Bf! Sehun

For my friend so this is going to be uni-sex

  • a giant baby so you kind of have to protect him
  • But he ends up protecting you
  • Sehun and you met through a mutual friend, at a birthday party
  • You didn’t want to go at first but your friends dragged you to the party
  • That was where you met this angel, more like sneaked shy glances at him hoping he wouldn’t notice
  • But he did because he was looking at you too, He devilishly smirked to himself, knowing that he caused a spark of interest in you for him
  • You wanted to talk to him so bad but something stopped you every time you mustered up some courage, it was as if the universe was stopping you. But he was quick to react, walking towards you with his slender legs 
  • You of course acted as if his presence didn’t affect you and he stood next to you talking to your circle of friends
  • He wanted to talk to you though, because he didn’t care about the people around you, he cared about you
  • You got a fuckboy vibe off him and wanted to avoid him but he attracted to the point you didn’t really care
  • So when he did find you alone, he engrossed you in a light conversation which mostly revolved around your life
  • You looked away because his eyes were fixated on you, his direct gaze over-whelming
  • You excused yourself to the bathroom but stupidly left your phone on the counter and taking advantage of your idiocy, he found your number and put your phone back before you arrived. He continued talking to you innocently until it was time to leave
  • You were glad that the party was over cuz Sehun made you so nervous and it was kinda awkward
  • But when you got a call later that night from an unknown number and that familiar voice you had grown used to over the past couple of hours entered your ear, you were beyond surprised 
  • He wanted to see you again. You stared blankly on the floor when the call was over. Him? Wanted to meet up with you? Why? Why you?
  • Sehun was dressed up really casually when you met up with him. And he smiled a lot and laughed a lot which clearly showed he was nervous
  • That eased that little awkwardness inside you and you began engrossing yourself in the conversation, often finding him staring at you as if in deep thought
  • You both talked about music and life, him mostly listening to you
  • He kissed you good bye before dropping you off at your house and you couldn’t breathe cuz you were so surprised
  • The whole night you thought about the kiss and mentally smiled to yourself and tossed and turned, not believing it 
  • Sehun texts you a lot, like you’re the only reason why he looks at his phone
  • And if he finds a cool quote, he’ll send it to you and you both exchange late night texts which often results in him dozing off and then waking up in the middle of the night like FUCK FUCK I DIDNT REPLY OH SHIT
  • Really warm hugs that are always initiated by him and he’s so cuddly and smells amazing
  • Like smoke and wood mixed with spicy cologne 
  • like you hug him only cuz he smells nice
  • holds your hand a lot, a little tight but not too tight
  • very very awkward when you guys first became official
  • like he tried doing all the gentlemanly things but often failed or tripped and mentally cringed when he saying something too cute
  • Smiles really shyly while holding your hand 
  • Loves it when you wear his clothes and you do because his fashion sense is A+
  • And they all smell so good
  • ruffles your hair when he finds you cute and kisses your temple softly and smiles when you look away shyly
  • going for shopping together and taking aesthetic selfies 
  • and him scrunching his face if your outfit isn’t that good
  • “here wear this” *pays for it before you can see*
  • “WHY NOT”
  • Him begging you to forgive him and then attaching himself to you until you grace him with your mercy
  • dancing sessions
  • you just pop into his practice room and join him in a dance battle but end up falling on ur ass and he laughs so hard the whole building could probably hear him
  • he would never let you forget it
  • makes up funny faces when copying you 
  • “Sehun please stop contorting your face, I don’t look like that when I eat”
  • “No but this is exactly how you look” *makes the ugliest face and then dies laughing*
  • you choose to ignore him sometimes cuz he doesnt let anyone live
  • he likes staying at home because socialising tires him out and just wants to cuddle with you and watch random things
  • long drives into the city at midnight and playing slow music
  • eating loads of food at midnight and star gazing
  • him always commenting on how beautiful the city looks at night
  • “Sehun you said that a million times”
  • “but stillll look at all the lights”
  • soft kisses and him holding your face really gently
  • mindlessly resting his hand on your shoulder and running small circles
  • discovering cute cafes together 
  • having baking/cooking sessions and he’s always so enthusiastic about it at first but loses energy too quickly and you end up doing all the work
  • back hugs and neck kisses
  • him resting his head on your shoulder and directing your hand to his hair for you to play with it
  • you always roll your eyes at how needy he is but secretly love all the attention
  • and then he holds your waist and pulls you closer and the next thing you know he’s snoring on your shoulder
  • you both just doing nothing and just chilling and working on your own things
  • and him laughing at something on his phone and wanting you to look at it
  • All your friends think that he’s a bad boy but you know he’s a dork, a child who needs to be protected
  • takes so many selfies with you and has you as his lock screen
  • had loads of emojis next to your name in his contacts
  • Always wants you around because he is a child 
  • freaks out when he loses u in a shop
  • amusement park dates and him wanting to go on EVERY SINGLE RIDE
  • Acts all cute to get you to agree with him
  • and starts behaving different if he has done something he shouldn’t have or if he wants your permission
  • “ok what did you do this time sehun”
  • “What are you going to do”
  • doesn’t like seeing you upset and gets so mad
  • “who disrespected you I will fight them”
  • hugging you until you feel better
  • laying in bed and not talking and him just running his fingers through your hair
  • him surprising you with presents and you hitting him because you don’t want him wasting his money on you
  • You always want to fight his antis cuz this boy is such an angel
  • you getting free passes to their concerts and gasping when you see Sehun dance
  • and then teasing him about there
  • “there are little girls at your concert you know”
  • and then he has you up against the wall
  • “don’t act like u didnt like it”
  • so kinky
  • but also the bottom
  • absolutely loves it when you take control
  • but also adores it when you beg for him
  • morning sex
  • sex in the shower
  • him touching you inappropriately at wrong times
  • love seeing you all flustered because of him and does the little lip bite because why not
  • such a jealous baby
  • like he acts all sulky and moody and stops talking to you
  • “You’re mine, I think you should know that”
  • an excited pup when you’re around
  • so bored when you’re not around
  • and if he has plans for you he’s so perky and cheery and runs to your house when he’s free
  • matching shoes
  • sharing your playlists and him falling in love with yours
  • he’s so in love with you but keeps it all inside
  • he doesnt tell you he loves you a lot but when he does, its so sincere and solemn
  • and sometimes all his love bursts and he kisses you and hugs you and you’re like wtf, enjoying his love
  • him telling you how he sneaked your number off your phone and you playfully hitting him, but happy he crossed his limits
  • how the hell did you get so lucky to have him
  • you’re so glad you went to that birthday party

