ladydi1980 said: I take the angle of Chat protecting his lady and being her knight in shining armor. He’s expendable and perhaps somewhere he knows that, even though I don’t think it’s been mentioned(?) in the series yet. That has definitely been mentioned in fics (mine especially), because we all know Chat can’t do anything final without LB. Since it’s a series about a heroine, there’s still that angle of girls wanting to be protected by the one they like/love?

While I appreciate your commentary, I have to disagree one-hundred percent. This is a very unhealthy view and it actually makes me somewhat uncomfortable. No, Chat can’t purify akumas, but that doesn’t make him expendable (whether he views himself that way or not). Just because he has different abilities doesn’t mean he’s worth less. Yes, I think there’s a good chance he could feel this way about himself, but that would be due to his own lack of self-worth, not because it’s true. And yes, I understand that he jumps in front of LB because he knows she’s the part of the equation that has to fix everything, but that doesn’t make him expendable. And I certainly hope that would in no way make him expendable in the eyes of the show makers. A character is made up far more than their abilities–or lack of them–and just because Chat is different than LB doesn’t mean he should be less included or be less important. 

As far as the angle of girls wanting to be protected by who they like/love? I just can’t agree. This is a limited stereotype that exists within the damsel in distress trope. Ladybug/Marinette is in no way a damsel in distress. In fact, in Evillustrator–when Chat drops in to talk to her (Mari) the first time–she actually mocks and makes fun of the trope. I think Ladybug appreciates Chat’s attempts to protect her, but she does not expect/desire it. She is more than capable of protecting herself and is self-aware enough to know that. She and Chat are equals, partners, as she’s said, and she does not hold any sentiments of stereotypical “knight in shining armor swoops in to save the princess” attitude. I think maybe Chat likes the idea when it comes to civilians (like Marinette) because he can be all smooth about it, but he would never undermine Ladybug by acting in a “knight” fashion and being over-protective. Every time he’s protected her, it’s been due to necessity, not some notion that he’s this masculine knight and she’s some sort of victim without him. He respects Ladybug WAY too much to do that to her. 

I understand that a lot of people like the trope of hyper-masculine dude and girl wanting to be protected (side-eyes fanon Marichat), but, if anything, Miraculous Ladybug actively tears down these tropes. People are at liberty to like whatever they want, but this interpretation is not, in my opinion, applicable to the current canon. 

Ladybug/Marinette does not live in some old-fashioned reality where she wants Adrien–her crush–to protect her. She is more than capable of defending herself and, the three times she faced conflict with Adrien, she protected him, not the other way around. If anyone is a “knight in shining armor,” it’s Ladybug. And she does not view Chat as a knight that should be ready to give himself up for her. That’s just… abhorrent. She views them as equals, even if Chat disagrees. 

I’m not trying to be mean, but this view is so unhealthy in so many ways, I had to comment. And since you posted it publicly, I’m assuming you’re up to have me comment on it. So, again, I’m not trying to be mean. That’s just my interpretation. 

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boymeets!first love: taehyung

aHHHHH I WROTE ANOTHER THING FOR THE BOYMEETS FIRST LOVE THING. I THINK I’M DOING JUNGKOOK NEXT. okay so i actually really like this one bc i’m taehyung trash, but idec. yeS ENJOY YAY. leave me a suggestion on who and what i should write about next!!!

he’s art and i never want to stop creating

boymeets!first love: his words and mine

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“when i first saw him,
as cliche as it sounds,
it felt like the entire world was frozen
and it was only me and him.
when his eyes first met mine,
my breathing changed and
my heart quickened it’s pace.
he spoke and the timbre of his tongue
was so unique and distinct,
that i only ever hear love poems in his voice.”

 Your words seemed to flow from your brain to your heart to the hand that allowed you to put your thoughts into words that could be seen. 

 “You’re writing about him again aren’t you?” You looked up at your brother Yoongi, who refused to believe the fact that you were in deep with one of his best friends, and smiled. 

 You moved over a spot on the couch of the studio you spent countless hours in with 7 boys with hearts filled with fire. Your brother sat next to you and grabbed the leather bound book that was in your hands, “Would it be a crime if I was?”

 Yoongi loved your writing, in fact, all of the boys did. Well, except for Taehyung. He was never allowed to read anything you wrote. You wrote ever single line, every metaphor, every simile about him and it would be a crime if he had read about your adoration towards him. 

 “If you really feel this way about him,” Yoongi placed the book on the table and turned back to you, “maybe you should tell him.” You almost snorted at his remark. 

