I just have one question regarding Psycho Pass

I’ve posted about this subject before but it’s something I’m very butt-hurt on.

WHY the HELL does Akane have to keep suffering like she is?

Literally, everyone else in this series seems at least somehow, in someway, happier than her. Gino is, it’s obvious from his attitude now. Kougami seems to be (obviously, he’s not ‘happy’ happy, but i think he’s….more….better off than Akane; at least mental/emotional wise, if that makes sense), even though he’s in and out of life-death situations on a daily basis. The rest of division 1 is questionable, but in the very least, they haven’t suffered like Akane has. Sure, everyone else serves Sibyl like Akane but why does she have to be the sole person to suffer the most? Because she knows Sibyl’s secret? Because she’s the heroine? Because she’s now the head of division 1? Is this somehow karma kicking her for how ‘naive’ she was back in s1? If so, it’s too much.

Let’s just look at all the shit she’s been through over the course of 4 years

  • Her best friend Yuki was murdered in front of her
  • Kougami, the one person she counted and leaned on, left her behind for years to suffer alone (though that was never his intention)
  • Her precious grandmother was murdered in s2
  • She’s constantly hallucinating and thinking about Kou and how much she misses the bishie crap out of him
  • What’s the most likely thing to happen to her next to make her suffer further: Kougami dies

I MEAN, WHY HER? WHAT DID SHE EVER DO? WHAT MUST SHE GO THROUGH THIS? I mean, despite all this horrible stuff she puts up with, she still struggles and fights to keep going with all her might. But if Sibyl wins or if Kougami (her one chance at happiness; also im not just saying that cause I ship them. Think: she hasn’t be happy since Kougami left….He is the key to her happiness) dies…what would all her fighting be for?

I would hate for this series to end with all her pain and suffering to have been all for nothing. I just can’t bare to see her hurting and becoming more and more numb anymore. No one should have to fall into the state that she has. She won’t smile. She won’t laugh. She won’t lean on anyone else or tell them how she’s really feeling.  SHE WON’T EVEN CRY, FOR GOD SAKE. She’ll never go back to being how she was in s1 (by that, I mean, being happy and grinning and having fun and enjoying herself….) Why the hell does she have to…I mean, killing her off would give her less pain (I DON’T want her to die but if her suffering is never going to end while she’s alive….) SHE NEEDS A BREAK FROM ALL THE PAIN

Writing Scenarios
  • Me:*puts my heart and soul into something I wrote* This is brilliant people are gonna love this one I am a poetic genius!
  • Everyone else:This is cool. *hearts it*
  • Me:*writes something I feel is meh or just sucks* I don't know why I'm even posting this. This is crap but I can't think of anything better I'm sorry I'm a failure to society I'll just go crawl in a cave and die goodbye cruel world.
  • Everyone else:Nice! *reblogs*
  • What is this?!

Homestuck started with “A young boy stands in his room”

I hate myself for thinking this but what if…

“A young Man stands alone in the void. It just so happens he does not know what day it is.”


juanichi asked:

OH HELL NO. WHO TF SAID NOT BEING TO ONE OF THEIR CONCERTS IS A FAKE FAN? You want to know what a fake fan is? One that cannot accept all of the members, flaws and all. One that does not support the fan base as well as the performer themselves. One that drags people down for their experiences(or lack thereof). I have no merch, never been to one of their concerts, I don't even own a single album. But I'm just as much of a fan as everyone else, I just can't afford it; or can't afford it on time.


-admin blxnktae

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Ppl w/ ADHD suffer through so fucking much because of this mental illness and you're doing like everyone else does and reducing it do being hyper. Do you know how many ppl are fucking depressed bc of that?? I get the intention, but just fuck off.

Ah yes our first hatemail. From the reactions other CotD blogs have been getting, I knew it’d happen eventually but this still…

I know we suffer through a lot. I have ADHD. So does everyone submitting to this blog, as far as I can tell. And you know what? Some people struggle a lot more with the ‘Hyperactivity’ part of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. That side of the disorder is overrepresented, and often stereotyped unrealistically, but it exists. And it’s important for predominantly hyperactive people to have characters to relate to, too. Besides - many of these characters have symptoms of hyperactivity, but many do not. I’ve even had some asks specifying inattentiveness, but I streamlined them for ease of reading - which I’ll stop doing, if anyone takes offense to it.

