Late Night (Peter Parker x Reader)


PROMPT?:  baking/domestic life with peter parker AND  adopting a lil pup with peter AND  braiding ya hair/playing with his hair with petey

A/N: wow so i just paired a lot of these together but thank you for having so many ideas?? I honestly feeling like I write Peter so well. 

WARNINGS: fluff, cursing, puppy adoption, euthanasia, slight sexual implication

Pete would often be gone for days. Tony Stark taking your boyfriend away on extravagant missions and bringing him back home for you to patch up, was one of your least favorite hobbies. Nonetheless, he was probably your soulmate. The late nights spent worrying were well worth the homecoming. The house you shared was often lonely and you sometimes left the TV on as you slept to give you a slice of a peace of mind. It was hard, dating a superhero. Especially one led by a man you had never even met, but you had to try your hardest to trust the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist. Late nights spent refreshing the mobile google superhero news page often gave you baggy eyes the next morning laced with a concerned pout until you saw your boyfriend back in your doorway. You missed him whenever he was gone, rightfully. Your home wasn’t the same and you often felt you lived alone. Yet, you never once strayed from Peter and often still praised him while he was gone, no matter how worried your friends were about your relationship. You wished Peter wasn’t a superhero sometimes, no matter how guilty you felt about the thought. But, no matter what, him crawling into bed behind you and wrapping his arms around you was still the best feeling in the world. And every time, you would turn around and place your head into his red-stained chest and prayed to god he wouldn’t ruin another set of white sheets.

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Do you think Ciel and Sebastian make a great couple?

ok ok ok soo this is a hard question I know that in this fandom there is kinda a war going on .. sebaciel shippers get constantly hate.. nonetheless I am just going to say it: yea I ship sebaciel; your question however is if Ciel and Sebastian would make a great couple and really? I have no idea ..obviously I would like them to have a romantic relationship (which for the record is not necessarily a sexual one) because I just like how they act together, the dynamic and in my opinion they are just so similar ..
Ciel is very mature for his age (but I would like him to be a bit older ..not only because he is at the moment underage (this is a manga idc) but also because Sebastian and Ciel could grow even closer with the years ya know?) but in this aspects (relationships etc) he is very much a teenager .. Sebastian on the other hand had is fair share with relationships (more fake than real but well.. how old is he even jfc old af demon) and of course we are talking about Sebastian and Ciel here which means: a demon who should not experience any kind of human emotions at all and a grumpy boy who is very focused on his revenge (and lets face it dramatic life) but that is the point right? Sebastian is feeling emotions (fight me but why would he feel amusement, hate and so on but not love!? also he loves cats xD) and Ciel found a companion in Sebs, don’t underestimate that especially in Ciel’s situation ..I think they should be romantically involved but! and here it comes it would probably be a very lovely/ dark, unhealthy/beautiful relationship …they understand each other so well but   both are  manipulating geniuses ..I am really shit at explaining myself and getting my point across as you can see xDD
I am just going to tag these lovely people ↓  and maybe you are lucky and they have time/want to say something and you´ll get a real answer (and a damn good one) @xlovelessangelx @nighttimeteaparty (ich kann mich nicht ausdrücken xD du schon!) @queenswatchcatt  of course everyone else can add their opinion :D

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hmmmmmmmmmmmmm idk what I just wrote -sorry

'Mindful Education'

I just had my first panic attack today. I didn’t even know I just had one till I got home from school. The teacher had just called on me to answer a question and all of a sudden I couldn’t speak or think. I couldn’t breathe and it seemed that reality was slipping away for just a moment. This is my second week of high school but I coped with stress like it was a daily thing. I didn’t know this was an attack, until I saw today’s episode. And it made me cry tears. A modern show, nonetheless a kids show, that talked about stress and anxiety. LIKE THE REAL SHEBANG. And the song (oh lord the song) just described everything that I needed
This is why Steven universe is so great. I would still be stressing and getting worse if that episode hadn’t aired. It normalizes and gives legit advice to things that are never brought up. I love this show so much it hurts. This show is everything for a person who’s confused/insecure/depressed. Thank you so much 💕

Only Love

I’ve become very familiar with the sensation you feel

When someone you held

so close to your fragile heart

tells you they no longer love you

I know what it’s like to become a faded memory

an old polaroid in a shoe box you rarely even open anymore

I have prior history of

Throwing around “I loves you"s

Like confetti.

never expecting one back

and yet anticipating the response, nonetheless.

