Isayama’s Comment on Snk Live Action

The official website of Shingeki no Kyojin Live Action have posted the comment from Isayama Hajime after he watched the film. Source

(Translated by me. Sorry for grammatical errors since English is not my first language.)

When I was composing the story of Titans eating humans as a 19 years old, I thought “I want to make the story in ways like the professional story-makers would do.”
However of course there was no such an opportunity for me. I conveyed what I had in my mind with my unskillfulness and created the manga called “Shingeki no Kyojin”.
Many years have passed since then. When I was notified with the news of producing a Snk film, once again it occurred to me that “Isn’t this a great opportunity to have the professionals make a story of Titans eating humans?”
Therefore I boldly proposed several ideas that are different from the original story by myself, such as “Please jump out of the frames of the original manga”, “Human beings live in high-rise buildings” and “The protagonist is Jean”, etc.

They were not accepted as I expected. But I did hope film can be made with a broad vision.

I was invited to watch the two episodes of film prior to anyone else.
The horror and tension of Titans was so amazing. Besides it, the film also expressed the loveliness of Titans. I was super excited!
To make a film version of a work, I think it shouldn’t be merely copying the original one but should set the goal as making an interesting work.

And I think it might have been achieved by this film.


“My constant worry is ruining my costumes when I am eating or drinking anything. I’m genuinely one of the most clumsiest people ever. I love a cup of tea and pretty much always have one on the go. When shooting in Croatia for season four I spilt a berry flavoured tea down the front of my costume while they were setting up a shot. Wardrobe had the not so fun job of dealing with that. Now if you see me eating or drinking on set, no matter how warm the temperature we are in, I am wrapped up in a dressing gown – I don’t trust myself to not spill it down myself like a toddler. You gotta do what you gotta do… for the love of tea.” – Nathalie Emmanuel for Hunger TV (x)

It’s early on a Saturday morning and Dean was too lazy to cook breakfast.

Cas eats a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and says, “I love you” around a spoonful.

It’s midnight and Dean accidentally wakes Cas up as he crawls into bed next to him.

“Sorry,” Dean whispers.

“I love you,” Cas replies as he slings an arm over Dean’s chest.

It’s 2 p.m. on a Sunday and Dean is watching football and trying to explain it to Cas.

“Well, see, the chains - I think they move when the guys get a first down or something. And a first down, well, that’s, it’s like…I actually don’t know that much about football. I’ve watched maybe two games in my life.”

Cas lies down and drops his head in Dean’s lap before saying, “I love you.”

Dean is trying to carry too many groceries inside and they’re dropping everywhere, and Cas takes some of the bags from him and says, “I love you.”

They’re driving down the highway and Dean hits a pothole and Cas places his hand over his and says, “I love you.”

I love you.

I love you.

Dean is cooking dinner.

Cas comes into the kitchen and heads straight for the fridge. He pulls out a beer, but it slips from his hand and rolls across the floor.

Dean smiles as he watches it go. Then he turns to Cas and says, “I love you.”


When a bit  bigger is a bit better you need a wider dining table.

I have never liked how you cannot place deco on the tables and still use them to eat at.

So I made a wider one. I kept the slots in the center as original but moved the chair, eating, drinking etc slots.

I have tested all the eating slots but am unsure if I have not mucked up one of the others as there were a lot to move, please let me know if you find glitch.

The chairs are just a recolor to match the table, they are merged into the one package.

Download at Simista

Misha is a bit of a masochist. If he knows something is bad—potentially painful to look at, or will probably eat away at his brain if he thinks about it too long, he should turn away from it. But instead, he runs to it with open arms and welcomes the torture like an old friend. 

This is how he ended up reading Cockles fan fiction until three in the morning.

Most of it was enough to make him want to wriggle out his skin with embarrassment. All those scenarios of how he and Jensen apparently get together—or the AU’s where fuck all could happen .. it was … intense. And now he has images in his mind that will surely never leave until he’s long dead. But, with reading so much, he did start to find common themes throughout that were intriguing; and he’s guessing that the things that are repeated are the things that fans enjoy thinking about the most.

Jensen singing to him is a popular one; and here’s an obsession with his thighs for some reason that somehow always makes Jensen  want to fawn over them … and then there’s all the “Destiel is finally becoming canon” and “oops, now we love each other” shit. They are all rather amusing in the end, but … Misha understands their allure. One thing he hadn’t really expected though and –  well, he can’t really laugh at it either, is the common desire to see him obsess over Jensen’s freckles. Of course, he—the real him, has noticed the guy’s freckles a dozen times. They’re hard to miss when you’re up close to the man, but he can’t say he’s ever truly dwelled on them.