In short every character is on this blog because a real person with ADHD related to them. We’re not 'reducing’ our own illness, we’re seeing ourselves in characters, and yes, some of them are hyperactive, because yes, some of us are hyperactive. And ADHD is so much more than that alone. But people who struggle most with that part of the disorder cannot be thrown under the bus.

So, I understand your intention as well, but I’m also gonna have to ask you to fuck off.

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hey - as a bpd person - does splitting occur with everyone - does it mean someone is not for me if i split from them all the time -

everyone experiences splitting differently like im talking completely different so from an objective standpoint i cant say

but u know what the people i dont split on (or split on the least) are the closest to me and the healthiest, least volatile relationships i have, vs the people i split on all the time (while it may make a v passionate love/hate dynamic) ended up being toxic and i ultimately had to cut them off

so from my experience, splitting on someone all the time is a red flag, yeah. thats not to say completely ditch them or ditch everyone you split on at all, but if you hate them more than you like them and switch every two minutes i dont think they’re good for you. or at least there are probably better people out there

(and btw i thought splitting on everyone really intensely was like an undeniable /thing/ and then i met some friends that i practically dont split on at all and i was like wow okay so theres a better way to do things thats p rad)

Vampire Stereotypes Vs. Reality

Hollywood and other things have added many stereotypes to vampires over the years, so here’s my list to cover the basics on what is real and what is not to the best of my knowledge and experience and is in no way the case for EVERY vampire.

1. Being able to transform into a bat, wolf, or mist/fog

- Last I checked actual complete shifting of the human body isn’t possible, but who knows haha.

2. Can’t cross running water and will burn at the touch of holy water

- Yes we can cross over running water just as easily as anyone else and holy water does burn us. It’s just water?

3. A stake through the heart, beheading, or being lit on fire are the only ways to kill us

- Any of that could kill anyone, we’re not immortal and we age and die just like everyone else.

4. No reflection in mirrors, no shadow, and doesn’t show up in photos

- I use a mirror every morning to get ready for work. Would be kind of hard to do my hair if I couldn’t see myself. Of course we can see our shadows, and yes we show up in photos, dont you?

5. Cant stand/is afraid of garlic

- Garlic is a lovely spice I cook with and I use it whenever I can. Back when there were vampire scares people believed that garlic had anti evil properties and would wear necklaces made from it to keep vampires at bay, it’s also said people would wear garlic to overpower the smell of dead flesh.

6. Fangs

- Sadly most of us are not born with fangs. Some will get their teeth permanently sharpened, most will get prosthetics to help their outward appearance become more comfortable to them, and some don’t care or bother. To each their own.

7. Being in the sun will burn or outright kill a vampire

- This one does have some truth to it, but for the most part is false. We don’t die or burn but some are more vulnerable to it. Some vampires such as myself can get headaches if we’re out in the sun too long (for me it’s only if I haven’t fed in a while) and others will physically get sick.

8. Drinking blood is the only way to feed

- Yes, some vampires drink blood but that is not the only way to feed. A good portion of the community feeds off of various kinds of energy.

9. Sleep during the day, awake all night

- From my experience this one is mostly true. It could be because a lot of us have insomnia but almost every other vampire I have met or talked to has either liked staying up all night or physically can’t sleep at night.

10. Heals wounds in an instant

- That would be pretty amazing if that was possible but sadly it’s not, but, if a vampire has regular feedings we have a very low chance of getting sick, and if we do get sick we’re over it pretty quickly, along with small scratches and small cuts. Some vampires claim to have much better healing abilitys but I personally have had no experience with that so it’s not for me to say.

11. Psychic abilities

- A lot of vampires feel they do have psychic abilities but that’s moreso a case by case basis.

12. Major mood swings

- Once again just running off of what I know and my experiences, yes. I get them all the time, and it’s annoying as hell. It mostly happens when I have an intense need to feed. Not too sure about others.

13. Can’t enter a house without being invited.

- We can, but that’s just rude.

And just because EVERYONE asks..
14. Do we sparkle in sunlight?

- Hell. No.

If you want to know anything else that isn’t listed on here or have any questions feel free to ask and I will answer to the best of my knowledge!

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Seconding what everyone else is saying about how wonderful you look now and how great your progress is. Now that you're a bit further out of the woods, do the little voices in your head telling you to restrict get quieter? Does the knowledge of how well you're doing at accomplishing recovery make them less prominent? I guess overall, I want to know how the fake "good feeling" of the eating disorder compares to how actually good recovery must feel now. <3 Don't feel you have to answer though.