I know the feeling of

your heartstrings being pulled on each end


like the strings on your old guitar

All too familiar with broken promises

to ever let myself go completely

So I’m Sorry I’ve lost faith

in "pinky swear” and words like “forever”

I have given away my heart entirely

And it’s been given back to me

Tattered and torn

I believe I owe you an apology

I’ve given you

The remnants of what once was

The truth is, I’ll always love you a little scared

And always looking over my shoulder


I apologize because,

No, you may not be my first

You will never know my pure

And you won’t know my brand new


You get a more callous version,

a jagged edge in the clean blade

I used to be

You may not be my first

But I pray you’ll be my last

Tiffany Hwang’s Scandal is an Accurate Representation of how Gender-Biased the K-Pop Community Is

I complain about it constantly. 

It’s not even about this singular event.

If it was oppa~ no one would give a damn.

But since it’s a girl, then everyone needs to be so hateful. 

I can’t even remember a boy group controversy that people are still bitter over. 

Noh Hong Chul and Gil drove drunk, immediately dropped off their TV shows, and are now back (not on their respective shows, but on TV nonetheless) like nothing ever happened. Even after it happened, netizens were begging for them to come back. 

If it were a woman, it sure as well wouldn’t have been the same. I mean, the list can go on about things that men could do in K-pop that would be all right, but if a woman did it, then they would be vilified. 

  • Sulli saying a bad word in Chinese. 
  • Park Bom amphetamines. 
  • IU and that one dude from SuJu posting up pictures of themselves (guess who bore the brunt of that?????). 
  • Taeyeon and Baekhyun (I wonder…………WHO BORE THE BRUNT OF THOSE PHOTOS)

It’s a bunch of fucking bollocks. 

And then when shit does happen to males, it just gets swept under the rug like nothing happened:

EXO doesn’t talk about the members currently being disputed and they certainly don’t talk about members that departed (unless it’s media play that SM dictates). Same goes with SuJu in relation to Kangin and TVXQ in relation to Yoochun, Jaejoong, and Junsu. No one bats an eye.

Jessica left the group. SNSD doesn’t say a word. All of a sudden SNSD are bitches, sluts, whores, etc. for not saying anything about her departure. Except, you know, looking visibly upset when it first happened and tears. But, no, they clearly just think Jessica is a proper cunt and are not saying anything because they’re bitches. 

Just take a look at what’s happening with Yoochun from JYJ! The man has had several people accuse him of raping them. Where the fuck is the uproar? Where are the netizens having a wank about how much of a vile human being he is? 

Oh, they are all over on G.NA’s Twitter and Instagram chatting shit about how she supposedly fucked some dude for some money.


I mean, the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

Member of boy group reveals his abs. OMGGGGGGG SO HOT OPPA PLS LET ME LICK UR ABS.


No, this isn’t about feminism. Or equal rights. Or this or that. Or PC. I don’t even know what you’d call this post.

This is about respecting another person and treating others the way you want to be treated.

Why the hell are people telling Tiffany to go die? Or to be raped?

Like, what the fuck is wrong with you in your head to say that?

If someone hits me with a reblog trying to justify those words, I can 100% guarantee you that it solidifies what this post represents. 

It’s sad that a community that supports people who sing pop songs is absolutely vile when something like this happens.

Ultimately, this post will change nothing. “Fans” will continue to furiously wank over anything oppa does and then hope that a girl group member dies in a horrible car accident or dies in a fire because she didn’t smile at an event due to fatigue. 

Watching A Muggle Horror Movie With The Marauders Would Include...

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  • “Would you lot stop hogging all the bloody blankets?”
  • all 5 of you being squashed onto one couch
  • sitting like this : peter, remus, you, sirius, james
  • James leaning over and tapping you on the shoulder, making you jump
  • Peter squirming around on his end of the couch, using a pillow as a shield
  • “Are you scared, Y/N?”
  • “No”
  • Sirius: “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you babe.”
  • “Shut up, Sirius.”
  • them laughing there asses off
  • you, hitting them with couch pillows
  • Sirius snickering when you get scared and bury your head into his chest
  • but nonetheless wrapping an arm around your shoulders
  • holding Remus’ hand
  • Remus pointing out obvious inaccuracies in the film
  • “Werewolves don’t bloody look like that!”
  • Sirius: “Muggles are idiots, why would he go into the abandoned house?”
  • “Sirius you guys break into the Shrieking Shack once a month”
  • them eating all the snacks before you get a chance
  • “ James, where the bloody hell is all the popcorn?”
  • covering your face with your hands and peeking through your fingers
  • them all watching you super amused
  • because you’re so damn adorable
  • “I have to pee.”
  • “Brilliant, Y/N, really.” 
  • you frowning
  • “Will one of you come with me?”
  • James groaning
  • Sirius laughing
  • Remus being the sweetheart he is, all like  “Sure, Y/N.”
  • when you come out of the bathroom and they scare the living shit out of you
  • accidentally hexing Peter in shock “Pertificus Totalus!”
  • “I hate all of you!”
  • them staying up with you all night because you can’t fall asleep
  • James:“She can handle a bloody werewolf in real life but not a horror movie.”
  • Sirius: “A  horrid muggle one at that.”
  • Remus: “Shut up! You’ll wake her up!”

