• Me: It's okay to be unsure of your gender/sexuality!!1! It's totally cool to be figuring yourself out!
  • Me @ me: except you bc u need to get ur stuff together and figure out what the heck u are right now immediately
Tumblr did this to me
  • Me: oh wow the girl who plays Lena Luthor looks so evil, I don't really like her she's intimidating. For sho she's evil.
  • Tumblr: Supercorps? Karlena?
  • Me: okay the memes, fanart and fics are cute.
  • Tumblr: *Katie McGrath*
  • Me: ah she looks evil but there's something about her
  • Tumblr: *more Katie McGrath*
  • Me: On a second thought, she's not that bad, she's kinda..hot
  • Tumblr: *more and more and more Katie McGrath*
  • Me: Okayy yes she is beautiful and awesome
  • Tumblr: *never ending gifs, interview, picture and memes of Katie McGrath*
  • Tumblr: Good girl *pats me on the head*
Baby Jim - Part 3

Part 3!! I have never written Winona kirk before, but this is how i pictured her after George kirk died


You wake up to the sound of a child giggling, and the unmistakable laughter of your husband.

“Look, Jimmy. Y/N’s finally gonna wake up” Len stage whispered.

You throw a pillow in the general direction that Len’s voice was coming from. “Shh, I don’ ‘ve t’ work today” you mumble.

“Ya gotta wake up!! We gotta go get breakfast! I’m hungry!” Jim yelled, jumping on the bed

You reach out blindly and grab Jim by his ankle, you drag Jim under the covers with you, tickling him. Len yanked the covers off of you both, Jim squealed happily and both boys turned on you, tickling you mercilessly. You shriek, trying to get away and let out a yelp when you fall right off the side of the bed.

“Y/N!!” Jim cried

“I’m alright, just a little bump” You stand up and stretch, “I’m gonna get dressed and then we can go to the mess”

By the time you and Jim get to the mess, Alpha shift had already started so it was pretty much empty. Len had gone to the science labs to see how far they were in finding the cure, and then he was going to see if Winona had received Spock’s message.

“What do you want this morning?”


Jim seemed to be coming out of his shell a lot more today, he was acting a lot more like a happy 4 old. Jim was talking about everything that came to mind. He talked about the farm, about space, and about brother, but he immediately clammed up whenever his mother or Frank was brought up.

Spock was the one who came to get you when the transmission from Winona came in.

“Commander Winona Kirk would like to speak to the Captain”

You nod, reaching out to take Jim’s hand, he had been teaching you how to play chess, “We are gonna talk to your mom, Jimmy”

Jim looks up at you confused, “Mommy wants to talk to me? But she’s on her Starship!”

You smile sadly, “She is. She sent a transmission, like a video call from her ship to ours. It makes it so we can talk to each other”

The two of you follow Spock to Observation Deck two, where he pulls up a screen with Winona’s face on it. Jim smiles at his mother, “Hi mommy!”

“James, what did I will you to call me while I am in uniform” Winona snaps, her eyes cold and unforgiving

“Sorry, Commander Kirk” Jim mumbled, he had only been talking to his mother for two minutes and the little boy already looked close to tears

You can’t help but nudge Jim over and bring the Commanders attention to you, “Hello, Commander. As you can see Jimmy has been turned into a 4 year old child. He has no memories of anything before this age. Our science team is working on returning the Captain to his rightful age, and our Communications officer is planet-side, working with the planets ambassador”

Her cold eyes locked with yours, “While that is all well and good, a Starfleet Flagship is no place for a child. While the Enterprise is searching for the cure, James should return to Earth. I have someone there who can …”

“Yeah, Frank” you snarl

“Has James told you about him?”

You turn around, gently pulling Jim into your lap, “He didn’t just tell me about him” You gently pull up Jim’s shirt, revealing the multicolored bruises that littered his torso, and the scar on his ribs from broken glass. “These are all from Frank! He abused your child but you were never on Earth long enough to notice!”

Winona lip curled into a sneer, “James was a difficult child, sometimes Frank would have to discipline the boy”

You can feel your hands start to shake, and you are unable to form words. Fortunately Jim beats you to the punch, “You know that he hurts me? You didn’t tell him to stop?”

