i absolutely love the truce music video. not only because of the emotional charge of it and the message of the song, but because of the tiny things: the shots where you can only see parts of tyler’s face, him closing his eyes - yeah, like all those times he’s about to cry in the live sessions. the fact that somehow, even though he’s singing “stay alive”, he looks scared. he looks as though these words are to be whispered hastily so that we’re not caught saying them. the blurred shots, the shots of them during live performances, josh hitting on his drums as hard as he can, and yet that calm piano melody that floods our ears in the background. and, most importantly, the way he closes his eyes, as if tired, weary, when the last notes are heard, and the way the camera doesn’t cut off directly; instead, it doesn’t film tyler anymore but the ground for a second instead. all of this is so important and that’s why i love this simple music video with all my heart.

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Hey! If you're still taking prompts i really like to read something about Kevin nearly driving himself into alcohol poisoning and andrew+neil helping him detox. if it could be angsty with fluffy ending i loveee your writing you are amazing!!!

tysm you’re so sweet! and i loved this prompt, sorry it took me a while but i went overboard and wrote 1.3k words for this. hope you like!

Kevin had been angry at them for two days. He wasn’t speaking to either of Neil or Andrew, and was sleeping on the couch in Matt’s room. Neil wanted to explain things to him, but he also needed Kevin to understand on his own why Neil and Andrew had done what they did.

It started on a Sunday in Columbia, Kevin hungover and sleeping on the couch, Neil and Andrew in Andrew’s bed.

“Do you feel bad?” Neil asked, scooting closer to Andrew on the bed. “That we’re in bed together but Kevin’s stuck on the couch?”

Andrew turned to face him, their noses brushing. “No. He knows how it is. If he’s drunk, he goes on the couch. If he stays sober for the night, then he’s allowed in the bed with us.”

“Speaking of,” Neil said, picking at the sheet. He looked away, but one of Andrew’s hands pushed his chin up so they were looking at each other again. “I’m just… I mean, I’m worried about Kevin. He’s always drank too much before, but since Riko died… it’s been a lot Andrew. Too much.”

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Where is your hair sir?!

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I’m not good making series TT___TT mostly because of my bad english.. and also because I get bored really fast and I can’t keep with something for too long..


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Describe yourself with 3 fictional characters! 

Yuki Sohma. On a very personal level, Yuki is the character I relate to the most. Regarding his past, his thoughts, his flaws, I think it was the first time someone put my own feelings into words, and also he was a character that inspired me and gave me hope for myself.
Forrest. Just like him I’m a religious person, I am compassionate for people because I don’t want them to suffer and, hey, aren’t we both healers?
Toph. I’m too honest and sometimes it comes out too harsh, and that’s why many people say I’m mean (but at least they know I’m not gonna backstab them right hahah) 

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 As always you don’t /have/ to do it if you’re busy or don’t feel like it, don’t worry~

I just love how when bitty voiced his uncomfort to Jack about having to hide his relationship to the team, and how it has an emotional toll on him; Jack immediately went “bits you need to tell them so that you can have someone to talk to” like….he doesn’t care, he loves and trusts his family so much. He loves BITTY so much that he’s willing to put that risk out, just so bitty wouldn’t feel lonely. Dude, I’m not sure what I was expecting from Jack Zimmermann but this was beyond my expectations.

Bf! Xiumin


(yo idk if you are doing requests but could you do xiumin as a bf if you have time (also I love you and your blog ok bye uwu))

(Can you please do a bf! Xiumin, please and thank you!)