honestly, those whole rumblings of organized crime involvement in konami’s downfall are outlandish (stranger things have happened, but outlandish nonetheless), but at the same time, i think it’s really telling that konami has made such a string of aggressively bad decisions that the theory has gained traction

like, how badly do you have to fuck up before people start seriously considering the possibility that your company is a front for yakuza money laundering

whatever’s going on, i would give my left testicle for a comprehensive book detailing it, because yakuza or no yakuza, i’m certain it’s one hell of a story

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Hope just stated that Sweden were cowards... and God, have I loved Hope since the beginning. And the stalling with the gloves? Your thoughts, please. I don't know if I can support her like this..

She was referring to the way Sweden played; nonetheless I think the wording wasn’t the best. She was obviously emotional and upset 20 seconds after the United States lost an olympic quarter on a shootout - something that has never happened. And tbh, I’ve heard coaches and players of opposing teams talk shit about Hope before without anyone batting an eye. But people live for that don’t they. Coward is not the word I would have chosen. Still, I will always find it extremely unnerving that people who are so quick to bash Hope for a one line excerpt using the word coward have no reservation about using disgustingly worse language towards her in the same breath. And no, we are not all professional players who are interviewed after a devastating loss and representing a national team, but the hypocrisy is astounding. 

On a side note, in the back of my head I can’t help thinking - this is Hope and Hope is not stupid. In fact, she’s very intelligent. Hope knows herself and she knows interviews and words and quotes can be blown out of proportion. She has lived through it. Her life is one constant media shitstorm after another. Hope knows that she is both hated and revered, and this tournament has brought out the absolute worst in people, and in fans of this very team in all honesty, but especially with regards to hope. Do I think she should have thought more carefully about her choice of words? Yes. But on the same token in the back of my mind I think she did exactly that - she knew what she was doing. People will hate on her regardless. And after a shocking and devastating loss like that people are very quick to throw around blame; so perhaps Hope decided to become the villian once more and take the brunt of the hate and lashing out and let the other team members grieve in peace. 

The stalling with the gloves was a scare tactic, much like the stalling against  Šašić in the 2015 world cup. Much like hope did against Brazil in the 2011 world cup. It’s purpose is intimidation and making the player wait as long as possible to overthink their shot - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Said hope of the wwc 2015 pk: “Before Sasic took her penalty kick, I walked all the way to the corner flag. Part of that was wanting to calm myself down. Part of it was making her wait for me. I also wanted her to see the entire goal without me in it, for it to look big. So she went up, put the ball down, and saw the entire goal before I was even there. Then I took my time coming back, walking out between her and the ball, and then slowly backing up into the goal. The next time she looked at the goal — with me in it — I wanted it to look smaller. During that whole time, I noticed that she wouldn’t look at me.” Teams use different forms of gamesmanship all the time - goalkeepers are no exception. There’s nothing more she could have done to help save her team in the final moments so she did what she had to.

If you can’t support a player you love in their worst moments - and in Hope’s case a lot of her worst moments are always made infinitely worse by predetermined feelings towards her - after what has arguably been one of the most hostile and emotionally damaging eras of her life - and if you have to constantly question whether or not you can continue to support them - then I think you already have your answer. I already have mine too. Hate is the ugly, easy way out. I’ll always stand with Hope. 

For us (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Peter parker x reader where Peter has been ‘compromised’ like Clint was and he kidnaps/tortures the reader before he goes back to normal? Thanks! ☺

A/N: I don’t know if I like this or not???? So any feedback would be great!! I know my requests are closed(that is until I get done with some requests on the way), but my inbox has been feeling pretty empty nonetheless! Hope you like this one! x

