And now for the sake of my sanity, I leave her in that gauzy half-light, nothing left but the last broken bits of a smile, or the flash of the eyes, the already-formed, yet stuck-on-the-lips, I lu..of an ‘i love you’. No matter how much I try for something real, it always ends up like this. Less than a dream, but too real to have been nothing.
—  A.S.

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“You need to rest.” [ flirtatiousrobotics :3c ]

My muse is sick, and won’t admit it. Send “You need to rest.” for their reaction.

★ “but i’m not tired…”

* Sans protested softly, rubbing his temple. He was tired, very tired. On top of that, he felt horrid. But of course, he tried to lie his way around that fact.

★ “plus i feel.. fine…”


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  • 《新不了情》

心若倦了 泪也干了
My heart feels tired  My tears have also dried
This deep feeling is hard to forget 
曾经拥有 天荒地老
We used to have all the time in the world
But now I haven’t seen you for many mornings and evenings

这一份情 永远难了
This love is forever difficult
I wish that in our next life we can hug again
爱一个人 如何厮守到老
When loving someone, how do you stay with them until old age?
How to face everything, I don’t know

When I look back, I can’t forget the painful yearning 
If you’re still here, you’ll still be able to move my heart
How do I love you?
Tonight you should understand
缘难了 情难了
We’re not fated, We’re not meant to love



We should have seen the signs….