This is very hard for me to post, but here goes.

I have eaten really well all week, drank my water, and got in a few workouts too. However, I woke up this morning feeling extremely bloated and lacking in self confidence. When I looked in the mirror, I wanted to cry, throw the covers back over my head, and sleep the day away.

Instead, I washed my face, threw on my school clothes, and grabbed my morning coffee. I started my day like I would any other. Why? Because, the way my body looks does NOT determine my self worth. I’m a body and soul. I don’t stop loving myself when I wake up with a little morning bloat. In fact, I show myself more self love, more self care, and more self acceptance.

Our bodies change all the time! We have to love them for the amazing things they do for us, instead of loathing them for the way we see them in the mirror. Don’t live with a distorted view of yourself. You’re beautiful no matter what you see in the mirror.

“I’ll feel like an actress at 80, maybe! We always have the impression that we’re stealing something. People say that I look very determined and it surprises me. I wouldn’t act anymore if I was sure of myself. It happened to me very often to not attend an audition because I lacked confidence. If I don’t have a minimum amount of time to prepare myself, I get paralyzed” - Eva Green on being sure about herself #EvaGreen by David Bellemere© for L'Express Styles (October 21, 2014) #EvaGreenWebArchive #EvaGreenWebExclusive http://ift.tt/1VopMd2

OH NOOOO the most recent episode of master chef is making me cry… why….. why would they do this… the contestant who leaves came into the competition really shy and kind of quiet and didn’t believe in herself much but she made it to the top five and as she’s leaving gordon offers her a job in france and tells her, “you have no reason, ever, for the rest of your life, to lack in confidence.” PLEASE…. I CRY

A guy yesterday told me that what I lacked in inexperience I made up for in my outfit and confidence (we were blues dancing and it was my first time) and like tbh that was one of the best compliments I’ve ever received

✥ ⋮  Hey!! So I’ve had this blog for a few months now and I haven’t really interacted or approached anyone due to my lack of self-confidence. I’m also not entirely sure how this fandom feels about OCs, so could you all do me a favor? If you’re in the FMA 2003 or FMA: Brotherhood fandom and wouldn’t mind interacting with an FMA: Brotherhood OC, could you reblog this post? I’d really appreciate it!!

Note: My OCs timeline does not interfere with the canon timeline!!

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what's it like being on the other side of the table at an audition :0

Ooh, let me share my experience!  (And for anybody wondering, “behind the table” means that I was evaluating/on the director’s side of things at an audition, not the one auditioning, since I’m vocal directing the show!)

  • I watch for your grounding.  One of my biggest pet peeves of the night were people who constantly shifted from one foot to the other.  It makes you look uncomfortable and completely lacking in confidence.
  • I watch for your focus.  And for heaven’s sake, DON’T LOOK AT ME!  I cannot tell you how awkward it is to have somebody direct a song to me.  It was horribly uncomfortable!  But similarly, I want to see if you can hold focus during a song, or if you focus is scattered all over the room.
  • If you mess up, it’s not over.  Seriously, people who stumbled and continued on, or even stumbled and had to start over, did not have less of a chance than those who didn’t!  I genuinely looked at you just the same if you messed up!  And those people still got called back, if they were able to pick it back up.  
  • There were some people who were great, but didn’t get callbacks.  It wasn’t unusual for somebody to have a fabulous voice, but they just didn’t fit a character.  It wasn’t a dig at them, they really were great, but I couldn’t buy them as a character.  There’s just this feeling, where you know, man…You’re great in every way, but you just…Aren’t a fit.  
  • I knew from the first moment you started singing if you were suitable for a role or not.  I still watched the rest and kept my mind open, but it takes only a moment (or even before you open your mouth!) to figure out if you are a fit and can execute what we need.
  • Open.  Your damn.  Mouth.  I can’t tell you the number of people who sang without ever releasing their jaw.  At all.  They sang through, essentially, closed lips.  AGH.  
  • Don’t neglect the character.  In singing auditions, people seem to think they can just sit there and just do vocals. But we’re looking for the entire package when you sing.  We want the acting, and somebody with mediocre singing and fabulous acting will probably get called back, whereas somebody with fabulous singing but zero acting probably won’t.
I think I finally know why I lack confidence. It’s because my greatest fear is being judged—by people I don’t know, people I don’t care about, people I love. I think too much of what other people think of me that I’m afraid to move. I’m so afraid to move, even when I have something that I want, that I would wait for anyone to instruct me on what to do, because then at least, I can say that I was only doing what I was told. I rarely act according to how I want to be like in front of other people that sometimes, I feel like I don’t know myself anymore. Yet, who’s to say that that’s not how I am? That maybe the person I want to be like is the illusion and this indecisive, confidence-lacking coward is who I truly am.
—  Submitted by anonymous

