.< 

Aaaaaand to make everything better, for some reason, Texmod is not working for my Mass Effect 1 anymore. The strange thing is that I did nothing different in my ME1. I want to create Olivia there, but it is so difficult without the texture mods! I can’t install MEUITM already, because I always have a problem when I try to install it. And I need to make some researchs for my work to publish an article and my internet connection doesn’t want to help. Great!

Sorry for all that negative babbling, I just needed to put the words out somehow. Probably will delete it later. Just ignore it. 

Dear J,

I remember writing letters to you on here a year ago. That was the time we re-met and rekindled our friendship, 6 months after a breakup and cutting ties for the better.

At least, back at that time, I thought it was better for you to leave you. Didn’t want to be in the way, now did I?

Now, let me tell you a thing.

First of all, I can’t remember at all what we used to be like in that relationship, for it’s too far away and too insignificant to me now.

I do remember writing letters to you, writing stuff like “try again?” and even more. I do remember being heartbroken, and I do remember still having some feelings for you when we became friends again.

However, as soon as I saw you were truly happy with someone else, I was able to let go of you.

Now, you might be wondering why I’m even writing this in the first place?

We’ve been on good terms, yes- We don’t talk like we’re besties, no, but I just wanted to reflect on everything, sort of.

And also to kind of end the chapters of those letters on here, even though I already finished the part I had with you over a year ago.

So, hey, to everyone who ever has read a letter from a C to a J, writing about wanting to try again and missing them- Hey, this is the same C.

And I’m happy to let everyone know I found my soulmate, C. Formerly thought of with the name F- I’m still waiting for that letter to past me to appear on this blog.. Love reading it all. 

.. It’s probably taking a bit, though, since I forgot to log out when I wrote that letter to past me. Oops-

But, hey, it’s all worth it.

All the goddamn pain I went through in the end- And this is more of an open letter to everyone now, my past me, J and my lovely, lovely soulmate Callie- it’s worth it.

.. Oh, boy, if people who know of Callie and know of me I’m going to be really embarrassed if they address this to us.

Oh well.

Worth all of it. :3c

So, dear J, dear past me, dear my love and everyone who’s stuck with this letter til the end,

Thank you for reading. c:

- C.

dailydreamcollector  asked:

Hi lovely i hope you feel better soon💕💕 i dont want to put any pressure on you or anything but when you are feeling well enough/have time to write again would i be able to request the "is that my shirt?" prompt with Remus? Thankyou xxx

You’re not bothering me, Love!!! Thank you so much!! I’ll probably post this one later on today, with a few others!!

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Hey I just wanted to thank you for writing "The Ninth Paradigm" !! When I first saw it in the Bill/ford tag on ao3, I was like "meh" bc I'm usually not a fan of AU for these two and it has human bill... but I finally gave in and read it all. And I can say that I love it so far. I've become attached to your Bill, and the story is really interesting. I unfortunately don't have enough time to comment it now, but i hope I'll be able to do so soon enough !!! Keep up the good work <3 <3

Thank you so much for taking the time to send me this and for also reading it!!!!

I actually feel the same way, I normally hate AUs but I think I’m discovering they can be kinda okayish if I pull the eternally wedged stick called ‘unrealistic standards’ out my ass.  ¬ _ ¬  I’m still skeptical of AUs, I say while having written many AUs like the hypocritical trash I am.

I’m glad you like Bill!! A lot of work went into trying to make him seem like an actual human being and it’s so nice to see people respond to that!! I didn’t fail. Yet.

excuse me, I have to go have a coffin made so I can be buried.

(also, omg, me roasting myself about not liking AUs is not a jab at you, anon. I just realized it could be interpreted that way. I completely understand your reluctance at reading them lmao. I just get anal at like, everything….)

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¥ - Every breath my muse takes is painful.
₳ - My muse keeps thinking they see the ghost of someone they know haunting them.

“It won’t be much longer. I promise.”

Fulfilling her duty to her dying brother. Somebody she hardly knew. Since she died, Mischa had been able to watch her brother’s grow up. Watched them fight, watch them fall in love, watch them fall. Feeling joy in that one day, they would see each other again. She just didn’t want Nigel to go so soon.

“You won’t be able to feel anything soon. The pain will ebb away. It’s like falling asleep – just a lot easier. You were born a fighter. Learn to give yourself a break.”