yibo’s starter guide to his very first attempt of cooking: presenting chef wang’s tofu-ramen

I don’t know about you, but I find the idea of Voldemort doing normal things absolutely hilarious. Like Voldemort wakes up everyday and he poops. He spills gravy on his robes. Crunchy things get stuck on his teeth when he’s eating. Sometimes he suffers in silence because he needs to pee in the middle of death eater meetings. Sometimes he gets an accidental boner.

  • Modern AU Barduil where Thranduil is walking down the street and he sees his ex lover walking with his new boyfriend and thranduil can't help but want to show him that their break up didn't hurt him at all even tho he has been miserable for months so he grabs the first guy who walks by, who happens to be Bard and kisses him thoroughly and passionately and dear lord the man is kissing him back clutching at his jacket and his tongue is moving inside his mouth hot and fierce.
  • Thranduil pulls back when someone clears their throat, he looks at the man a bit dazed then snaps out of it and looks and his ex and pretends he didn't see him before and he is all like "fancy seeing you here, how are you, I'm great, I'm wonderful, my fiancé and I were just... just"
  • And Bard cuts him off seeing the panicked look in his eyes "trying cakes for the wedding, even if the only sweet I'll be eating that day is you, pumpkin" and he winks at Thranduil.
  • Thranduil's ex looks furious and cuts the conversation short and leaves.
  • Thranduil looks sheepish and thanks the man/Bard and he apologizes for the kiss. And Bard is like "sorry? I'm not. Well I am for this prick because leaving you was probably the biggest mistake of his life."
  • Thranduil blushes and they exchange numbers.
Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 23 Random Thoughts

The first thing I have in my mind when I finished reading Chapter 23 is if white-haired Kaneki ever comes back, I want him to give Urie a biology lesson. It works very well with Ayato, so why not Urie. b(  ̄▽ ̄ ) The boy totally deserves it.


Hearing what she likes to do and actually seeing her doing it is… two very different things. ^^;;; To add the creepiness, she also eats the face of a female investigators. This is by far the most brutal arc in TG. *shudder

Another interesting thing is Nutcracker has two type of Kagune (Koukaku and Bikaku). This is the second character to have two Kagune. The first being Hinami. It’s not strange how Nutcracker turns out to be more dangerous than she lets on.

Since Sasaki and Qs are going to the direction where Nutcracker is, this arc (sorta) comes in full circle. It starts with nuts, so it gotta ends with nuts. Let’s hope they won’t get their nuts crushed. *stares at Shirazu


If you don’t know who she is, you can read her wiki article here.

The silent one is usually the most dangerous type, and she looks even stronger than Kanae. Her ability is really interesting - a barrier made of Kagune that is very difficult to pierce through and is detachable from her body, which makes her the best person for defense. I’m guessing that she is probably one of the strongest Tsukiyama family’s bodyguards, seeing how she was assigned as Tsukiyama homeroom teacher when he was in High School.

(Unrelated, but Matsumae kinda reminds me of Hunter x Hunter Zoldyck family’s servants.)

Pineapple and the rest

Seidou is enjoying his freshly picked pineapple, while Urie and Mutsuki are heading towards that direction. No, seriously Sasaki… leaving Mutsuki on the hand of Urie is the worst decision you can make. I understand the logic behind it, and it was under the order of Matsuri, but this is Matsuri we are talking about. He most likely already knew what happened to Team Ato.

Poor Mutsuki… It’s like out of the frying pan and straight into the fire… Kanae and Torso can’t be worst than Seidou, not to mention our Urie cares more about promotion than helping his comrades.

If something happens to Mutsuki because of this, I hope Urie will get a healthy dose of spanking from Sasaki. I don’t dislike the boy but he definitely needs some lessons. Hopefully by Sasaki-sensei yours truly. b(  ̄▽ ̄ )

Dating Luke would include:

- getting in fights and he puts everything on the top shelves and he won’t get them for you until you kiss him and make up

- hearing him ad lib in falsetto when he’s in the shower 

- on your birthday he waits anxiously as you open his present to see if you’ll like it

- wearing his hats and tee shirts

- pda that requires you to either lean way up or him to bend way down

- waking up in the middle of the night and hearing him writing a song about you and him blushing when he notices you’ve seen him

- watching how i met your mother and eating in bed all day on his days off

- competing with Michael for his affection

- he blushes every time someone asks you about him and talks about how perfect you are

- he gives you piggyback rides 

- watching his face and hearing his moans while you ride him

- he sings to you when you can’t sleep

- spooning, holy shit the spooning (he’s big spoon of course)

- dance parties (in pajamas)

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I don't know if I should tell you this, but someone said you were an 'transphobic ableist shithead' when like???? I've never seen any of that from you????? And they also misgendered you, calling you a 'she' (please don't eat this sundog)

How ironic omg

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Since you live in that country, what headcanons do you have of aph Romania? Just curious.

