2/11/16 1.55 miles

cut it short today :/

YTD: 98.24 miles

AVG: 2.339/day

41 in a row

I had 2.5 miles on my schedule but wasn’t feeling it today. I’m accumulating a lot of fatigue in my legs and the breaks from lifting aren’t helping - after not squatting for maybe a week? that first time back makes me sore for days. I started slow and gradually increased my speed, but I just didn’t want to do any more. Fine.

I’ve got 2 miles on the schedule for tomorrow. It’ll be a squeeze to get it in because we’ve got our babysitter coming for our valentine celebration, for which I still need to build some consensus on where we’re going/what we’re doing.

Since I’ve likely got that 8.5 miler for super chilly (now forecast to be 1°f) Saturday morning, I may cut tomorrow short as well. But I’d sure like to keep my streak going.

Still waiting for her opinion about dinner, but thought I’d at least do something productive.


First of all, this is permanent. I don’t want to fill my posts with starter calls that’s the reason I’m doing this. If you like this I’ll write a starter for you ( YUNA FFX-2 VERSES ) and not only that, it gives me the permission of sending memes or random asks, tag you in my posts ( random starters or pictures that reminds me of you or your muse or our muses ) answer to your opens and the most important to know that you aren’t a ghost follower  ( inactive blogs or blogs that don’t engage in activity.)

In my opinion the 100 writers have gotten themselves in one hell of a mess. Because they have the Bellarke shippers, that have been there from the start, waiting, craiving, for their favourite ship to become canon. They keep making it look like they are doing the ‘slow-burn’ thing, because there are so many fans that watch their tv show only for that pair, so many viewers that they don’t want to lose. And then there’s Clexa, that they really invested in, and they obviously try to make the best of it this season, but I think they have already started to build another story with Nia, the Ice Nation and also with the City of Light, and they try to give the Clexa shippers what they need, while Lexa’s still around, which is nice and all. They obviously realize that if they don’t, they are going to lose lots of viewers too. And once Lexa’s gone *it’s also funny how they decided to put her faith into ‘unknown’, just in case* they will have to eventually deliver Bellarke. The thing is… we don’t know if we will get season 4 and with two different sides, it’s not going to be so much fun. Bellarke shippers are just here patiently waiting, but what I’m afraid of, is that Clexa shippers will just be gone when Lexa’s not going to be around anymore. And it’s the writers’ fault for breaking us into 2 fandoms basically. 

I need a more gentle alarm clock sound because the default has me dive-rolling out of bed looking for someone to stab.

Stairway to Heaven? That’s got a quiet start and a slow build up, although it’s eight minutes long so I’ll have to set the alarm earlier if I want to hear the solo at the end and still get up at the same time.

Ravel’s Bolero could be a good choice for anyone who likes to start the day by feeling absolutely psychotic, or perhaps Pachelbel’s Canon for the more melancholic among us.


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I don't mean to be mean, and it is a bit of a loaded question, but since you said it's harder to hang on to them are we approaching the end of your klaine fic days? :-(

Nah, I still think about those dorks all the time :p I’ve had to slow down on the frequency, less to build on without new episodes and stuff. I know other people have found happy homes in other fandoms and I’m all for doing whatever makes your heart sing, but nothing is ever going to mean as much to me as Klaine or this fandom. 

This is still my happy place :)

if that’s how you want it [haikyuu!!]

Chapter: 5/?

On AO3

Pairing(s): Akaashi Keiji/Tsukishima Kei, Kuroo Tetsurou/Bokuto Koutarou, Yachi Hitoka/Yamaguchi Tadashi
Rating: PG -13
Word Count: 3,668

And it still smelt like him. A faint vanilla scent that could have come from bodywash or lotion. It permeated the air with a warm sweetness.

Akaashi felt his body heat up with embarrassment as soon as he realised. No, he told himself firmly, those kind of thoughts weren’t needed. He wasn’t going to take advantage of Tsukishima’s hospitality like that.

And so the struggle begins for real.

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Just wanted to let all you lovely followers know that my writing partner has become quite busy with school and work, but she is still interested in writing this Carol-inspired Faberry AU with me. I am still interested too. We just might be slow, but the build will be worth it. Anyway direct all questions to me @mandasrps or right here on this Quinn blog. Thanks for the patience and your follows! We appreciate it more than you know.

I'm no longer chasing the money.

I’m here to better the people around me, and I know I’m my heart that God will take care of my needs. I’ve been out on this earth to help other people, not just to benefit me. And through the work I will do the things I need and maybe the things I want will follow.
I’m still going to be devoting a lot of my time to build this business and creat something amazing, but it’s time to slow down and help spread my mindset. Because I’ve known I’m special but I’ve been too shy to use it. My love is all you

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☂ Foreplay or straight to business?
❀ One thing they’re dying to try

☂ Foreplay or straight to business?

