Don’t listen to those who put you down, dear child, for you are meant to fly.

Finally done! My animatic in celebration of Lance’s upcoming birthday! (ΦωΦ)

The song’s very close to my heart, and I thought it fit well with Lance and his insecurities. I love you so much, my boy, and I hope you get all the love you deserve on your special day!

There will be a piano version of this animatic up soon on my YT channel, so please do give that a watch that too, if you can( ゚∀゚ )(Also, It’s my first try at putting hard subs. I’m sorry if it can be out of sync at times.)

Also, this is my (early) entry for @lancenetwork‘s Lance birthday week, day 5: Blue! I hope you like it!

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@zacharyquinto: i can’t stop thinking about how much you’ve evolved and expanded these past four years. how easily you’ve stepped into yourself with powerful intuition and confidence. watching you grow is one of my greatest pleasures and learning from you is one of the greatest gifts. your beauty is unparalleled - inside and out. your inherent goodness is a constant inspiration. and your wisdom is beautifully humbling. saturn returns to carry you into your full potential with power and limitless possibility. i cannot wait to watch you embrace it all. i love you so much. happy birthday my love @milesmcmillan


Happy Birthday to the boy with the biggest heart and the dankest memes!! You are beautiful, kind, an amazing singer, sometimes funny, so hard-working it’s awe-inspiring, down-to-earth, thoughtful, and please know how loved you are. Thank you for sacrifices you made to share your passion with us. I hope you keep running full-force toward your dreams because you’ll reach them in no time. ♡

We’ll always have your back—even when you wear socks with sandals~

#ListenToADay6SongTodayBecauseItsMyBirthdayAndISaidSoSincerelyJae #HappyJaeDay | 1992.09.15

You are so very loved. Here is a card from your friends in Tokyo~

Click and zoom for a better view, or check under the cut for the written messages! ^^

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Full of Surprises

Characters: Y/N (reader), Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: none really.      

Word Count: 1003 (exact cause I know steph - sorry bout the 3 girl!)

A/N: This is for one of the best people I have met on tumblr. She is the first friend I gained on here and she has put up with my ass ever since. It’s your birthday Stepie so I am gonna say this even if it is gonna make you barf. I love you so so much <3 Happy birthday @torn-and-frayed Hope you enjoy your Jensen you impossible woman ;)

Psst the aesthetic I promised you is at the bottom of the fic. It is kinda a give away so I hid it :P

Thanks a billion to the sweet @impala-dreamer for betaing this one for me <3 I owe you one Beka!

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

“Jensen! You missed the turn,” you scolded as Jensen blew past your street and continued into town.

“No I didn’t,” Jensen merely replied, making your blood boil. You knew he had wanted the two of you to go out on your birthday and make some big deal out of you turning 30. You had steadfastly refused. It was just another birthday and you hated all the fuss. You didn’t wanna be the center of attention all night long. Your idea of a perfect birthday was sitting in front of the tv, eating pizza with your boyfriend. You knew Jensen knew that and you couldn’t believe he didn’t wanna accept it.  

“Don’t make me jump out of a moving car, Jensen. Take me home,” you warned him, just enough anger in your voice for him to nervously shift in his seat.

“You don’t wanna go home, babe,” he answered you in a slightly shaky voice.

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29th of June, 1958.

That day not just a legend was born. That day the purest, most loving soul that ever walked this earth was born.

Michael Jackson, my idol since I have memory. I can’t put into words what this man means to me.
When people ask me why do I love him, I can’t give them an answer because there are so many things and it’s impossible to pick just one.

I can’t remember when I discovered Michael, it’s like he’s always been there. Like, I know him from the start. That’s what Michael is about. He’s there with you, all the time.
But what I do remember is the first time that I saw one of his concerts, I was 7 years old and my dad let me watch his concert from Wembley Stadium, from the Bad Tour.
As my dad has told me, I was trying to imitate all his dance moves while singing all the words to his songs with such a big smile on my face.
His music just gives me life.

Then as I got older, I started to know about the message that he wanted to spread all over the world, which is: LOVE each other.
This man tried to do everything that was on his hand to make the world a better place. He did so much for so many people, yet a lot of those people along with the press tried to bring him down with everything they could.
Yet he stayed strong and got through all of that shit and he continued loving people.

Every time Michael says: ‘I love you more!’ , to the fans it really brings me to tears because he loved us as much as we loved him. He was such an amazing human being, always taking care of us.
I’m really sorry that we couldn’t do more for you Michael. So, in behalf of mankind, I’m sorry.

Michael, I just want to let you know that I love you. I will ALWAYS love you. I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me, everything you have taught me. Thanks to you I am a better person.

I love you so much King, happy birthday 💜