170524 Hangul Kouza
Female actions and expressions that makes your heart beat

BamBam→You know ladies will walk prettily right? But sometimes, they would forget that and walk a little strangely

YG: Sexy dance~
BB: Pls show
JS: Dance only in front of u? Smthg like this…
YG: U know casually lightly sexy
BB: Not on purpose sexy right

JY- when the girl’s hair falls and the action of putting in behind the ears

JS: How about two block haircut?
MK: in the past, cutting (the sides) was popular among girls
#SupportiveMark 😂😂😂

Youngjae likes girls who wear tight skirts👀🌚

JY: What about Mark?
MK: I’m curious of Jackson’s (answer)
(Me: Do you now Mark😏)
JS: I’m curious about Mark’s

Jackson - When doing yoga and stretching. The flexible body, good at exercising/athletism has a favorable impression

JB - None. If I like her then I like her.
MK- When the girl eats well (c)

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I really like buttered toast. When I eat it, I can't stop thinking about Paula Dean you know? Her covered in the yellow oils oozing all over her mature big beautiful body, ughh. I wanna squirt butter all over them thunder thighs, all over her warm rolls. Oh man wanna suffocate my face in that belly, lick that wrinkly pussy while I suffocate her with a big stick of butter. Fuck man, Paula Dean is my perfect woman, what a milf. You think she's into Asian men? I got a yellow stick for her 😜 #AMWF

there are things in life that should be left unsaid

this is one of those things

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I like when you talk about eating death and pick on people about climate change. Makes me laugh when you guys spend all day taking photos thinking you saving animals. When you're not. You're mearly not consuming them. Eating plastic wrapped vegan food uses as much water and resources, yet isn't talked about. Maybe because it's damage you can't see and doesn't fit your agendas.

