Wes chuckled at his insult and nudged him. Their eyes met and Nathan put his guitar down.. when he looked back up the air was thick with tension and Nathan started feeling nervous, he always felt nervous around Wes these days since their first kiss and the kisses they had shared after that. Everything was still so new to him and he never knew where he stood with Wes. 

“so what do you wanna do? We could play a game but if mum wants me to come down for lunch she’ll be relentless and-”

Nathan didn’t get to finish he’d been rambling and Wes he kissed him, to shut him up but also because from the moment he had seen him that had been all he’d thought about doing. 

Wes moved forward until Nathan was on his back and pulled away slightly pressing his forehead to Nathans and said

“Do i make you nervous?” Wes whispered

“Kinda…” Nathan replied honestly 

Wes smiled and kissed him again “There’s nothing to be nervous about… I already told you that I like you.” 

“I know..but-”

“Boyyyyss… lunch is ready” 

Wes kissed him again and they were wrapped up in each other once more lost in their passion for each other. Before Nathan pulled away “We need to go down or she’ll come up..” he said breathlessly 

“Okay.. I just need a minute.” Wes said awkwardly

Me, an asexual, to a friend who has frequent sex dreams about a professor:  So…you know those dreams you keep having…

Her:  Yes

Me:  …I’ve been having the ace equivalent of those with a co-worker.

Her, after seeing a picture:  He’s cute.  So…what do you do?

Me:  What do you mean?

Her:  ‘The ace equivalent?’  What do you do, pick out kitchen tiles together?

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It’s Maffie!!!

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Dragon Quest Rivals was so fun!

I somehow managed not to lose, so that was great!

Remember that Kirafebon that I ate?!

This thing above was the only thing I ate!

What’s all this about marriage?! Coupling?! Stop saying this or I’ll get mad!

I saw pink grapefruit, so I just remembered!

It is said that the thing on top of this asparagus is either a pink or brown, but which do you think it is?!

By the way, back when that white and gold or black and blue dress was trending, I saw it as white and gold!

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My father will be very happy! [It’s his birthday.]

I wonder if everybody is playing Animal Crossing (Pocket Camp)?!

I’ve already downloaded it, but when that dog with the huge eyebrows came out, I thought he looked like me!

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