Winona opened her mouth again, but this time you cut her off, “I think that’s enough talking for now. Thankfully I have had this conversation recorded and you have just admitted to knowing about the abuse of a child without informing authorities. According to regulations that means that you have been relieved of your rights as guardian and they have gone to his preceding medical official, who is me. Thank you for your time Commander, Jimmy and I will take our leave”

You reach over and turn off the transmission, Spock sits up straighter, “I apologize. I did not realize the extent of the traumas that plagued the Captain’s childhood”

Standing up you lift Jim into your arms, “I know you weren’t. That’s why I was so angry at you for reporting him to begin with.”

You and Jim head down to Sickbay where you are finally able to use the dermal regenerator on all of the bruises. You had wanted to show Winona, in hopes to keep Jim away from Frank, only to find out that she had known all long. The only good thing was that Jim wouldn’t be going back to Frank, once you sent the video to the Admirals, they would have no choice but to relieve Winona of her guardianship.

“All done, sweetheart!”

Jim sniffles, reaching out for you again, wanting to be picked up, “’m sleepy, Y/N. Will you take a nap with me?”

You tuck Jim’s head underneath your chin, “Yeah, sweetheart, I’ll take a nap with you. We can take a quick nap before lunch, and then we can eat with Bones”

Jim nodded sleepily, yawning quietly, “I really want to stay with you. I don’t want mommy to send me back to Frank. Mommy doesn’t love me like you do”

“You’re alright, sweetheart. You will stay with me if I have anything to say about it”

You gently lay Jim down on the bed, tucking him into your side, Jim nuzzles into you sleepily. He looks so innocent when he is tired, when he feels safe enough to sleep.

“I wish you were my mommy instead of Commander Kirk” Jim mumbles sleepily

“I do too, Jimmy. I do too”

You watch as Jim falls asleep, peaceful in your arms. You don’t know how anyone could possible hurt him, he loves so deeply, and he is so beautifully innocent that all you want to do is protect him.

“I love you, Jimmy. I promise that no one will hurt you anymore, not if I can help it”

You know that Winona will put up a fight, and she won’t do it because she cares about Jim, she will do it to hurt you and the rest of the Enterprise crew. You also know that every single member of the crew will fight with you to keep Jim away from that woman. Jim would be loved this time around, he had an entire family to take care of him now.

wee-dog-willis  asked:

I feel as if I am like I'm a rarity among your followers in that I really don't like Sugar. Like, her design is cool but virtually everything you posted makes her seem like just the most impossibly unpleasant creature. Why do you think she seems to have become your most popular character when you seem to be deliberately making her as unlikable as possible?

Hey look, you’re speaking sense!

That is largely the point of her character. The signs are there, but people fall for her anyways. Not to mention, as far as fiction goes, being horrible can be attractive to people!

She’s apologetically cruel, but as long as people find her attractive, she doesn’t care. Her ego is too far ingrained into her.

anonymous asked:

Hey I messaged you a few months ago (February?) saying that Taylor was straight and we got into an argument and I wanna say sorry for that i've read more of you guys blogs and now that this Joe thing has started i'm 99% sure Taylor is gay. It's really put me off her not because i'm homophobic or anything but I really don't like how her career and songs and personality are basically a total lie, how do you guys know this and still like her?

Hey! I love love love getting messages like this… I’m super glad you kept an open mind and figured it all out for yourself. I am not here to force people into believing what we say, but when people open their eyes and do their own research, it’s pretty magical how quickly they agree with us. 

So as for the “how do we still like her” part, I’d say, personally it’s not that hard. I don’t see it as her lying.. Just as I would never think of a friend who was in the closet as lying to me. She is a young woman who has grown up in an EXTREMELY homophobic industry (especially in country music where she started). You have to understand that if she had been open about her sexuality from the beginning, you would not know who Taylor Swift is. I can guarantee you that if she had been an openly gay/bi woman in her country beginnings she would have been shunned from country music and would never have gained any popularity.  So by that point, she had a reputation to keep up, she needed to continue the facade. When she moved from country to pop, she had gained a HUGE fanbase… made of mainly young, straight (and somewhat conservative) girls. I am super glad that you (and many others) would be 100% okay with her coming out, but you have to understand that at this point many of her fanbase would be outraged at her coming out. She would potentially lose a lot of fans over this, and while I personally believe it would help her overall image, it would be a giant risk for her to come out. 

She isn’t lying to you. You need to shake the idea that she is somehow breaking your trust by staying in the closet. I can guarentee that 98% of “celebrity couples” that you see in magazines ARE FAKE. PR relationships are the status quo for celebrity culture and have been for decades. Taylor is doing the exact same thing as 98% of today’s celebrities and is trying to protect herself from getting hurt by the awful homophobes that are still so prevalent in our culture. 

