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Do you believe that there is an age limit to great writing? I'm almost 16 and I started writing at the age of 4. I'm working on my first serious, non-school essay, (already almost) novel-length book and I love it. I've had two English teachers edit it and my aunt, an author herself, is also helping me. Lately, though, I've been getting told things like I'll look back on it later and laugh at myself. Should I give up? Thanks and sorry for the paragraph!

I have v strong feelings about this message.

Here is my short answer: Don’t give up, you are so obviously awesome it is crazy, and please learn to begin now disregarding everyone who tells you otherwise.

If I were at my mom’s house, I could take a photo of my sixth grade yearbook. Everyone was asked what they wanted to be when they grew up. I was offended to be asked what I wanted to be. I knew what I was going to be.

I wrote: “I am going to be a writer and illustrator of popular fantasy novels.”

So, that’s not exactly what I’m doing, or not right now, but it’s something close.

I had a period after college where I was like, “Be more realistic, Tim. Get a job, you hippie.”

But the strange thing is: The older I get, the more I realize how much I knew who I was when I was a teenager better than I do now.

(Do I cringe at everything I’ve ever written before? Yes. Doesn’t matter if it’s when I was sixteen or twenty-six. But if you look back in ten years on what you write tonight and cringe, that should only further affirm that you are a writer.)

Keep writing the stuff you believe in, if only cuz I’d love to read it. That quiet part somewhere inside you that knows who you are? That part is correct.

Apologies for any over-enthusiasm here. I’m feeling dangerously full of life tonight and naive-hearted in the best way. Someone please send me a baby goat to cuddle with.


So my niece has her first dance recital this weekend, she’s gonna be a lady bug, and she’s got a bit of stage fright. We were trying to come up with ways to make her calm down when she gets nervous and her eyes get huge and she says, “What if I imagined Hawkeye was doing the dance with me in the ladybug costume!” And I can’t draw so I did this instead.

Hawkeye in his ladybug costume and tutu, with his quiver just in case. We made him small enough to hide in her costume so he can be on stage with her. I can’t wait for her to get home from school so she can see it.

So my English teacher loved, and I mean loves, homework. I didn’t realize how much she have us until she explained it last week.
We had an essay due Friday
And we still have:
-an entire isu (big final project) due Monday
-a narrative poem due Tuesday
-we have to make a book of graphic poetry (it’s a lot of work)
-we have another huge assignment that she hasn’t even given us yet


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Here's a story for sleepover Friday: I was at youth group a few months back and one girl was talking about how her old babysitter popped Barbie heads off and threw them away if she was bad and put Ken heads on the Barbie body if she was good. I have a stupid sense of humor and I mumbled "Oh I bet I'd love that" and EVERYONE HEARD ME! My teacher looked at me with a slightly concerned face and my friend guffawed as loud as can be while the rest of the room was SILENT! Yay me.

omw that’s terrible.

as it so happens I also have an embarrassing Barbie story.

when we were younger my mom didn’t let us play with Ken dolls because she thought it would encourage inappropriate playing and so we didn’t have any boys. did that stop 7 yr old me? no. my sister and I decided that the best course of action was to have boys be represented by naked Barbies.

when mom found out she bought us some Ken dolls.

Teacher AUs
  • My kids is the troublemaker in the class so I’m always called in for meetings with you but you’re so good looking and patient that part of me doesn’t want to actually stop them messing around because it means I get to see you more often
  • You’re in the science teacher clique and I hang with the English teachers. I’d say our love is like Romeo and Juliet but I don’t think you’d like that much
  • You’re the coach of the school’s most losing sports team ever but I still go to every game because you look adorable in your whistle and hat
  • You keep me company and I keep you company when either of us is supervising lunch
  • Our classrooms are next to each other and all the war movies you play for your class distract mine from the lesson
  • I used to be the cool teacher until you arrived and I want to hate you for taking that away but I really want to just be like you