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I'm always a slut for Lance's fam angst. Like, them refusing to delete old voicemails from Lance, regretting ever deleting any photos/videos of him, regretting not taking more pictures with him (sister was self conscious and didn't like ppl taking pictures of her?), not having the heart to throw any of his old stuff out, and maybe some breakdowns when someone accidentally brakes something of his or ruins an old photo... just missing him and all the little things he did that made life better.

o w

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I see people say stuff like "Alex VILLAINIZES Ford!", but watching the finale again it's made pretty clear that both Stan and Ford are at fault with each other. I think this perception comes from the Journal 3 book, which features a lot of Ford talking about his mistakes... but the book's (largely) written from his perspective, so of course Ford's gonna focus on his personal mistakes.

Some people don’t like how Alex talks about Ford when he calls him prideful and selfish and such. The journal really shows off a lot of his flaws too.

I get why people are upset but at the same time… he’s a complex character. He has flaws, he makes mistakes, and this makes him interesting. He IS prideful and it DID cause his downfall but of course it was a lot more complicated than that (his father made it seem like his intelligence was the only thing about him that made him worthwhile, Bill did nothing but compliment him on how smart he is and how that made him special, etc etc…) but like… Alex doesn’t have to say that EVERY time he mentions Ford’s pride. Some people seem to think he does and don’t think critically for themselves.

Flaws make a character interesting. Ford would be boring if he wasn’t imperfect. 

Some people see only his flaws. Some people defend him so passionately they ignore his flaws. Both are frustrating to deal with.


I’m all squinty-eyed right now. Anyway, here he is! :D I might go back and add some more stuff to his design and fix some things here and there, definitely need to change those two rooster feathers in his hair because right now they look more like ribbons, but for now I consider this done.

Fun fact: that dagger on his belt is referenced from one in my collection; it’s super old and has genuine battle damage so WHO KNOWS. For all I know it’s a real murder weapon lol. Either way, it’s an awesome dagger. <3

Biography under the cut because it’s a little lengthy. I haven’t really checked for typos other than a quick read-over, and I’ll likely add some things to this as well when I’m less tired.

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Hi! Prompt idea: Jughead brings Betty back to his "room" at the Drive-In one night before it is entirely demolished to show her where he's been staying. His makeshift bed is still there and...I dunno... maybe some smooch stuff goes on? 😏

Ooh I like this onee,

Betty giggled as he pulled her along the wall of the tiny building , quickly grabbing her by the waist and tugging her into his temporary home.

“Juggie where are we going?” She laughed tilting her head to catch his eyes.

He spun her around slowly, putting his arms out in a lazy shrug.

“Welcome to mi casa.”

Betty’s eyes scanned the tiny room filled with used film and movie posters, a makeshift bed was set up in the corner that hardly looked warm enough for the cold nights they had been having recently.

“You sleep here? This is your home?”

Betty looked up at him, but instead of the pity and sympathy he thought he would see, they were warm and a little sad but mainly just questioning.

He shrugged

“It’s the closest thing to it, it’s not so bad, look I’ve even got a bed, it’s pretty comfortable?” He looked at her under his eyelashes.

Before he knew it Betty had flopped her self down on his bed and was stretching her legs on the little bed.

“Hmm you’re right this is comfy. I might have to stay here tonight.”

Jughead smiled at the amazing young woman smirking up at him.

“Is that right?, well I don’t know if it really fits two but we can sure try.”

Jughead jumped on Betty caging her in with his arms making her squeal and giggle wiggling underneath him.

Jughead smiled his grin big enough to split his face.

“Well this is cozy.”

Betty reached her hands up to wrap around his neck pulling him down slowly.

“It’s a little cold in here, we might have to stay close to keep warm.” She said in a whisper

Jugheads forehead rested on hers brushing his nose with her tiny one.

“You know what they say about body heat.”

“Mhmm” she agreed bringing her lips to his.

