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Something light for today! Yoosung blew a fuse AHAHA;;; wtf was he even trying to do ——

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Fun Headcanon/Theory Time: before Janna was sent back to Earth(?) with the new Star Guardians(Lux/Lulu/Poppy/Jinx), she was originally teamed with Varus and Draven.
Janna was older then, but perhaps each new cycle of the First Star’s blessing alters the Star Guardians’ physical forms for them to stay relevant. In her second awakening, Janna’s memories are retained but her body is now in its teens, and she’s Not Very Amused living as a student.

Draven probably fulfilled his calling- resulting in his Light being passed on for the next cycle of Guardians. SG Varus however was corrupted by Dark Star Thresh and to this day exists as a servant of the darkness(a separate entity to Voidlings). And Janna remembers.

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How do they found Jason, Leo and Piper? (This is about the zombie au)

Percy: “Please tell me that’s not your ‘Leo’ who is currently attracting the entire states attention while he’s with my five year old sister.”

Piper: “I’m gonna kill him.”

Long story short, because Max is currently giving me the script for this so that I can write a small snippit for this exact scene, they actually meet up on accident. Annabeth, Percy and Lucy coincidentally meet up with Piper, Jason and Leo while hiding from some Raiders in an abandoned building. They only realize the other’s presence when they end up in the same hallway together, leading to separate parts of the building, after being chased by two little groups of the same Raider gang. When the Raiders realize that they have their ‘prey’ cornered, a start using small explosives to try and weed them out. Well, these explosives end up collapsing the hallway they all are in, separating Leo and Lucy from everyone else. With no other choice, the two groups have to not only try to hide from the Raiders and impending Zombie horde that’ll not likely come to investigate where the explosions are coming from, but they also have to try and find each other and regroup. Piper, Annabeth, Jason and Percy get familiar with each other as they try to find their missing squad member. Leo and Lucy instantly start to hit it off, and one things leads to another, and well, this is how Leo figures out how to get their group members attention… as well as all the attention of everyone else inhabiting the city they’re in.

i call this piece ‘i met a cute guy in my apartment complex omg why do boys have so much power over me’

oh wow art after ten million years—

anyways this is for the lil cutie pie sweetheart @just-love-reiji/ @otoyann for his birthday. idefc if i said it already on skype but still happy birthday !! have this kinda lazily coloured drawing of the rot boys and yourself. hope you’re having a happy birthday !!



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I love to design characters for no reason for fun and so far i really love how this turned out

I really want to contact klei to see if they like this OvO