Nira enjoys foreplay and slow build up on both ends. Those make for the best escapades in her mind. Well most of the time anyway she has had moments where she has wanted to just get straight to business usually because she was already really wound up for one reason or another.

❀ One thing they’re dying to try

I’m not sure there is anything she is dying to try. Despite have a rather good amount of sexual experience Nira is still quite naive to all the myriad of possibilities there are(Plus she’s already done some of the major no brainers like, threesome and even a foursome.). Though if she finds out about something and it sounds like something that’d be fun she tends to want to try it out real soon just for the experience.

Something she’d probably really enjoy if it came up would be light bondage, some blindfolds and soft restraints if it was with someone she trusted like Daci as well as a few others. 

She’d also enjoy being the one doing the tying up as well. Then her partner would find out just how tantalizing electricity can be when used properly.

take my hand and bring me back - Chapter 1 - quantize - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Rating: Teens and up

Pairing: Kageyama Tobio/Yamaguchi Tadashi (really slow build)

Warnings: Really mild profanity

Summary: Two years ago, when his best friend left to join a famous rock band, Yamaguchi thought that this was it.

Two years on, he was now heading for Tokyo on his own journey to the stars.

Many, many thanks to my friend and beta @keikaku for reading this through for me! 

All I wanted to do was to write a Yamaguchi-centric fic - it still is - but then my mind was like “so how about that yamakage” and here I am.

First multi-chapter fic, let’s see where we go with this! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

I’m glad I put the chalkboards up in the hall and wrote up exactly what I’m trying to accomplish here. I laid put step by step the foundation I had to achieve if I want to build the life I want.

And I did that to help me stay focused. But also as a reminder when I stumble. A reminder when I feel discouraged because I’m still so far away from everything I want to be. I’ve made great strides forwards the past few years. I’ve worked my ass off to get the foundation I’ve built so far, and I’ve overcome so many of my own demons and failures.

But I still have a chasm in front of me. I’ve so much left I need to get done. I’ve a list of things I still need to get in order, just to finish establishing a firm foundation under me, to build the life I want. And it’s slow work.

But I keep reminding myself how good it will feel to cross off one goal on that chalkboard. Then another. And another. And another. I keep thinking about how it will feel when I’m finished that series of goals completely, and can work on the next set. Currently I’ve a list of some 14 goals I need to reach as soon as I can.

Three of them, maybe four, I can reach by the end of the year. Four goals in one year. They are the easier ones, sure.

But if I can manage to get those out of the way, I can reach another four of them by the end of 2017. Asuming I can keep up the pace, it may be possible to reach all of then in the next five years – otherwise known as my college career. Not gonna lie, it would helpful.

SB Weekend

This has been a great weekend for me! Great date night with Matt on Saturday and then an incredible win for my Broncos last night!! I was in tears at the end of the game, I was so happy. So many years of getting so close and then being disappointed. Kind of like my past relationships. So close and then ending in disappointment. I think it will be different with M. I think he could be the one I’ve waited for. I still want to take things slow, though. If he is “the one”, I want to take our time and build a good foundation for our relationship.

cornerstone//day one

11th Jan 2016 

I had a list of expectations of this retreat, healing, courage and overcoming my fears. I came from a place of brokenness. I wanted to runaway from family because I couldn’t take it anymore. I was searching for love, I was searching for something greater than my problems, something greater than my broken heart. 

During personal prayer, the song cornerstone came to mind.  

Christ alone cornerstone, weak made strong, in the saviour’s love, through the storm, he is lord , Lord of all.

I need him as my cornerstone, my foundation, my rock on whom I could build on. Coming with these expectations, I found it so hard to slow down, because life was going so fast, I needed the next thing to happen. I needed my problems to be fixed. I needed him to come into my life and do huge miracles. And day 1 I struggled to realise that all he wanted me to do was be still, because he was already beginning to work in me when I stepped in. 

For those of you that have gotten into shape after a severe illness, how did you do it? via /r/Fitness

I had a severe reaction to an antibiotic (Stevens-Johnson Syndrome/Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis if you want to google it) in November of 2015, and I’m still recovering. I was fairly active beforehand; exercised weekly, hiked, biked, etc. I spent a month in the hospital, which caused its own damage (due to lying in bed for that long) and now I’m wanting to start to build my strength up again, with the main goal of being able to go hiking/backpacking again. I have asked my physicians, and they’ve all said to “start slow and be as active as you can tolerate.” I’m still on prednisone, a corticosteroid, but will hopefully be weaned off of that within a month. What types of exercises or routines would you suggest for someone who is coming out of a major illness like this? Any specific problems I should watch out for or be aware of? Thank you!

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