Not until he read all that damn fan fiction.

Now, here he is—sitting next to Jensen and staring at the little speckles that are running over his cheeks, splashing across his ears—down his neck and disappearing beneath the collar of his shirt. Misha is sitting here, head resting on his fist, daydreaming about the patterns that might splay out along the man’s chest. He’s actually curious and he’s mentally kicking himself for never taking a close look during the times he’s seen Jensen without a shirt. 

Why though?

Why should he care? Why should he want to know at all? Except … he does and he wants to solely blame the fan fiction … but with this level of interest, he’s not sure he can. 

“What are you staring at?”

Jensen’s question yanks him violently out of his internal warfare and back to the present– the present where they aren’t fucking. They aren’t singing to the other one or reading out long love sonnets– the present where  they aren’t secretly yearning for each other … at least, they shouldn’t be.

Misha pulls his head up and looks into those “fan fiction” green eyes—fuck, he needs to never read that shit again. “Your … your freckles” Misha admits, knowing that he’s too old to lie over such silly things.

Jensen looks at him a long time, a small twitch to his lips as he ponders the statement … and Misha can’t help but notice the little specks that are hiding around the corners of his friend’s mouth.

With a small laugh and a steady sigh, the man beside him finally smiles—standing up slightly to scoot his chair in closer to Misha’s space. Once he settles back down, Jensen leans in, turning his head to the side and glancing into blue eyes from the corner of his. “Well …” he says with a glint of shiny, white teeth. “How many are there?”

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I like eating rose petals and my mom told me when she was pregnant with me she would crave them lol

I actually think that flowers like roses taste very good

This was the fourth time Dean had taken your food without permission. Once was ok, twice was alright, third time was pushing it, but fourth; fourth had drawn the line. You knew exactly how to get him back. Thank god it was your turn to make a run.“I’ll be back!”

“Don’t forget the pie!”

“I won’t.” You replied walking out the door. When Dean heard you come back he ran to the kitchen.

“Where is it?” He asked trying to remain calm.

“Oh your pie? There was only one at the store and I felt like eating some so here I am.” You replied putting a spoonful of the food in your mouth.

“Put down the spoon Y/N, you know how long I’ve been craving pie.” He approached you like he would a werewolf, vampire, or demon; slowly and with his hands out.

“Uhh no Dean! This is for taking all my stuff without asking.”

“That was just food, you can’t be serious?”

“Pie is food Dean!?” You replied walking backwards away from him.

“Take that back!”

“Sorry, no more pie Mr. Nice Guy.” He ran straight for you, but you took off and stopped on the side of a table by Sam.

“Just a bite.” He pleaded.

“Oh sure.” You put another spoonful in your mouth.

“Gahh! Please! Just one for me?” Sam just shook his head at your guy’s childishness.

“One condition.”

“What?” He asked irritated.

“Stop. Taking. My. Stuff.”

“Fine, scouts honor.” He replied holding up three fingers.You nodded your head and slid the casing over to him. He licked his lips happily before he realized what you had got.

“This isn’t apple? You know I love apple…” He looked up to you disgusted.

“I wasn’t gonna let you off the hook that easily Winchester.”He slid it back distracting you before starting to chase you again.


Of all the glances has Red to Lizzie this is my favorite… Eyes totally out of focus… almost black… biting his own tongue before answering… almost like he want to bite or eat her… the voice… ooohh that voice… much more deeper and raspy than usual he must be spend much time with Ressler at the bar before he could meet with Lizzie which would explain his lost state

Feels Like/Looks Like/Seems Like

I pluck Breaking Free from Emotional Eating off my shelf for the millionth time and, for the millionth time, read Chapter 1. I could recite Chapter 1 like the Pledge of Allegiance. The other chapters are fuzzier.

“Eat when you’re hungry,” Roth says.

And after 25 years of working on this shit, that’s still the hardest thing. Wait. Just wait until you’re hungry.

I started abusing food when I was, like, 7 or something. Eating when I was upset. Sad. Lonely. Anxious. Overwhelmed. Jealous. In the decades since, my brain adapted. Completed the circle. I ate from emotions for so long that now emotions feel like hunger. They look like hunger. Everything seems like hunger.

