Anyone remember Mountain Tales? Anyways, this is the playlist that inspired me while writing the story. And if you can’t open, or don’t want to open spotify:

Slow Dancing In a Burning Room - John Mayer. Such a good song. Pointing to chapter 15.

Lost Stars - Adam Levine. Pointing towards when Naomi finds Emily up on that hill.

Take Me To Church - Hozier. Kind of inspiring on the unconventional side of the story.

Hold Back The River - James Bay. So beautiful. 

To Build A Home - The Cinematic Orchestra. Old song, but I still listen to it. (or not that old, I just have liked it for so long). Gets me thinking about when Emily and Naomi plan their life together under their tree. 

Young Blood - The Naked And Famous. This, gents, is my standard writing song.

White Blank Page - Mumford & Sons. Kind of sets the time, with kings and the way of singing. Don’t know how to describe it, haha.

Munich - The Fray. Their first time, really. Such a powerful song, with great lyrics.

I can’t make you love me - Bon Iver. So sad song. Before they confesses (or when they realises they can’t be together, whatever). 

Ruter - Karpe Diem, Andreas Grega. Norwegian/Swedish. About fear, really.

Lost+ - Coldplay, Jay Z. Just a personal favorite I like listening to while writing.

Violet Hill - Coldplay. Coldplay is very fitting for writing, I’ve figured.

Skinny Love - Bon Iver. Always loved the original the best. 

Pyro - Kings Of Leon. Oh, how I love this song. Chapter 13, cornerstone.

No Rest For The Wicked - Lykke Li. Inspired lots of chapters, this one.

Blood - The Middle East. I can’t really point my finger on why I like this song so much. But I do. And I often listened to it.

Holocene - Bon Iver. The mountain scene, when they’re standing on the top. This might just be the song that inspired the whole story, really.

A Case Of You - James Blake. This has always spoken to me in a way. 

A Perfect Day - Danny Cope. Used this in sfawlas. Still beautiful, still fitting.

Una Mattina - Ludovico Einaudi. Have you seen the untouchable? This song is worth goosebumps.

Miracles - Coldplay. Gotta have a feel good song in here for the end too. 

Michicant - Bon Iver. Bon Iver all over the line.

Shooting Star - Air Traffic. Another personal favourite that snuck in. 

Open Your Eyes - Andrew Belle. Naomi and Emily says goodbye.

Ungodly Hour - The Fray. Nice song.

Who You Are - Jessie J. Coming to terms with oneself.

Vienna - The Fray. Oh, when they are apart. Sigh.

Same Love - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis & Mary Lambert. Because, du-uh.

Welcome Home, Son - Radical Face. When they meet again, and start their life together.

Happiness - The Fray. Still trying to figure out this song. The Fray makes such beautiful songs, though.

There you go - 30 songs behind this one!

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loving your new fic so much. it is great to get back into the cs vibe with the two of them again. i must say i was very happy that there was no smut in the first chapter, to me the build-up will be worth the wait and im looking forward to it. you started off really strong and i have always loved the frozenswan friendship and i love that elsa is ger friend in this fic. you rock and thank you.

You’re welcome!

Me and the muse are trying out the slow build this time around. The muse isn’t all that happy about it, lol. But I want to play up the romance and UST before getting to the goods. Of course AFTER…that’s a whole other can of worms and I want to explore that too.

I missed writing solely CS too, so this is really fun to do. And FrozenSwan friendship is my jam. I wish Elsa were still around just for that!

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Im a college student contemplating going into sex work because I'm sick and tired of working 2 full time jobs on top of school and still barely making it by. Do you find that you make a comfortable living? Thats all I want right now. You're the bomb!

Yes I definitely am comfortable. These past two months I’ve been the laziest hooker in the world but I’ve still been making about 2-3k/week just by seeing my regulars. Even during especially slow months (hello tax season) I still never worry about not making enough money. Summer is the best time of year for me tho. I remember two summers ago I was making 5-7k/week 💪💪💪

So yea I am comfortable but it also has taken me years to build up my regulars and to really hone in on my persona and advertise myself in a way that draws the best kind of men to me.

