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I got this idea when @academla reblogged @starvingandstudying‘s intro post! I’m going to use Alice’s format (because I have no creativity haha) 

Hi! My name’s Ella and i’m new to the studyblr world and blogging in general. I really want to make friends while doing this so if you want to, please message me! I’m currently in year 11 at the age of 15, which is the third year of highschool in New Zealand (which is where I live) and in the first year of NCEA.) I take English, Science, and Maths as the core subjects for this year, as well as Materials Technology, Digital Technology and Physical Education. In my spare time I like to listen to music (my favourites at the moment are Catfish and the Bottlemen, Panic! At the Disco, The 1975 and Hotel Books) draw every now and then, watching anime and playing Animal Crossing HHD.

My favourite blogs are currently @muji-princess @academla @elkstudies @ryeou @notefying and @studyingandlattes

Maybe check out my blog a little bit (I don’t have many posts right now sorry) and recommend me some more studyblrs to check out!! 

I try not to to look at what I’m going to do as this amazing great grand thing. I’m not just fulfilling some old promise that I made a long time ago. Now I’m actually solving problems in the moment, and that’s so much more exciting than than trying to fill years of what I like to call my “idea debt.” That’s when you have this dream of this awesome thing for years. You think, “Oh, I’m going to do this epic adventure. It’s going to be so great.” The truth is, no matter what you do, it will never be as great as it is in your mind, and so you’re really setting yourself up for failure.

The life and the struggles within the female body.

This piece was created to emphasise the vibrancy and the heightened emotions which can be expressed through the body. I love the great mix of colours, along with the cracked plaster which plays on the different ideas of emotion and personality.

I have used wire within this example as I wanted to emphasise how a person can be high wired and full of life and then in contrast…..the way one needs to re-charge their batteries to gain energy once more. This is what this particular example is highlighting……the various contrasting moments within life…so looking at the great highs and lows which we all face.

At this stage in my development I am really looking to experiment as much as possible with my materials. I would like to continue to really think about materiality……going forward I would like to look at new and unusual materials to suggest my concepts, along with perhaps starting to think of ways to present the 3-dimantional body which could give my sculptures more presence and a greater sense of human life.

Fact for Founders #2

Yes right it is that moment – we have to make the decision which business idea we want to bring to life. So here is another lesson we want to share with you: In times of inspiration, creativity and weighty decisions cut your wings loose and meet off set.

That´s why we decided to meet at “Café da Garagem” to reevaluate each of our top ideas, exchange recent thoughts and challenges. We also took into consideration that there was already a previous Lean Entrepreneurship group that tried to develop our first idea “LunchMe” in the Portuguese market. I can tell you each of us had his preference or was influence by other peoples’ thoughts and feelings when hearing about the concepts. Consequently, it always takes some time to discuss, think and reform the idea – but it is worth that time so don´t make the easy mistake of running into the first best off idea.

You can take our example: Now we are really happy and passionate about putting all our effort into the next steps. Finally we did not just only took one of our three ideas, but rather redefined our idea of a food box in a new contextual frame: We will create a WORLD FOOD BOX delivering selected country specific meal kits with corresponding receipts and ingredients directly to customer homes on monthly basis.

Rights now this topic of food boxes heating up the markets as e.g. HelloFresh, Rocket Internet’s Berlin-based food delivery start-up raised $85m in a funding round Series F that valued the business at $2.6bn last year just before they planned to go public. According to Euromonitor International, the global market for food is much bigger than fashion, showing the big potential for ecommerce. Global sales for clothing and footwear were worth $1.7tn in 2014 whereas for food it was $2.6tn.

Herewith, proudly unveiling our first secret about our business idea, we are curious about completing the mystery while announcing the name this weekend!

So stay tuned and keep on following our blog.



BTW: Always njoy the time with your team - even though it is raining ;)

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Start to think about what you like, so you will find ambitions and aspirations! You like what youre studying, for sure! And you like photography because youre on tumblr! And you like movies. What else? Maybe start taking photos or be creative, draw, write, do whatever you feel like...just give you ideas. To inspire you! And now think about that youre improving yourself for that special one youre going to meet and it will be perfect (so you have it all in together) xx

eh I try to, but at the moment I tend to get really frustrated with everything. I tried drawing the other day but got frustrated and snapped my pencil. And the other day I went on the playstation and ended up throwing and breaking my controller. I feel like I can’t handle things at the moment, but I keep trying what i enjoy though xx

Planning Outfits for Your Fancharacters


If you’re writing a fanfiction (or a story of any kind, really), it isn’t necessary to go into too much detail on your character’s appearance.  Of course you want to include some kind of description or conversation about what your character looks like so that the audience has a basic idea, however the moment you spend half a page writing about the colour of each stripe on their sweater and the details on their earrings, your audience will yawn.  You have to leave a little bit to the imagination.  Writers, please keep that in mind.