He sighed into her mouth relishing in the taste of strawberries and vanilla and running his fingers through the silky pile of hair he loved so much.

She wiggled under him moving them both against the wall and as she slowly pulled away his eyes caught on the picture hanging above them.

Jellybean and him at the drive in.

She would love Betty just as much as he did, he just knew it.

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Hi. I'm sorry to bother you, I know you guys are really busy and workign really hard on life stuff and WoY stuff but I had sort of an idea? Ah it might be sort of dumb, but I was wondering about what if we made a day where wander over yonder fans all sent disney xd (or some designated person there) a sock to show how much they care for the show (it'd be a nod to the epic quest of unfathomable difficulty episode). one sock per woy fan. idk I feel like its sort of silly but what do you think?

Hello Anon, please never think that an idea is dumb. All ideas are worth considering. Thanks for putting this forward. 

This idea reminds me of the packets of mustard and mayo that fans wanted to mail to Disney. I’m still unsure about how Disney would react to this sort of campaign strategy so I’ll post this to my blog to let the fans debate it.

Things to consider: 

Not everyone can afford to mail things to Disney.

Disney might see it as an annoyance.

Things like his have worked in the past for other shows.

Small mustard and mayo packets might work better.

A set day seems impractical as fans come from all over the world so a week might be better so mail has a longer window to arrive from places outside of the US.

Plain white socks could also be personalised with pens to have #savewoy written on them.

Share your thoughts in the comments or reblogs please!


Drow designs, for the @drowtales art jam!! I followed a quite simple scheme: Drows + corvids + any class. I managed to do three designs! 

First one is a blue jay inspired drow girl ice mage. It’s a girl! In a dress! Mostly to make Kern happy <_<

Second one is a new version of an older magpie-inspired drow design. I still have to solve some stuff on it, but I like it!

Third one is a rook drow necromancer… And Ilztvyll’s son! His name is Velanzus and he’s badass as fuck

It was a really nice experience and now I’m quite tired. Time to eat!!

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Greetings~ senpai-chan! What kind of porn stash that modern au SLBP lords might have? Let's make it a classic scenario when MC found them, accidentally. C:

Hahahhahaha, oh my goodness you are soaked in SinTM, my dear @cottonballwithmustache, I do so approve! Hm hm hm, answer after the break aite? For some explicit content, fufufufufu!

Originally posted by ve-lure

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drxgony replied to your post “i’m watching a fallout 3 playthrough and the guy playing it has never…”

What’s his name??

ChristopherOdd!! he’s very, just, like, earnest? he doesn’t overreact or make annoying jokes or tell long-winded stories. he just gets very into the game and talks about his thought process and what he thinks about the game and stuff? i find him really refreshing. it’s such a straightforward, wholehearted approach to let’s plays. i’ve watched 2 of his LPs now and he’s never made any offensive jokes.

like if you want a funny LP he’s not that, but if you want a chill LP to experience the game alongside someone or just as some chill background noise he’s super good!! i like him a lot

this is his fallout 3 let’s play! it’s good so far.

Oh. My. God.

Okay, everyone, it’s five minutes past midnight and I’m really PISSED. So, Jack made a video about the stuff Felix is going through. He made it very polite, and tried not to diss anyone. A lot of people are supporting him, like me, being nice in the comments. Then there’s some people disagreeing. Some people are disagreeing respectfully, don’t get me wrong, but there are some straight up dickheads in the comment section. You’ll see what I mean if you look at the comments.

Jack’s video was the most controlled and polite one. Jack was being really nice, saying Felix did do something wrong but I’m not going to stop being his friend because he has apologised and yeah. People straight out disrespecting this is not acceptable.

It completely ignores the point of Mark’s video too. And apparently Jack has lost some subscribers, and I’m sure Jack doesn’t really care because he is very controlled at dealing with hate but Jesus Christ, people are fucking disrespectful these days, and it’s pissing me right off.

