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So, I have this thing where sour things have no effect on me. Example; I ate five sour patch kids at the same time while my bro couldn't eat half of one because it was so sour. Anyway, I imagined babe!Drift with this thing I have. Drift's eating this tasty candy and offers one up to Wing, who's face inverts cause it's so sour. Drift then goes 'it's not that bad!' and eats another three while Wing wonders what the heck is wrong with that kid. Hope it was as funny for you as it was for me.

I imagine someone like Axe introduces Drift to sower candies. He doesn’t expect Drift to love them and he actually gave them to Drift in the first place to see his little face scrunch up. He is slightly disappointed but if vanishes when Drift offers Wing a piece. 

Wing’s whole frame freezes, and his face gets dark. Life shatters for him, he can feel his plating inverting. 

Drift meanwhile is confused on the sofa, while Axe is beside himself cracking up. 

Wing telling Axe he is going to turn his sweet baby Drift sour if he keeps feeding him junk. 

If you wanna be upset about Doctor Strange, fine, but please stay in your lane

I mean know what you’re talking about and be honest about where your distaste is coming from

This girl just came at me full force on Twitter over why I didn’t have a problem with Doctor Strange (the character) being whitewashed and my answer was (truthfully) that the character is not whitewashed because he’s white in the comics

This chick was being so condescending like she called me sweetheart and boo and implied that I was stupid and then had THE NERVE to ask me for receipts like WHY would you ask me for receipts on material that you have never read, you just set yourself up to eat your words. Not to mention how backwards it is to ask for said receipts AFTER you’ve made multiple proclamations that he’s a POC like how are you gonna ask me for evidence when you don’t have any yourself, it’s pathetic

I mean she admitted to being wrong but I’m overall sick of this lazy activist bullshit. We live in an age where you’re not limited by technology, a simple google search could save you from an embarrassing conversation.

PLEASE continue to call out whitewashing and any other POC erasure but don’t dilute the movement by throwing buzz words where they don’t apply and not doing research. You’re gonna look like a fool

P.S. If you don’t like BC in the role just say that. Don’t hide behind activism or claim he “stole” the role from your fav or a POC (this has been disproved so many times it’s ridiculous)


160829 Myeongdong Tourist Police Station -  I asked Hae “ls ur hand okay?” he said 네 이제 괜찮습니다ㅎㅎ / yeah it’s alright ~ Hae looks like he lost weight >< Hae told me “Don’t forget to eat lunch after this ^^” but it’s you who should eat more ㅠㅜ When Hae gave me tour pamphlet, my friend asked what’s this? then hae showed us one page and said “umm.. this is.. subway line map…” lolol

Cr: 68candy, the_chess, _蘑菇仓鼠小姐_, Jaejoong士多啤梨


I want them to go see Wicked together, and for Karai to teach April how to do eyeliner, and for April to be like, “Yeah no I’m not putting that much on.”
And I want April to make Karai have a Disney movie marathon, and for them to stay up late eating cookie dough and talking about their favorite turts, and I want them to help each other out when one of them runs out of pads or tampons… I WANT THEM TO BE COOKIE DOUGH TAMPON BUDDIES!!! 

One of my favorite things about Chalo (in a list of infinite things):

On the rare occasions when his collar slips over his head on a walk, he just stands there and looks worried, waiting for me to come back and get him, like, “am so sorry, am wild boy now, good-bye. will just eat berries and trash”

no im not dead if someone though about it. Im sorry for not being active lately but im trying to …mentally prepare..for something that might destroy my life or not in the future.So i hope you understand.Ill be fine,im still working on the comic and ill come back soon.But until then i hope you forgive me

Oh My Favorite!! Aqours Trending News (October 2016) 
Caption: “Say ahh♡”— Shaved ice in the summer is the best!!!

Yep, as I thought, eating shaved ice outside on a hot midsummer day is the greatest!!♡ When it’s summer, I feel like eating shaved ice every day~♪
After all, you don’t have to go buy shaved ice unlike ice-cream, you can even make it at home.
Ah— According to Riko-chan, apparently if you work hard at preparations, you would be able to make ice-cream even at home, but about that— Expecting that of me is futile♡
Ehehe— Such a complicated menu is best left to a girly person like Riko-chan; what Chika specializes in is heavy physical labor, scraping the ice and making shaved ice like a man~! That’s how it is♪

