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prompt #2: “you said what to your teacher?”

a/n: ah i need to write my hamwriters write-a-thon fics so badly, but i’m taking a small break and writing this instead oops


Phillip saw nothing but red as he stormed his way to your place, his footsteps pounding against the cobblestone roads in a flurry of noise. He knew you were the only one who would understand his actions. 

His friends saw it as foolish, his parents saw it as embarrassing, and he made a fool of himself in front of his whole Literature class.

He was making his father proud not humiliating his family’s legacy, right?

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Lena is from the local air force army and Amelie is a tightrope performer. Lena is waiting for her next employment in the same town Amelie was performing for a week. They fell in love, but circumstances make them hard to last. 

Very obviously inspired from Slipstream and Odette skins. 

ultimateinventorirumamiu  asked:

// *spams with questions, oops sorry* What made you like Rantarou?? ;0

// I actually didn’t like Rantarou that much before *surprise* When I started an ask blog, I wanted to do Saihara, but he was already taken. Same with Ouma.

So I was kinda like “Okay, fuck it” and created one for Amami instead. I still don’t like him as much as Saihara, but damn I’d tap it.

Real (Rick Grimes Imagine)

imagine: you are separated from Rick after the prison is attacked. you manage to get to Alexandria before them and try not to get your hopes up over the arrival of a new group; but could it be them? (1981 words)

request: could you do a Rick imagine where you and your boyfriend Rick, get split up after the prison gets taken over and you hadn’t gone to terminus but instead you had made your way to Alexandria before everyone. Then one day you hear about a large group coming in and you are doubtful that it’s your group so you don’t leave your house. Deanna invites you to the party and you say yes and encounter your group there and soon find Rick. (Could there be lots of fluff and if you want to smut?) thank you! 

i hope you like this because i enjoyed writing it!! it’s pretty long, i got kinda carried away and rick ain’t even in half of it oops :)) he’s worth waiting for though i promise! ps if your name is allison just add another name in where it says it hahaha - georgia

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I awoke suddenly from a scarily realistic dream that summarised the most recent weeks of my life; the prison being destroyed, Hershel’s death, being separated from by group, living alone in the woods, walker attacks.

Since arriving in Alexandria, I’d found myself barely able to sleep at all, despite the luxurious comfort of a real bed. Although I knew I was safe and I couldn’t deny the softness of the sheets engulfing me, my mind kept me wide awake and tortured me with terrifying thoughts. I spent the nights tossing and turning in a constant state of fear; I couldn’t let myself relax when the fate of my group was unbeknownst to me. Where were Michonne, Daryl, Carol, Maggie, Glenn, Carl, Judith and everyone else? And most desperately, where was Rick? I was desperate to know whether he and the rest of my family were alive and unharmed.

So when I dragged myself out of my cocoon of comfortable nightmares at 7am, I expected to go about my usual routine that I had adapted a week ago. My day usually consisted of forcing myself to eat, helping out as much as I could and trying not to think about my group. Of course, the last part never worked.

I was making myself a slice of toast when I heard a knock at my door. Deanna had kindly allocated me a small house all to myself, as I was clearly not in the right state of mind to be in frequent company. I still looked around the kitchen in surprise at the unexpected visitor, half expecting someone else to answer it. The only contact I’d had with the other residents of Alexandria had been when I’d ventured outside of the house and I felt unnerved at the idea of someone entering my space.

Placing the food back on my plate, I smoothed my hair ever so slightly and headed across the room to open the door. Deanna stood on the doorstep, looking slightly sheepish. I’d noticed that a lot of people seemed nervous to talk to me and assumed it was due to my constant red eyes and messy appearance. 

“Oh. Hello,” I mumbled, attempting a small smile in Deanna’s direction. It took a lot, but the gesture was well received and she visibly relaxed. “Do you need help with something?”

“Good morning, Allison,” I almost let a confused expression cross my face before remembering I hadn’t told anyone here my real name. Just a precaution. “No, sorry to interrupt you, I know it’s earlier than you usually join us… but I just wanted to let you know that a large group arrived this morning. I thought - well, I thought you might want to know.”

I narrowed my eyes at her, wondering why she’d tell me this. I wasn’t naive enough to believe that my group could’ve made their way to the same place as me by pure coincidence. I nodded slowly.

“Okay. Who are they?”

“Big group. Leader is a man in his 40s with a big beard, seems to have two kids and a wife with him. About 10 others, too.”

I closed my eyes for a moment and sighed deeply. Despite this new group’s similarities to my own, our “leader” had no wife, no beard and I found myself highly doubting that so many of my friends had survived and stuck together for this long. I looked at Deanna and saw my distress reflected on her face; from what I’d seen, she was a genuinely compassionate woman. I’d even considered telling her my real name once or twice.

“Not mine. Sound nice, though. Would it be okay if I had a day off today? I’ve been feeling rough.” Although I posed this as a question, my harsh tone implied that I wasn’t planning on taking no for an answer. Deanna looked into my eyes and I knew she could tell how exhausted I was, both physically and mentally. She placed her delicate hand gently on my arm.