I think Lofty is under appreciated. He is adorably flustered in the best man’s speech and I would love to know his background more, I think he lacks alot of confidence. He is also adorable with Charlie, you can see in his face he cares what a kind hearted person he is. That punch of the door is one of the biggest shows of Lofty’s emotion we’ve seen.

My new tutor at school is so nice. She said that I need to have more confidence in myself because I clearly have a good grasp of language and will soon be at a publishable standard if I keep on practicing. My tendency to overwrite stems from my lack of confidence, she said – I strive to be the best and, instead of writing for me, I write for the grades. I’m definitely going to take her advice and try to loosen up more. 

good things round up:
  • I got my new laptop today and I’m setting it up now!!!
  • it seems so cool so far omg I love it
  • def better than my broken piece of shit that I was using
  • I got out of my test in time for my staff meeting @ the women’s center
  • I haven’t had my first official shift yet but I already know I’m gonna love doing my scholarship work there
  • like everyone is so cool and easy to talk to and they have campus events for minority groups and women and the lgbt+ community and I’m just rlly excited to be working there and get to know everyone
  • they also have a book club which I’m doing and we’re reading foxfire which is about a girl gang in the 1950s so that should be cool
  • plus they have all kinds of books that u can check out it’s so cool so many books about women or written by women I’ve never seen something so beautiful in all my life
  • they even have a whole section with multicultural/interracial feminism books!!! And all kinds of women in history books like!!!!
  • my lil feminist heart is singing omg
  • ALSO
  • I had my first exam in college today and I got a 98!!!!!! Hell yeah hell yeah okay!!!
  • I’ve been so worried about if I was mentally up to doing the school thing with all the neurological and cognitive parts of my health crap
  • but take that dysautonomia!!!
  • I legit missed 1 question out of 50 I’m so happy u don’t understand!!! Like school is so important to me
  • my grades/academics are like 99% of my self esteem which I know is super unhealthy and I’m working on it but I feel so nice rn tbh
  • what a nice day and it’s barely afternoon pls stay nice

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5 years ago I was peppy, always laughing, wasnt so analytical about people's behaviors and was simply ready for anything. Now at 21 yo, I still laugh but I am not as happy as before, I dont trust easily, I overthink possible consequences and I lack confidence. Is this bc I'm becoming more mature? I notice radical changes in my attitude that I do not appreciate. Ive always felt out of my age range, but as I grow older it seems to be more evident. I dont want to be a bitter person, any advice? :/

21 years old is the perfect time for you to work with your mind to create habits of happiness. As we mature, we forget that carefree joy of our youth and begin to feel the weight of adult responsibilities. As you notice that happening, it is important for you to remember that you are developing new thinking habits.
Analyzing other people’s behavior can be fascinating, but you might fall into the trap of believing your own analysis. This is especially troublesome if the analysis is laced with judgments of good and bad. When we fall into judging habits we often judge based on an unconscious, shifting and impossible standard. We apply that standard to ourselves as well as others and we end up feeling inadequate. That can lead to bitterness.
When you recall your earlier experience of joy and happiness, remember that those experiences are still available for you, but they come from different sources than when you were younger. You may no longer need such intense joy so often.
To create new habits of happiness pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. When you notice yourself judging, check in with how you feel. See how the feelings relate to the judgments. Question the truth of the judgments. Remember to be compassionate. If you analyze yourself and others by seeing how you and they suffer, you will develop habits that will help you ease the suffering. As you practice working with suffering, happiness and joy will find new ways to emerge.
Developing new habits and discovering and discarding old habits is something you do for the rest of your life.
If you develop a meditation habit, it helps you notice and release thoughts that lead to bitterness. When you can easily let thoughts go, you can regularly fine joy and happiness in the present moment.