Xiudaddy hehe *giggles*

  • Oh where do I start
  • A rlly good friend of mine stans him, yes I’m looking at you Charlie
  • Xiumin is such a romantic guy and he tries to show you his love as much as he can
  • You both met at a cafe
  • He saw you entering hastily, looking bewildered and instantly felt himself falling into something
  • You were impatiently waiting for your coffee as your cheeks turned rosy because of the warmth inside the cafe
  • He saw you standing there looking like an angel almost choked on his coffee
  • He was writing the lyrics for a song on his next album and suddenly started connecting all the beautiful words into gorgeous poetry, all describing you
  • Little did you know that there was a boy in the same room as you, utterly entranced by you
  • And then you noticed him staring at you
  • You gave him a soft smile and his eyes grew wide in shock
  • And then he bowed obviously shy and you giggled to yourself
  • Your heart started beating so fast and suddenly you forgot that you had a library date with your best friend
  • You almost forgot that you had ordered a cup of coffee because you were having an eye contact battle with this gorgeous human
  • And then he smiled at you and oh my god you melted at his crooked smile
  • And then he approached you and your legs felt like jelly and suddenly you grew too hot
  • It was cold as hell outside but you were burning up like a furnace
  • “Uh your coffee…” He said
  • “Would you mind sitting with me, I’m sort of lonely right now”
  • He was so shy and cute and you wanted to melt
  • Small beads of sweat formed on your forehead as you pushed your hair back
  • You gave him a shy nod and he escorted you to the table he was sitting on
  • As soon as you both started talking, you wouldn’t stop
  • You suddenly felt so comfortable around him until you remembered that you had ditched your friend but settled on explaining it to her later
  • This moment was too precious to let go of
  • And so was this person who was perfect in so many ways and eager to talk to you
  • He walked you to the library after, his head down
  • You wanted to ruffle his hair and you did so
  • He looked up at you with shocked eyes and then gave you the cutest smile
  • And then when the first flake of snow fell on the tip of your nose, he leaned in to kiss you
  • He tasted of sweet coffee and smelled of spicy cologne, his arms swiftly holding you from the back and pulling you close
  • And when you both pulled away, he smiled at you and asked for your number
  • It all began then
  • Long talks on the phone, cute texts filled with emojis
  • And you would wait for his messages and calls impatiently
  • He loves talking to you so much
  • Its only been a few weeks since you both started going out and you were already obsessed with each other
  • And on cold days when he’s missing you just too much, he’d be there outside your school waiting to take you on a date to this cute cafe he just found out
  • And when he’d see you approach him, his heart would beat all over the place
  • And then he’d peck your nose and then your lips and you’d giggle between the kiss
  • And he’d kiss you even more passionately
  • He’d facetime you a lot
  • Especially when he’s about to sleep
  • And you adore his make up free face because he looks so cuddly and innocent
  • You had thought he was innocent you saw that shirtless picture
  • “Love, its 2 in the morning, yes I do”
  • You absolutely love teasing him
  • And the good part is that he only grins at you and shakes it off
  • And if you tease him too much, he just scoops you in his arms and starts kissing you on your face
  • You go with him to learn about making coffee
  • Its so much fun because he’s so passionate about it and even more passionate now that you’re involved
  • It means to him a lot because its the reason why you’re his right now
  • Did I mention how much he adores you?
  • He would just sit there looking at you when you’re buried inside a book
  • And when you absentmindedly play with your hair when you’re concentrating
  • He stares at you lovingly
  • And when you look up, he smiles at you
  • “You’re so beautiful”
  • “You don’t even need make up to look pretty”
  • Honestly, you don’t have to dress up for him because he wants to see you totally comfortable with him
  • But he appreciates it when you dress up for him but encourages you to dress up for yourself
  • He loves getting you stuff
  • Like that necklace he got you because he thought it’d look good on you
  • Or the perfume that smelled really good
  • He loves treating you so much
  • Cakes, COFFEE
  • He thinks that you’re his princess and that you need to be treated like one
  • But he can be playful too
  • Like call you awful names
  • Like smelly bunny, or red tomato, or coffee bean, honey suckle
  • idk like really weird ass names
  • And then he’d love to ruffle your hair
  • And you’d yell at him but he’d just give you his goofy smile and then you’d smack him and he’ll get all offended and then ruffle your hair even more
  • He loves cuddling you
  • Sometimes he’s the little spoon and just wants comfort but on cold days, he lets you snuggle into him so that he can play with you hair
  • And he’d always smell so nice…like coffee and cologne
  • long lazy make out sessions
  • And he’s so gentle with you though
  • Like you’d sit on his lap and then make out with him and just rest your head on his shoulder
  • And he’d sway you sideways
  • You both don’t need to talk all the time
  • And it’s still comfortable
  • He’d be doing his thing and you’d prop your feet on his lap and read a book
  • He gave you a key to his place like after a week you started dating
  • He always gets so excited to find you at his place after he comes back from practice
  • And just wants to relax with you
  • He listens to your problems with earnest attention
  • Like he genuinely cares for your welfare
  • And gives you brilliant advice
  • Since he is the hyung in exo and also really mature, he’s a pro at helping you deal with your problems
  • And tells you straightforwardly if you’re being petty or if you should apologise
  • And he says it in a way that you actually reflect on your actions and feel better about everything
  • If you two ever fight, he always encourages you both to talk about it like mature adults
  • And doesn’t expect an apology from you, just wants you to understand whats wrong and whats right
  • He doesn’t like it when you act petty or ignore him and it honestly pisses him off
  • But you try your best not to be stubborn
  • And he appreciates that
  • He appreciates you a lot
  • Even your littlest achievements mean a lot to him and shows it off
  • He loves to show you off to the other members
  • And its sometimes embarrassing because he acts like a proud dad
  • “Xiumin please”
  • XiuON jokes
  • “Can you XiuON the lights”
  • “Are you being Xiuoned right now”
  • And then get ready for a rough angry sex
  • Xiudaddy mode on
  • He loves going all dominant on you
  • Where sometimes, he’s slow and passionate
  • he can be teasing as hell
  • like
  • your head will totally explode because he’s so adamant on teasing you
  • And then the sex is like mind blowing
  • And the stuff he whispers in your ear are sinful as hell
  • Y’all are sinners ok
  • Ok back to Xiubaby
  • So smol and cute around you
  • Loves taking endless selfies with you and takes selfies of himself on your phone when you’re not there
  • Trusts you more than he trusts himself
  • Gym selfies
  • He loves taking you to gym
  • And you’re always shocked at how much he works out
  • And you get worn out wayyy before he does
  • But he keeps on going
  • Sometimes you get worried about him
  • He gets insecure about himself
  • And just wants you to be around him when he is
  • And you have to assure him that you love him so much and he feels a bit better because that’s all he really cares about
  • He loves the fact that you’re his no.1 support
  • And you feel like the luckiest girl alive with him in your life