I’m sorry for all the swears, I don’t usually swear this much, but Jack is the most humble, genuine and gentle person on YouTube, I believe, and people just straight out being rude to him (I’m looking at you Keemstar) and not being very respectful is annoying me.

I’m not saying you have to agree with him. Some people are disagreeing respectfully and I accept that but some people are being very rude, just because he’s friends with a so called “Nazi”. Jack’s community is supposed to be a happy place. Please, everyone, brighten up.

Sorry for the rant, but it had to be said.

And Jack know that we’re here for you. Your community will stay true to you.

Thank you for reading, if you did.

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Thank you for having some sanity! Sure I must admit it looks a bit like she is with PM all of these mentions of his work on her SM, sitting with him at his stuff and her on, him in the background at the pre BAFTA think, a thank you in her book. But as long as Gillian doesn't say "my boyfriend is a British writer/Peter" I will not pretend to know her private life. All I know, because someone couldn't shut up and carried on Gillian's words, is that she indeed has a bf and are no longer single.

I don’t know if I’m sane 😂 I just don’t give two fucks about PM and the whole she found the love of her life thing and has never been happier and lever looked better to me is stupid. Because one I don’t think that happiness is dependent on meeting a men and she looked equally happy in other times of her life so I don’t get that… and two nothing will ever change what she has with David it’s special it’s something you can’t explain and it’s something unique. So no matter if she is single, in a relationship or becoming the master guru of a tantricsex community in south India I will always enjoy that unique bond she has with David because their interactions are funny and special.

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HM HM, HELLO THERE CJ, I'M JC and welcome to the community 😄!! I peeped your stuff earlier and lemme just say 👌Gewd👌Ish👌Right👌Thar👌 So! May I request some general relationship hcs for Josuke and Okuyasu, pretty please? Thank you~ and if there's any problems with this, feel free to decline

Hi JC!! I can tell we’re gonna get along quite nicely. Thank you for the complement! I’m glad that I’m doing some sort of good with my writing! I hope you like these headcanons!


  • Because he isn’t all too experienced in relationships, he’ll try and ask his mother for advice on dates, how to be romantic, and so on. It’s not that he doesn’t trust going to his friends with this, but knowing his mother probably has the most experience on the topic, she’ll be the person he’ll most rely on. That doesn’t mean he isn’t embarrassed in the progress.
    • “My son is finally growing up! It seems like only yesterday you was my little baby boy, and now you’re dating!”
    • “…Mom, all I asked about was tips on a birthday gift.”
  • Overall, Josuke has no qualms over public displays of affection, as he’s quite affectionate himself. While outside, he’s always wanting to hold your hand or give you the occasional peck on the cheek, while behind closed doors, he’s cuddly and would prefer holding you from behind.
  • As a first date, Josuke will go out of his way to dress up fancily before taking you out for a night on the town. You’ll go get dinner before going on a leisurely stroll, doing pretty much anything you want to do. As for the rest of your dates… They’re mostly at either of your homes, lazing on the couch, playing video-games together.


  • If you think Josuke was clueless, Okuyasu is even more so. He’ll go to both his father and Josuke on how he can act and be a good boyfriend. Josuke will be the one to give him the most cheesiest romance advice, such as bad pickup lines.
    • “Ask them something like, “Hey, do you know what my shirt is made out of?” Then, you grab your shirt before saying “It’s boyfriend material.” They’ll be swooning, I’m sure!”
    • “Bro… You’re a genius!”
  • Like Josuke, Okuyasu has no complaints with showing affection to the public. It’s something he needs to get used to though, knowing he never figured he’d get so far as to having a partner for himself, but he truly welcomes it with open arms.
  • Due to years of experience, Okuyasu is an actually decent cook. You’d spend some dates in the comfort of his home talking, bonding, and probably feeding each other the food he’d make.

I tried making it four headcanons per character, but I ran out of ideas. I don’t know why, but I spend a lot of time finishing headcanons based off of really simple things… I hope you liked these, and feel free to tell me if I messed up, or you want a re-do!