  • Romania is summoned whenever someone talks about his history or messes up a historical fact. Literally. You can be in the middle of the desert, he’ll be there.
  • Romania has the newest gadgets but hardly knows how to use them. He owns the latest iPhone and still needs to be called because he doesn’t know how to search his contacts and be the caller.
  • Romania hardly leaves his territory for vacations. While the other countries talk about each other’s beauties, Romania’s like “yeaaaah, I’m still handsome af!”
  • Romania hates yogurt but eats it anyway because it’s a bigger link in his and Bulgaria’s friendship than the Calafat-Vidin Bridge over Danube.
  • Romania doesn’t let the hipster fashion die out. In a sense, he is the one true hipster.
  • Romania wears his red uniform to meetings even when it’s scorching outside. He’d rather be peeled off the sidewalk that discard his military pride.
  • Romania never got drunk on his birthday. It’s one of the most melancholic days of the year. After he enjoys the parade he goes home and reminisces alone.

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I have a feeling that ghouls are manmade since humans can become them just by inserting one organ. Literally the only difference between humans and ghouls is that organ. They can even reproduce together. I want to know what happens when you take it OUT of a ghoul.

I have to disagree with what you said because it’s a lot more complicated than that.

Externally, it seems like the only difference between humans and ghouls is the presence of a kakuhou, but it goes much deeper than that. At the cellular level, ghouls will have different enzymes from humans, which explains why ghouls are unable to eat any form of food other than human or ghoul flesh. Their bodies will function slightly differently to accommodate their diets while getting all the proper nutrients (such as vitamins and minerals) that they need.

(This part is relevant, bear with my genetics talk for a bit.) When two people have sex and the egg becomes fertilized by the sperm, the DNA from both the egg and the sperm will make up the DNA in the fertilized egg. This fertilized egg will grow and develop into a fetus. It’s from that parent DNA that the nervous system, organs and skeleton develop, along with a variety of inherited traits such as hair and eye colour, height, blood type, etc.

So what happens when ghouls and humans reproduce? I’ll give an example. Let’s say Kaneki and Yoriko (only human girl I can think of besides Kimi lol) have a magical night together, and she becomes pregnant. Even though Kaneki is a half-ghoul, his DNA will still be human because he was born as a human. His DNA won’t have anything that will allow for a kakuhou to be formed, since DNA doesn’t change rapidly. Kaneki will have the same DNA for the rest of his life unless he undergoes gene therapy or some epigenetics stuff happens to him, but let’s assume that it doesn’t happen to him since it’s pretty rare.

So half-ghoul Kaneki has his human DNA, and Yoriko has her human DNA, so what will that create? A human baby, with no ghoul characteristics.

Another example: Let’s say Kaneki and Touka have a spectacularly crazy night, and Touka becomes pregnant. So we have Kaneki and his human DNA, and Touka and her ghoul DNA. The baby will be a half-ghoul, with both human and ghoul characteristics.

So, to go back to your question, if ghouls were man-made, it wouldn’t explain how ghouls are continually born with kakuhou, since it is the DNA that codes for the kakuhou. If they were man-made, no one would be born with the kakuhou, and all the “ghouls” would have to have implants (which is obviously not the case).

And as for humans and ghouls reproducing, remember that a half-ghoul being born is pretty rare. And just because they can reproduce doesn’t mean that they are very similar. For example, lions and tigers can mate with each other, and although they are similar, they have many differences as well.

As for last question, if a ghoul had their kakuhou removed, they would just be a ghoul without a kakuhou, much like a human without a kidney or a lung.

next time I have to deliver bad news I’m going to do it while I’m eating an ice cream cone because whenever I’m eating an ice cream cone I feel very playful and feel like whatever I say is fun and in jest. I’m a cooler more likeable guy when I’m eating and ice cream cone.

EXO REACTION to your and Kais son

To fully understand this situation you should probably read part1 and part2 ! So here comes a short and simple reaction, haha. The first one is the reaction to your son and the second one is for finding out that you are the mother. Hope you guys understand my weird explanation xx



“You know, I’m not even surprised that you are the first one to become a dad.”