You woke up with your arms tied behind a chair. You tried to move, only hurting your wrists. You didn’t want to shout, not knowing who was there.
Slowly, memories from before being knocked over flew through your mind -Peter and you going on a mission to retrieve some Hydra documents, some agents coming to fight you and a needle being stuck into Peter’s neck before you passed out from somebody hitting your head with the back of a gun.
‘’I see you are awake.’’
You rose your head, seeing Peter standing in front of you, his Spiderman suit still on.
‘’Oh my God, Peter. Thank God you are here’’ you muttered. ‘’Help me get these things off my wrists’’ you tried to remove the rope once again, but couldn’t do it. Looking back at Peter, you saw him still standing in front of you, not moving. ‘’Come on, Peter. We don’t have all day.’’
He chuckled and crossed his arms. Even through the mask, you could feel the smirk on his lips. You furrowed your brows as you wondered what he was doing.
‘’Why would I help you out when I myself put you there?’’ he asked, resting his weight on one leg. You opened, and then closed, your mouth, trying to find an answer as to what was happening. ‘’You think you are so smart. Turns out, you are not. And now, you are going to tell me everything you know about the new weapon Tony and you have been working on.’’
You wanted to believe this was all a dream. Why was your boyfriend acting that way?
‘’What is wrong with you?’’ you asked through gritted teeth. Before he even answered, you already knew -the needle they had stuck into his neck. You remembered Natasha telling you about how she had had to fight Clint when he was under Loki’s control. This felt exactly the same.
‘’Nothing is wrong with me. Hydra just wants to know about the weapon, and you are going to give me the information’’ he said, a sassy tone in his voice.
‘’Yeah, how about… no’’ you told him.
You didn’t know what to do -every gadget you had to contact the team had been taken from you and you knew you wouldn’t remove the ropes no matter how much you tried. You had been trained to do knots perfectly, and everybody in the tower had a partner to try them with, yours being Peter. Peter had tied your hands more times that you could count, and you hadn’t been able to remove the rope any of those.
‘’Well, I didn’t want to get to this, but I guess this is the only way of making you talk’’ he said before leaving the room.
You furrowed your eyebrows even more as he came back, hiding something behind his back. Before you could guess what it was, he had shot a bullet at you. You screamed in pain as it hit your shoulder, making you feel dizzy.
‘’Peter, please’’ you whispered. ‘’You have to fight this.’’
You couldn’t talk any longer, so you just looked at him, trying to get him to reason. It didn’t work, and he quickly shot another bullet, this time at your stomach. You screamed again, trying to breathe. You closed your eyes trying to cancel everything around you and just pass out, so you didn’t realize Peter approaching you. Suddenly, a hand wrapped around your hair and pulled at it, making you scream even more. Peter threw you to the ground, hands still tied behind the chair, making your wounded shoulder hit the floor. Sobs were already escaping your lips as Peter stood in front of you, kneeling to look at you.
‘’What about the weapon, [Y/N]?’’ he asked.
You closed your eyes and didn’t answer, just wanting everything to be over. When you thought Peter was going to leave you, you breathed out in relief, your stomach hurting. Just as you opened your eyes, Peter’s foot hit your stomach, making you shout louder than you had before. You were sure you were gonna die there, by the hands of the boy you loved.
The last thing you saw before passing out was The Avengers entering through the windows.

Months after that day, you still had nightmares about it, but told no one. Peter hadn’t been the same, and neither had your relationship. What used to be a relationship full of love had turned into one in which he couldn’t look at your face without flinching, and he didn’t even dare to touch you.
‘’Peter, we need to talk’’ you said as you entered his room, locking the door behind you, tears already in your eyes. ‘’This can’t keep going on like this. I miss you’’ you whispered as you walked up to him.
‘’Please, don’t touch me’’ he said as you tried to caress his cheek, backing away. ‘’I-I can’t risk hurting you. I don’t know if I’ll ever do it again.’’
You sobbed as you slid down the wall, sitting on the ground and putting your head between your legs.
‘’It wasn’t your fault’’ you said between sobs. ‘’I don’t blame you for what happened. I miss you. I miss my best friend, my boyfriend. I miss kissing you, and I miss cuddling you. I need you, Peter. You are the only thing keeping me from living my life normally.’’
You looked up and saw Peter sitting on his bed, looking at his lap and messing with his hair.
‘’You don’t get it’’ he told you. ‘’I have nightmares thinking about what I did to you. What if nobody had shown up? I would have killed you. I wanted to do it, [Y/N]. I wanted to kick you until you bled out. How can I be with you after that? I am a monster.’’
You didn’t know what to say. Your tongue was dry, and no words were forming in your mouth.
‘’Peter, I don’t blame you. Clint went through the same. Nobody blames you but you. I love you, Peter, and I need you. I need you to protect me from the nightmares. You are not the monster. Please, Peter’’ you said, your voice cracking. You got up and walked up to him, lying softly on his bed and wrapping your arms around him carefully. ‘’Please. For us.’’
He turned around softly and hesitantly wrapped his arms around your waist, pressing his lips against your forehead.
‘’For us’’ he whispered back.

Toward the Next Jewish Rebellion:
Facing Anti-Semitism and Assimilation in the Movement
By Yotam Marom

Nonetheless, I feel sick to my stomach, a kind of sinking knot of betrayal. I think back to the dozens of other things like these that I’ve seen in the past week — posts my friends have written on Facebook, articles they’ve shared, things they’ve said to me — and it hits me like an anvil: Yes, there is anti-Semitism on the Left. And it is a threat to me, to the movement, to all of us.

