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I'm still so in love and he left

My Philosophy teacher once said, “a break-up is a blessing in disguise because it saves you from the wrong person.” So maybe that’s why he left, because he was not the right person for you.

I understand how you’re feeling right now, trust me i’ve been there last year. And I want you to know that it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to admit to yourself that you still love him and that you miss him and that you’re not fine. It’s okay to be weak. But what’s not okay is staying like that forever.

Give yourself time to mourn for your lost love, but after that, pick yourself up. Easier said than done, I know. But nobody can help you except yourself. And maybe when you started loving yourself, someone else will start loving you too. I’m sure someone out there is bound to love you and never leave you. :)

To be deleted tomorrow when I'm sober

Skip this if you have no desire to hear a loser whining about how bad a day they had.

I had the rough draft of my Linguistics project due today. Background: this class is cool & means a lot to me, & I honestly love the teacher; she’s so nice to me. Technically it was due yesterday, but I procrastinated & told my prof that I was intimidated by it (true) & also I had been grading speeches for my own class (also true). So she gave me an extension, & things were great, except I still didn’t understand the directions, & my mother (who I normally have help me when I don’t get things) is out of town for a wedding, & will be back tomorrow night. I waited all afternoon for her to call me back so I could have her help me over the phone (I forwarded her my rough draft), & when she finally called, I had been spinning my wheels on this thing all day. So, as these things tend to go, she couldn’t understand it either, didn’t help me, & then spent the rest of the call trying to reassure me that I’m not stupid & worthless, because my self-loathing kicked in, & I start ranting when that happens. Long story short, I ended up writing pure garbage for the unfinished portion of the assignment, & turned it in with an attached apology to my teacher. I’m so ashamed of turning in subpar work, but I just couldn’t make it any better, so I gave up. My mother also asked what I was eating for dinner, & I said I’d go find something later. Well, later when I still had no appetite & still hated myself, I instead drank two Seagram’s lime-flavored abominations, the only flavor I can’t stand. So that was my dinner tonight. To make things worse, throughout the evening I was engaged in two separate comment wars on two Facebook groups for Pokémon Go. The first was where I bemoaned the fact that one of the comments on that girl selling chips & soda at a PokéStop had a caption under it referencing stoners. I promptly got attacked for daring to suggest this might be inappropriate content for kids to potentially see in the group. The admin shut me down in a very rude way, & as far as I know, took no action against the other person (a self-proclaimed pothead) who baited me. I left that group. The last straw was an offensive, pornographic meme posted in another group. I messaged the admin who had posted it, & she responded in a flippant, dismissive manner. When I reported it to Facebook, the site informed me that it wasn’t against the TOS. It was a frickin’ Tentacruel tentacle-raping a scantily-clad anime girl. Technically wearing clothes, but wildly inappropriate, to anyone with common sense. This is why we can’t have nice things, because whenever there’s something innocent & pure, you scumbags have to ruin it for everyone. If I could chemically neuter the human race & kill their sexual urges entirely, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I hate myself, & I hate everyone I’ve interacted with all day. In my rant to my mother, I once again told her that I have no value, & nobody would care if I died. She stupidly tried to tell me “lots of people would care.” Yeah, right. Name one. Anyone. Who would actually care, who knows me personally, & not just from the stories you tell them about my inflated accomplishments? That’s right, nobody. I’m just a pathetic leech of a human, who will never contribute anything of worth, despite all the time & resources you mistakenly poured into me. Sorry to be such a disappointment.


Sinners. That’s what they were.

Oh but I’m to blame? Sure.

Let’s start from the beginning shall we?

I was a teacher for a 3rd grade class and I loved it. I love kids, you see.

Helping them learn and grow brought joy to my heart.

My sweet little pupils, they were so smart.

Although one kid, Tim, started falling behind.

Don’t judge me I did all I could, I tried!

I thought of a meeting with the parents, to talk about their child.

I hadn’t really done that in a while.

When I met the parents I was treated to politeness and respect.

Looking at little Tim’s though, I knew there was something to inspect.

After our meeting had ended I took it upon myself to follow them home.

They didn’t know of course, that they weren’t alone.

They lived in a nice neighborhood in a big house.

I parked a bit away and stayed quiet as a mouse.

That’s when I heard the most god awful sound.

A slap across the face, and Tim whimpering like a wounded hound.

“You dumbass!” That pig shouted.

Did the mother really care? Doubt it.

I don’t know what kept me there, curiosity perhaps?

All I know is that I hate the sound of repeated slaps.

I vowed to free Tim from those awful monsters.

Using false kindness! Impostors

Everyday since then I spied on their home life.

I learned about an abusive father and a cheating wife.

Wrath and Lust. That’s two sins down, what else?

Well he’s also eats more than his kid and she’s keeps most money to herself.

Gluttony and Greed.

That swine calls never does anything for himself while ignoring his child’s needs.

Sloth. Can’t even care for his own health.

Meanwhile that whore is jealous of her neighbors for their wealth.


But the worst sin they commit, is thinking they have not committed any.

Not ignorance no, Pride.

That was it. After weeks of this routine I was through. I tried.

I couldn’t control it any longer I had to save Tim.

Free him from all this sin.

When they were fast asleep I broke into their home and shot them in the head.

Bang. Bang. They’re dead.

I fled. I had to. I couldn’t just stick around I had to go.

Unfortunately Tim was a traitor, wouldn’t you know?

Called the police on me. ON! ME! As if what I did was wrong. Oh Tim, you fool.

You really are an idiot. No wonder you were failing school.

There was a trial and I was found guilty. Sentenced to death apperently.

I did what had to be done so it doesn’t bother me.

That was years ago. Tim’s all grown up and it’s my turn to die. Oh well.

Tell Timmy Boy, I’ll be seeing his parents in Hell.

When you choose to identify as being a separate wave (just your thoughts, feelings and body) rather than the entire ocean, you experience suffering.  You are the ocean (One Life) momentarily expressing itself as a wave.  ~Anon I mus

WAKE UP!!  The ‘American Dream’ (status quo) that most people are endlessly searching for, can only be achieved while asleep (living in unawareness).   -Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)               


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What if

But what if he loves you too? What if his heart races as yours do? What if he thinks that you are the most beautiful woman alive? What if he wants to marry you? What if you are his dream? What if he wants to cuddle you every night? What if he thinks about you every second of the day? What if he loves you? What if..

May everyone you meet on your journey be touched by the unshakeable peace that emanates from your radiant, unhindered Presence.   –Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)

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Tell them

Really, if you love somebody, no matter who, just tell them. If you really want a future with them, just tell them. Because you know what? Nobody knows the time you’ve left. Your time is limited. Maybe you have 80 years, maybe 5 years, maybe 10 days or maybe just one hour. Love is never wrong. You can’t make a mistake. The person you love needs to know that you love them. It’s their right. Just a reminder. You’ve got this. I believe in you.

There is no division in the highest vision of Love (Oneness).  ~Anon I mus

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