“thought carrying that chip would end you, no …
     you got lives in you, hard to kill.
               storms, bullets … sand and wind–
          –yet still you walk.
                                   for now.”

a courier six playlist
   ↳ listen here (8tracks) or here (youtube)

okay, but instead of apocalyptic or dystopian future, what about one where people live normally. just think:

  • earth has run out of land for people to live on, so now there’s sky cities and cities in bubbles under the ocean.
  • not only are there smart phones and smart cars, but smart houses too. the windows are screens with weather apps and the walls can sense if you need medical attention and can change colors on command
  • every building is covered in solar panels, even roads are made of them. There are lots of little wind farms too.
  • plants are grown on houses, and houses sometimes are build around trees. Plants are important since the air was ruined long ago.
  • extinct animals can be brought back to life. Yes, there are dinosaurs in zoos and they haven’t gone on a rampage yet.
  • most schools and houses have their own mini green houses for people to grow food in.
  • after many years of social reform and concentration on ecological problems, all genders, sexualities, and races are on an equal level
  • humanoid robots assist police, doctors, and are partnered up with people with physical or mental disorders in order to aid them
  • no need to wait for online purchases, they are immediately teleported to your house

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Will the inside covers of god n gabe iii have a song louden swain sang irl? Could it possibly be the hey mama rock me they practice sang with misha

god’n’gabe ii did, so i think i’m going to switch it up with that one!

this is what i did for book 2 (which i’ve never posted before! here’s a video for reference of what it’s based on:)

i thought this fit the theme and atmosphere lyrically a lot better than other songs they’ve covered

this is actually my favorite cover they’ve done because it relies on everyone as a whole. still working on the on inner cover ideas for the new one!

i cant believe im into star wars now like honestly

i didn’t give a FUCK about star wars before this movie came out. the greatest emotional attachment i had to star wars was the scene w/ anakin and obi-wan and the like, lava n shit, and obi-wan was like ‘you were the chosen one!!’ as he cries, and i remember that scene got me really hard when i was younger, like we saw it in the theater and even though over the years i forget almost all the surrounding context for that scene, it still stuck with me and made me feel sad

but now im like, into it, give me the star wars memes, give me the cool new characters, im diggin’ it, this is Nice

Never Had - 10 Years OST | Not Changing Pops, Seeking | Switchable City | The Measure of Things | I Was Young When I Left Home - Bob Dylan Cover | Star Wars | Hang Me, Oh Hang Me - Inside Llewyn Davis | Re: Stacks - Bon Iver Cover | Sweet Lady Death | The Death of Queen Jane

<HOWLIN’> for that unrequited massive crush that consumes your whole soul (listen

thinking about you - radiohead / howlin’ for you - the black keys / girlfriend - nsync / this fire - franz ferdinand / do i wanna know - arctic monkeys / cliff’s edge - hayley kiyoko / closer - tegan and sara / sex (the 1975 cover) - lauren aquilina / supermassive black hole - muse / take me out - franz ferdinand / dancing on my own - robyn / you’re the one that i want - lo-fang / i wanna be yours - arctic monkeys / moi j’ai confiance - philémon cimon / in a manner of speaking - nouvelle vague / falling in love at a coffee shop - landon pigg

new calumclub™ memebers

ok so I’m awake now and u guys requested I post who got in so here WO go! (side note: I think we covered this last night but PLEASE if u didn’t get in don’t feel bad it was such a small number out of 120 applications so it doesn’t mean anything!! ur still fab)


we now have a very large network sknxksnd but I’m just adding everyone 2 the gc now 8)

I was thinking about making a Star Wars Podcast Masterpost.

There are a lot of shows out there (some good, some great, some not-so-great) so I thought it might be useful to put them all together in one place. I’d also split them into categories…

Best TheoryCrafting

Best Interviews

Best Character Discussion

…and so on. It might also be useful to mark which one’s are safe for prequel fans, because a lot of hosts are… well let’s just say vocal in their lack of love for the prequels.

Would this interest anyone? And if anyone has any recommendations I’d love to hear them too.

Look it’s more Kudako fanart

This was suppose to be purger Kudako with dead people everywhere but because i couldn’t figure out what he would be wearing, this is now Kudako in training.

(I’ve seen 2 pre-dragon Kudako pictures. One of them gave him shoulder spikes and i don’t think that’s canon anymore, since it was the image to a chapter that no longer exists. The one on deviantart doesn’t show much of the clothing, but it’s all black and mostly covered by a cape. Now, I know that capes have been pretty popular for armor throughout history, but to me they don’t feel like something he would wear outside of winter, and more to the point they feel kind of impractical. Especially if your fighting style relies on lots of quick movements and spirals - wouldn’t the cape woosh around and slow you down, and be easier for the enemy to grab? wouldn’t it get in your way if you had to change directions quickly? And since most capes exist to keep people warm, I feel like wearing a black cape during battle would lead to overheating and dehydration more quickly. I guess it’s possible the woosh might cool someone down, but it doesn’t feel worth it. Now, Kudako’s not an idiot, he would probably wear armor, and I can reasonably assume Aur’s armor is modeled after Spiral armor, but you still need to wear clothes under the armor. I’m not too clear on what Kudako’s age was when we left for the Inner Realms. I’ve generally assumed it to be between 25-35, or past a growing age at any point, but I can’t be certain. Regardless, if i remember correctly, he was there for about 10 years? At least a few, since it was something like “for years they didn’t know what lurked at the edge of their country” and clothes don’t last forever. He would need to get a new set at least once, but from where? He’s way too tall to steal anything premade. He can probably sew, but what would the clothes of someone without emotions look like? It would probably be simple and practical, but that can mean different things to different cultures, and if he’s accustomed to a certain cut of fabric he might go for that. But then we get to boots, and he’s less likely to know how to cobble, and if he’s taller then everyone he definitely has bigger feet then everyone and I haven’t been thinking too much about this at all)

A young Kudako before the Raze, still learning how to fight. Simple training clothes and his hair in a braid, because if I remember correctly braids are important in the Spiral, and they’re also a great way to keep hair out of the eyes.