If you’re just designing a character for fun, or you want to write a supporting profile to show detail that you may not cover in your fanfiction, then it’s fine to worry about outfits.  You can really let your creativity thrive in this department, because there aren’t a lot of “rules” concerning outfits in One Piece… I would suggest though, that you keep the following ideas in mind.

  1. Is your character part of a group that wears a uniform?  I want to give special mention to the Heart Pirates here, because many many people create new characters for this group and don’t have them wearing the Heart Pirates uniform (or they wear a strange modified version of the uniform to be special).  Why would your character be insubordinate to the captain’s wishes, if the captain wants his crew to wear a uniform?  

    The same goes for characters in the marines, although it appears that higher ranking officers have more freedom concerning their clothing choices.  Lower ranking officers have a stricter uniform (not that I’ve seen many low ranking marine OCs, for some reason).  

    Think about both of these groups like this: if you joined the army, do you think they’d let you dye your uniform pink, or cut the sleeves off, or add a lot of pockets, just because you wanted to or because the unit leader is your friend?  I highly doubt you would get away with it!  So pay attention to canon regarding what is allowed in the dress code and what is not when creating a character that is part of a group that wears uniforms.

  2. Is your character going to be doing a lot of fighting?  Does their outfit allow for the ease of movement required in their given type of combat?  For example, if your character is a sharpshooter, it may be alright to give them a more elaborate outfit because they don’t have to move around a lot (see Van Auger of the Blackbeard pirates - his cape would be a huge hinderance in hand to hand combat or in a sword fight).  However if your character fights like Luffy does, why would you dress them in victorian style skirts?  Sometimes, One Piece is absurd, but don’t let a character’s outfit become so absurd for their situation that it becomes unbelievable that they would wear such a thing while fighting.

  3. There are winter/summer/autumn/spring islands in One Piece, so dress your character for the weather!  Unless they are literally Franky, they won’t be wearing a bikini top and swim shorts on a winter island.

  4. If you want to appear really astute, perhaps add influence from your character’s home territory to their choice of clothing!  Notice that a lot of characters native to North Blue wear a little bit of fur (Sarquiss, Basil Hawkins, X Drake, Trafalgar Law), a lot of characters native to South Blue wear obnoxious prints (Franky, Jewelry Bonnney, Kid, Killer).  It’s not absolutely necessary to follow these patterns, because they aren’t universally applicable, but it might add a nice touch to your character, especially if they strongly affiliate themselves with their home sea.

In general, try to think about what groups your character is trying to fit into when considering what they will wear.  Clothes serve two basic purposes, one being functional (protect the body, keep it temperate, carry objects), and the other being social (indicate the wearer as a member of a certain group, help a person blend in or stand out in a crowd).  If you remember these points, your character will be dressing well in no time!

Self employed

What does it really mean to be self employed?? I’ve been pondering that lately as I’ve tried to occupy myself with seemingly important tasks at least 3 days a week, trying not to do Laundry and washing up, or sleeping in, but instead working on tasks that will hopefully become the building blocks of my business. But so far, self employed just feels like a whole lot of debt. Or not debt, just expense. So much purchasing and very little selling is going on.. And the stress of it all seems to have dried up my creativity.. After reading some biographies last year I became inspired to start something of my own and work hard at making my dreams a reality- I just kind of wish there was someone who was saying, “here are the six steps to success” because at the moment it feels like a bit of a scramble… I am learning to take other people’s ideas on board a little more though, my cousin Nic is a bit of a marketing genius, which I suppose I’d always known but never realised, and I have wonderful friends with words of encouragement or other artists trying to help with tricky questions, but it just seems like something I need to do myself, and decisions I need to make on my own, which is hard becaus then they’ll also be my own mistakes..

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the day when being self employed means I can actually make some money rather than just spend money..

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Oh man, your tumblr is beautiful. Wow. Sleepover question: what's your favorite fanfiction idea that you haven't written or read yet?

Aww, thank you so much <33

I am not creative at all! But what fanfic HASN’T already been written? I think you can pretty much find one about anything. If you look hard enough.

That was a good question, though this was not a good answer. To be honest, I don’t really read a lot of fanfics at the moment. There are so many bad ones, that I don’t really have the patience to find a good one where grammar and story build doesn’t bother me. x)