Normally I wouldn’t answer such a negative message but in this case I think for a fair few people it may look like what we do isn’t effective because you see a certain aesthetic on social media and not the actual impact. I’m going to tell you that not all vegans or movers and shakers look or live or act the way that you may associate with being influential. For starters you don’t know any of us personally. I have seen first hand the amount of lives that Bonny has changed. She cannot go out in public without being recognized. 99% of the people that stop her on the street tell her how much she has changed their lives and made them go vegan. Not to mention the hundreds of messages she gets a day. I don’t even have a fraction of the following Bonny has, yet I get messages every day from people as well. What we have found is that presenting veganism as an appealing way of life is the most effective. Most people these days are learning about veganism through social media. It is the most powerful tool for our generation and for engaging directly with people. Most find transitioning to veganism to be a very a huge step. If we went fully into every issue, we’d struggle to engage people.
You are also assuming that other causes aren’t as important to us because we aren’t posting about them. Why is it the responsibility of the vegan to make sure every world issue is addressed? Of course we can bring awareness to a host of issues but generally as people wake up, they themselves will become interested in more aspects of saving the planet and can further educate themselves. Also different people stand stronger for different causes. I have friends that stand extremely strong for ethical fashion, more so than veganism. I have friends that stand stronger for women’s rights and equality, over veganism. It doesn’t mean veganism isn’t still important to them. Just because we may not post about waste or plastic does not mean it isn’t an issue that is important to us. We have just chosen to put our main focus into not eating animals and the impact that consuming them has on our planet. At the end of the day we all want to make change and create a better future for our planet.
I think it’d be more beneficial for you to not spend your time attacking myself or my friends for falling short (in your opinion) on certain issues and instead use your energy to bring awareness to the issues you feel strongly about. 

it’s not SUPER important but i renamed (Y/N)’s ex to charles lee bc i can’t believe i overlooked an opportunity to shit on charles lee.  i went back and changed the name in the other parts, too.  also this work week was long and shitty and exhausting so i hope this part didn’t come out too discombobulated.  ALSO realized that my masterlist is not mobile friendly and a bit of a mess so i’ll work on that this weekend.  :)

title: homecoming, pt. 4 (or, retreat from charles lee)
      ( part one, part two, part three )
fandom: hamilton
pairing: tjeff x reader
rating: t
word count: 3496
tagged: @notalwaysfair @hamiltrash-life @aeichajoanes @polymath-pain-in-the-ass @blueco16 @yehummno @ask-aph-belarusian-figure-skater

You have a high school reunion that you can’t miss, and you’re in need of a boyfriend to keep both your parents and your classmates off your back.  You don’t have a boyfriend — but you do have one very irritating, accommodating coworker.

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So today I ended up working on this Kylux Daughter AU draft and then watched the end of About Time (ugh) and then all of Hungry Hearts (D:) and since I won’t post this story for months and I’m an impatient bastard I feel like posting a little preview now, so here it is. The story alternates between their daughter’s POV in the present and Hux’s POV in the past. The whole pregnancy premise is dubcon but neither of them carries the baby, she’s a Force/science miracle who grows in an incubator.


Her earliest memories are of waking up between them, either because she’d crawled into their bed after a bad dream or because one of them had fallen asleep beside her and the other had joined them in the middle of an off-cycle. Her father’s chest had seemed like an impenetrable wall back then, the kind of fortress that could protect her from anything. And she felt no fear when the ship was rocked by enemy fire, because her dad was in command, in control, and therefore everything would of course be fine. In her imagination Hux had built their ship by hand just as he’d made her. She understood that Ren had something to do with her creation, too, and imagined that a final, magical touch from him had brought everything Hux had carefully laid in place together.

The Force, and responsible science. That was where Hux said she came from.

From us, Ren said. Blood and soul.


