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Dear USWNT Fandom,

(Bandwagoners this is for you too!) 

See this little precious soul right here?

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Miss Christen Annemarie Press did nothing wrong today.

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Same for the rest of that beautiful team.

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So back off of the hate and criticism. Send them some love. Chill TF out.

PS: I don’t even know how to make a damn gif. Credit goes elsewhere.

Dan had filled up my dash for about two days straight and I’m missing my Philly so here’s some gifs (yes I'be done this twice already, I just really love him okay?)

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Also I know their is less gifs than usual but I’m on my phone not my computer and it makes getting gifs way more annoying sooooooo yeah.
I’ll Show You Crazy Pt. 3

There was another request saying, “I’ll Show u crazy part 3 plz!!!!” But I forgot to screenshot it

Part 1     Part 2

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Words: 1,456

“So tell me, Miss J,” Some strange, crazy man asks, “What makes Mister J oh so interested in you?” He breathes in my face.

I scrunch my face in disgust as I try to turn my head away from him, but failing to do so because of the restraints I’m in. I shake in my head-to-toe metal shackles, the feeling of claustrophobia come in. If there’s one thing I’m afraid of, it’s feeling claustrophobic. But to show my strength, I hide it well. I show no fear.

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As the other first years were being sorted, Hoya was barely paying attention; he was too busy joking around with his new friend Dongwoo, whom he’d just met on the Hogwarts Express, so he completely missed his name being called. “Lee Howon!” the professor called again, a bit annoyed, and Dongwoo pushed Hoya to the front. “Gryffindor!” the Sorting Hat shouted to the rest of the school, and Hoya walked to his table, high-fiving Dongwoo on the way.

Who will be sorted tomorrow?

See all Infinite at Hogwarts paintings here!

(I will upload the full set in high quality jpgs once I’ve revealed everyone, but I saw these as animations so I just had to make gifs first! Or you can find the jpgs on my twitter)



So, I sort of learnt how to make gif today…

This is something I’ve wanted to do for some time: a one line collection of the five main characters who have appeared in the finales of every season (Savoureux, Mizumono, The Wrath of the Lamb)

My small contribution to our tWotL anniversary

a static version with better quality


Just because I miss Jooheon’s thicker thighs.

Honestly, the thing I’m going to miss most about scream is the fandom, I mean how many fandoms make perfect gif sets 15 minutes after the episode is finished airing, or comes up with flawless killer theories and head cannons in 12 seconds flat, what other fandom do you just get random messages from your followers asking for theories and get like 100 notes on posts you barely spent any time on 

I am in a lot of fandoms and I don’t say this lightly, MTV scream is by far the best one, and to all my followers and people I follow I am going to miss you so much

Okay, so I just recently saw this gif of Hunk comparing himself to the Paladin suit once again:

And it makes me wonder, since in the next shot we see he fits perfectly. Is Altean clothing super stretchy? Did we miss a shot where they had to modify the suit? Or does Altean clothing like that of this suit fit everyone?

Because if we went with the latter of one size fits all, wouldn’t it be interesting to see Hunk in Allura’s dress? Or any of the other Paladin’s for that matter? Just one day they get bored and decide to raid the royal closet before putting on a little fashion show of them all in differing outfits and dresses and suits that work for all of them? (And no one feels bad because the clothes didn’t fit them).

NCT U reaction when you arrived at the airport

A/N: My first gif reaction *yeahhh* 

Imagine: You have been in a LDR ( long distance relationship) and finally you can visit him ^^


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Flustered af. He will smile and look at the ground because he don’t know what to say. “ I missed you so much…” 

Both of you will have a greet time. He will tell you some silly jokes and makes you laugh 24/7


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“ Hello baby!!!”

I think because his parents are in Thailand he is fimaliar with picking up people at the airport. However he still would be really happy to see you and act cute like always ^^ He would be the gentleman he is and take your suitcase 


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“ OMMMGGG Y/N!!!! *wave and scream like an idiot* You looked so beauuttifull…Damn…you grew that much ”  “ I’m wearing heels Jaehyun -.-”

 He would be so exited because you have been in America for 4 years….that’s why you are finally here  #sorry not sorry

His reaction would be so cute that you literally would leave your suitcase there and jump into his arms. 


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Okay this dude would made a specially event XD Like buying flowers and arrived 3 hours before bcuz he was so exited and couldn’t sleep . His cheeks will rise like the sun and his bunny smile will show up 


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This boy OMG he would look at you with that puppy eyes * that are killing me right now >.


