my future husband: babe what should I wear on the flight

me: like something…stylish…like I dunno…you could do like…a green beanie,…,,,,,,like.,,..pants that are like??? Leather???, carry this small film camera….this kinda holey white shirt maybe??? Simple!!!!

my future husband: I fuckin hate that Harry Styles dude

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big penis' don't always equal great sex, like I think fanfiction in general has altered the perception of sex for many young virgin readers like it is fiction at the end of the day like it's pretty rare to have 8" let alone 12" lmao like if someone dropped their pants & I saw that I would be terrified lmao but like it's all about what you do with it tbh, I've been with men who are big and men who are average and it all depends on the person and their ability :)

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i should get a lot of clothes before i leave because ive been alternating among the same like three rag outfits this summer. i mostly need pants that are 3 sizes too big and some shirts


yall i’ve been feeling myself lately. like i am so proud of my progress. I can now wear sweat pants and it wont look like my back goes on for ages. I am 20 pounds away from being able to lift my own weight on the squat rack. Still leg pressing three plates, but I should probs increase the weight since I’ve been at a stand-still. you guys. i am proud 😭

the progress on my upper body on the other hand, has been trash. like why. 

tbh i could never wear pants that wernt high waisted like low rise stuff was my ENEMY bcuz i got rly wide hips and so like even at my thinnest my hips stick out more than the rest of my legs/thighs or whatever n i jus always look like i have a muffin top(i only am jus realizing in recent years this now that i lost weight lmao) like even when i have nothing on i have a weird gap between my hips and my thighs this is why i can neeeevvver wear thin tight fitting dresses or like bathing suits o god

things that just happened: locked meself out of bedroom with nothing more than the shirt and underwear i was wearing.had to fuckingo down to the main desk and get help by borrowing a roommates pants which i waffled over for like 20 minutes

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The red pants with the jacket (I think it was in Sweden), now THAT was a look! And for Miles, definitely the light blue suit...

YES yes, it’s on top of my list, I love those red pants xD It seems like he can pull off any look :D And for Miles - the light blue suit is my all time favorite too ;))



Another of the requests: Jake English in a waistcoat thing