Snoke wasted no time; he abhorred waste of all kinds. Hux knew this, and it was the only reason he had to hope that he would not be promptly executed following the loss of Starkiller. He could surely still be of some use, in Snoke’s view.

“You shall both be replaced,” Snoke said when Hux stood beside Kylo Ren, before Snoke’s holo projection.

Ren was cowed, cut up and unmasked, his head bent as if he’d expected to hear this. Hux was left wondering if this replacement would involve their deaths. He didn’t dare ask, kept his posture perfect and his face expressionless, his arms clasped behind his back.

“As punishment for disappointing me,” Snoke continued, “You shall each play a role in creating your joint replacement.”

“Sir?” Hux said, unable to hold this in. Even Ren had looked up in apparent confusion.

“I desire a child,” Snoke said. “Strong in the Force but collected in continence. I will raise this child myself, after it is old enough to feed and clothe itself, so that no mistakes will be made in the crafting of my ideal apprentice.”

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Inspired by the latest episode of Love Island, Nick and Fiona write 10 things they like about each other (they had 3 minutes to do this):

Nick’s 10 favourite things about Fiona:

  1. I like it how you’re brutally honest abt everything you say to me, even if it’s negative. I know you’ve got my back.
  2. I like how clear your eyes are, or big, like a husky.
  3. I really love your dedication to making a natural deodorant a thing.
  4. I like your specific obsession with Victoria Beckham.
  5. I like it when you stop eating salads and start drinking pints.
  6. Your willingness to leave your actual boyfriend for a movie star, Sienna Miller.
  7. I like it when you let me have the air-conditioning on, it’s freezing in here.
  8. I love how much you support Tina and her love of the heinous shoe, the Croc.
  9. I really love your singing voice and when you get to sing on the radio.
  10. See: 1-9.

Fiona’s 10 favourite things about Nick:

  1. I love that you love talking so I don’t have to do it.
  2. Your hair, it looks like a troll’s hair and I love trolls.
  3. Your phone is always on you so I don’t have to worry about mine being out of battery.
  4. I love that you have a spare room, so I can always stay over.
  5. I love that you like eating the same things as me.
  6. I like that you like watching The Simpsons.
  7. Pints (we have that in common).
  8. When I’m hungover you always look after me.
  9. We fancy the same boys.
  10. You make my day EVERY day!

Sooo, today (June 21) is my 2 months on a Keto WOE and this is my progress so far. I have had lots of slip ups lately, but I’m not gonna beat myself up over it. I may not be doing my best or be where I wanna be, but I’m so happy that I’m not where I used to be anymore!!!!!

I’m not sure how much I weigh as I’ve made the ultimate decision to not weigh myself anymore. Because let’s face it, the scale is a fucking cuntsicle lol. I’m not sure of inches lost either.

Some positive things since starting Keto..
-I have become lots more confident
-I have upped my water so much (over a gallon a day)
-I feel tons better
-I sleep so much better at night
-I don’t snore anymore (my mom said I don’t wake her up anymore lol)
-I have lots more self control and discipline (ofc, it does get hard sometimes)
- my portions with food have gotten better
-I don’t have cravings like I used to (when I eat more carbs or sugar I have them)
-I am much more comfortable talking about my health with others
-I have more room between the steering wheel and my stomach
- my arms are short so I can finally hold my hands behind my back
-I am saving more money since eating Keto
-2 months since my last soda
-I love myself much more and not ashamed
-I check myself out a lot more now 😂
-Started out wearing 3x/4x leggings, now I’m at 2x, probably 1x now since I notice they’re baggy around my butt and legs
-And this one may be a lil TMI, but I have a legit sex life now, not as often as I’d like, but it exists hahah (much more comfortable being fully naked, I mean why should I be embarrassed? They know I’m a big girl, what you see is what you get 😛)

I’m honestly just a lot more happy now. And truly, that’s all I want is to be happy. And I finally understand that I need to not wait to reach my goal to be happy, but to be happy every step of the way.

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Hi can you please do a long reaction for Minhyuk, Hyungwon, Wonho and Kihyun where they cheer you up because you had a bad day at school or work?