- Admin CJ

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Hi I'm sorry to bother you but I was wondering If you had any fics where they are both at college (if it's smutty better) sorry for my awful english 💘

Hi Nony! I do have some College AU recs, which you can check out here:  : #1 & #2. But I thought why not make a quick update, so here are even more fics:

Summary: Pepper, today I met my arch nemesis.”
“Again? Really? Is this another Justin Hammer situation?”

“I don’t hate him, Buck. He’s just some rich kid that’s being forced to do charity work by his dad. It just pisses me off that he doesn’t actually care. You know how much stuff like this means to me.”

Or: A Steve/Tony College AU. Tony attempts to “reform” his public image by doing charity work. Steve volunteers at said charity. They meet and kind of hate each other. Then, somehow, they end up friends. And one day Tony realizes he might be a little bit in love with Steve, which wouldn’t be that bad if Steve weren’t pretty much straight. Next comes a bet, a kiss, a minor sexuality crisis, a secret relationship, and a whole lot of boys being stupidly repressed about their feelings.

Summary: Tony has a rotten day, made even worse when it looks like Steve has blown off their study date.

Summary: Steve took a long breath, shutting his eyes and putting two fingers up the bridge of his nose.“So you’re telling me… you decided it would be a good idea… to start a fight when you were outnumbered… twenty to one?” He asked shortly.Tony grinned then, and nodded his head.

Part 3 of 101 Ways to fall in love

Summmary: Tony doesn’t remember the night before until he’s woken up by a phone call from a policeman.

Summary: “Tony?” he said, riddled with disbelief and vaguely aware that somewhere in the distance there was a mischievous God of fate flipping him off and going ‘nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh’.

Summary:The teacher wasn’t present yet, but Steve hardly took a register since his eyes were stuck on one thing and one thing only.Tony Stark.Leaning over his desk.Looking through his fucking sketchbook.
Based on the Prompt:“I’m an art student and you just found my sketchbook and you’re going through it. Shit man can you give that back, I don’t care how good you think they are just don’t turn that page… ”

Summary: As a rule, try not to propose to the love of your life while you’re drunk.

Summary: Steve and Tony are roommates. Tony has a tendency to jack off while Steve’s asleep. Steve’s a light sleeper.

Summary:Though he was a grad student, Tony was still only sixteen at the start of their relationship. Steve, hesitant of the age gap, refused to sleep with Tony until he turned eighteen.And Tony turns eighteen.

Summary: It’s finals week. Steve and Tony are stressing over exams. One thing leads to another and they’re making out on top of the library table!

Summary: Tony’s friends don’t believe him that his boyfriend looks like a Greek God. He proves them otherwise. 

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Since we've had yandere Beta, can we see some yandere Alpha?? Or is he already a yandere?? o-o"


“FOR THE RECORD,” Alpha raises his voice, “I do not have any of those thoughts. Beta can do whatever she pleases, and interact with people she wants to as long as they aren’t shady. She’s smart enough.”

yesterday i was so restless and tired but i dragged myself out in the evening to get a coffee at lydia’s cafe, i sat outside in the cold and drank it by my bike. then i went home and laid in bed drinking mimosas feeling incredibly restless. jonny left for a party, i did a nice makeup and went to a bar to meet some friends. my head was being really weird, everything was so intense and like a flipper game. then freja came and it was very good to see her and she convinced me to come along to an underground house club. she put some cedar oil on me to make me calm. there wasnt anyone i know very well at the club so i just danced alone for a while and then all of a sudden a familiar face shows up, someone i knew in 9th grade! so i go and say hi and it turns out this guy has gone and become a very nice person and a house dj! so we stand there talking about stuff like music and raves on the edge of the dancefloor, he says something about how the guy next to me has such a good rave-y dancing style, and the guy next to me is like “ah i love how your conversation becomes a part of the music for me… also hi Emmy!” and its someone i went to confimation camp with???? so the three of us are just like Wtf and we stand there dancing and smiling ! that really woke me up in such a good way. then jonny came and everyone danced all night! :)

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What would be the boys' favorite color/s?

