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Anti wants control. So he kills Jack first, then Chase, then Schneeple last - so he can see just how useless he really is against Anti’s power.

Chase is red, Schneeple is blue, Anti is green. Together they make Jack.

song: Panic! at the Disco - Emperor’s New Clothes (i know, i know, but i listened to it and got inspired!! give it a chance please)

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Little do you know is that it still hurts. The pain of you choosing her over me. It still really fucking hurts. I still stay up in the middle of the night wondering what I did wrong and trying to figure out what she had that I didn’t. I compared myself to every inch of her and I couldn’t find anything that she had that I didn’t but the I realized something.. She had you and she had your love.. And I never had that..
—  She won

i don’t always mind Steven, but could you imagine how the show would’ve played out without Steven at all? like, Rose can still meet Greg and stuff but she gives up her physical form in order to stop the Cluster from taking form instantly or something.

and the Crystal Gems and Greg live with each other at the Temple (BECAUSE FUCK HAVING GREG ONLY LIVING IN THE VAN) and they each learn from each other- Greg learns Gem culture and the Gems learn human culture.

and the residents of Beach City and the Crystal Gems try to get more acquainted with each other with the help of Greg. and when the Cluster starts to reform or Homeworld Gems arrive to try and get rid of Earth, Greg & the Gems can team up. 

Peridot can still be redeemed too! Jasper can have an actual chance for redemption! Bismuth and Greg could talk things out, allowing for Greg to know about the confrontation between Bismuth and Rose! Lapis could be encouraged to explore the world (A FUCKIN ROAD TRIP WITH GREG AND LAPIS DECIDING THAT SHE WANTS TO KEEP EXPLORING THE EARTH AND SENDS BACK POST CARDS OR VISITS TO GIVE THE GEMS SOUVENIRS FROM THE PLACES SHE’S AT LIKE HOLY SHIT). 

i know that Steven is suppose to be the “bridge that connects humans with gemkind”, but the show has been doing a poor job of it and i wanna see this actually be put into place.