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Do you prefer to be the more dominant one in a relationship?

I’m pretty inexperienced and lack confidence in some areas so I tend to be more passive and submissive

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Salam aleykoum sister, I need your wise words because I lack confidence. People always praise me, tell me I'm pretty, or kind, so on...But I always focus on my bad sides, my temper, etc. I don't know how to start loving myself. I hurt people around me because I don't trust their words, or compliments. I've never asked God to help me through that and I feel like I should not complain, so idk if it's a good reason to ask God for help... Baraku Allah oufik 💕

Walaikom Assalam wa Rahmtullahi wa Barakatuhu,

Some Tips for Self Confidence/Self Love:

1. Stop saying bad things about yourself. Stop insulting yourself, calling yourself ugly, calling yourself dumb. You’re God’s creation, does God make mistakes? No. So to call yourself a failure, etc. is not good. There is nothing that comes from these comments, absolutely nothing good. It is not motivating, it sucks the life out of you. Work hard to stop saying bad things about you.

2. Stop saying bad things about others. If you do, same as above. Notice the beauty & good things in others always before the negative. It will help you see the beauty in yourself!

3. Say 3-5 positive remarks about yourself EVERY DAY. Start with traits you like, “I have nice teeth, my hair is soft, I am good at math”. Then after a while tackle traits you realllyyy dislike, “My stretch marks are a pretty color, my chubby tummy is really soft, the hair on my arms is really thick and that’s beautiful”. Even if you don’t realllyyyy believe it, just do it.

This also DOES NOT have to be physical. It could be, “Wow I am a great listener to my friends” or “I am patient and I cook really great eggs”

4. Do not compare yourself to others. She’s pretty, and so are you. “Another woman’s beauty is not the absence of your own” (someone said that on here but I don’t know who, so quotes are for them). You will never be anyone other than you. So invest in yourself now, with self love. There is no need to compare yourself to anyone other than yourself! :)

5. Forgive yourself for mistakes. We all make them. We all lose our temper. We all mess up! We are human, and Allah knows this. Allah just wants us to ask Him for forgiveness, and improve. Most times, in order to improve, we also need to forgive ourselves. Regret & thinking of our mistakes & flaws weighs us down. Learn from your mistakes, forgive yourself, and resolve to work harder to improve.

6. Celebrate all accomplishments, big or small. Be proud of yourself if you do well on an exam. Allow yourself to feel good if you do something cool, kind, smart, fun, whatever. 


Read At-Tin and ponder it’s meaning

Allah took 3 beautiful oaths before saying that we (YOU!) have been created in the best of stature. You’re a product of Allah’s magnificence, don’t allow yourself to think otherwise


DO make dua for self-confidence. Rely on Allah at ALL times. Allah wants us to call out to Him, to ask him (beg him) for his mercy. So no, don’t EVER feel you cannot make dua to Allah for something. Ask Allah to allow you to see your beauty, your intelligence, your worth. Always always always ask Allah for help sister!


Some Reassurance

  • You’re not a burden. Anyone who makes you feel like a burden is in the wrong. You’re worth people’s time & consideration
  • Allah forgives
  • Allah loves you
  • Allah wants you to come back to His deen and hear from you. Allah wants your dua. Allah wants you specifically to be the one who’s angel says “I saw her bowing down to you Allah”
  • There’s nothing wrong with you for feeling this way. Many girls have self-esteem issues, it’s an issue of society - you’re not inherently ‘wrong’
  • Your friends are not lying to you when they say you’re pretty. We never see our own beauty but others do, believe them.
  • You’re enough.
  • Self-confidence is not arrogance

I ask Allah to bless you and all of our ummah, to recognize and value their worth, love themselves and appreciate their bodies, and stay steadfast on the deen of the Al-Mighty

If there is anything I can do to help you on your journey of ‘self-love’, please let me know habibti ❤︎

I know Cordelia is more popular than her, but I’ve always had a preference for Sumia. I can relate a lot to her clumsiness and lack of confidence, and her ability to persevere regardless inspires me to improve. On top of that, she’s very pretty, kind and modest, and has the potential to be an absolute beast in terms of gameplay. Overall, she’s one of my favourite Fire Emblem characters, and my preferred spouse for Male!Robin.

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Um. "A-are you aster?"alomancy stumbles out from behind a tree clutching bleeding arm." If you are. I need your help please. Her hands are stained with her green blood. She looked very injured. (o-alomancy-o) (Also hi! ^_^)

(Hi! *waves* how are ya? @o-alomancy-o)

“Yes and no,” Aster answered, his voice twisting from hostile to something oddly nervous. His red eyes flickered for a moment to seafoam, before flicking back to those red orbs of his.

