Every time Jumin calls, he answers with “It’s me.” 

I promised the amino people that Jumin would be the next person I drew… et voila! Promise kept! ^_^  This was just supposed to be a warm up, but I really like doing messy sketches like this…

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This, this was not supposed to happen D: I am so scared of posting this but I really like these sketches like, allot, but still like… screw it, this will come out sooner or later anyway and I will just come clean!

YES, I ship Undertale Sans and Underswap Papyrus like there is no tomorrow, f- fight me! The secret is out! BURN THE WITCH I AM A SINNER! CUE MEGALOVANIA PLAYING! HELL IS WELCOMING ME!

But I just can’t help it, they are just so cute together to me for some flippin’ reason, like their whole relationship would just be like two very close friends who would spend their time together just sleeping, cuddling and making constant puns and jokes with one another, like they would have allot of late night talks about literally everything and they would be able to help each other with their problems and issues like so damn well as they literally knows what the other one is going through and it just makes me so damn happy??

And I just had this need of drawing them sleeping together, though mostly just wanted to draw Pap in cat like poses as I headcanon him been like a cat when sleeping or just laying down and stuff which I mentioned in one of my other pictures, due for the two always sleeping and it’s cute, and I had some problems with cleaning these sketches up as they were so damn messy, which is no surprise as all of my sketches are super messy but these one’s were worse than usual!

though the fontcest is not even really visible in those sketches so you guys can just ignore it and see this as completely platonic C: 


hey I’m Kara, and i don’t really know how to do this, so forgive me in advance;
I’ll turn 18 in a month and I’ve got that clinical depression ;) I like to sketch and I’d like to meet people of all walks of life from all over the world so I can crash on their couch while I’m traveling. I’m planning on being a Wildlife Conservationist but hey you never know m8 hbu
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sai lineart/brush help?

hey, i have trouble with doing clean lineart and i’m looking for a good brush for sai!

i can’t do good long lines, so i do a lot of short ones which makes the lines look choppy. i’d like something sketch-like or in general more…..forgiving of choppy lines

here’s an example of what i mean by choppy lines. i just used the pen tool here. any advice is appreciated! i have limited dexterity and hand movement so even with practice i fear this will always be a deficit for me and wanna prepare accordingly, heh


The speed-paint counterpart to @raccoonsinqueen ‘s birthday picture.

 That sketch in the background is the sketch I had completed on my desktop before it crashed. Four times :).

 I get this bittersweet feeling when I look at the recording because nothing wanted me to finish this. 

There are a few jumps here and there because I had to pause the recording to responding to a never silent group chat. Now that I’ve explained all the unnecessary parts, this candy is gonna shut it.