Whoa hey so I promised a shoutout/switch cartridge tasting video once I got the Switch so here it is with a handful of awkward slip ups/moments (you definitely see my hand before my grand entrance lmao)

Thanks to @xkodiakbear @jortsfan @814stops @aquagrunt and @daddytxt for commissioning me and one no name donator for being incredible.

Also my commissions are still open if you still want some art!!! All further commission funds will go towards school and life.

anonymous asked:

Pls don't laugh but today I overslept because I was dreaming of Kirk and Spock being gay and I was curious what was going to happen. My brain sure does know how to trick me into more sleep, lol.

YO ANON HATE TO TELL YOU THIS BUT THEYRE ACTUALLY GAY IT WAS NO DREAM. If you want to know what happens because they’re gay, watch the Star Trek original series (especially the episode ‘Amok Time’) and original movies.


I made a shitpost and honestly I’m proud of it so?? 

Jeremy had been teasing Michael for being so old school and not knowing the newest trends. So Michael proves him wrong the next day ;)