There are days when it’s hard and moments when I want to give up but recovery has given me the ability to stop and think and reflect. I can look at my life from a real perspective, with a rational mind and I can appreciate everything recovery has given me, I know that giving in to any thoughts will take that away from me, and I know that continuing to fight will give me even more life and fun and amazing opportunities.

Anorexia gave me a high.

Recovery is giving me a life.

One can not be compared to the other. Life is everything.

omfg my co worker just came into my office and said ‘so louis tomlinson of one direction is having a baby?’ and i just put my head down and laughed and she said 'they’re treating it like it’s fake’ and i just shook my head and she continued 'they even said he’ll probably name the baby larry’ and my heart stopped because wtf and so as we continued talking about it and i briefly explained what larry is she said 'well now i know about this relationship and so does everyone else now and it’s all very odd’ and i just…like no matter what happens at this point everyone now knows of h&l and will continue to be incredibly suspicious and this is alllllll because the media is bringing up 'larry’ to 'prove’ louis’ heterosexuality and it’s blowing my mind.

The signs as six word stories

Aries: Being independent doesn’t mean being alone. 

Taurus: I won’t apologize for being stubborn.

Gemini: Even Satan knows how to party

Cancer: That didn’t work? Try something else. 

Leo: Why is Leo’s symbol a squiggle?

Virgo: See that nerd? That’s a Virgo

Libra: I just wanna see everyone happy. 

Scorpio: You hurt my friends? You’re dead. 

Sagittarius: Life is too short for boring.

Capricorn: I don’t want to break rules

Aquarius: But does it fit my aesthetic?

Pisces: blub glub blub (random fish sounds)

So who wants to talk about the fact that he was just buying a single loaf of bread?

Trick question! I know that everyone does.

Sure, he was probably aware that he didn’t have much money on hand, but his grocery shopping trip meant to buy him food to survive on for the foreseeable future consists of one loaf of bread. No peanut butter, no cans of beans, nothing else. 

I thought it was a very nice touch seeing how much weight Stanley had gained during his years as a drifter. Take someone who was cut off from his family and support network while he’s still not a real adult (so probably hasn’t learned to take care of himself very well,) make sure he never has much money. Keep him living out of his car or in flophouses where he doesn’t often have a fridge or a stove and the end result is a poor diet. Probably a lot of fast food. Whatever he can easily keep on hand that’s cheap and doesn’t require much preparation. 

So he’s probably no stranger to plain bread sandwiches.

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:so is Riley a functioning person or is she just a flesh avatar that the emotions control and bring to life? because she doesn't seem to have thoughts of her own since the emotions' voices are those thoughts so is she just what the emotions make her? how do the personality islands work? does she have a soul? what happens to the emotions when Riley dies? do they just fade or die too or do they transport to someone else's mind? does every person's emotions have a different personality and that's what makes everyone different? do the emotions communicate with each other through their people? do they even know other people have emotions in their heads like they are or do they think they're one of a kind? inside out was cute but i'm so confused how does this universe work
3,427 Hours