You rolled your eyes at him, “Ha! Yeah of course. You know me bro! Always good and up front with my feelings for a boy that I’ve practically been in love with for months now.” Your eyes widened at your own words. In love? Do I even know what love means? Your brother raised his eyebrows and shook his head.

“I really don’t understand how you two are so blind to see that you are both perfectly in love with each other. You two are idiots,” Yoongi was always blunt with everything he ever tells you or anyone for that matter, but when you heard him talk this way, being that he was perfectly okay with the budding relationship, you suddenly felt relieved. “Now come on before I literally force you two to stay in a room together until you confess to each other,” the two of you left the room and made your way to a restaurant for lunch. 

As soon as the two of you left, someone else entered the room. Taehyung and Jungkook were forced by the company to sit and work on songs with Namjoon, which they didn’t really mind, apart from the fact that the rest of the boys technically had a day off. “Where were the Min Geniuses off to?” Taehyung asked, slightly jealous that you were off to have a fun time while he was stuck in the studio. If he had a choice, you were on the top of his list of the people he would spend that time with. 

Jungkook took your spot on the couch, Taehyung next to him and Namjoon straight away in front of the computer, “Yoongi hyung said they were going to get some lunch.” As soon as Taehyung sat down, his eyes darted to the familiar book that was left on the table before him. Is this what I think it is? Jungkook and Namjoon were already stuck in their own worlds so Taehyung went ahead and flipped through the pages, in which of course, what’s the harm in doing so?

 Your script caught his eyes and he was enraptured by the lyrics, the poetry, the art, that filled the pages. He read your most recent poem and fell in love with the way you described this special someone and he did nothing but wish that it’d been about him. You saw him as art, and it would have been a sight to see him marvel at what he had been the reason for that art to have been created. 

There was one piece of writing that had him stuck between the pages. 

“It’s been a few hours,
since our last conversation.
Drove out a few miles,
but everything’s changing still.
You wanted a place to stay,
Where things would just stay the same.
Right here in my arms,
I’ll be waiting for you.”

 On the page next to it was something that sent Taehyung’s heart racing. A polaroid picture was taped next to your words of affection. It was one from your birthday that took place months before. The event wasn’t special, just you and the boys eating, watching movies, and hanging out in the their dorm. You and Taehyung spent a long time in silence in his room. It was a comfortable silence that you took in like the air you breathed. You two sat for a while, you even allowed yourself to watch some of his favorite anime’s, which is something you don’t do for anyone else. 

Listening to Taehyung talking about wanting that kind of love story. It seemed like this love story he yearned for was a love story that only existed in books and movies. Taehyung didn’t even realize that you took that picture of him so intensely watching the sequence of events unfold before him. It’s about me? His heart only fluttered at the thought. This changed everything. Maybe he didn’t have to hide his feelings anymore. Maybe this was it. 

He wouldn’t have to hide the way he stared at you in your moments of deep focus. He wouldn’t have to use all of his will to stop himself from taking you and giving you everything you deserved. He would be able to tell you he loved you whenever he could. He would be able to attain to everything you desired. 

After hours of working, Taehyung was the only one left in the room, left in his thoughts. 

“Guys! Wait for me, I think I left something in the studio!” The sound of your voice snapped Taehyung back into reality. He immediately stood up from his place and contemplated the actions he was about to take. After reading through your whole book he knew that the entirety of the book was about him. Should I do this? Yes, you’re Kim Taehyung. You’re a man. You can do- His thoughts were interrupted by the door, which flung open. 

Taehyung acted on impulse and just did the first thing that came to mind every time he saw your face. His hands took their place on either side of your head and kissed you. This sudden exchange of lips on lips made both of your hearts race, but there was a feeling of relief that came with it. 

He broke the kiss and just stared at you for what felt like forever. “How did you find out?” you asked him breathlessly. He turned around and took the book from the table. Your eyes widened, “Did you look thr-” 

Opened to a page with your script and his scratch, he spoke, “You aren’t a bud. You’re a flower in full bloom. I just hope this spring is for eternity.”

my heart is in the right place i swear,
but his heart and his hands i fear.
he is the city, i am nothing but a building.
at this point i don’t know what i’m feeling.
he is the sun and i hide in the shadows,
i’m only a bud in the meadow.
i need him to grow, don’t i?
but you see, i am nothing in his eyes.

you are every thing i see.
you are a beautiful flower,
and i am nothing but a bee.
you are my moon, every night i speak to you and tell you that soon,
soon my arms will be your home.
your head by my heart.
there is absolutely nothing to fear, i swear.