“Of course. I think you need it.” I smiled gratefully before turning away from her and shutting the door behind me, sliding down against the cold wood until I was sat on the floor with my knees to my chest.

I waited until the sound of Deanna’s footsteps subsided before allowing myself to break down. 

The day passed in a blur of tears and disorientated numbness and before I knew it, the night had come and gone. I was snapped into reality by pain and noises of hunger coming from my stomach; I laughed dryly at the realisation I hadn’t eaten or drank anything in over 24 hours. Pulling myself up from the floor next to my sofa, I padded into the kitchen to grab an apple and a bottle of water before returning to the sofa, where I resolved to stay all day.

However, this plan was interrupted a few hours later by yet another visitor; judging by the abrupt knocking that matched the rhythm of yesterday’s, Deanna had come to check up on me. Once again, I opened the door to see Alexandria’s leader facing me, looking less worried than she did yesterday.

“I just came to tell you that we’re throwing a party tonight to introduce the newcomers to the oldcomers,” Deanna chirped, seeming pleased at her idea. “I’d really love it if you came. Even just for a little while.”

“Oh, I don’t know -” I began but she didn’t let me finish.

“Please. You need to make some friends. It’ll be fun,” she promised before turning on her heel and walking away without a goodbye. I guess I had no choice. I slammed my door, hoping she would hear it and appreciate my frustration. Secretly, I knew I needed to leave my house and have a real conversation with real people. It was time to accept that I wouldn’t see my group again and I needed to integrate with this new group in order to survive.

Only slightly reluctantly, I took a long bath and attempted to rid my skin of its built up dirt and scabs. I even went so far as to wash and dry my hair, feeling as though I barely recognised the person in the mirror. 

Deciding that if I was going to make the effort to turn up at the ridiculous party, I might as well wear something reasonably presentable, I searched the wardrobe in my bedroom. A few of the women of Alexandria had kindly donated a few items of clothing, yet I was only just changing out of the t-shirt and jeans that I’d arrived in. I stared at the pile of filthy clothes on the floor and spontaneously threw them in the bin, disgusted at my lack of hygiene. I chose a simple blue dress out of the selection before me and slipped on some plain black boots. 

I looked in the mirror and felt as though something was missing; I almost cried out in shock when I realised what it was. The necklace that usually hung around my neck wasn’t there. Frantically, I searched the room, including under my bed sheets and in the bath. I ran downstairs and felt relief flood through my as I spotted a glint of light reflecting on the kitchen surface. I quickly put it on and admired its beauty, a simple thin chain with a small silver flower hanging from it. Rick had given it to me a month or so ago, 2 days before we’d been forced out of the prison. It was the day that we’d finally admitted how we felt about each other and Rick had told me that he’d been saving the gift for months, waiting for the right moment. It brought tears to my eyes to recall the memory, but I quickly wiped them away and walked out of my house without a second thought.

I entered Deanna and Reg’s house nervously, being greeted by several faces that I recognised. I found a comfortable corner to sit and drink in, occasionally engaging in polite small talk before awkward silence drove the person away. I mostly observed my new neighbours, most of which were dancing, drinking and laughing the night away. Feeling moved at their relaxed and happy nature, I couldn’t help but wish Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Carol and everyone else was there with me.

Just as that thought had crossed my mind, the front door opened and a large group of people entered the party. I took a double take and dropped my drink as I registered the identity of the first person to walk in. I quickly stood and made my way through the dancing crowd towards the man who was, unmistakably, Rick.

His eyes met mine and I froze in place in the middle of the room. Rick was holding Judith tightly in his arms and was dressed in a crisp white shirt; I barely recognised him so clean and smart. I was already crying before his lips even formed my name.

“(y/n)?” he croaked, striding towards me. 

“Rick,” I whispered as he pulled me into a bone-crushing hug with one arm. I couldn’t even summon the energy to hug him back, I just cried onto his shoulder and repeatedly whispered his name. “Is this real?” I questioned, unable to believe that a moment this perfect wasn’t a delusion.

Rick held me at arm’s length, tears in his piercing blue eyes, and nodded whilst caressing my hair. “It’s real. I’m here,” he smiled. I turned my attention to Judith and burst into a fresh set of tears, pressing gentle kisses all over her face and admiring how much she’d grown in these few weeks alone.

Suddenly I was surrounded; Carl was by my side and hugging me tightly before taking a crying Judith from their father. I was engulfed in a sea of hugs, tears, and exclamations of my name. A blur of faces passed before my eyes. All I cared about was that I was reunited with the most important people in my life and they were as happy to see me as I was them.

“I can’t believe you’re here,” I sobbed, looking around at all of them, my heart pounding with joy before fear crept in at the absence of some faces. “Beth?” I whispered to Maggie, who nodded solemnly. I tried to control my emotions and took in the rest of the group, my gaze falling on Sasha’s face. “And…” Sasha mouthed a confirmation before I could even speak Tyreese’s name. “I’m so sorry,” I mumbled.