Hi anon! Thanks for asking me! This is actually something I’ve thought about a lot, because I wanted to dye the bros’ chocobos in their favorite colors while playing the game.

Slightly based on this.

Little bit of spoilers for chapter 10. Also, some headcanon stuffs too.

Noctis’ favorite color would be royal blue. He likes any dark, cool color, but something about royal blue is… calming. It reminds him of the water in the canals of Altissia. Royal blue is also the color of sylleblossoms; it reminds him of his time with Luna as children. Black is a close second, however, as it’s the color of the Regalia, and of Lucis. The color that saturates his home, and brings up memories of his childhood with his father.

Prompto’s favorite color is anything that isn’t dark or foreboding. Bright colors, like yellow, light green, and orange. Specifically, the breathtaking orange of the sunrise. He’s photographed the sunset and sunrise many times, but something about the awesome beauty of it always takes his breath away.

Ignis likes balanced, medium green tones. Not so bright it’s harsh to the eyes, but not so dark that it’s murky. Similar to the color of his own eyes. A light purple/lavender color is his second favorite, especially so once he goes blind. He can’t see colors anymore, but certain scents will make him recollect. Lavender is one of the strongest.

Gladio prefers reds. Any shade. To him, it’s the color of heart, of passion; something you need in his position. It represents strength, and everything Gladio wants (and needs) to be. He’s had rather poetic discussions about it with Ignis, actually, when Iggy asked him his favorite color. Plus, it’s Iris’s favorite color as well, and reminds Gladio of her.

WORKIN ON SOME STUFF. some hockey boys. 

Also i just reread the tweets and Bitty was apparently in his pjs when he got the Valentines Day flowers but when I sketched it out I guess I ….forgot about that…. so like….just….just pretend otherwise? maybe this is next year. I DON’T KNOW i just wanted to draw his cute coat with the toggles ;A;

Jacks nosebleed inspired by a gifset of tyler seguin.

Kent’s cheek injury inspired by Nyquist’s high stick to Spurgeon’s face in the Red Wings v. Wild game last weekend. NOT GREAT.

Gonna finish sketching these, gonna do the lines do some edits, and then hopefully I’m gonna finish them in watercolor. <3333

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Hi I saw your a celestial witch & a diviner (& spiritual if i read that right??) so i feel a connection. My tools are a crystal ball, crystals & dice (don't have much money to buy more stuff). What ways can I combine my affinity for the stars with divination? Can I use crystals in divining? Also I'd like to start working with spirits but incredibly nervous, any advice? Where should I start?

I myself haven’t done this in some time, but one way to engage with crystals (other than the usual crystal ball) in a divinatory context would be to make a “throw bag” (that’s what I call it, not sure what other term to use) containing your favorite crystals. 

This would be a small opaque bag (perhaps just a paper bag), and, to divine, you would reach into the bag and, without looking, pull out a crystal. Then, you would interpret the message based on which crystal it was. I’ve done this before, but not wholly with crystals (I included other things too). 

Naturally, as you probably already know, a crystal ball is usually used for scrying, and I’ve a series about that on my blog, most of which are linked in this post (which is an exercise for getting started with any sort of scrying). 

I’ve not written a lot (personally) about scrying specifically with a crystal, but most (though not all) of what I’ve mentioned about scrying with other mediums (fire, water, sky, etc), applies to a crystal too. Maybe someone reading this can provide a good guide to crystal-specific scrying techniques? 

The stars and planets can actually be immensely useful in divination. You probably already know that each Tarot card has an astrological correspondence. If you took up Tarot, you would be able to learn a lot about astrology and the stars from connecting them to each card. If you’re not interested in cards, though, that’s great, too (everyone’s different, after all), because there’s plenty of other ways to combine divination with celestial interests. 