I find it amazing, as everyone else does, that it only took one shot…a taken chance…to flip everything Taylor once said about love. No one saw any of this coming and it was completely obvious that neither her nor Calvin did either. Months later, the signs are all there…and you know exactly what I mean. Taylor can hear this guy, HER GUY, gush about how amazing she is and how “absolutely fantastic” it is to be with her right now. She gets to have a slight blush creep across her face when she reads quotes about her extraordinary boyfriend being “insanely happy” about having her in his life and smile when he calls her an “incredible human being”. I try my best not to compare EXs but….has anything like this ever happened before? Have the social media pics ever happened before? the subtle yet spot-on “I’m so proud” shout outs to his girl in tweets? the maddening amounts of PDA and support at award shows? HAS ANY OF THIS EVERY HAPPENED BEFORE? ALL AT ONCE?? I know we have covered how different this is but…this is just something that can’t be stressed enough. They’re making all of this happen. They’re doing it. And we’re all here to watch it unfold and bloom into something far more beautiful than it is now because face it, it’s still fresh and there is so much more to come. This brings up what I want to say about shippers and supporters. Let me straightening something up for the rest of y’all….we ship, we laugh, we feel, we cry, we do all that shit. You don’t? that is completely okay. HOWEVER do not confuse what WE do with what the media did back in the day before there were beautifully written articles of support and well-wishes. No no no…this is nothing like the creation of sickening rumors which dehumanized Taylor and her lover in the public eye. We don’t speculate, we anticipate and dissect. What the media did then was create lies, look pieces that didn’t fit anywhere, crush, pound, saw, and destroy what Taylor was trying to build for herself. Everything we do, is out of entertainment (mostly humor if it’s happening on the dark side aka my blog) and excitement. So for one to say that “this is the pressure Taylor doesn’t really need” ummmmmmm??????? what pressure??????? Please for the love of everything in the arts & crafts section at Michael’s DO NOT CONFUSE PRESSURE WITH SUPPORT. I will give you one thing, there are people who talk about marriage and kids already (which i avoid almost completely) NOW THAT’S PRESSURE. But being happy about everything Calvin has said today and in the past? that’s cheering them on. That’s being completely proud fo everything happening between them. Why should we try to ignore this shit? this is fucking amazing? we get happy as fuck when all these other artists praise Taylor for the person she is and the shit she accomplishes and does for the world……why can’t we be happy about Calvin doing the same? Is is because he’s her boyfriend? and you’re trying to ignore the fact that she has a boyfriend somehow? because you have misconstrued something she has said??? get the hell out of my face lmao. This also (as it always does) brings to me to PR. Is this good PR? Of course it is! You would be lying to yourself if you tried to say both their names aren’t everywhere just a little more often since they began dating. But what the fuck makes you think this entire relationship was sewn together by a group of publicists JUST for this specific reason???? THEY’RE ARE BOTH AT THE TOP OF THEIR CAREERS AND THE BEST AT WHAT THEY DO. WHAT THE HELL DO THEY NEED EACH OTHER FOR PUBLICITY WISE? That being said. although the media supports their relationship….it would be great if Taylor’s own (supposedly) fans did. It’s been this long and there are still people trying to dig up receipts on Calvin as if Taylor doesn’t have her own or as if Taylor doesn’t know more about him than some random on the interwebs. Find your chill….and a hobby. It’s just amazing to see that they are working so hard for each other though. This is love. Everyone can see it. It’s……..glowing in the dark. When you can hear the smile on this guy’s face as he’s talking about her…..when he doesn’t hesitate to commend her on anything at all…when he is this happy to be with her….you know. And just the fact that she has the nerve to basically be open about actually being in love with him….you definitely know. If there is one thing that killed me about what Calvin said it’s: “It could be a lot worse and I would still be like insanely happy with her”. The second I heard him say this, I instantly thought about when Taylor said “No one wants to sign up for this”………??????????????????????????????????????? Is this not some type of amazing love story though??? This chick thought no one would be down for any of the stuff she comes with but here is Calvin like “Oh that’s all it is? Pffffft are you kidding me? Throw more at us and I’ll still be around” Calvin doesn’t care about any of the madness. He doesn’t care about the bullshit written about her or them….because that’s what it is….BULLSHIT. As Churchill once said “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on” But she’s worth it all. None of it means anything to her because he’s in it for her…..that’s it….this is amazing. I am so beyond happy about all of this. What a time to be alive. Happy 3,427 hours 


So as a lot of you know, I had a really bad body image day yesterday (as everyone does from time to time) and was just really upset about my body and the way I looked.

This morning I woke up and realized how truly silly I had been; I recognized how great my body is, and I decided to be proud of how far I’ve come both physically and mentally. I decided to consciously make an effort from this point on to never say anything negative about my body.

As I stood in the mirror last night, picking my body apart, I realized that while I only have days like these every once and a while, some people, especially young women, see themselves in the mirror and hate their appearance everyday.

I know a lot of us have goals we want to achieve, and we don’t have our “dream bodies” now, and that’s all great, we can still work hard to become better athletes; whether it be running or lifting or anything else.

But I just want us all to take a moment to recognize the importance of loving our body now. Not when we lose 10 pounds, not when we have bigger quads or more defined arms but RIGHT NOW. Let’s start a revolution and show everyone around us the importance of being happy with ourselves, and loving our bodies just the way they are.

I may be thinking too much about this but something Ezra said still bothers me

But back in 1x05 Aria left her phone at Ezra’s apartment. She received an A text & realised that she’d forgotten her phone and goes back for it. When she gets to 3B she is confronted by an angry Ezra. He’s mad because he thinks Aria told someone about their relationship. Then he says “If A knows I’m guessing B and C and everyone else does too”.
But it automatically made me think about ‘that night’. (A)lison (B)ethany & ©ece were all wearing the yellow top on 'that night’. And Ezra was there that night too. Maybe it’s included in his book. I don’t think Ezra is Charles but I definitely do think he knows more than we think he does, and 'that night’ in particular.