It’s Saturday night. For once, my hair looks purdy because Mark highlighted it and cut it and blew it out. Both boys are crying, and I have nowhere to go. Nobody’s going to see my purdy hair. I know it’s loneliness, but it feels like hunger.

Arlo’s gagging and retching have all but gone away. Great, of course, except that if I’d figured out his feed intolerance two months ago, he wouldn’t have had the Nissen. My boy went under general anesthesia for a fifth time, got cut open for a third time–and none of that needed to happen. I know it’s guilt, but it looks like hunger.

My friend Dave treats me to a Bulls game. Starts well.

But Arlo quickly loses it. Maybe it’s the heat–it’s a fafillion degrees; maybe it’s the noise. Maybe it’s the heat and the noise–whatever, he won’t stop crying. After a tense hour, I pack the boys up and head home. Not sure I even looked at the field once. I know it’s disappointment, but it seems like hunger.

A couple I know is divorcing. I mean, I didn’t know them that well, but nobody I’ve talked to saw it coming. And blah blah, you never know what’s happening in someone else’s relationship, but I thought they were one of the good ones. I know it’s shock, but I rummage through the cabinets anyway.

Buddy of mine is falling in… I guess it’s early for love, but something. Falling in like. I’m so psyched for him. …And I’m tabulating how long it’s been since I fell in like with someone. I’m gonna be 40, and I have momboobs, and it feels like the relationship ship has sailed. I know it’s fear, but I open the fridge. Close the fridge. Open the fridge.

I find an in-home daycare for Patrick. She was a preschool teacher for 14 years, but it’s the north of my house, and my job is south. And her husband has a gun “in the top of a closet”. I know it’s worry, but I consider hitting the closest drive-thru anyway.

People don’t do their jobs. It takes

-three (3) phone calls over seven (7) days before the human resource lady sends verification of my employment to the case management agency processing the application for Arlo’s nursing care;

-six (6) phone calls from two (2) different people over one (1) month to the case manager to find out she still hasn’t gotten the application in and another very weepy call to the agency’s director who says she’ll do it herself;

-two (2) pages and four (4) voicemails to get an appointment with Peds Surgery because the balloon in Arlo’s g-tube button burst again, and the old button leaks like crazy;

-three (3) emails to the same HR person above asking for a pay stub to turn in to the Social Security Administration, the final message a shameless plea

I’m a single mother of twin 9-month-olds, one of whom is on an oxygen tank and feeding pump. I can come into the office downtown, but as you can imagine, it takes some work, and it would be much easier to receive my pay stub by email.

Could you please send it to me, or at least acknowledge that you’re getting these emails?

before she even responds. I know it’s anger, but it manifests as a craving for Peanut M&Ms.

The boys won’t sleep. They just won’t sleep. And I graze 




Everything feels like hunger, looks like hunger, seems like hunger. There are few times right now that I don’t feel empty, lacking. 

Precious few moments when I’m not thinking about food. When I’m sated.

Oh, but those moments. 

They are delicious.

(photos by Diane)


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I can’t find the right words to express myself. 

When looking at this pair’s journey since the beginning, a lot has changed. Yes. Including Sasuke. He’s so full of love and peace. 

Sasuke’s expression is so soft. I wish there are more occasions where he looks like that.

And this is what a domesticated Uchiha looks like, eating their meal together as a family. FAMILY. I LOVE THIS PANEL.

This family wrecked me

The ultimate gesture of love. For Sasuke to be doing that means so much and gosh… Sarada is just like Sakura in that panel.

I was kinda disappointed when Sasuke didn’t give any parting kiss. But his smirk though:


My life is now complete.

Please take a minute to read this: When I was first diagnosed, the comments were very common - “Did you eat too much sugar?” “NO! YOU CAN’T EAT THAT!” “You don’t LOOK like a diabetic!” Look at this picture:

Do I look like a diabetic? Yes, because I am standing with a giant bottle of insulin, a giant syringe, and two awesome diabuddies. THAT is what diabetes is. Diabetes is not an entire cake, a batch of brownies, or a Coke.

What disturbs me is how common the comments still are. People still think they have the right to tell me what I can and can’t eat when they have no idea what I need. People still think I am doing this to myself. I HAVE AN AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE. The things I do, the lengths I go to - those are not an effort to “cure myself;” those are an effort to simply keep me alive. Every day. There is no cure.