Muttering quietly to himself in irritation before approaching her. Those seafoam orbs returned, so did the gentle voice.

“He won’t help you… b-but I will,” his voice soft and lacking confidence, reaching to her but not touching her yet. Asking permission really.

I’ll be real. I was not confident at this show. In any way. I felt pretty terrible about how I looked because I was still 4 weeks out from my other planned show and definitely not at my best (for the stage). My lack of confidence showed on stage, and I hold myself accountable for that. It’s something I need to work on now that I’m not getting on stage soon. I felt great for myself on an everyday basis, and I know that’s what is more important than the stage. My body didn’t want to shrink anymore 🙅🏽
But, out of the stage shots I could find, at least I got some of my glutes that just won’t shrink 🍑

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To all of my followers.

I am unable to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who have been following me since I finally decided to roleplay my favorite character of all time. Due to lack of confidence, I was reluctant to make a blog for Wedge and see how he would be received within the community. What I’ve learned so far is to take chances. And damn, I never regretted that choice. Alas! I am still among you guys because of you. I feel so blessed to have you all to enjoy the Star Wars Fandom ride.

Thank you!

To the special people listed below. 

You are my beloved everything and it’s due to you all, that I have been enjoying this experience. The support, the laugh and the joy you have given me, I could never ever thank you enough. It means the world :). A lot of you know me from other blogs and in real life. I may have mentioned you more than once. Oops.

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To the people I admire listed below.

You lot are formidable. So see the grasp you have on your characters is phenomenal and frigging glorious! I’m not even joking. It is to a point that I’m sitting here, completely in awe at the beauty of your writing. Even if we are roleplaying, know that I do want to change that for certain (*ahem* with my crappy level writing XD). Sadly, it gets really difficult to do so when the muses aren’t from the same era ;_;.

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P.S. I know I have forgot to list a LOT of you.
My list isn’t showing correctly. I am so sorry.
Wish I could control tumblr sometimes lol…

More fanart for things from my childhood. Keroberos and Spinel Sun from Cardcaptor Sakura. I’ve always wanted to draw/paint these two. Lack of confidence, as a child, always held me back from doing so.  But here they are now!

Anyway, Spinel is like the perfect combo for me as I love cats and butterfly wings.  I was never too fond of the way his wings were designed, so I decided to go the more realistic route with their shape. They are loosely based on a Spicebrush Swollowtail. First time I’ve painted any type of wing. I’ve been trying to improve my feathered wings and I’m slowing getting better. 

Also I made a saved a version without the flower petals. See it here

Time: 30 hours

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Reaction to gf(you)rapping like nicki minaj and getting all in their face with sass. *snaps fingers*

I assumed this was BTS because of my url…but in the future, please remember to specify which group! I write for BTS, Got7 and Monsta X! 

Seokjin: He’d be pleasantly surprised, as long as it was only on a few occasions. He’s often said that his ideal type is a cute girl, so doing this too often might put the poor baby off :( but if it was just once, he’d laugh so much and think it was really adorable. 

Yoongi: He’d have a rap battle right back at you. Expect to feature in Cypher 4. 

Hoseok: I think he’d be a little intimidated. He never originally set out to be a rapper and therefore I think he lacks a little confidence in his abilities. Seeing you being all ~sassy~, he’d probably react to you really well, but later on would be lost in thought about his own style of rapping. 

Namjoon: He’d love it. He’d be so surprised, and would definitely try to persuade you to show him that side more often. He’d love the sass aspect and would cheer you on if you were dissing someone, telling everyone that you were his girl afterwards. 

Jimin: I think he’d be so, so, so surprised. He’d wonder where you got all of that energy and power from, and probably would react a little awkwardly. However, he’d reassure you that he loved you afterwards but was just super surprised. 

Taehyung: He’d be so excited, having found someone to rap with. He’d want to come over and just have music chilling sessions which aren’t very chill and would want to rap to a bunch of songs with you. 

Jungkook: He’d take it as a challenge. He’s kinda alright at rapping, so the moment you sass him up he’d rise to the challenge. However, I think afterwards he’d act like nothing had happened and go back to his cute self to tease you. 