This year, everyone often stops at my place on the way back from practice and sweats it out at the hot springs. Times like these are when I get to make full use of my shaved ice machine!
Chika-chan’s shop’s menu lineup this year is, melon, strawberry, lemon and matcha! And also— the absolutely essential, flavor of condensed milk~♡
This is the flavor I love the most♡
Incidentally, Riko-chan prefers strawberry milk, You-chan prefers lemon, Kanan-chan prefers melon and matcha, while Ruby-chan and Maru-chan are the same as me with milk flavor~♪
Mari-chan requested for matcha milk, while Dia-chan and Yohane-chan are somehow wishing for red beans.
I already told you, I don’t have red beans!
Jeez, the princess and the demon are really spoiled! They’ll just have to make do with matcha and melon milk♡

But even so— since it’s at home, having to make this many cups means I have to keep turning this machine or we won’t be able to eat shaved ice.
Being able to eat just like that at shops is so convenient!
Ah, if I do it a bit more I’ll make another cup, I want to have seconds♡♡♡

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine October 2016 issue

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*knock knock* Keith opens the door to find his neighbor, Lance standing there with a very exasperated look on his face. When he asks what's up Lance explains he is trying to cook macaroni, and he has already burned 3 pans and 2 pots and the lady upstairs from him said Keith was a chef so he is now pleading with him to help out. They eat macaroni together and Keith ends up cooking for Lance each day. Lance's motto is now "Save a pan, date a Keith."

bless you and your au’s honestly i feel like i have Ascended™ to a new plane of existence

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BONNY MY PARENTS FINALLY LET ME GO VEGETARIAN!! But that's it until I move out and go to uni (3 years) :( so question, should I eat hclf even though I'm only vegetarian? The only times I eat dairy/eggs is when I'm out (even then I try to order vegan) or when my mom cooks for me (usually dinner). Please help!

YAYYY!!!!! Just do the best you can! So try and eat lost of wholefoods, HCLF foods are perfect to be your main staple foods. If you are eating a lot of dairy and eggs then you are getting fat from them so it just depends really. I wouldn’t try and think about if you are HCLF or not and just try and focus on eating as little animal products as possible and eat more high carb wholefoods like veggies, grains, potatoes and fruits :) try and collect more and more information to show your parents against dairy and eggs and eventually they will come around 👍🏼


Are some great info sources! 👏🏼

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You've mentioned not liking fruit, and that the only salad you would ever eat is a cookie salad. Are there any vegetables you do like? How about juice?

I like corn, potatoes, peas, carrots and various types of beans. I’ll eat celery and onion when they are cooked into things but never raw.

The only juice I will drink is apple juice and I drink that very infrequently.

My normal caveat - inspire to eat better than I do. I’m neither happy nor proud that I’m a picky eater.

I Got My Baby Back

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Request// could you do it where the reader deliberately baby’s Liam like she’ll randomly kiss his cheek, have him sit in her lap at pack meetings, wipe his face after he’s eaten etc and to her it’s natural she’s taking care of him but the pack see and tease Liam and he’s like “I’m not a baby” so she’s a little sad he doesn’t need her so for a full day she goes without giving him any ott affectionate like she normally would At the next meeting he’s sat beside her not in her lap, at dinner she hands him the napkin not wiping his face for but when it comes to saying goodnight and she doesn’t lay with him and kiss his cheek he breaks and goes to find her sat in the kitchen sadly eating ice cream and he asks to talk to her and he breaks down saying he’s sorry for pushing her away and he only did bc the pack teased him so She dries his tears, rocks him, carries him to bed laying beside him hushing him by running her hand through his hair bc it calms him and tells him it was hard for her too not giving her baby any love bc he wanted to be a big boy and he admits that he actually likes all the attention from her bc no one cares about him like she does and she tells him it’s bc she loves him calling him “my baby” and he asks her to stay with him this time so he snuggles up close to her goes to sleep. The Reader And Derek lost a child before Liam came into her life and that’s why she feels so motherly towards him and he apologises and says he actually missed her being so mom like around him and says sorry for snapping at her.

I don’t know what it is but I see it as my job to look after Liam. He’s the youngest in the pack and he just got thrown into all this crap. So it was my job to look after him and keep him safe. 

Derek and I had been through a lot these past few weeks but we need to get back to things. We needed to have a pack meeting and get everything sorted. 

When the pack flooded into the loft and I spotted Liam at the back so I went over to him and pulled him into a hug and kissed his cheek. He hugged me back and smiled at him.

“You okay sweetheart?” I asked him as we both walked over to the sofa.

“Yeah I’m good thank you” He replied, as I sat down on the sofa and pulled him onto my lap. I kissed his cheek again and the pack meeting started. Liam had his head rested on my shoulder and I was rocking him slightly. I kept seeing some of the pack members giving me funny looks and what I was doing but I don’t care. Liam was like a son to me. 

