Nov. 1

Cavendish and Dakota: *Sleeping*

Cavendish: *Bolts upright* WAIT A MINUTE!

Dakota: *Gets scared awake*

Cavendish: Yesterday… Did you say “Frankensteen”?

Dakota: …Yes?

Cavendish: It’s pronouced Frankenstein

Dakota: That’s what I said Frankensteen

Cavendish: No. No. Frankenstein. Here say Stein.

Dakota: Stein

Cavendish: Now say Frankenstein

Dakota: Frankensteen


Cavendish: You ninny

Why are mouths so gross? I mean if you think about it, mouths are just wet holes in our face. That goes into our stomach…and then there’s just a tongue, just, hanging out. That can move on its own. Like what even is a tongue? I just don’t like thinking about mouths too much. They make me feel weird. You know?
—  Phil Lester, Feb 9, 2017
  • Allura: -unable to give speech-
  • Keith: Lance, you have to go and do this!
  • Lance: okay, no, that is a terrible idea! I can't take Allura's place! What am I supposed to do? Go out there and say; hey galra dudes, you should probably stop following Zarkon since he's not really your leader. He's a scary undead demon alien from another dimension wearing Zarkon like the universe's scariest muppet.