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ok, assuming Gabriel can actually act like a dad sometimes, say that he finds out Adrien is asexual (either because Adrien comes out to him or cause he literally won't let his son breathe without him knowing) and he designs an ace clothing line just to support his son. complete with fancy ace rings and such




-Pumpkin Mod

“You’ve grown so much,” I tell him. It’s been five whole years of nothing, no words, no memories. He frowns, purses his lips and let’s his eyebrows knit together and do the talking for him. I laugh.

“You haven’t changed though.” I add quickly, like a consolation prize.

He smiles at that. “Would you want me to?” His hands find mine and it feels like a lightning bolt hit me square in the jaw and knocked me out.

—  i think i wrote a book about you || sstf

Fic moodboard: I wanna raise you to be like her

“They are my kids, Clarke,” he tells her. “They may get adopted and leave, but they’re mine, and I love them all.” Clarke watches him for a moment longer, and meets his eyes. Maybe she sees that he’s telling the truth, maybe she’s surprised, but she looks to her mug.

“Not a lot of people say that,” she responds.


Bellamy was just trying to take care of his sister - but somewhere along the way he bought a building and started his own orphanage. Now he has a house full of kids, running around, getting into trouble, and wanting good homes. Obviously, Bellamy finds himself loving each one of them like his own life.

I’ve Got You Under My Skin


Summary  Chapter 1

A/N: This this second chapter is super short. It’s literally the shortest chapter I ever wrote, but the rest that I had planned went better for the third part. I know there were a few of you who waited for this and I’m not sure it was worth it, but I still hope you lovelies like it!
Words: 1494
Disclaimer: As always, any gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!

He was grateful when Amy didn’t comment on the sudden change in venue. A bar was far from a coffee shop. Normally, any average woman would have rejected the idea, but she didn’t seem to mind. Actually, Amy seemed to relax considerably as they found themselves tucked inside a booth in the far corner of the bar.

A waitress followed them over and took their drink orders. A whiskey for him and an apple martini for her. They were silent as they waited for the waitress to return with the drinks. Seunghyun didn’t mind at all. It gave him time to appreciate her appearance up close without interruption.

Amy hardly glanced over in his direction. Her eyes cast downward as she peeled the sleeves of her drenched coat from her arms, revealing the cap sleeves of her dress underneath. Her hair, which he’d believed to be dark, was becoming lighter as it dried. A warm chestnut color of waves that fit her skin tone perfectly.

Her fingers picked nervously around the edge of her nail bed as she shot him nervous smiles that singed his skin. The waitress came back and set their drinks down in front of them. She spoke a quick word of her departure and was gone just as fast as she came.

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I feel good with my husband: I like his warmth and his bigness and his being-there and his making and his jokes and stories and what he reads and how he likes fishing and walks and pigs and foxes and little animals and is honest and not vain or fame-crazy and how he shows his gladness for what I cook him and joy for when I make him something, a poem or a cake, and how he is troubled when I am unhappy and wants to do anything so I can fight out my soul-battles and grow up with courage and a philosophical ease. I love his good smell and his body that fits with mine as if they were made in the same body-shop to do just that. What is only pieces, doled out here and there to this boy and that boy, that made me like pieces of them, is all jammed together in my husband. So I don’t want to look around any more: I don’t need to look around for anything.
—  Sylvia Plath

Since your askbox isn’t turned on, I will send my ship request through this! If that’s all right. I’m 5'3, ENFP (pretty much sums me up), short blonde hair that hits right below my chin, dark green eyes. I’m also petite in figure but still blessed. I dress very “hipster.” I love laughing, I am VERY sassy, I work with Special Needs children, and I spend a crazy amount of time studying for my degree in Art Therapy. Oil painting is a major hobby of mine. I love all music but indie rock is my favorite. I also spend a lot of time outdoors: reading, running, or relaxing.

Just from reading the description you’ve given me I can say I ship you with:

*Ittoki Otoya.*

Like you(ENFP), he often faces leadership roles placed onto him and looks at his career with more curiosity as to where it can take him. As shown when he first meets Haruka and expresses that he’s an idol but cannot write lyrics very well, though he still pushes through that obstacles to become and amazing idol.

He will take advantage of how much you love to laugh and smile, and he also loves to get you riled up enough so you get “sassy”. He finds your sarcasm and wit to be intriguing and “lovable”. He thinks it shows that you aren’t just “happy-happy” all the time.

When he finds out you work with special needs children it makes him like you that much more. He loves that you have a big heart and compassion towards not only children, but those children who need it most. He loves to come with you to meet them and sing for them; well… whenever you allow him at least.