“But I did underestimate your taste in women! Hello there, my Lady.“


“OOOH we have a new cute member in our family!”

“OOOH we also have a pretty new member in our family! Hello there!”


“How can this kid be so good looking when you’re the father, Kai-ah?”

-sees you- “Oh okay, now I understand.”


“Since I will be your favourite uncle, tell me what you like to eat the most and I’m gonna cook it now.”

”And what can I do for you to make myself the best brother-in-law ever?”


“Who is a cutie? Yes, YOU are!”

He doesn’t even notice you because he is way too focused on your child. (imagine it’s a boy)


“Hey hyungs, what is D.O doing with a kid in our kitchen?”

“Oh, and who are you?”  Dammit, I always miss out ..


“Kai, can he be my wingman?” little kids are girls magnets, right?


“And she? Can she be my wingwoman?!”

Kai: Luhan ..


“Is this kid holding bubble tea in his hands?” He isn’t even questining who this kid is and where it comes from. Bubble tea freak

y/n: If you want to, I can bring you some next time too

Sehun: You would really do that? Kai can we keep her here? Like forever?


“Hey, I remember you! You were a trainee too, right? Oh and you have a kid? He’s so cute!”

“Who’s the lucky father?”

y/n: Well .. that would have to be Jongin ..?

Suho: Are you sure?


“Hey kid, wanna see some cool tricks?”

-sees you- “but always remember ‘violence is never the solution’!”


-teaches your son all his grimaces- “Look guys, we are face siblings!” baby face xiumin

y/n: you two are so cute!

Xiumin: Oh, I didn’t knew we have a lady over ..”

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Do you have any spells for astral projection that don't require too many ingredients?

Technically astral projection doesn’t involve any ingredients whatsoever, but it looks like mugwort and hemlock root are herbs commonly used to assist in this.

It is important to be relaxed when attempting astral projection so you can use things like your favorite incense or scented candles. This would be more effective than using ones that correspond to astral travel but not to you.


Edit: Gods okay sorry I was REALLY tired it was like 6AM when I answered this and I DID forget to mention that you shouldn’t eat either of those herbs! As mentioned by like… 4 or 5 different people! I’m sorry. Hemlock is poisonous and Mugwort is only okay in very small amounts. Please be careful.

I have a horror movie buff friend who really likes gore and shit

and I was trying to get him to read tokyo ghoul, cause that shit is awesome

and he was like “ok, but do they censor stuff or just imply it-?” 

And I’m like “oh helllll no, that manga gets away with EVERYTHING. There’s a lady who like eats guys’ testicles and people eating other people and this one guy eats a dick-” 

And he, like most males, is like “what the fuck, is this some weird yaoi? I’m not watching Ai no Kusabi with you ever fucking again-” 

Me: “What, no, it’s not, when I say he’s eating a dick, I mean it literally, he is not sucking it, he legit is like chomping on it for digestive purposes.” 

Him: Oh. 

Him: well ok, sounds cool.

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Do you get bad cramps when you're on your period? If so how do you act ?

yes.. horrible. it was super bad this morning, like the worst I’ve ever had. I felt like someone was ripping my insides out slowly.. and I threw up. it was awful

I eat a lot.. of dessert. and I get moody and depressed. it’s the worst experience ever.

but I’m weird… I don’t have a regular cycle like a normal female.. I don’t get mine all the time. but when I do it’s reallllllly bad

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I didn’t tag anything w food tw so you may have sent this to the wrong blog but…. your dumbass needs to stop screaming for two seconds. people that are suffering or have suffered horrible eating disorders CAN relapse by seeing certain foods. or it can just make them remember and start feeling like shit or obsessing about food and just ruin their day in general. yes, there is food in real life. and that’s hard enough to deal with without having it when you go online to blog, yes they might not die if you don’t tag the photo but it’ll make life a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable if they don’t have to see it, and i say that’s reason enough. I had a mild eating disorder two years back and you know what? dealing with seeing food everywhere SUCKED. and seeing a cheeseburger on here didn’t make me puke but it reminded me that I needed to restrict and ruined a good day of not obsessing. and mine wasn’t even that bad. so stop screaming and consider just being a little fucking empathetic. okay? cool.

edit I did tag food tw didn’t remember cause it was queued oops

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why do you think ppl feel its their place to judge idols so harshly and why do you think it is that there's so much control over their lives?