Do your research (@trophywhore has some INCREDIBLE and very detailed informational posts I would suggest reading) and if you have any specific questions that are unanswered afterwards hmu and I will try to answer to the best of my ability 😘

Tagged to #stopdropandyoga by the lovely @treeoflife yoga - thank you friend! You all know my stance on yoga photos, right? (the writings at #mhyogasubtext will fill you in) By all accounts, I “should” be able to do a handstand away from the wall by now. If I were more disciplined. If I wanted it bad enough. If… I’ve made such slow, incremental progress in this pose in part because I don’t do it enough - which is an excuse, and the draw of the excuse could even be related to the lack of discipline - I recognize this - and in part because the internal musculature necessary to support this shape safely and unaided takes a lot of time to build. I have been building that strength, slowly & sporadically, for years and years and I am stronger than I have ever been - and still not strong enough. And all of that is a gift. It’s a gift to have a body that mostly does everything that I ask of it. My good health is an enormous privilege and I do not ever, ever want to take that for granted. I do want to use it for all it’s worth, because anything else would be a waste of that gift. Being on my hands is a way of both building and enjoying the strength that supports the work that I do, of expressing joy, and being constantly humbled. Yoga practice isn’t about impressive postures, it’s about the tolerance we build on the way there. The humility that beyond any external shape, beyond any illusion of achievement, the internal (physical, mental, and spiritual) work is never, ever finished. It’s about getting right with ourselves, about learning to see and fully realize our own innate worth. It’s about increasing our capacity, developing compassion and loving fully. Seeing more clearly. Feeling our wholeness and our connection. THAT. All of that.

So. To tag. My mates @katselvocki @kyliewriteshere @lovingfoodandlife @alliemullin @mynameisjessamyn - no pressure, only if you wish, and of course, I’d love to hear some subtext, your story, experience, sensations 🙏🏻

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Hey! I used to exercise regularly about a year ago, but I had some toubles with an eating disorder so I stopped. Now I want to eat healthy and exercise again, but I am not sure how to do it without messing up the way I see food again. It was really hard for my to recover from that mindset, so I do not want to go back there. I thought about food every second of the day, and I became obsessed with it. I also want my fitness level to be better, since I have never had good fitness. thanks!

Yeah it can be tough.  Start slow.  Start very slow.  If you jump into it head first, you could get caught up in all of it.  I know I still struggle with it sometimes in my head, but the slower you go, the easier it will be to stay on the wagon. Start by adding in veggies and taking a walk two or three times a week and build from there.  No need to make a big drastic diet change or long hard workout plan. Baby steps.  Now, if you really feel yourself slipping, talk to someone.  A friend, a loved one, a professional, hell my inbox is always open.  Just voice you concern BEFORE it happens. Every time I feel like I want to purge or like I don’t want to eat I tell my boyfriend and he snaps me out of it.  Don’t push yourself farther than you think you can go safely.  Take it one step at a time and take the stairs when you’re ready <3

Book Review: The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling

When I heard that J.K. Rowling was writing a new book I was excited. I was looking forward to reading something from her that was different from the witches and wizards I had grown up with. Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to like this book, I just couldn’t get into it and had to abandon it just past the halfway point.

I found this book very difficult to focus on and I honestly cannot tell you what the plot is beyond the fact that the death of a councilor sends an entire town into chaos. The build up of the book is very slow and just past the halfway point the plot still hadn’t developed very far. Rather, the book up to this point focused mainly on developing the overwhelming number of characters in this book.

And therein lies the problem with this book. There are over thirty characters in this book and very little plot development for the first 250 pages of the book that I was able to read. When it takes that long for the book to really go anywhere, it’s very difficult to find the desire to continue reading.

It’s not often that I will abandon a book, and I really wanted to like it considering the author is a childhood hero of mine, but I could not force myself to continue it anymore.

1/5 Stars

I'm almost 22 but I dont "feel 22"

Im not reminded of my age until I see people my age with child(ren) and “mini ” families.
I’m not reminded of my age until I see people my age engaged and just married.
Then I lowkey start feeling like my life is in slow motion but then again I’m not in a rush for my own family.. I just want to build me, my relationship with God, and my boyfriend before even thinking about holy matrimony or multiplying. I’m still young

What caused the cause

I never forgot about you. Your still there waiting, and I’m still here wanting you to move on to something better. I’m confused, still nurturing myself, visualizing what I know is best for myself and whats best for you. I care about you so much that If I were yours it would be a virus spreading quicker then a flame running towards gasoline that causes a explosion. I wont be able to ever live with myself knowing your still around wanting to invade my presences, attack what i’m trying to build better myself . My emotional empire is slowing dissolving, fading, trying to grasp whats left, like if it was being pulled away by a ripe tide, swimming with all power of saddness and fear. My love for you is no longer here, but ill still be standing and waiting to pull you up and make realization appear and watch you cry.