This is just a small sketch, cause i really like how it looks. Still gonna inking, color it, shade it, all that stuff


Today Tomorrow

I decided to re-do the book I had made during college in hopes of getting it published this year. I’ve already sent some copies of my manuscipts to some publishers. Anyway, the book is about my home, Tacloban, and also the areas around it. There are 3 sections: Tempest, Today, then Tomorrow. Before anything else.  

Q: ​Why is it gold/yellow in tint and why is it the cover Leyte

A: Well. I didn’t want it to be in grayscale. I think this shows all the things experienced by the places through the years. From storms, to celebrations of festivals. The Leyte landing memorial also reminds people of Gen. Douglas McArthur, especially his famous line, “I shall return” during the World War II. Also, during the 2013 after the super typhoon Haiyan had passed, I think there is no better photograph than this to represent majority of Leyte.

Also, some of the sample photographs are found in my previous project Tacloban : Today/Tomorrow. Basically, the sample photos here are the 3rd part of the book. The first and second art found here, including the campaign for it.

—-> https://www.behance.net/gallery/16210029/Tacloban-Today-Tomorrow

also here’s the link for the updated one https://www.behance.net/gallery/33346085/Book-Design-Today-Tomorrow

Hoping to get it published. Looking for assistance. Haha I hope I finish what I started. :)

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Name: Kayla

Nicknames: Just Hota I guess =w=;;

Favorite Colors: Orange and Blue!

Gender: Female

Height: 5'1-5′2

Time: 1:14 pm

Number of blankets I sleep with: A sheet, a cover and like a fluffy throw blanket

Last thing I googled: Osomatsu-san Echo, because I heard such a thing existed so I had to look it up and now I’m sad

Favorite Authors: Steven James and Marcus Zusak

Favorite Famous People: 
Alex Hirsch, Guillermo Del Toro, David Tennant…um do youtubers count? XD Because then there is MatPat, ProJared, Jontron, Ross O’Donovan, AbroadinJapan

Favorite Books: The Book Thief, Lord of the Flies, The Patrick Bowers series and the Bugman series

Dream Job: Animator/Storyboard Artist/Comic person

What I Post: Mostly art and then just random things 

Number of Followers: 502 *needs to do something to celebrate that soon*

Other Blogs: @overtheartingwall, my art reblog place with cool pretty things that inspire me!

Most Active Follower: Probably one of my buds lol

What made me want a tumblr: Gifs. Pretty sure it was the gifs. And being able to post my art 

Why my URL: It was both a tribute to Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no Haka) and my own frame of mind, battling some anxiety issues. I’m actually mulling over changing it though because its kinda weeb-ish and I’m starting to brand myself for post graduation job searches so maybe a slightly more professional name is in order 

If you wanna do this you can say I tagged you 

Pokémon 20th Anniversary 27-Day Challenge

Feb 1st. — What is your earliest Pokémon memory?

I suppose it would be playing Pokemon Red way back when it came out here. I must have been about 9 years old. I loved it so much, it really fostered a love of adventure and exploration in me. I don’t think anything could have appealed to me more!

I remember having a strategy guide book with a shiny pink cover, and so many of the listed learned moves and levels for pokemon were totally wrong. I can remember playing it in the playground at school, just like every other kid, everyone trading and trying to catch them all. I can distinctly remember the last one I needed was Pinsir (discounting Mew) and someone was going to trade me one, but then they moved away. Speaking of Mew there was obviously all the rumours about the truck in Vermilion. And rumours about Pikablu too. 

I remember all the kids playing with the trading cards, until they inevitably got banned from school. No one else seemed to be able to get a hang of the rules of the game though, all they did was fight over Charizards. I think I still had my cards until only a few years ago. Which reminds me of the Ampharos card i made myself! Coloured in with pencils and everything. I think I made it super OP.

I asked for a shift covered and now I’m starting to cover other people when they ask so I worked twice as much as I was scheduled for this week

now someone wants me to cover him for tonight but I go to bed after midnight and get ~6 hours of sleep when I work until 11 so I’m gonna try to plead that I gotta do hw + study for a quiz tomorrow

I have this one aunt who never understands anything I post on Facebook. Like, she’ll get part of it, but will be way off on the gestalt. I posted that Newsweek cover that said “Why are White Americans Dying Younger?” with my addition of “Karma,” and she was like, “So why are white Americans dying younger?” Today I posted a Shonda Rhimes quote about how we praise mothers for diminishing themselves and making sacrifices for their children and she was like, “But motherhood is important and a good choice.” 

No matter how hard I try I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand why there are so many english covers of Shocking Party

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valentine’s day application

Name: Steph lmao
Age: 22
Do you like to cuddle?: heck yes
Can we make-out?: eeeeeeeeeeeh 
A night in or dinner out?: if the weather is like hell i’d prefer indoors
Ice cream or chocolate covered strawberries?: I’m intolerant to both so u get them all.
What makes you a good Valentine?: I can be a good friend I think? So why not be a valentine for once lmao
Would you cook for me?: I’m fucking bad at cooking tbh.
Would you let me cook for you?: If you want, why the heck not?

              “You are lucky I can cook– only a little though.”