Okay friends I need your advice!!:o

I’m going to the hairdresser’s tomorrow and I’m still not sure what to do with my mane D:

I’m really tempted to cut a large chunk off o.o like shoulder length?

I’m also thinking about dying them a light brown? The colour you see here in the lower part is the blonde I had, but it’s grown out for months now and what you see on top my head to my chin is my natural colour, which is the most boring and flat colour to ever exist. >.> (We like to call it Straßenköterblond haha, which basically is ‘shaggy god blonde’ :’D) I can’t leave it like that haha.

What do you guys think?? What should I doooo???


@ TD Garden, Boston | 07/03/2012

We’re going down, down in an earlier round
And Sugar, we’re going down swinging
I’ll be your number one with a bullet
A loaded god complex, cock it and pull it


White sunset

The weather in Bombay(I still prefer to call it that) has been unexpectedly charming since yesterday morning. The drizzly sky, coupled with cold breeze has made the temperature plummet so quick, the city suddenly feels so much lovelier!  No more heat and harsh sun(at least for the moment.) Absolutely in love with the weather today!

I’ve been wanting to do something with white fabric and silver oxidised jewellery for a while now, it being such a classic combination. Even though Indian textiles are known for being colourful, my wardrobe is still dominated by blacks and whites. I personally feel oxidised jewellery looks good with almost everything.

These photographs are clicked by a friend of mine, Abhishek Verma. Abhishek and I went to the Versova beach one evening hoping to get a good picturesque location, but instead ended on wondering which angles we could click to avoid the dirt and grime on the beach(Welcome to Bombay!)
Thankfully for us, we did manage to get some good shots, :)

P.S. If any of you guys want to collaborate, shoot me a mail at thescarletwindow@gmail.com or drop in a message on tumblr. I’m absolutely free for a couple of weeks, and would love to create exciting new stuff. :)


Yuzuru Hanyu + Quad Battle (Quad Salchow) - Friends on Ice 2011

After he fell on his first try, they all encouraged him to try again and he landed it :) 

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~Dancing Husbands~

(Couldn’t decide between the two versions so have both!)


chu learns how to gif: kenzi/dyson in 2x21