I didn’t really pay attention what Derek and Scott were saying. I just kept watching Liam as he was slowly falling asleep. He was just so cute. He kept fighting it. I kissed his cheek and continued to rock him. 

“Y/N, What do you think?” Derek asked me. 

“What do I think about what?” I asked as I wasn’t listening to what they were saying.

“Pack meeting has ended, and I said the pack can stay around for a while and we can order pizza” Derek repeated so I listened this time.

“Yeah sure that is fine,” I told him. I nudged Liam to get up so we can both go to the kitchen ready to have something to eat. He helped me get Plantes,glasses and napkins out for everyone. As he put down the last glass I pulled him into a hug. I kissed his forehead.

“Thank you, sweetie,” I told him as I hugged him tighter as the pack came into the kitchen with the pizza. Liam went to sit down and the pack was just staring at him giving him funny looks. I noticed this and had to say something.

“Right you can eat now,” I told them and they all started digging in. I got a range of sources out so the pack could pick out what they liked. Everyone was enjoying the food when we all finished I looked over at Liam who had tomatoes sources around his mouth. I grabbed one of the napkins and went over to him and wiped his mouth for him. The pack burst out laughing at this.

“Aww does little Liam need his mommy to help him” Stiles teased him.

“Aww, baby Liam is so cute, always need help from his mommy” Scott laughed. All the pack joined in teasing Liam. Liam got up. 

“I’m not a baby!” He shouted, which hurt me, I was only helping him. So I left the kitchen and left the pack to do their own thing. 

The Next Day//

Derek told me that the pack were coming around again for another pack meeting. Well, Liam said it “I’m not a baby” So today I would let him do his own thing. If he didn’t need me. After everything I have been through and everything, I had done for him. I lost count how many times I lay next to him at night because he couldn’t sleep. But today I left him to do his own thing. 

When the pack came in I wanted to go over to Liam and give him a hug but I held back and I didn’t. I saw him go over to Derek and then he came and sat next to me on the sofa. I didn’t pull him onto my lap or anything. I just let him sit next to me. This time, I listened to what was being said. I rested my arm on the arm of the sofa and rested me chin in my hand. Derek decided to do what he did yesterday and let everyone stay around for dinner. Everyone went to the kitchen to go and get everything out, but Derek pulled me back.

“Babe, I hope it’s okay but Liam is staying tonight, he said he has been having trouble sleeping so I said he could stay,” He told me.

“That’s fine,” I said 

“Don’t let what he said bother you please I don’t like seeing you like this” Derek told me as he pulled me into a hug.

“I’m not. I’m fine. See” I said giving him a fake smile. I was lying to him and myself. It hurt me so much. But Liam didn’t want me so I gave him space and let him do his own thing even though it hurt me. Derek and I took the pizza into the kitchen when it came and put it all on the table and the pack started to dig in. When everyone finished I saw that Liam had source around his mouth again. I picked a napkin and handed it to him.He took it off me and Smiled at me. 

It was beginning to get late so the pack went home and Derek and Liam went to get in bed. I stayed in the kitchen to clean up. I had to find something to do. But soon enough I was finished. I knew Derek would be asleep and I didn’t want to wake him up. So I decided I would stay in the kitchen. I got myself a bowl of ice cream and sat down. 

I was looking down at my empty bowl until I heard a voice. 

“Y/N can I take to you please” It was Liam. I didn’t even bother to look up. 

“What’s wrong?” I asked 

“I’m sorry. I’m really really sorry I pushed you away” Liam cried. Now I looked up at him. I got up and pulled him over to the sofa and he sat in my lap wrapping his arms around my neck and burst out crying. 

“I’m so sorry I pushed you away. I only did it because I hated the pack teasing me. I’m sorry I hurt you” I cried onto my shoulder. I lifted his head up and wiped away his tears and gave him a big hug and I carried him to his bed laying beside him. He cuddled him to be still crying. 

“Shh…Shh…Shh, It’s okay baby” I hushed as I ran my hands through his hair as I knew it could calm him down.

“Baby, it was hard for me too, not giving my baby any love love because he wanted to be a big boy and wanted to do everything for himself,” I told him as he snuggled into me tighter.

“I actually like all the attention from you because no one cares about me like you do, I like being your baby, But can I ask you a question?” Liam asked me looking up at me.

“Sure thing sweetie,” I told him kissing his forehead.

“Why do you baby me?” He asked.