With your hobbies when he’s not doing anything he’s usually watching you paint or listening to the music you recommended to him. He adores the fact that you want to introduce him to the things you like so he can learn about you even more. When you run, sometimes he’ll run with you, or surprise you at the end of a run with a treat to help you cool off…Because he cares.

Sorry if this isn’t who you wanted or if you expected someone else. This is based mainly off of the Anime Utapri and the early Manga. So any information from the games I may have missed.

Other possible ships: Syo Kurusu, Reiji Kotobuki.


[14/22] Countdown for Suho’s bday - Favorite fancams [8/?] - 150612 Exoluxion in Taipei

Suga Gummy Smile Appreciation Post




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Washington On Your Side
  • Washington On Your Side
  • Workshop Cast
  • Hamilton Presentation - May 2014

Alright, so I just recently listened to this and holy shit, I cannot believe that this was not posted anywhere else??? God this is a work of art and here’s why:

  • “This bitch is askin’ for someone to bring him to task, Somebody gimme some dirt on this asshole so we can at last unmask him”  Damn TJeffs!!!! I just love how angry this dude gets!!!!
  • “He likes taxes so much, can we enact an asshole tax?” Okay, straight up, JMads whole verse is incredible. He starts of talking about how A.Ham and him started off as colleagues and worked together for the same issues, however, after working with him for a while, he realizes that A.Ham is wildly dangerous and seems to get his way most of the time, hence the title of the song. This is why I low-key always thought that JMads hates A.Ham slightly more than TJeffs.
  • “Let’s lower his stack in the eyes of the nation. With misinformation, first we diminish him, then we finish him!”  Honestly, one of the great parts of the song. The rumors they spread! WHAT A DAMN MESS!!!!!
  • “I HEAR HE’S GEORGE WASHINGTON’S ILLEGITIMATE SON!” My damn senior quote!!!!!!!!! I literally shouted the first time I heard this, OMG!!! HOW WAS THIS NOT PART OF THE PLAY HOLY SHIT
  • “He wants to abolish slavery.” “That one’s actually true.”  “NO”
  • I especially love how it is mostly a TJeffs and JMads song. Like no one else is it, but our favorite Southern Mother-Fucking Democratic-Republicans!  This such a great song and I seriously think this is one of the greatest songs ever produced in the entire musical.

- Happy 43rd Birthday, JHo! (May 17, 1973)
“I am not a perfectionist at all. I love failure. I love mistakes. I love the bizarre. I love characters. I love missing teeth. I love beauty because your eyes are off-center. And how can you notice that in the buzz of the city? So I like the emptiness.”


“I didn’t want to kiss you goodbye — that was the trouble — I wanted to kiss you good night — and there’s a lot of difference.” Ernest Hemingway

a tale as old as time. her eyes are brown like mine.

beauty, with your soft voice and your pretty cheeks: does he kiss your bruises after he’s finished screaming? belle, princess of patience, lady who simply loved until he came around to it - can you teach me how to tame him? how to make him never raise a hand to me again?

true love changes him. which love do i give him, bella. in the morning when i am up early to make him breakfast and silent when he yells at me, is this the music that soothes the savage beast? in the black of night, when my eyes are closed and he is panting at my neck, is this the love that put him to sleep?

when he turns twenty-one the spell will be forever. the last petal. he will remain a horror forever. you must shape him into a better man by then, beauty. must carve out your own heart and feed it to him gently. must spoon him your own bones until he stops being hungry. 

youthful indiscretions are forgot. you cover up the scars from his claws. it is not the man, it is the curse he lives under. you are his one. his only chance. i come back like you, belle. i return to the castle no matter how battered i become. i think i see the man you saw once, bella. i think i see the man i fell in love with. 

we, que linda, are strong girls. my nose, yours, bella, we keep ours in books. i too am the strange girl, running until her feet tire. i too am lost in the woods. we ran from our houses and found monsters, or maybe we were always fated to. we love a challenge. we have hearts that are mountains.

beauty. i kiss him but the spell never breaks, i sit myself in pretty dresses at fancy tables with meals i made just for him. even the grey stuff is delicious. he still throws the dishes. 

later when he is apologizing i feel your ghost hope in me - did we at last get through to him. did we reverse the curse. this time, does he mean it. if i am better will he open up. if i am better will he stop. if i am better could i beat him. if i am better can i leave him. 

belle: how do i save him. how do i save myself.

Junhui singing masterpost

are yall ready to be blessed by wen junhui’s vocals???

If there’s any more pls tell me so I can add them!!