Dissociating in a Public Bathroom Stall
  • Me: ...
  • Brain: ... I'm gonna do it.
  • Me: Please do not.
  • Brain: I gotta.
  • Me: You really don't.
  • Brain: Here it comes.
  • Me: Please, I'm already having an out-of-body experience right now, can we just chill for ONE---
  • Me: ... I hate you.

170630 Tao talking about Luhan 

translation of some of the parts:

1. 0:10
Tao: Lu-ge, are you watching me? I know you miss me a lot.
2. 0:29
MC: Beside talking about music, what do both of you usually talk about?
Tao: We will talk about our personal things. 
3. 0:43 
MC: Who usually pays the bill when both of you are out for dinner?
Tao: We don’t care about this. Sometimes he does, sometimes I do.
4. 1:34 
MC: Luhan is endorsing for King of Glory this year. If you and Luhan go against each other in the game, who do you think will play better?
Tao: When the game first released, I played few rounds with him and he killed me. Even so, since I’m a regular user of the game, if he wants to beat me, *inserts Tao shaking his head*
MC: Will you purposely lose to him?
Tao: Of course I would do that! Lu-ge is my brother, how can I not lose to him on purpose? Once the game starts, I would go ‘eh? what is this? I died!’ *inserts Tao’s laughter*
MC: Luhan may be thinking ‘You’re not on my level yet’
Tao: Yes, he probably think like this *inserts Tao’s laughter again* Okay, we are just joking, Lu-ge.

Unpopular Opinion about Cultural Appropriation in the Spirit Keeping Community

So here’s a popular belief: We should not work with spirits that are not a part of our own culture. Okay… I can understand that to an extent. Some cultures are very sacred, and we Americans are trademarked as being brash and… kind of unappreciative of what we have. But listen. Here’s the unpopular side.

We aren’t forbidden from working with spirits of other cultures. Am I forbidden for working with the Aztec goddess Xochiquetzal because I’m a Caucasian American? No, I’m not. After a year of enlightening work and meditation with her, I never felt like she was angry that I worked with her. In fact I felt that she was calling as my matron for some time before I even knew who she was. I work with many different culture spirits, and here’re my thoughts:

Cultural appropriation is really, really silly when it comes to the spirit world. Yes, it’s important for you to understand other cultures depending on what spirits you’re working with because you don’t want to offend them by giving them the wrong kind of offering or performing the wrong kind of ritual, but if you have the spirit’s permission to work with them, what’s the big deal? Besides, many of us have had past lives from different cultures, and we like to connect to our past life soulmates and previous friends. Cutting off ties with certain spirits because of their culture is not cultural appropriation IMO. It’s racism. It’s being SO careful about who you offend that you’re actually offending the spirit you’re trying NOT to. I hope that makes sense. You’re being overly careful here. If you call on a spirit and they say, “I don’t want to work with you because you’re a _____,” then thank them for their time and say goodbye. And DON’T WORK WITH THEM.

But if the spirit in question is completely fine with working with you, I think you would be doing DAMAGE to your relationship with them and offending them more if you said, “I can’t work with you because I’m a ______ and not a _______ of your culture.”

I’ve had Arab Djinn approach me in the past. Japanese Tanuki and Kitsune, Catholic Saints, Germanic Alps, Romanian Vampires, and Greek god messengers. I accept them all as friends or mentors, and I appreciate and respect their cultures. Unlike the popular opinion on Americans, I don’t take, take, take. I accept the spirit, appreciate their culture, and respect them.

…I’m gonna get so much hate for this. I just know it.


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Omg you should totally do a thread with that Mansey person sometime. They're like, totally amazing and cool and stuff. Don't know if you've heard of them but they're kind of a big deal - anon 😎

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Lu, I have no idea about highsnobiety. Is it really great for Louis and his career?

okay there’s like a bunch of you asking so. highsnobiety is a website established back in ‘05 by a sneaker enthusiast, it’s become a leading site for all streetwear lovers. it now has the details on all the newest collabs, features its own editorials, serves as a platform for recommendation as to the hottest drops, it even collabed w major brands on collections. it has a very, very loyal following and after they drop a shoot with louis, it’s gonna have a big impact on him as to how he’s perceived in terms of fashion and personal style. it’s so on point w his vibe right now and it’s such an awesome move.

here’s a few samples of the latest menswear shoots they did

EXO Reaction to Baekhyun accidentally getting in the shower with their GF because he thought she was an exo member

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“Tell me it did not happen… tell me you didn’t do the chopstick thing again… Baekhyun…. you did not…” *someone’s ready to kill*


“Baekhyun? No… no I haven’t heard from him in a while? Who knows… maybe he ran away… to another galaxy… I hope… for his own good” *Galaxy is not very happy*


*Processing the info* “He… saw… my… girl… naked… in… the… shower…” *Can’t quite understand yet* “I haven’t even done that myself!”


*Someone had to intervine before he killed Baek* “Suho this is not fair! Chopsticks should be forbidden in the dorm! I don’t want this to happen again! Wasn’t it enough with us?”


*At Baeks room* “Baekhyun… I’ve been waiting for you… we need to talk.. but first… you should know I burned all your eyeliner… to teach you a lesson”


“Baekhyun you can’t hide from me! I will find you! You will apologize for what you did! Come on Baekhyun! If you don’t come out and promise you won’t do it again, I won’t give you your favorite eyeliner back”


“This… this doesn’t look like Kyungsoo… no… oh no… oh no… I better run! Disappear for a few days… I’m so done… life is over” *No one hears from him in days*


“He. Did. Not! How dare him! And I thought he had potential to be manly! someone needs to teach him a lesson! I volunteer!” *Manly Lu is in action*


“Oh yeah.. wait what? You did what?! My girl? Shower? You thought… it was me? Consider yourself dead Baekhyun… and not by me… but her”


*If you thought Soo’s physical revenge was the worst thing that could happen to Baek… well you thought it wrong*


*Legend says this is how the Monster Arc started. From Unicorn to Monster… to save his girl’s dignity*


“Hahahahah so funny right? Always doing things like this. We’ll see if you’ll laugh the same when I ground you…. with no wifi for a month. No cellphone and definitely not my platinum credit card. Still funny right?”

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