As I march, it dawns on me that this anti-Semitism I’ve been brushing under carpets my whole life sits not only in the far reaches of the movement, where folks peddle conspiracy theories about Jews controlling the media and the banks (these are as old as Christianity, and still alive and well, as Chip Berlet writes about). And no, anti-Semitism doesn’t only creep up late at night at the end of the housing justice meeting, when folks blame their “Jew Landlords” for gentrification in hushed tones. It does not appear merely in the form of improprieties we might turn a blind eye to — like the participant who called my friend a “Jew Lawyer” at the Know-Your-Rights training he led last week. No, it is not only in these quiet corners we can forgive or ignore, but here, in the open, among my friends.

My knot turns into a hot anger. Why doesn’t anyone say anything about this?And then it occurs to me that, I, too, have said nothing…

Being ignored or dismissed is not an experience unique to Jews; women, queer folks, people of color, working class folks, and other marginalized groups are always disbelieved, always have to fight like hell to be heard, understood, and supported. I know this to be true because I have been, many times in my life, the one unwilling to do the listening and transforming. And so it occurs to me finally that of course my friends are anti-Semitic. Not in any vulgar or intentional way, merely in the way that we are all shaped by the systems around us until we do the work of uprooting them — in the same way that I carried racism and sexism in my every mannerism until folks helped me practice something different instead (or in the way that I still do carry those values around with me, because such things are burrowed deep into our bodies and the work of unlearning them is perhaps as long as our lives)…

So often, we collaborate with the silence around anti-Semitism, erase our own stakes in the struggles of which we’re a part, do everything we can to impress the non-Jews in the movement so they’ll keep us around. We perform our Jewishness for gentiles — tattooing our bodies with Jewish slogans about justice and making claims about how our ancestors wouldn’t stand for this sort of oppression — but put so little of ourselves in actual Jewish community. We spend our time surrounded by one another, because so many of us are drawn to the struggle for freedom and justice for all peoples, but we so rarely speak to each other as Jews, so rarely look each other in the eye — like scared high school sweethearts who put their heads down as they pass one another in the hall. When the movement asks us to prove we are Good Jews by taking personal responsibility for everything Israel does, we oblige, and wear our Jewishness full to the brim with shame. We even, when we are asked to, compare ourselves to the people who murdered our families in Europe.

Have we forgotten where we come from? We have risen up against some of the most violent conquering armies ever assembled, played meaningful roles in revolutions throughout history, have been part of countless undergrounds, organized labor struggles, fought for civil rights, led student movements, stood up to Apartheid, and more. We are survivors of never-ending attempts to wipe out our people. We are famous for carrying humor, intelligence, and a commitment to truth as forms of resilience and resistance. I even read somewhere that the Romans used to think of us as innately rebellious.

We must become, once again, that rebellious tribe the Romans feared. We must acknowledge generational trauma so we can move past it, break open the ways we have internalized anti-Semitism so we can develop new practices instead. We must tell a different story about ourselves and invite the people around us be our allies in that reclamation. We must fight against anti-Semitism and demand that all our movements take responsibility for this alongside us. We must reclaim our identity…

Imagine how the entire movement would benefit from this, how much better off we’d all be if we fought from a place of wisdom, pride, and love, instead of guilt, shame, and fear. Imagine how much closer we’d be to winning freedom for all people. And this is where the lesson transcends the question of Jewishness and anti-Semitism and goes hand in hand with the most essential questions the movement must ask itself today: What do we — each and every one of us — have to do to become our most powerful selves? We had better have a good answer, because becoming our most powerful selves is the only chance we have at winning the world we all deserve.

I Won’t Give Up (Barry Allen x Reader)

Author’s Note: This is just a little drabble I guess if you wanna call it then. Sort of just had to get my mind going. Just wanna say thank you to everyone who liked the preview! I wasn’t expecting it to have the response that it did. But I had an alternate ending for this drabble and I might end up changing it but nonetheless I sort of like where it ended up. So please do enjoy! I also take requests so if you guys ever wanna leave some, please feel free.

Summary: No summary really needed. Just takes place around Season 2 episode 1. Pretty sure you’ll be able to tell where.

Barry leaned against the door frame that led to his daughter’s room. Inside the room were his wife and their two-year old daughter. His wife, Y/N, had their daughter on her lap and she was fixing the little one’s hair. Once Y/N was done, their daughter’s eyes widened when she saw him standing by the door. Jumping off Y/N’s lap, she ran to him shouting, “Daddy!”

Barry picked her up and placed kisses all over her face as she giggled. He swore that he could never ever get tired of hearing her giggles. “Hi there my beautiful Nora.” He cooed, “Are you ready to meet grandpa?”

“Mhmm. All done.” She said as he smiled.