Wish granted! Also, the Masterlist has been updated! I don’t know if you can see the “keep reading” part on the post (mobile only) because I don’t see it when I only view it. If someone can tell me why, (ain’t nothing but a heart ache) that would be great!

Wonho - You couldn’t help but feel the need to break your pencil in two and use it as a weapon against the teacher in front of you. Strict, rude, racist, and unforgiving, is the type of person he was. You didn’t understand, but at times he would spit out curses toward you and the other students for not working hard enough and today was the worst of all. His marks on your essays basically made one on its own and you couldn’t take his class anymore. Wonho often came by to pick you up from school, but today, he couldn’t because he had a meeting with the CEO, which made your day even worse. Just your luck. Walking out the school building, you still had the pent-up frustrations about that class, wishing that it wasn’t required to take it. The stress and the amount of studying wasn’t worth it, but you still did it anyway. Not to mention on your way home, you missed your bus not once, but twice, and the shops you bought bubble tea for the two of you was closed for maintenance. At that point, everything snowballed into a day that you wanted to forget and erase forever. By the time you made it home, it was already late evening. He’s going to ask, isn’t he…? A sigh escaped your lips from the thought of Wonho running up to you, patting your face and hair to see if you’re alright. Well, that almost happened. To your surprise, there was a makeshift tent in the middle of the living room, strewn with fairy lights on top of the blankets and pillows. “Wonho-ah… You made this?” “Indeed!” Wonho popped his head out from the tent, gesturing you to come closer and observe. “See? We can lay here all night and all weekend watching whatever while we’re underneath the fairy lights I bought yesterday. You know, you can’t hide the fact that you were having a bad day from me. Come on! Change into your pajamas and come on in!” Wonho got out of the tent and patted your shoulders, urging you to change and spend the night with him. As you showed a grateful smile, you nodded and headed over to your room, later to the tent where Wonho brought up the opportunity to cuddle as well.

Minhyuk - The expectations fell heavy on your shoulders. It felt as if you couldn’t breathe from the deadlines that approached quicker than expected, or the requirements and stakes were higher than you could overcome. School is only temporary, but it seemed like forever. Your headaches occurred more frequently, and you couldn’t find the time to eat or sleep because you doubted yourself from remembering specific topics the next day. As you came home, the whole journey, you reviewed terms, subjects, and key points in your head for the upcoming exam. What made it even worse was the fact your teacher handed you back a test you didn’t appreciate receiving. It was a 74%. You wanted to at least try your best in school for a satisfactory future. However, it wasn’t turning out the way you’d like to, and you came home with a sulk and a heavy heart. You didn’t want to face Minhyuk. After all, he was helping you with your schoolwork. How will find out about this? Exactly. He won’t. You sighed as you closed the door and let your bag fall onto the floor with a thump. The apartment was empty and didn’t pertain the happiness it had when Minhyuk occupied it. He’s at the studio today, that’s right. You ran your fingers through your hair in frustration and headed toward the kitchen, where you found a piece of pink paper with writing on it. It’s okay to have these days. Smile for me, will you? I don’t like it when you’re sad. Quickly eat what I’ve made you that’s in the refrigerator. I’m sure you’ll like it. You blinked a few times and attempted to smile, but you forced it in the end. Approaching the refrigerator, you opened it, seeing a photo of Minhyuk on top of a plastic box, decorated with yellow ribbon with white polka dots. Inside, perfectly wrapped kimbap sat on top of colored tissue paper with tiny separators with the banchan inside. From radishes to kimchi, you couldn’t help but eat your feelings away. You sat down at the bar, taking your pair of chopsticks and digging in. “Mind if I take a bite? I made it after all,” Minhyuk’s voice was heard from behind you. Quickly, you turned around and found him with his duffel bag slung on his shoulder, and dressed in his training outfit. “Feel better okay? I found out about your grades from your teacher but it doesn’t mean this applies how smart you are. One grade won’t make all the difference. So smile and do better next time, okay?” Minhyuk kissed our cheek before grabbing a piece of your kimbap and running away into another room.