I am deeply hurt and offended when I see people tag their food ‪#‎diabetes‬. It’s rude. It’s inconsiderate. It’s ignorant and uninformed. It mocks the millions of people who suffer with type 1 AND type 2, those who put up with the near death experiences, the constant threats, and the stigma. Don’t judge either of us. Type 2s also don’t fit under Crossfit’s nice little sugar umbrella. Do some research, but at the very least treat us with respect, don’t use the #diabetes tag unless you have diabetes or it ACTUALLY is diabetes, and don’t make a joke out of a horrible, deadly disease.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Im curious if you always were so positive or if you had like a dark time in your life in which you werent able to be so... well positive. Sorry I cant find the right words right now but you sure know what I mean?

Well I’ve had severe depression and anxiety for 6 years now along with eating disorders and BDD and trips to the hospital and such. My dad also left me and my brother when I was three to the other side of the world and has mentally abused and neglected me pretty much for half of my older years. So yeah, I’ve gone through hell and back but I have seen the light in the darkness and I have grown. I still struggle with a lot of things, but I’m much better than I used to be. And if it wasn’t for the darkness, I wouldn’t be who I am today :)

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Can you please add Stahl and Lon'qu to the clingy shepherds prompt? ^^

Stahl: He won’t stop talking about how hungry he is. His stomach even chimes in for support. “I’m hungryyyyy,” he whines, and the fury in his tummy echoes around the room. “Pleaseeeee.” He clutches his abdomen and looks at you with puppy eyes. You’re going to yell at him to eat a snack (once the growling gets to be too much) but when you see that face…you’re gone. 

Lon’qu: It’s a rather unexpected feeling for him. This…neediness does not suit him. “Hey. You.” He addresses you tersely, but you pay no attention to him. He discovers that he does not like being ignored. In an sudden bout of affection he hugs you from behind…you’re so surprised that you reciprocate his need to spend time together. 

26953) I run a fandom blog. I never really talk about my eating disorder with friends on tumblr, but secretly I’m following a ton of thinspo blogs. I feel like I’m lying to them when I tell them I’m doing okay.

repeat after me: if someone wants to post a rant or something on THEIR OWN BLOG don’t go and ruin it for them pls if you don’t agree with it or can’t stop yourself from ruining their day then just unfollow them it’s so much easier trust me and you should probably go lay in pile of puppies bc you are a very negative person and a mEANY

The Iron Peasant Challenge

Hello, friends and followers! If you’ve talked to me in the last two days, I’ve probably mentioned the leveling challenge I’ve wanted to do in Guild Wars 2 to you. And I have started it! The Iron Peasant Challenge has begun, and I’ve created a new blog to record my journey.  The rules are here, and they are the very first post on the blog. I would be flattered if you followed it!

Like this post or follow the blog to show your support, or reblog this post to share with your friends so you can share the joy of when I eat my words and fail my challenge over and over and over again.

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okay so of all the ace attorney characters... who has the best legs. i want to say Edgey but at the same time that seems rly obvious tbh

omg…considering the fact that edgeworth has to climb those 12 stories just to reach his office every day ((and now whatever floor the chief prosecutor’s office is on which I’m sure is even higher - was it ever explicitly stated ??)) and probably eats super clean i’d say that boy has Dang Nice Legs 

i want to say phoenix&apollo have nice legs too ((who needs a car when I can just BIKE EVERYWHERE)) but then im like. phoenix’s diet is salt. nothing but salt. he has the most average, slightly stocky/chub legs. 

apollo probably has nice tiny 5′3″ legs tho, and mia, athena, and franziska have killer legs too ?? why am I thinking about this so much now wtf anon


Me five years ago. Freshman in high school. Me now. A year after graduating.

I was so unhealthy and unhappy. Now, I’m healthy, but I’m working on the happiness. It’s been a long, tedious, hard, discouraging, rewarding, tough journey, and it’s not over. But listen, if I can do it, so can you. Okay, I was 260+lbs, now I’m 140-145lbs. Yes, I dived into very bad habits to start off with, and I still have them because it’s something you can’t just fix. But I stopped when my health started deteriorating again, and I did it right. Working out, eating healthy, cutting out unnecessary things from my diet, not giving up even though I wanted to. Yes, it was discouraging because the results didn’t happen over night like I wanted, but even then I stuck with it, and I’m so thankful that I did. This is the healthiest I’ve ever been. Determination can do wonders. I know it’s hard, trust me, and I know sometimes you want to give up or take the easy way out, I know, I’ve been there. But the easy way out isn’t easy, it’s deadly. If you want to lose weight, do it the right way, and be patient. If you stick with it, it will happen. I love you, I believe in you, and if I can do it, so can you.