*taps mic* hi i just wanted to let y'all know for the 70 billionth time that sam fucking wilson does not exist to play super glue in your ships, he’s a vital part of the relationship not a fucking prop for your otp or ot-whatever, if he’s included his important for more reasons than to sit and watch and provide smiles while everyone else gets development and respect, thanks

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What's your opinion about cosplayers who make one costume a year and wear it to all the cons they attend that year? Do you think it gets boring or something like that?

I don’t know how else to make this clear:


Everyone cosplays differently. People have different budgets, different amounts of free time, different skill levels, different levels of interest. I don’t give a shit if someone makes twenty costumes every month or does one casual outfit once a year. Maybe that’s all they can afford. Maybe they’d rather devote their free time to other hobbies or work. Maybe that’s all they want to do with their cosplay hobby. That’s great. A+. In both situations, they’re still cosplayers, they’re still enjoying their fandom and they’re still having fun. If I see someone having fun, that’s rad, that’s awesome, I don’t care if they’re in a new Evangelion mech suit every other weekend or if they’re wearing the same t-shirt and jeans with a wig they wore at the last three cons.  I do not care because it isn’t relevant to my own hobby or life in any way

My opinion: if a cosplayer has time to sit there and judge other cosplayers for any reason, especially a reason that’s so elitist, they need to figure out something else to do with their time and get their toxic gatekeeper personality outta here. There is no “costume quota” when it comes to cosplay. If you find someone’s costume boring, that is your own problem, because the fact that it bothers you says a lot more about your personality than it does about their cosplay.

why i wanna fight you

*im a scorpio

  • Libra: ur always complaining.. why dont u just do something? dont just sit there and make ur shady ass posts.. come and fight me
  • Virgo:  why do you always have to be right? why do u always gotta be so stuck up? judge me one more time and i will kick ur damn ass
  • Aquarius: why do you flirt with everyone? why is flirting all you do? lets fight
  • Sagittarius: whining.. its all you do. why does everyone think ur the life of the party? u just cry about everything. lets fight
  • Taurus: you know why… lets fight
  • Aries: you’re so much like me but more loud and obnoxious and it makes me mad lets fight
  • Leo: i know that you love yourself and hate everyone else, why do u gotta keep saying it. i know. lets fight
  • Capricorn: stop telling me what to do why do u wanna be my parent so bad lets fight
  • Scorpio: no wonder people hate scorpios because i hate every scorpio that isnt me y’all are rude as fuck lets fight
  • Gemini: you got two fake ass faces and both will be seeing my fists
  • Pisces: u never reply to my texts. why do u take so long to reply to my texts??? lets fight
  • Cancer: i love you.. but if u keep being this fake i will have to kick ur ass

Hello and happy summer!

Are you suffering through the hiatus? Do you want to do some Gravity Falls themed art, fanfic, or playlist making? Do you want to get something in return?

Then this is the place for you, kid!

What is this?

Summer in Gravity Falls is an art exchange within the Gravity Falls fandom here on tumblr. All forms and medias of art are accepted, whether it be digital art, physical art, fanmixes, fanfictions, or anything else you can think of!

How does it work?

I’m glad you asked! You start off by filling in this google form. It includes questions about what forms of art you want to receive or enter, and ships you like and dislike. The deadline to fill out the form is July 31st.

I will then gather together all of the responses and match people based on common ships, ratings, and art types, and assign everyone a partner. This works much like a ‘Secret Santa’, so you know who you have, but not who has you, and that’s how it goes all around! I will message out assignments on August 1st.

You then have from August 1st to September 30th to finish your piece of art, piece of writing, fanmix, or whatever else you choose to contribute. On September 30th, post your art, tag/@mention who it is for, and make someone happy while you wait for your own piece to be posted <3

Please also tag/@mention this blog: summeringravityfalls. I will be reblogging all of the art here so it can be a large collection of the talent of this fandom <3

Wait, I still have questions..

That’s what this blog is for! Please direct any questions to my ask box, I will answer all of them. You’re also welcome to follow this blog for updates, or track the tag #summer in gravity falls exchange.

Thank you very much <3 I look forward to this.

One week left to participate!!!

Imagine Chanyeol still giggling every time he hears the word “pepper.” This always seems to happen whenever he’s eating, drinking, or doing something that requires intense concentration. Every time it happens, he just bursts out laughing, nearly threatening his or someone else’s life. He doesn’t get how Yixing’s so clueless.

He also doesn’t get the amused gleam in Yixing’s eyes.