“You done, Y/N?” He asked looking at his wife.

“Mhmm. Let me just grab my purse then we’ll be ready to go.” Y/N said grabbing Nora’s favorite teddy bear.

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“You don’t want me” - IronFalcon

So… this started out as a harmless Headcanon, just a silly idea… and it ended as a 4k Fanfiction.

Entirely written for and dedicated to @bloody-bee-tea. I hope you enjoy this, Danni<3

[Basically, this is a SamTony Fuckbuddies/ friends with benefits!AU, but they will eventually become lovers.]

In all honesty, Sam didn’t know why he was doing this.

He was far too sober to pretend the alcohol made him feel less restrained, less able to judge the situation right.

He knew exactly what was going to happen and he allowed it nonetheless.

So when Tony leaned over, one hand gently cupping Sam’s cheek to turn his head just right, when they got closer and it all felt like it was happening in slow motion – Sam didn’t resist.

In the next moment, lips pressed against his own, slightly chapped, slightly rough but warm and gentle and so, so good.

Sam sighed into the kiss, fingers automatically coming up to grab at Stark’s shirt and pulling him closer.

It all went so easily, Sam didn’t think for a second to stop it.

He didn’t think about why Tony was suddenly kissing him. He didn’t bother trying to figure out why Tony would need this kind of intimacy when he supposedly had Pepper.

Sam only let himself be kissed and lost himself in the moment, the alcohol just enough to intensify the arousal pulsating through his body.

He felt a hand sneaking under his shirt, warm fingers directly on his chest and hummed. He tugged at Tony’s shirt and leaned back at the same time, pulling the genius along and on top of him. However, Tony pulled back at that, a grin on his face that sent tingles through Sam.

“Bed?”, he asked against Sam’s lips.

“Bed”, he agreed.


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anonymous asked:

The Matsus sleep next to their s/o and wake up first, and they try to wake their s/o up only to hear that their s/o moaning and saying their Matsu's name in their sleep. How do they react?

Another one I spent way too much time on, but I hope you like it nonetheless!

Osomatsu would look around dumbfounded, sure that he was being punked or that some strange event would occur, signaling that he was in fact still dreaming, but when it became apparent that it was neither of those, he’d be giddy with excitement. This was the kind of stuff that happens in a guy’s fantasy, but now it was real, and it was unfolding right in front of his eyes. He’d quickly settle in close and watch you with extreme delight, careful not to get too excited as to spoil the fun and wake you. He’d continue to drink in every little moan and whimper with much amusement until you finally roused from your slumber, and then he’d top it all off by greeting you with the biggest grin you had ever seen stretching across his face. I think by then it’d be safe to say that he thoroughly enjoyed the show you unknowingly gave him.

Karamatsu would blink back in surprise, convinced he was just hearing things thanks to the remnant of sleep still fogging his mind. Despite his greater judgement to ignore it and continue waking you, he subconsciously decided to wait and see if you would make that lovely sound again in your sleep, his hand pensively hovering above your resting form. When he received his proof of what his ears had previously heard, his eyes would go wide in shock, and his cheeks would flush the faintest of pinks. Again, he’d fight his decent morals and would opt to let you be, though he’d be unable to pull himself away completely, and would end up watching you with conflicting intent. He’d continue one with his internal demons until your stirring had broken his inner turmoil, instead sending his mind in a panicked frenzy about being caught doing something so dishonorable as to watch his partner moan in their sleep like a total sleaze. He’d apologize profusely for his indecent desires overcoming him and would beg for your forgiveness in a dramatic mean much too soon from your waking to be properly welcomed. He’d end up quietly leaving you in peace, though his cheeks would likely continue to burn throughout the rest of the morning/afternoon.

Choromatsu would choke back his own bewilderment as he heard your unintentional erotic moans, somehow managing not to wake you in his absolute shock. With his head reeling and cheeks fuming red, he’d hesitantly lean in close, hesitantly curious to see if it was possibly his mind just playing tricks on him. When another plea escaped your lips, he’d instantly straighten up in confirmation, his eyes the size of saucers and his heart jumping right out of his chest in disbelief. After that, he’d be an emotional wreck, practically sweating bullets as he shifted between leaving, staying, and waking you up like he originally intended. He wouldn’t notice your stirring until it was too late, and the moment your eyes met, he swore he felt his tortured soul leave his piteous form. In that moment, he’d be internally screaming at himself for his own perverse stupidity, but on the outside, he’d be as stiff and white as a fence board. It’d take him a couple of painfully long seconds to finally stammer out a cracking apology before hastily striding out of the room in steaming embarrassment. It might take him a while to recover after that, but the memory of your voice would still continue taunt him every time his eyes met your innocent face, and there was nothing he could do fix it. ((But if he was being completely honest with himself, he totally didn’t mind))