“Before you joined the pack Derek and I lost our baby, and when everything happened with you, I felt like it was my job to look after you,” I told him as my eyes filled up with tears.

“I’m really sorry for snapping at you. I really am” Liam told me.

“It’s okay, I think I can get over it,” I said kissing his cheek.

“Can you stay with me please?” Liam asked me.

“Of course, I can baby,” I told him as he snuggled into me. I wrapped him up in the blanket and he snuggled into me more. After around 5 minutes only soft snores were to be heard. Liam was sound asleep.

I got my baby back


160829 Donghae at Myeongdong Tourist Police Station


When we said “Please don’t be sick ><”, Hae vowed his head and said “ok” ㅠㅠ

A fan went to take the leaflet, and asked Donghae in Korean “Can I have one in Chinese?” Donghae used his biggest effort and said to the fan “We… we Chinese no no… only Japanese..” (Why Donghae answered in English while he asked in Korean? ><)

I asked Hae “ls ur hand okay?” he said 네 이제 괜찮습니다ㅎㅎ / yeah it’s alright. Hae looks like he lost weight >< 

Hae told me “Don’t forget to eat lunch after this ^^” (but it’s you who should eat more ㅠㅠ)     

When Hae gave me tour pamphlet, my friend asked what’s this? then hae showed us one page and said “umm.. this is.. subway line map…” lolol

A Turkish fan asked Hae if he had been to Turkey, Hae said “Ofc! I went there 3 years ago, and I’ll go again!” All in English! 

© trulyhae , the_Chess , Jaejoong士多啤梨 ,  _蘑菇仓鼠小姐_ , CharmanderD1015


160829 Donghae at Myeongdong Tourist Police Station

When Hae gave me tour pamphlet, my fran asked what’s this? then hae showed us one page and said “umm.. this is.. subway line map…” lolol..Hae looks like he lost weight >< Hae told me “Don’t forget to eat lunch after this ^^” but it’s you who should eat more ㅠㅜ..

I asked Hae “ls ur hand okay?” he said 네 이제 괜찮습니다ㅎㅎ / yeah it’s alright 😃


160829 Myeongdong Tourist Police Station
  • Hae looks like he lost weight , Hae told me “Don’t forget to eat lunch after this ©
  • When Hae gave me tour pamphlet, my fran asked what’s this? then hae showed us one page and said "umm.. this is.. subway line map…”  ©
  • A Turkish fan asked Hae if he had been to Turkey, Hae said “Ofc! I went there 3 years ago, and I’ll go again!” All in English! ©
If you are having some  doubts about what is the bond or relationship that TPTB are giving to us between Carol and Daryl, and how important that bond is ...



If that wasnt that important they wouldnt make us EAT two freaking governor episodes (Once again, Caryl was the hook for make us watch the whole thing)

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This is one OF TO MANY things that I could mention, but I will when I have more time :D

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This sounds selfish, but in scared that if I go vegan and lose weight (not going vegan to lose weight, but I'm assuming it'll happen) that my breasts will shrink :( I'm already pretty small cheated, so do you have any tips for keeping them the same size when you lose weight??

Whatever your breast size is when eating a healthy, happy, compassionate diet is the perfect size!! Please don’t let something like that hold you back from such an amazing way of living. My boobs didn’t shrink when I went vegan, maybe yours will maybe they won’t. But to be honest you will feel so good that you won’t care. Rock whatever size you have and be grateful either way. There are so many perks to having small boobs sometimes I wish mine were smaller haha. And think about it this way…. By going vegan you are GREATLY reducing the risk of breast cancer, so in the long run you are protecting your breast anyway!! 😉🙌🏼

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i was so shocked when alistair and morrigan showed up in inquisition because i always thought that alistair was brown skinned and morrigan was asian???? and then inquisition came out and i was punched in the face by how frickin' white they were?? i will never be over this change of their appearance i need to lie down

i’ve been lying down for ages come join me while we eat latkes

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Why don't you like eating raw tomatoes? Haha I mean they are so sweet

The common tomato variety in Indonesia is the egg-shaped one with red and green-ish color, it’s so juicy yet so sour alsfjhskd when you eat the raw tomato, sometimes it would sting your taste buds with sourness ; w ;

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Can you help me find the episode where Arin and Dan are talking about Yhorm the Giant and (I think) Dan says "Yhorm... That sounds like something a pirate says when he eats something delicious"

sorry don’t know it, though i know they fight yhorm at around part 39/part 40 in dark souls but i watched over it and didn’t hear that so ??? help anyone?