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as I seem to recall you like headcanons, here's another dumb one of mine- Wallid loves party poppers. He has a couple with him at all times in case anything that calls for one occurs. He sees two of his friends get together and kiss for the first time? Set one off over their heads. Friend manages to do/complete something they were struggling with? Party popper. Someone's birthday? Sneak up and party popper. He'll use anything as an excuse.

Ahhhh, oh my god this is adorable!! I just imagine him trying to cheer people up with them as well! Oh, man, thank you so much, I love it!! I wish I could add onto these but they’re so perfect on their own! <3

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jamie <3

Send me a character and I will tell you my:

First impression: i have always loved jamie a lot, he was definitely a fave of mine from the beginning

Impression now: he’s so pure and good and gets better with every episode omg he needs a lot more screentime tho

Favorite moment: i know it might not count but when he (as buddy) tried to get the lion to eat him bc same

Idea for a story: i want jamie to put on more shows and for more residents to get involved in them (particularly sadie and kiki, maybe ronaldo too tbh)

Unpopular opinion: i don’t like how some ppl try to make him into some creepy ass fuckboy like…he backed off when garnet said no, he misunderstood the letter, he never flirts with her again pls this boy knows when to stop leave him alone

Favorite relationship: jamie and steven have this cute almost brotherly thing going on omg i love how excited steven gets when jamie delivers his mail

Favorite headcanon: jamie knows an extreme amount of facts about romantic poets


In 2009, Pratt was cast on Parks and Rec for a six-episode arc as the oafish boyfriend of Rashida Jones’ character. That soon changed. “Almost at the point of the audition we were like, ‘Oh, we have to reconceive this, because this guy’s the funniest person we’ve ever seen. We’re not letting that guy go,” says series co-creator Michael Schur - Entertainment Weekly


Maybe a relationship is just two idiots who don’t know a damn thing except the fact that they’re willing to figure it out together.