Don’t think of her lying, if you look close enough in her songs and performances, she throwing us all little winks and acknowledging the fact that we know. Take a listen to I Know Places or Wonderland… she is telling you very clearly ;)

anonymous asked:

Everybody's complaining bout Boruto and whatever (not a fan of him neither) but what's so great bout Sarada, really? I don't like her in the movie or any of the manga, be it personality or design. She kinda reminds me of a Sakura part 1 level of annoyance, but not for the same reasons as why Sakura was annoying in part 1, for different reasons. Could you explain what people like so much about her? Outside of the daddy issues I beg you

You’ve come to the right place. I can’t speak to why everyone likes her, just to why I like her. 

Most of the new gen kids are more or less clones of their parents (or at least they were until the anime started fleshing them out a little bit) and many people feel Sarada breaks that mold. She has her own distinct personality which takes bits and pieces from her parents but also contains aspects that are uniquely her. I don’t know why you feel she’s Part 1 Sakura levels annoying as she basically has none of the same tendencies (obsessing over a boy, violent outbursts of anger, overly emotional, etc). She actually behaves in a way almost antithetical to that in that she’s not forced to revolve around a male character (yet at least……I’m looking at you Boruto) and is incredibly capable and level headed for someone of her age. That said, I don’t actually find Part 1 Sakura annoying when she’s allowed to be her own character outside of Sasuke, but that’s another story. It might help if you specified what specifically about her you find annoying? 

Then there’s also the fact that Gaiden kind of made me love her because she’s like…..the shining example of Deserved Better™. I know you said “outside of daddy issues” but it’s impossible to separate the two because that does play a big role in why people like her so much. She’s this child who has been raised her entire life without a father figure and clearly craves paternal attention, which is why she idolizes Naruto so much after he gives it to her. There’s something very sympathetic about her character in that she is at her core a young girl searching for validation despite her monstrous strength and nearly unmatched physical abilities. Watching her character develop gives me the same feeling I had seeing the original chunin exams and cheering for the Konoha 12. She has so much potential and I just want her to do well and thrive. Granted, the anime and manga are gonna have ample opportunity to fuck up her characterization so that bomb is probably fast approaching, but for now I’m really gunning for her. 

There’s also just the fundamental fact that I prefer her to Boruto. I know you don’t technically have to ~choose~ but seeing as the main character of the new gen was only EVER going to be Boruto or Sarada, I would have highly preferred the latter. I find Sarada’s struggles and backstory so much more interesting than Boruto’s forced conflict with Naruto and the movie did nothing to improve my opinion of him. Sarada is the only Uchiha born after the massacre and I’d love to see her navigate that situation and come to an understanding about what happened (and actually be the one to redeem her clan since Sasuke’s clearly not gonna do it). I mean we just had a 700 chapter long story about an impulsive blue eyed blonde with a knack for getting into trouble, lets switch it the fuck up. In general I’m really partial to female naruto characters because they literally ALWAYS get the short end of the stick so when Kishi finally throws me a fuckin bone with a talented, rational, realistic young girl you bet your ass I’m gonna root for her all the way. She also drug sasuke into oblivion during Gaiden which vindicated me in a way I don’t think anyone is capable of fully understanding. 

Anyway idk, it’s 3:37am and I’m pretty sure I have the flu. Conclusion: I love Sarada Uchiha. 

A little idea for Jirou, this time:

Headcanon that Jirou’s quirk, Earphone Jack, allows her to catch the sound of a person’s heartbeat if she stands close enough to that person. On top of that, her hearing is that advanced that she can hear the rhythm of the heartbeat – for her, no heart sounds the same. There are slight, miniscule differences between each and every rhythm. Jirou sometimes even believes that the rhythm has something to do with the person’s character, but she is not so sure about that, since her powers are not (yet) that developed.

Leaving that aside, there is still one thing – Jirou loves the different rhythm and styles of the heartbeats she gets to hear. And, though she doesn’t tell them, she composes music based on the heartbeats of her classmates and teachers. Living together with them at the dorms has given her plenty of time to listen to their heartbeats, and each one is unique and beautiful in its own way. She can’t help it, she just starts composing a song based of those heartbeats.

She’s not finished yet, since expressing over twenty rhythms in one single song is not that easy, but she’s working on it whenever she has some free time.

And, just perhaps, she will play the song for her classmates and teachers once she’s finished. She’s pretty sure they will like it when they hear the meaning behind it.