hands-down fav bit of inquisition: you’ve had the holy living shit kicked out of you, fallen in a hole, had a mountain dropped on your head, and you’ve got to hike your half-dead ass up a mountain through a blizzard by yourself. a++ experience.

I started leveling a fourth orc with @artbynoodle, and I had no inspiration for a new new character… so I’m just gonna make her one of Balgheera’s many sisters. Because I didn’t have enough muscle babes?? Idk. This one has some silly face paint and a neck/shoulder tattoo I still have to design

I can’t wait to clean this up but i cant draw any more tonight. Early wake up. ; H ;

Defending Temple of Anubis

Me: Theres a Genji behind us on the stairwell…. hes just keeps poking his head out and throwing shurikens… What is he even doing… it’s not even affecting us… Hes been there for like 2 minutes.

Friend as Bastion:  It’s okay.  Hes just trying to chip away my health 1 hp at a time.  Hes probably just sweating over his keyboard spamming keys trying complicated moves “I ALMOST GOT HIM, THEY LAUGHIN NOW BUT, I’M GONNA GET HIM”  


@massivespacewren replied to your post “I feel like I need more practice on drawing quickly… So I’ll briefly…”

Is this still open? If yes: Tony working, and bucky hugging him from behind? Or tony and Bucky in suits at some gala, silently judging you :D? Iron Man flying the Winter Soldier up to a good sniping position? (I’m just throwing ideas at you, hoping you may like one ^^; )

Safety first! 


dumping this trio of lazy pre-evos to thin out my drafts a bit more. these are all roughly from about half a year ago maybe? idk i don’t remember


I had a dream the other night about a monstrous dragon lady who lures men into her cave using her upper half. She hides the rest of herself behind her massive hoard of treasure.

Actually knuckling down and drawing a full artwork of her felt very daunting, but I managed these doodles.
I like the second version better. I prefer her with more legs. Also imagine how creepy she’d look slithering around the cave like a scaly centipede.

Looks like it’s Commission Time again!

My job is eventually going to be coming to an end. I am applying for other work, but I will most likely need to make a little extra monies on the side. I know I made a commission price list before, but I think I was too expensive so I’m going to keep it affordable.

Sketches! $5

Cell Shaded! $10 

(pic is outdated, but still a good example)

Painterly! $25 

(Note: do not expect painterly art from me to be done in a day or two. It takes a lot of time.)

Chibis! $8 for Cell Shaded ///// $15 painterly

Just to be Clear!

The prices are multiplied by the number of subjects involved. So two cell shaded Chibis are going to be $16 and so on and so forth. I am not much of a background artist, but I will give a background if it’s requested and it will be an additional $15 charge before any multiplying that would be done. Please specify if you desire a headshot, half body, or full body. I will not charge differently for each, but if you do not tell me in your commission request then I will just do whatever feels right to me. I will do fan art and OCs. IF you request an OC be drawn then give me as much detail about them as well as all the visual references you can give me.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way I hope y’all will latch on because I really could use the help and I’d be glad to give back in return. :D

I just woke up from possibly the best dream in existence. It started out with Kate McKinnon sitting in a large chair and sort of Weekend Update style relaying the latest Hillary news on some new segment which I sadly can’t remember the name of. Then after the segment she like did some sketch as Hillary that took place at some church? and to like show she was hip with it and Christian enough she was dressed to the nines and like clapping along to the choir. Michelle Obama was in the choir and Hillary came over and held her hand and like rested her head on Michelle’s shoulder to show their friendliness. Michelle didn’t seem to mind. then it cut to her and Michelle sharing a blunt and laughing and Hil being like “they think I’m gonna lose to Donald Trump?! Are you fucking shitting me??? I’m Hillary fucking Clinton I’ll do whatever I like!!” But then someone was coming so they had to quickly dispose of the blunt so a secret service guy took it and threw it somewhere but then Hillary got mad and was like “are you out of your mind? Did you not just hear Michelle? She said throw it in the trash can!!” So she takes back the blunt from the secret service dude. But the thing is Michelle had actually specifically said “don’t throw it in the trash they comb through that.” So Hillary literally takes the fucking blunt and stares at it and then stares at Michelle and then back at the blunt and Michelle is like “no Hillary…don’t…” but it’s too late Hillary has already made up her mind and she reaches down to shove the blunt up her vagina and THATS when I woke up. It was wild.