If, for example, you decide to make a throw bag for divination with your favorite crystals, you can associate each crystal with a celestial figure such as a sign of the zodiac or one of the planets. Many books on crystals gloss over this, but the planets and zodiac signs all have particular crystals associated with them.

Of course, you can build your own associations/connections between the crystals and the stars/planets, as well. A lot of such associations are personal. Many people, for example, associate bloodstone with Mars, but others might associate it with Venus instead, based on how they individually connect with the stone.

Returning to the matter of scrying, there’s actually a lot of ways to incorporate celestial witchcraft into scrying. One of the simplest would be just timing your scrying sessions based on planetary hours or days, for example - you could scry to learn about love matters on a Friday during the hour of Venus, or financial matters during the hour of Jupiter, etc. 

I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but I have a small masterpost of my own writings on celestial techniques that you can check out, too. Most of my work is focused on the planets rather than the zodiac, and a lot of the techniques I talk about in those posts (such as planetary squares and glyphs) don’t require any materials other than a pen and paper.

As to spirit work, don’t be too nervous. A bit of caution is important in anything, but most techniques that are used these days for contacting spirits are quite safe. If you’re intensely nervous about it, I would suggest casting a circle (of your preferred sort) prior to spirit workings, and being sure to cleanse and banish both before and after any sort of spirit communication. 

It’s also good to sort of start small, if that makes sense - begin by trying to get in touch with your local spirits, nature spirits, landwights, or the spirits within your own home.

 These tend to, for the most part, be pretty benevolent and open to human interaction! I’m planning on posting some more articles about spirit communication here shortly, but I don’t really know how soon they’ll be ready, but I hope this is helpful!

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Hi!! I bought some stuff from you at Tsukinko today and just wanted to say I adoooore your style!!

Thank you v’ much! Glad you like my stuff!
; v ;) ❤❤❤

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I was reading some good meta™ some days ago that brought up Scorpius having a dark mark in the Voldemort day alternate reality. (I think the actor that day rubbed his arm a lot? Don't really remember). My question is... Would he? I'm still not sure about how the time travel works regarding the persons involved, like clothes and stuff. (Scorpius returns in the lake in black robes but Albus has Slytherin ones?). I would like to hear what you think. Love the Cursed Child positivity of your blog!

Hmmmmmmm…. Okay. Do we think it’s reasonable to imagine that all the kids at Hogwarts, at least the pureblood kids, were Marked? I could see that. It would be a mark of ownership and loyalty and give Voldemort a way to magically control them all. It’s also possible that only a chosen few were Marked. Basically, I think it’s reasonable to imagine that Scorpion King Scorpius had the Dark Mark. (And reasonable to imagine he didn’t, we obviously don’t know for sure.)

However: as you point out, a character arrives in a new timeline in the same condition in which they left the previous timeline. Scorpius arrives back in the main timeline wearing his Death Eater robes. But he arrives in the Voldemort timeline unmarked, wearing his Slytherin swimming costume. So, regardless of whether or not Scorpion King was marked, Scorpius wouldn’t have been marked in that timeline. (Unless it happened while he was there for some reason, and omg, can you imagine? Like if Scorpius arrived just in time for the Marking Ceremony and then had to go through with it. And he’d carry it back with him to the main timeline and have it forever. Actually, someone should write that. I think maybe you already did, @torestoreamends ? )

Why did Albus’s clothes change? Bloody hell. I mean, the obvious answer is “So Scorpius would notice and the audience would know that Albus was back in Slytherin”. Albus hadn’t done the actual time travelling, given he didn’t exist in the Voldemort world. It would mean that when Scorpius changed history back to the main timeline, he erased the second reality in which Albus had been in Gryffindor. Albus still remembered that reality, but when he emerged from the lake he’d come from the main time line in which he was in Slytherin.