Varric Tethras Romance Headcannons.

1- Varric is extremely loyal (obviously because of how he’s stayed loyal to both his friends and Bianca)

2- Bianca was his first reall love. Yeah, he’s been with women but she was his first love, which is why he dosnt want to loose that. It’s been too long and she means too much.

3- He wants to love other people (possibly f! Hawk or inquisitor ) but he can’t do that when he’s with Bianca. It would hurt Bianca and whoever he loves.

4- After the incedent with Bianca in DA:I he is starting to let go. She married and she has to move on and so dose he, but unless she breaks it off he has to be pretty deep for someone to call it off.

5- He likes being the little spoon, also the big spoon, he just loves being snuggled in bed in general.

6- He’s not afraid of public display of affection but he will still be a gentleman about it. Holding hands, hugs, foarhead / cheek kisses only.

7- God help you if you hurt his LI.

8- he’s a writer. He can explain your appearance in great detail but that’s not the part of you he falls in love with. He will sooner date the homely lady with the nice laugh and big heart than the woman with the big boobs.

9- One night stands, sure! Friends with benefits. .. no.

10- Secretly a family man.