Supernatural: The Dating Sim

Sooooo I’ve been getting many messages about this since last night, and I will be answering the following under the cut:

- Plot

- Reader customization

- Dateable characters

- Other features

If you buds still have questions after this, shoot me an ask!

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a very large part of me wishes I could ship dozens of copies of “Disguised as Clark Kent” and “From Krakow to Krypton” to Nick Spencer’s office and then lock him in the room with them until HE GETS THE FUCKING PICTURE THAT COMIC BOOKS ARE PRIMARILY A JEWISH MEDIUM AND YOU CAN’T JUST TURN EVERYTHING INTO NAZIS

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I adore that Tony with serum thing, I mean it also breaks my heart a little but i also love it. Especially the thing you wrote with the team seeing how strong he is

You should see what I first wrote about that particular scene after mentioning how Tony dragged 200 pounds of armor across the snow by himself.

#can we just take a moment #and remember that the armor is 225 pounds of alloy #minimum 125 pounds #and he drags it through snow #and makes it sit down #smol swol tony stark #shocking everyone when he walks in with some 200 pound machine part #and asks clint to hold it #only to see clint drop to the ground and get pinned under it #heads will turn #libidos will rise #steve will be sweating bullets and be hot and bothered

#libidos will rise, everyone. 

#avengers will question their sexuality

Pass the hashtag 

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Your page is so adorable. It makes me so happy.

Thank you :D

*blushes* honestly this all too overwhelming

I also should mention how Tom probably bristles at the very idea of being thought ‘adorable’, so I shall hasten to post more adorable posts in the future.
It’s funny how you love to mess with your favourite characters.

Hello friends I’m here with a PSA about antidepressants and that’s that they CAN MAKE YOUR MOOD WORSE! It’s very, very uncommon and is less likely to happen as you get older but it IS POSSIBLE. Keep track of when you start your meds and when your dose changes. If you start feeling worse for no good reason, TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR! You will probably get switched to a different antidepressant. Certain drugs just don’t work the same for some people, you may need to try other ones and that’s fine, don’t be afraid to go off of one drug in favor of another.

I’d also like to mention very quickly that you should consult your doctor before stopping your medication. It’s possible for you to experience withdrawal depending on your dosage and whatnot.

I had the misfortune of having such a reaction. It led to severe, almost debilitating panic attacks. I also stopped my meds before consulting my doctor and did feel sick from withdrawal for a few days. Look into your meds and when they should start working, cuz they may not work.

  • Joker: The stars are beautiful tonight
  • Harley: Yeah
  • Joker: You know what else is beautiful?
  • Harley: ...What?
  • Joker: *points at the sky* The batsignal

white people need to fucking stop speaking over ace people of color and telling us we’re being racist for headcanoning characters of color as ace

my existence as an ace person of color is not inherently racist. i am allowed to want representation. ace headcanons of characters of color by ace people of color are not to be blamed for the desexualization or oversexualization of people of color. i am not responsible for my own oppression.