“you hear about that new state alchemist? the fiore alchemist is what they’re callin’ ‘em. don’t let the frilly name fool you–you ever seen what happens when you leave weeds alone to grow in a city and they start cracking buildings apart? they do things like that, but…faster. much…much faster.”

“i hear they can do some medicinal somesuch too, but they’re part of the state now–you think bradley cares about some nice garden herbs? nah. not hard to see he’s gearing up for another conflict.”

“there’s rumour that fiore can’t talk–or won’t. they speak in hands, but they had their cousin–that colonel, from the south–to translate, during their exams. you know what they said, to get started?”

“point me at whatever you want gone and move.

Happy 2yr Mythical Beast Anniversary to me!!! (^//o^/)~ 。:*☆

(( i cant believe its been two years already since i discovered these two mythical dads )) <3

To celebrate, I decided to draw a little screenshot thing from GMM #548 ((Will it Cereal?)) as it was the very first gmm i watched!!! (( the exact date is 2/16/15, yes i remember…)) :3

Hope this turned out ok for a celebration drawing, and im really happy to have discovered them, as they are a big happiness and inspiration in my life now!!! Here’s to many more years of being a mythical beast!!! <3

((also bonus cause the very first time i remember seeing them but without knowing who they were, was in Youtube Rewind 2014 omg…..))

my guess at my first thoughts when seeing this scene :” who the heck are these old dorks” omg past me if only you’d known haha……

Embarrassing moment aside,

Some rough sketches for the Elem/school! Smth smth ~ AU project. I can’t really think of a URL or a name for it so…

//bats eyelashes at y'all.// (⁎⁍̴̛͂▿⁍̴̛͂⁎)/

oh man i haven’t drawn this asshole in forever can you believe i was able to draw that armor like 75% from memory

Oshiete oshiete…. why do I put sweet, soft Shigeo through this pain

I dunno… but I’d imagine Mob’s kagune to manifest as some sort of roots of a plant, still growing and evolving as he grows into adulthood. Perhaps a beautiful flower-like kagune will be the final form? O3O

A Talbot for @t-albot!

I know today you had a pretty shitty time so I constructed a (pretty weird lookin’) sketch of your husband!

I hope you like it baby girl, I’m sorry it took so long! I always want to do a quick doodle but it turns into this…

Also I discovered that it’s a lot easier to trace things… so there’s that as well!

Any who I hope you like it honey!💕

‪Bonne anniversaire feri ♡ I made this drawing for your birthday, you deserve all what you have because you’re a nice and adorable person, you became in my idol in a so short time and this maybe can’t be enough for a so gorgeous person like you, because you deserve this and more, love you! hope you like it and have a sooooooooooo nice day ^•^ ‬

‪and I apologize for don’t give you a drawing of plagg or chat ): if a someday I make a drawing of they ‬I promise it will only be for you‪ @ferisae :D‬

youko-kuzuryu2001  asked:

hey there do you create your own fanart?

Hey there! I only create fanart once in a blue moon, and when I do, they’re mostly sketches and remain in my notebook, where they long for the sweet embrace of death completion :’) So most likely, if they aren’t sketchy like this, that’s somebody else’s fanart, and the artist’s name is usually in the caption (always for pixiv art, mostly for reblogs) or in my tags (always for when I reblog from the artist’s tumblr).

The painting is taking longer than I thought it would, so here’s the sketch