Ichimatsu would jump back in surprise, not expecting at all to hear his partner moan in their sleep, let alone his name! After somewhat calming his racing heart, he would hesitantly perk his ears to listen for another sound, leaning in close and holding his breath. The second whimper would cause him to tense up again, but this time he hadn’t pulled away. Instead, he’d continue to strain his ears, holding on to every plea, whisper, and soft cry that escaped your lips, and as time went on, he wouldn’t be able to deny the burning he felt in both his cheeks…and his lower regions. If you happened to catch him before he realized your waking up, he’d practically deficate himself in horror, and would never wish to show his face again out of excruciating embarrassment for his creepy actions. The only thing you’d hear as he quickly absconds the room would be a faintly audible apology and the rushing of baggy clothes, his hoodie and sweatpants doing nothing to hinder his inhuman speed. It might take about a week for him to come out of hiding, wherever he is. Help him.

Jyushimatsu would pause, both surprised to hear such an erotic noise slipping from his s/o’s mouth and because he somehow wasn’t able to wake you the first time around. He wouldn’t have time to ponder though, for the soft whimpering of his s/o’s voice had now taken the forefront of his mind’s thoughts, and he now found himself hovering extremely close to their face to catch another moan. He’d continue to sit and listen with an ever growing smile engulfing his excited features, and with every little gasp and whisper of his name, he’d feel fireworks going off in his body. He wouldn’t be the slightest bit upset about being caught staring, instead greeting you with his usual cheerful ‘good morning Y/N!’ and a wide open smile. He’d probably ask you later on if you could make those sounds again omg.

Todomatsu would blink back in unexpected surprise, his mouth slightly agape and his hand retreated from your figure. He’d look around both ways to see if somehow anyone was looking before quietly leaning in, careful not to actually try to wake you this time. When you unconsciously moaned out his name again, his eyes would still be wide with contained excitement, but a small smile would begin to form across his lips, showing just how much he was loving listening to you plead for him in your dreams. Soon, he’d prop up a hand and watch you with languid amusement, his hooded eyes keeping up with your every whimper, and his smug smile playfully tugging at his mouth. When you finally roused from your sleep, you’d instantly be met with a most satisfied expression, your teasingly cruel boyfriend having enough fun as it is watching your cute little face twist in confusion before him. He wouldn’t make an effort to move or anything–he’d just casually muse a suspiciously smooth ‘good morning’ before asking, “so…did you sleep well, Y/N? I’m extremely curious to know~”

amberdream  asked:

Oh my gosh, I love this way too much, please more ice skating headcanons, this time for the tfp Autobots! Stay awesome, Peach!

I’ve been looking forward to this one!
And thank you ^^

Optimus Prime TFP

He gets the hang of skating pretty quickly. He mostly likes skate around the lake in slow casual circles, either beside you or carrying you in his hands. He enjoys the cool air and likes to take in the scenery 

Ratchet TFP

He’s not that good when it comes to balance or grace, but he can go in slow circles. He’s pretty grumpy about the whole affair, wondering what the point of skating around frozen ice is, but he does it nonetheless. He likes carrying you on his shoulder while he skates around the edges of the lake 

Bumblebee TFP

He’s pretty awful at it, and wobbles around waving his arms mostly, but he enjoys it way too much to stop. He tries to glide as quickly as possible, and laughs when he flops down and slides the rest of the way on his stomach. He would carry you but he keeps falling, and doesn’t want to squish you. You glide alongside him when he falls on his stomach and laugh (in the best way possible) 

Bulkhead TFP

Bulkhead was not built for ice skating and he knows it. He’s nervous about going out on the ice, and slips immediately after. This continues step after step. Eventually he just sits on the side while everyone else skates, he’s had enough. He enjoys watching you skate in little figure eights though 

Arcee TFP

She’s pretty good at ice skating once she gets the hang of it, and can even pull of some nice tricks. She likes carrying you and going as fast as possible around the edges of the lake, then going in the middle to do a spin. She loves how excited you get when she does this

Smokescreen TFP

He’s shaky but he can still skate. He tends to go faster than he can handle, and ends up tripping. If he goes slow he’s fine though, and when he does slow down, he likes to carry you and gently glide in small circles. He likes to lay on his stomach and watch you skate around in circles in front of him

Wheeljack TFP

He’s not the most graceful skater, and trips a lot, but by primus he’s gonna try! He’s sloppy, and wobbles when he tries to turn quickly, but he manages to do a few laps. He wanted to carry you around but the rest of the team thought that was a bad idea, so you skate loyally beside him while he laps. You tease him for it but he just laughs, he enjoys the attention