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When exo is your boyfriend and you have the weird habit of eat slowly and when his finish of eat you finish too although you dont finish eat your food i do this ususally i eat slowly butt im shame of eat whe the other peaplo finish his food thank you very much .

Xiumin: “are you not finished eating y/n?”

Y/N: “no I’m not. Why?”

Xiumin: *grabs a bowl of noodles and starts eating it even though he’s stuffed* “no reason. Just wanted to know” *doesn’t want you to waist the rest of your meals when he finishes so he’ll continue eating even if it’s to the point that he almost pukes afterwards*

Luhan: *he’ll find pieces of his meal to keep to the side until the rest is gone then he’ll slowly pull the pieces apart or stir them around until you’re nearly finished with your meal* “it’s not over yet y/n, I’ve still got these pieces of chicken to swallow. Don’t rush, take your time eating”

Kris: *men are bottomless pits. Even when a guy has finished eating or claims they are full they can still easily shove an entire pizza and six pack of beer down their throat in 20 minutes flat so Kris has no problem swallowing more pieces of pizza while you’re still working on your second, and final, slice*

Suho: “well, I still have this water that I need to drink” *looks at you as he picks up the glass of water* “so I guess we could say that this meal isn’t over yet” *winks at you as he takes small sips*

Lay: *sees you put down your utensils when you look over to his plate and see that there’s no more food* “excuse you sweetheart but I’m not finished just yet” *dips his fingers in the left over sauce smeared on his plate* “continue eating babe” 

Baekhyun: “you’ve hardly touched your food y/n. Why have you stopped eating?”

Y/N: “I don’t like eating when everyone else is finished, so I’m done eating too”

Baekhyun: *slides your plate towards him to see how much food you have left* “you still have over half your plate to eat” *slides the food back towards you* “eat or I’ll have to tickle you until you promise to finish your food”

Y/N: “why are you drinking your milk so slow? are you doing it so that I’ll eat the rest of my food even though you’re done?”

Chen: “me, drink my milk slowly to get you to finish that food?” *scoffs* “ha, what makes you think that? Like I’d ever do such a thing” *rolls his eyes sassily but inwardly panics as he thinks of a better plan for slowly eat his meals so that you can finish them also*

Y/N: “are you done eating Chanyeol? you’ve been playing with your food for a while but haven’t touched it”

Chanyeol: “no, no, I’m going to eat this”. Don’t worry y/n, you can continue eating”

Y/N: “are you sure? I don’t want to keep you waiting or anything”

Chanyeol: “yes I’m sure, just eat”

Kyungsoo: *masters eating at just as slow of a pace as you whenever he eats meals with you so that you don’t have to stop eating when he does*

Tao: *stuffs lollipops and other sorts of candy in his mouth so that he’s still “eating”  after he finishes his meals so that you can continue eating until you’re done*

Kai: “why did you stop eating y/n? I’m not finished” *he lies as he picks up one of the several remainders of drumstick bones off his plate and starts chewing on them* “see, I’m still eating so keep eating”

Sehun: “what makes you think I’m done eating?” *is a conniving little snot who tricks you into thinking he’s going to eat more by placing food near his mouth until you finish your meals* “you fall for it every time”



They say this is what I sound like when I’m eating 😂 (don’t worry, he didn’t eat the whole slice). #instabunny #instarabbit #rufiotherabbit

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Hyuna: I went to the comic book cafe because I suddenly wanted to read some romance manhwa. But the black bean noodles were so delicious that I ate the whole thing even though I was to make a comeback soon. 

Fan: Not too long ago, I saw HyunA devouring some intestines at a restaurant.

HyunA: I like intestinal type dishes. But when you eat that kind of food, you gain so much weight that you have a exercise for five days afterwards. That’s only one day’s worth of exercise.

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How long did you eat high carb fruit based vegan before realising you felt better with more proteins and fats? Did you still feel good/have energy/maintain weight as a fruit based vegan?