Though the sky was dark, the city of Velaris was still filled with light and life. It was beautiful, and it was something they would all fight to the death to keep alive. Mor and Azriel strolled side by side down the stone paved streets, talking about the future of the Night Court now also having High Lady. Mor missed Feyre terribly, and she also felt guilt at leaving her in such an uncertain position at the Spring Court. Tamlin would pay for what he’d done when the time came… of that, Mor was certain. Suddenly Mor began to think of Azriel, who walked perfectly in pace with her at her side. She stopped walking and Azriel paused beside her, instantly looking at her with concern. Mor looked at the ground.
“What would you do…if I asked you to kiss me?” she said with a lack of confidence in her voice. She didn’t have to look up to know there was a shocked expression on his face.
But he answered immediately, “I’d pray that this moment was real, and I’d hope that it would be the first of many.”
Mor’s breath caught, and she looked up at him, only to see him smiling softly down at her from that couple of inches he had on her. She held his gaze as she asked her next question. “What if I asked you to trust me?”
Azriel held her gaze, “I’d tell you that you’ve already had my complete trust for centuries,” he answered without hesitation.
Mor carefully raised her hand and placed it on his cheek. He leaned into the touch and wrapped his arms around her waist.
“…And if I told you I love you?,” she breathed, not daring to take her eyes from his consuming gaze.
He smiled and touched his forehead to hers, “I’d say it back without doubting it for a second,” he replied.
They kissed under the stars, and it was everything Mor could’ve wanted, but it meant so much more as she gasped when she felt their mating bond snap into place.
Azriel didn’t seem surprised though, he only kissed her again, and as he pulled away, she heard him whisper softly, “I knew it.”

I need your help...

Hey pagan/witchy tumblr…

I’ve been seriously lacking in self-confidence lately, partly due to my current job being so stressful and energy-sucking and partly because of something my mom said to me about the condition of my skin last night.

And then I wrote down something this morning (nothing serious, just how I feel about myself) and now I feel even worse. =(

I don’t want to feel like I’m worthless anymore. Can you suggest anything to help me feel better? No quick fixes, obviously, but things or ideas to help me feel better or help me see the good in me.

I’m into meditations, stones, tarot, nature, candles, some incense, spells, energy work. I am not a huge fan of baths (though I love my showers) or kitchen witchery (I hate cooking).

Thanks so much in advance, everyone.

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is it cool if I ask for advice?... my teachers in high school had a clear cut idea of what art was and graffiti, anime or cartoons weren't it and they treated it like crap. that pretty much crushed my spirits. now I lack confidence. I can't finish anything and it's been that way for years. I tried looking at what inspired me. I tried to 'learn' how to draw. I did the "try to better than a doucebag artist". I thought maybe I needed a new style. but nothing helped and it's genuinely depressing.

I’m so sorry… High school art teachers always seem to act that way. It’s truly awful, treating certain styles like that as if they have a decided say on what is and isn’t ‘real art’. And it’s that constant put down which has turned so many people off from art. I understand that it’s hard to come back from that after you have learned such bad ideas but it is doable. You don’t need to ‘learn’ how to draw or change your style, you need to keep doing you. You need to find people who will raise you up to fight against those who try to tear you down. There is no “real” art. Art is art, art is what you do so keep doing what it is that you do. We’re always here to support you if you never need any help.

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Which got7 member speak English? Like you can have a long conversation or relationship? Because I'm kind of confuse 😁 thank you! Saranghae ❤️

Mark Jackson and i would say Bambam have a high level of english.

i would also include Jinyoung, but he seems very hesitant, even though he shouldn’t be.

As for Jb Youngjae and Yugyeom, even though their english is good, to an understanding level, their conversational english is lacking confidence. but i wouldn’t say their bad at it.

~ahgase Omma

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Cuddling with Namjoon and Kookie?

Rap Monster (BTS):
Not much of a cuddler really. When it does come to cuddles, I think he’s kind of awkward and lacks his usual aura of confidence. It’s not a bad thing though. It’s actually cute as hell. He’d like to keep it simple, usually with you on his lap, his arms loosely around your waist. He’d like when you lean back against his chest, your head on his shoulder, your breath tickling his neck when you speak. I think he’d really like talking, usually venting about what’s currently stressing him out. He’d see cuddles as a very soothing and therapeutic thing. You’ll never cuddle with someone else in the room, though.

Jungkook (BTS):
Kookie is one for the classics. Nothing unique, no frills, nothing really out of the ordinary, but they’d still feel special. He could honestly cuddles with you for an eternity, it put him so at ease. His favourite cuddles would be laying down in bed, facing each other, his arms wrapped around you, your fingers tracing the outlines of his face as you both chatted about random stuff. He’d probably like singing to you as well, soft and sweet love songs sending you into a blissful sleep in his arms.