Ultra Magnus TFP

He objects to the idea originally, but once he gets out on the ice he’ll admit that it is fun. He’s not very graceful, but he can balance well enough, and enjoys skating slow laps around the lake. He likes having you perched on his shoulder while he skates 

Optimus and Ultra Magnus like skating together with you in silence around the lake, just taking in the scenery. Wheeljack and Bulkhead cling to each other for support when they first get on the ice, wobbling and falling down immediately. They about die laughing several times at their own shenanigans, since they challenge each other to a race that neither can finish (you enjoy that little show, holding you sides from laughing so hard). Bumblebee takes a running start and jumps, just to see how far he can really belly slide. Smokescreen ends up joining in, and pretty soon they’re trying to out-belly slide each other, much to everyone’s amusement. Ratchet mostly stays with Optimus, avoiding any games, but when Smokescreen and Wheeljack challenge him to a race, saying that he’s ‘too worn out to race’, it’s going down. He ends up beating both of them by a second (since they all fell multiple times through the race) and even laughs through the race. Arcee races just about everyone and wins, she’s the best skater of the team. Wheeljack bet his high grade energon that she couldn’t jump and do three spins in the air, but still land it. He lost his high grade energon. Optimus and Magnus were even smiling and laughing through all this, bless their sparks 

It’s @stealthflower‘s birthday today! Thank you for being a wonderful friend! You’re one of the sweetest people I know, a great photographer, and a an even better listener. You’re strong and kind, the mark of a great person. I’m glad to have met you and I’m grateful for your friendship everyday. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to do something more elaborate, but I hope you like this nonetheless. I haven’t known you long but I am so happy I know you now! Love you! <3 

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YOU SHIP MARKJIN CAUSE BOI SAME. Like okay, seriously it's such a secure and calm ship like everyone makes fun of mark for being so quiet but jinyoung just lets him be and encourage him to speak up and always listens really intensely whenever mark talks and it just warms my heart cause I'm a really quiet person so everyone talk over me and it sucks and it just makes me so happy that the IS relationship is so calm and collected like I'm living for it.

sweets i could talk about them all day

i agree with you so much oh my gosh im becoming emotional just thinking about them. like, okay, listen. i can’t say it better than you, but listen

their relationship seems so healthy and happy,, like,, they don’t ‘complete’ each other like other ships like markson or jjp where one has what the other doesn’t,, but they work so well nonetheless. maybe it’s because they’re both so laid back most of the time and seem to understand things idk

anyway they just seem so relaxed around each other and probably can be themselves around each other without worrying they might be laughed at, instead they seem like the couple who would laugh with each other rather than at each other and it’s so nice

tbh i’m being biased because they’re lowkey my otp and lowkey the one of the two got7 ships i first started shipping and fell in love with, but listen,,  they make such a great pair!! they may seem boring, but in their eyes it probably is just them being themselves and comfortable around each other and im crying by e 

also read this and cry with me

Summer Memories

Saying goodbye to everyone at the end of the summer wasn’t easy. Fortunately, Mabel has a small piece of Gravity Falls to take back with her.

A/N: Oh my gosh, this is incredibly late but I really wanted to write something for the power of Mabel week, and here it is. For day 2: Mabel’s scrapbook. It’s kinda short, but I still hope you all enjoy nonetheless!

Rating: K

Word count: 642 (I told you it’s short asdkgfbk)

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hassan0014  asked:

Hey Gaster what do you think of Alphys? Are you ok that Asgore replaced you by someone who obsessed with japanese cartoon?

* Alphys? She’s a nice girl. I think she is around Sans age…  A bit shy, but nonetheless brilliant, just like her mother. 

* Those Japanese cartoons, or anime, aren’t half bad actually… the other day Alphys and Sans were watching one about a princess trying to protect this big insects from a kingdom or something. I only saw less than half of it so i don’t really know much. I might have to borrow it someday.

Writer Appreciation!

Okay so I barely read fic for whatever reason (very bad I know) but I’m nonetheless so grateful to all writers for gifting their time and talent.  You all are wonderful people and deserve to be appreciated 365 days of the year for your contributions.  However there is one especially great writer and amazing friend, @sathinfection, whose Kylux and Tolkien work in particular kills me every time.  My favorite, of course, is her magum opus, Idols and Dead Men– a beautifully-crafted Kylux Senator AU that I’ve yelled about so much before.  Of Like Kind is another favorite, an exquisitely dark and heart-wrenching exploration of the villains of The Silmarillion.  Lastly I’ll rec Thoughts in Clay, a steamy-as-hell Kylux oneshot that captures the finer points of the characters’ personalities and expands on them so beautifully it hurts.  

I only recommend that you start with these because you should go read all of her incredible work!  Thank you to Sath and every other writer out there for doing what you do <3