okay but what if connor is one of the last people to be revealed alive on the night of the fire and him and oliver have this huge reunion that emotionally rivals the scene where brian found justin safe after the club bombing in qaf

Character Appreciation

I Appreciate Eren Even Though He May Not Be The Most Useful In Some Situations I’m Happy He Used His Instinct To Go Save Mikasa Even Though He Was Told To Wait Because If He Hadn’t Then She Would Have Been Sold Off. So I’m Happy He Did That And I Love Them Both Very Much 

Eugene Roe // Post-War Bayeu Aesthetic

“How do you mend a broken body when the cracks are in the soul? Wrap it with bandages? Sprinkle it with sulfa?” - Dichotomy

Haunted dreams, humid days, and sunlight warming frostbitten fingers.

Currently taking HBO War Aesthetic requests!

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I'm just curious, but what made Dia dethrone Yohane as your best girl? I was honestly expecting Yohane to be a little more like Dia personality wise before the anime aired.

The last sentence answers this a bit LOL –
Yohane was portrayed somewhat more mature in the dengeki than the anime, while dia was portrayed as a bit of a kamidere in the dengeki

Essentially dia replaced her by being the type of character i expected yohane to be

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So I've had this little alarkling idea in my head for a while now and I was hoping you could maybe write it.. (You're writing is amazing btw!) So they're in the middle of a heated fight and aleksander yells out "because I love you, alina!" And both of them are equally stunned by his admission :3

i feel like this is super dramaticTM but i hope you like it!!

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Omg I love your drawings of the wrecker dad's so much. I love them both. Responsible Bulk with Dangerous but still Protective Wheeljack (I remember the swords strapped to under Miko's prom dress lmao) I LOVE WHEELJACK, AND YOUR ART IS SO GOOD! :D




1: always repost the questions
2: answer the 11 random questions posted for you
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4: let the person who tagged you know that you answered
I was tagged by  Thank you for tagging me!! My Questions for you:

  1. Who is your celebrity crush? And why do you like them so much? - My celebrity crush is either Tom Hiddleston or Sebastian Stan. I love how nice and fucking hot both of them are! Plus they play my fav characters in the MCU! But I would also marry Tom Cruise right now, age difference and all, no questions asked. 
  2. If you could rule the world, how would you rule mankind? - I’d do it as a democracy. But I’d also want to live in a castle lol.
  3. You can fix two things about yourself. What would you change? (Looks, character, whatever). - Umm probably my nose, I feel like my nose looks like fucking shrek’s. And then probably natural black hair, I get sick of coloring it.
  4. What would be your stripper name if you had one? -haha idk “titty-tat” or some shit lol
  5. Do you have pets? If yes, tell me something about them (You can post a picture if you like). -YES! I have 2 dogs, 6 horses, and a cat! and let me tell you happy they make me so fucking happy! My little aussie Indy just came and laid by me while writing this lol! And I actually am going to go and feed my horses after I finish this! My cat is named Bruce Wayne btw. 
  6. What’s your favourite fanfiction/fanart/fan-anything you like to show us?-fanart is at the bottom off the questions. idk who did it but I love it some much. ESPECIALLY because Rocket “would need his arm.” lol
  7. If you’d turn into the opposite gender for 48 hours, what would you do?HA i’ve never thought about this. Truth be told I wouldn’t want to be a guy!
  8. What is your favourite animated movie and why?- I am going to say Aristocats and Cinderella. They were my favorites growing up, and still are!
  9. Do you regret something that you did in the past?-UMM I might have felt guilty for something but I quickly got over it. I personally believe that regrests are mistakes we get to learn from.
  10. If you were in a movie/tv show you love; would you like to be the hero or the villain? And why?- Villian, I feel like I’d be better at playing a mean messed up character. And they have so much more to work with. 
  11. Do you have a song in your playlist that you would like to show someone but are afraid that they’d hate it because it’s different and not in the charts?- Umm no to this one, I don’t give a shit about what people think of me or my music, and I always play what I like.

I am tagging: @ashmuck @live-for-me-puddin @wintersoldier-homecoming @drharleyqueenzel @harleysatan @whyarentyoulaughingj @alexisbagans143 @harleyquinn1498 (I LOVE you all)


Last lie you told?

Pet peeves?

Favorite book?

What is your happiest memory?

Who is the person you are closet too?

Do you have any animals?

One thing you love about yourself, one thing you hate?

Where your favorite place in the world, Why?

Favorite holiday, why is it your favorite?

What celebrity would you marry?

Something you are obsessed with? (not a person)

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Idk if you're still taking SamBucky prompts, but I'd love one with Sam trying to do something for Bucky's birthday or one where Bucky finds out the type of rescue missions that Sam used to fly even before he met Steve & being kinda in awe of him. Thank you - I love your fics, btw!

(haha i will probably always be taking sambucky prompts, these boys appear to own my ass, also, i may have written both of these….i did, i’m gonna post the first one with the ask, and then i’ll post the other one after it, just so they are separate!! also thank you so much for sending things in!!! I loved them both so you get both! :D and thank you for loving my fics! i love you! <3)

(I’d love one with Sam trying to do something for Bucky’s birthday)

It had to be perfect. He’d been planning this for months, literally months, like…several months. Steve was more than helpful, answering any questions he had, about everything, even really random things. Tony was surprisingly helpful as well, more so than he probably needed to be, he called the club owner and told him they needed to book the whole club for a night. The owner said no, Tony bought the club and told the guy what they needed done and how long he had to do it. Sam was thankful. But also stressed. Wanda and Nat were trying to calm him but he kept jumping every time Wanda went to rub his shoulders so they mostly gave up.

Nat instead focusing on all the little things still needing done and dragging Clint with her to finish them off. Thor was actually an amazing cook, so he was helping a bit with that, while simultaneously keeping Tony out of the kitchen by yelling “NO” loudly whenever he saw Tony peaking his head in. Apparently Bruce was having difficulties keeping him in the lab.

Sam was confirming a delivery when Bucky walked in, Sam nearly yelled “Yes that’s great thanks.” And hung up the phone, resisting the urge to throw it over his shoulder and get rid of the evidence.

Bucky narrowed his eyes and cross his arms.

“What’s going on?” he sounded extremely suspicious.

“Nothing’s going on. Why do you think something’s going on?” Sam asked with a snort. Smooth Sam.

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Ouran Highschool Host Club

Oh, I watched it a long time ago, so I don’t remember a lot of stuff about it, but I’m gonna do my best with the answers. ^_^

The first character I first fell in love with: There are actually two of them - the Hitachiin twins. ^_^ Adorable, yet a bit mischievous.
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Haruhi Fujioka. It took some time for me to really fall for her. ^_^
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Oh, that’s a tough one, especially considering how long ago I watched the anime. ^_^ I don’t know. ^_^
The character I love that everyone else hates: Do people like or hate the twins? Because I remember being very, very fond of both of them. ^_^
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: There’s no such character (that I can think of, anyway). ^_^
The character I would totally smooch: Hahha, I feel bad that I once again have to answer with the twins, but oh well. ^_^
The character I’d want to be like: Haruhi’s determination was something I remember I was very fond of, so I’d answer this question with her name.
The character I’d slap: No idea. I don’t remember disliking a character so much I’d want to slap them. ^_^
A pairing that I love: I was a fan of the two main characters, so Haruhi x Tamaki.
A pairing that I despise: No such pairing. ^_^

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