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Taeil’s feelings would be a mess xD He would be really shy and glance at you the whole time and don’t know what to say…simply bcuz he is so happy that you are finally here xD ( Imagine you were Taeyong and give him a hug XD *bamn…new lovestory’

sun and moon memes so far

no one wants to loose the incredible and bizarre memes/discourse created while waiting for the newest games, so why not make a list? ((feel free to add whatever I’ve missed))

- where is pokemon Z/goodbye pokemon Z + sad zygarde memes

-sun and moon symbols look just like FE: Fates symbols

-sun and moon? sinnoh confirmed

-litten is pretty lit

-popplio hate vs. popplio defense squad

-rowlet head turning gif

-is kukui or hala the professor discourse

-kukui is not following lab safety rules

- hau’s “chicken skin” line

-lillie is evil + the devours books line

-who is kukui married to??!

-how is the sun weak to fire?!

-set fire to the sun/steal the moon

-protag’s awkward run cycle

-charjabug is a battery

-killer bear

-mimikyu is bootleg pikachu + protect mimikyu

-alolan exeggutor

- alolan sandslash is sonic

- I can’t believe they made meowth gay

- Alolan raichu + fluffy pancakes

-It’s ya boy, Guzma

Markiplier Imagine

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Imagine Mark making a little blog and mentioning how much he misses you while you are away visiting your family.

Mark: Yeah… So lately I have been a little lonely… *gif* Y/N is back in her home state with her family… (talking dramatically) These llama’s don’t fill the void in my heart while my love is away… What am I to do?? 

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Genos is home! Saitama serve him tea and hug him because he's be gone for a while having repairs and upgrades and he probably missed you a lot, and you have been going through a lot having the apartment you shared so many good memories with Genos and making it a home, wrecked. Hug him, make him a favorite dinner, watch some silly movie you both can make fun of and then go to sleep next to eachother in your futons. Because you can finally start filling this new place with new happy memories.

F-finaly start filling this new place with happy memories…..!!!!!!

I really want them to make this new apartment their home again… (No doubt that started with Saitama hearing a muffled ‘Sensei!’ through the door instead of the sound of his new neighbors barging in like they had been ///

Saitama apologizing about what happened to the old apartment, but showing Genos all the new stuff he got for him to come back like new futons and lots of new notebooks (although Genos does have back ups at Kuseno’s lab but still appreciates it very much) and an apron for him…

That evening he gets out the hot pot because every time Genos is away for repairs, he misses having dinner with him ///// (Let’s Genos add all his favorites to it as a welcome home //)

Genos pulling up the news on his phone so they can change the TV to some silly movie like you said….

Genos wondering if Saitama’s going to spend a while looking at his new parts but whenever he looks up, he only finds Saitama smiling at him a little /////

Saitama noticing that the vague tension from moving into this new place is easily forgotten now that Genos is back….

Genos looking around this new apartment for the first time to get used to it, but then looking back at Saitama and feeling like he’s lived there the whole time ///

Welcome home, Genos………////

Compilation of Jealous (or questionable) Jinkook  moments 

for anon =]  (I know I am missing some, so will update it as I find.)

Is Jin uptight about the jikook touching? X (pics and a gif in reply)

Jin says he’s jealous (though can’t be 100% sure if it’s about JK or Minwoo) X

Taekook skinship..Jin’s face: X

THIS GOLDEN MOMENT - The look that JK gives when Tae touches Jin…OMFG - X  and X

JK pulls Jin closer (Bangtan’s making video)  screenies: X

Okay this moment is too cute not to add lol: X

Perhaps some sorta jealous Jin?  I saw him thinking 1. Hobi, you should give Kookie back his flag. 2. Jimin fawning over Jungkook - a tad jealous Jin? - X

Jungkook looked a little put off at Taejin’s touchy moment. - X

Look at Jungkook’s face - a lot of people say this is a jikook moment, but he’s looking at Jin - you can see when you follow his eyes when he went from seeing what Jimin was doing to looking at Jin - X and X

You think JK is jealous of these  2seok moment? X    Jinmin? X 

Taejin/2Seok? - X    Yoonjin? - X 

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Yoooo momo-chan! I came here as a normal viewer of your blog (lol wat) so you betta do some really cute gif of us, cuz if not, I really don't know what to do with my life, you silly 💞 Love you! 💓 And just to make things clear to all of you, I'm offically her wifeu. xoxo

XUXU! <3 Here u go Dork :B Hope u like it tho.

And babe…please //blush// Our relationship was supose to be secret… <//< ;^* Miss´yah <3