Probably about a year, maybe a little longer. It’s not like I felt like shit when I was eating a fruit based diet. I still felt the best I had ever felt up until that point. But there were holes in my diet and over time they started to show. Even though I saw the holes I was in denial because I was so convinced that fruit was king. Changing to mostly cooked foods, more protein, more fats, really changed a lot for me though. And for me personally worked better.

It terms on weight I find it easier to build muscle and stay lean the way I am eating now. I’m definitely the strongest and leanest I’ve been since going vegan.

And please done listen to those that twist my words. I still eat fruit, just in smaller quantities and usually not as a meal. I still go out and eat things with refined sugar in them, I just don’t add it to my diet daily. My diet isn’t 100% wholefoods, i never said it was….I still eat vegan junk food and processed foods when I’m out to lunch or dinner. But majority of it is clean and coming from wholefoods.

And that’s my whole point, not that I’m perfect and only eat perfect foods, fuck no. Treating yourself is important, but nourishing yourself is too! Obviously there is a huge difference between having a vegan donut/treat every now and then, compared to drinking sprite all day long then having white rice with canned corn for dinner…EVERYDAY

#useyourcommonsense 🙌🏼

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Bughead Prompt: Everyone always saw Betty Cooper as perfect, and she hated that. It made her feel as if she had to try harder just to keep up that image. To not disappoint the people she loved. She just wanted someone to see beyond her facade, and see her flaws, but still love her anyways. She would soon find out Jughead was that person.

The pressure to be perfect was real for Betty Cooper - Alice was always telling her to sit up straight, tuck in her sweater, maintain A’s in every class while working on The Blue and Gold. Betty hasn’t been able to fail at anything since she got a C+ on a Science test in third grade.

It was a facade Betty hated. She wanted more than anything to go to bed at a decent hour instead of staying up finishing her articles for the school paper and studying to get ahead of the next English quiz.

She wanted to go to school in sweat pants and a tank top, hair loose and her shoulders. Instead, she had to look perfect to maintain the image her mother created for the family.

It’s why, instead of yelling back at the people who made her upset, instead of shedding any tears, she let the anger and hurt build up inside of her.

It’s why, after days of constant abuse from her mother, after a particularly heinous remark about her sister from Cheryl, Betty could feel herself breaking.

She popped into an empty classroom as the first tear rolled down her face.

Jughead spotted Betty closing the door behind her, entering the dark classroom as he rounded a corner.

He followed her quietly, opening the door and peering inside. “Bets?” He whispered when he spotted her crouched down on the floor. He realized she was crying. “Bets, what’s wrong?”

Betty cried harder when she realized who was kneeling down beside her.

“Betty?” Jughead tried again, gripping her hand in his.

“I’m not perfect.” Betty blurted out through the tears.

“I know,” Jughead answered.

Betty looked at him confused. “You sure know how to make a girl feel better.” Betty murmured, tears streaming down her face. One of her fists was balled up tightly.

“Betty, nobody is perfect. Being perfect is overrated.” Jughead smoothed a hair out of her face.

“Tell that to my mother.” Betty whimpered. “That’s what she expects of me.”

“Betty, nobody is perfect.” Jughead said again.

“My facade is cracking.”

“Cracks let the light in,” Jughead said as he reached for Betty’s other hand. He loosened the grip she had on her fingers.

Betty relaxed a little when he said that.

“You know what I like about you, Betty?”  He smoothed his thumb back and forth over her hand.

Betty shook her head, her sobs subsiding.

“I like that if you drink a soda at lunch, you always get the hiccups. I like that when you eat a hot dog for lunch, you always end up with mustard on your cheek, no matter what. I like that when someone offers you gum, you ask what kind, because apparently you’re picky about your gum choices.”

Betty smiled.

“I like that you never learned how to ride a bike, and that when we were nine, you refused to hang out with me and Archie unless we called you ‘Cooper’ because you just wanted to be one of the boys. I love that you get up early on Christmas to try and snoop, even though you’re never successful at it.” Jughead continued. “I like that you’re not perfect, Betty. You’re damn near close, but if you were perfect… well, you wouldn’t be Betty Cooper.”



“Thank you.” Betty sniffed, and leaned in to kiss him lightly on the lips.