well notice how idols aren’t referred to as musicians? or dancers? they’re doing the singing and the dancing and they’re talented but they’re never referred to as musicians. just idols. which i personally don’t like 

the reason idols are referred to as “idols” is because they are meant to be an idea or an entity greater than life itself. i mean the textbook definition of idol is something meant to be worshipped, a false god, something greatly admired by all and often seen as the pinnacle of greatness. so the moment that a person decides they want to be an idol, the people around them stop seeing them as people and start seeing them as ideas. as playthings even. 

so idols are given names, given handlers, given rules, given schedules, told when they can eat, told what they can wear, told what they can put on their bodies (forbidden tattoos and piercings can be an example), told where to spend their time, told they can’t go home and that they have to serve these people they don’t even know. in a really twisted way it’s like the companies are making these people a ruling class figure and everyone just eats it up

idols aren’t allowed to date because dating would take away from the image their trying to sell. the image of an idol can mostly be affiliated with a product, a packaged perfection that everyone is lusting after, something that’s flying off the shelves. the idea that idols are meant to cater to your wish, meant to fulfill your fantasies cannot be successful if idols are allowed to have their own desires

i think it’s this very idea that has birthed a slew of other issues within the industry including the mental illnesses some idols have admitted to having, the rise of sasaeng fans, the internal and external pressure, the strive for a perfection that can never be acquired, etc

so i guess what i’m trying to say is that people think they have a right to idol’s life because they’ve been made to believe they do. people freak out when an idol is dating because what the hell is this thing who’s supposed to be catering to me doing making themselves happy?? when idols display anything that dissatisfies the masses including but not limited to dating or drinking or smoking, they’re attacked because their body isn’t theirs anymore. 

you notice how there were ppl who freaked out over things as simple as a tattoo on bang yongguk or the piercings on jeon jungkook? they weren’t upset because this person had pierced and tattooed their bodies but they were upset because they feel it’s not their (the idols) body to pierce and tattoo. whether they realize it or not they’ve been served that idea by companies and television stations, etc

the idol is the product, the fans are the consumers, the company is the corporation. and the corporation always listens to the consumers because the product is just a thing, what does it know?

Spent a good hour this morning looking up Black businesses in my area and reading their reviews on Yelp. There are plenty of options when you want a salon or something to eat. But it gets really limited when you’re looking for shit like the cleaners or convenience stores. 

Did find a Black owned bookstore - http://www.yelp.com/biz/marcus-book-stores-oakland

I did spend more time than I should have reading hilarious complaints about Everett & Jones BBQ in Hayward. They’re probably all true but its not going to stop me from eating there. 

“Also Some guy that I thought was a customer was outside smoking a Cigarette. He  went in the back of the kitchen and starts looking through the pots and fixing plates WITHOUT WASHING HIS HANDS. That was so Triflin’ that’s how people get sick  and bacteria spread.”

“Well its 12:15 and they just opened the doors although their business hours state that they open at 11am. Of course nothing is prepared so the wait time for a basic lunch plate is about 45 minutes”

“To quote the owners, “you don’t hav ta open on time when you own the business.”  After not only opening later than their stated hours, but 30 minutes after their hand written notes posted on their doors said they were likely to open. “

“The service is impersonal and bordering on hostile as if you are bothering them by trying to purchase food from them.”

“I parked, then proceeded to see this man eating ribs in his car and throwing the bones our of his car window………..That should have been my first indication.

I walk in to the establishment and its pretty filthy. I stood there for at least 5-7 minutes with no acknowledgment and no “I’ll be right with you.”  

Thanks anon. Now I think the majority of random stuff like this is probably real, unless there’s a particular reason we would think it wasn’t. But it is funny that he’s caught actually apparently ingesting food when we’ve all been going on about how much he needs to eat. 😂

Recovery update

I think Madrid has made my eating disorder recovery even more successful. I can’t believe it. So every Friday I go to this restaurant with my co-workers for lunch and I always order patatas bravas cause that’s all I can eat. They always come on a HUGE plate. When I started the internship just a month ago, I was only able to finish half the plate. For the past 3 Fridays, I had no problem finishing everything and even had some bread afterwards :)) 

It’s like my stomach has it’s own personal gym going on and I love it so much. Being able to finish a meal in a restaurant is one of the things I’ve been afraid of since I can remember.

 So so so so so happy :)