Rick made his way towards me and hugged me again, both arms now free. He stroked my hair and my back simultaneously as I wrapped my arms around his waist. I breathed in his scent; shampoo and shower gel was an unfamiliar addition but underlying all this was the comforting smell of Rick. To me, this represented home. 

“I can’t believe you’re here,” I sighed, specifically to Rick this time. He squeezed me even tighter and I heard him stifle a sob.

“I can’t believe you’re here,” he repeated. “I thought you were…”

“Me too,” I laughed, pulling away to stare up at him in awe. “I was so scared.”

Rick placed his rough hands on my cheeks and brushed over my tearful eyes with his thumbs before leaning in to press an emotional and meaningful kiss to my lips. I was suddenly aware that we were not only surrounded by our group, but an entire party but I found myself unable to care. I kissed Rick back and wrapped my arms around his neck, ignoring the chuckles of our friends and the sarcastic “ewww”s from Carl. 

“This is real,” Rick whispered against my mouth before pulling me into his arms and off the floor, spinning me around as we laughed hysterically in pure joy. “And I love you.”

What I've Learned From Zodiac Posts
  • Aries: loud and adventurous. always doing stupid things that shouldn’t be done. usually hated or sm.

  • Taurus: food and daydreams. p chill.

  • Gemini: talks a lot. thinks other signs are stupid.

  • Cancer: crying? idk that’s in every single one of these things

  • Leo: thinks they’re perfect or sm. own a lot of mirrors.

  • Virgo: that one person you know is mean but they hide it so no one thinks so.

  • Libra: either perfect or changing every zodiac post bc ive never seen a single negative comment.

  • Scorpio: apparently terrible bc i rarely see positive comments. which sucks im sure you guys are cool.

  • Sagittarius: rly rude and perverted or sm?

  • Capricorn: super dark humor. creepy but also cool.

  • Aquarius: heck if I know this one changes with every post

  • Pisces: people expect you to be one thing and you’re not. It doesn’t matter what the thing is, you simultaneously are and aren’t the thing.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered these awards – the response was overwhelming! You made selecting winners very difficult, but I somehow managed to narrow it down. I’m so sorry if you didn’t win anything this time, but I can honestly say your blogs are fantastic and I have so much love for every single one of you! xx

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Storytime: I do a mix every year of all my favorite songs from the last year. It’s not always complete; sometimes it’s a bit of a challenge to get it all to “flow” so I have to leave one song out and add something else instead. This year’s last minute “flow” addition was “Miss Jackson” by Panic! at the Disco and it’s entirely because of toastyhat’s little Eridan/Feferi(/Sollux) story tribute in here.

I had to rewatch it all just now cause I wanted to remember those super-expressive faces with the audio. And then — oops! — the whole rest of the thing made me cry again. (I’ve been emotional lately. Note yesterday’s Kyon/Yuki spam, oops!)

Specific feelings to note when I watch this:

  • omg the drawing of karkat’s hate for his past selves. poor dear, I want to hug his prickly awkward penguin self.
  • (I have to remember the “Falling” sequence as a flashback for my John-Dave(sprite)-Jade fic that is actually in progress thanks to 15 mins of downtime and a fresh notebook yesterday)
  • no really I love when Feferi is shown as the manipulator rather than just the cheerleader fish pun princess. (goddamn but I love her anyway.) ♓️😈
  • 1:38 can anybody else just picture Eridan’s wand winding smoke trails right in time to the “heyyyy”? Ditto with Sollux’s charging-up mind sparks a few seconds later. (and do not think for one MOMENT I missed the little <3 that accompanied Sollux’s KO.) :D
  • Gamzee’s EARS at 2:18. perfect goat
  • “Arms Race” is so frickin perfect for A6A6. jake + singing hallelujah. aranea + smirk. dirk + literal death glare. terezi + scarf + asskicking. all the things that pair well.
  • I didn’t get Meulin/Kurloz until this dance. It’s so joyous! But I also just love how toasty draws Meulin/Dessie/Disciple’s happy eyes :3
  • psii’s face at 3:49 where he’s like “HOPE!” followed by “…oh god what am I thinking, I can’t have hope” is heartrending.
  • midnight crew clash: here’s the part where I opened a reblog window because I’m like “even though they won’t know what’s going on, all my friends need to see this”
  • I start crying right about 5:11: the combo of Dolorosa and the ♋️ shackles. Troll Jegus is the best Jegus.
  • oh god here come the beta guardians, and I always skip this one because it makes me so sad. Highlight: Davesprite + Bro going into battle and I’m wrecked…

Uh-oh, I was going to conclude with “you guys I just really like Homestuck and if you are unfamiliar with anything other than basic sprites you can watch this for a feel of how emotional it gets, and even if it shows a few specific deaths, you totally won’t remember who’s killed by the time you get there” and ended up just blathering. Hi.

(Thanks for drawing all of those feelings, Toasty, if you see this!)