I wanted to draw more Beast!Asahi to draw his elegant outfit pff and design an outfit for Noya too bc I don’t think Belle’s dress fits him well. He’s not really the type to wear this kind of clothing but hey it’s a special occasion! Asahi is obviously nervous, not a scary beast at all. Pff I don’t know if I’m doing a good job on that crossover // I’m bad at these ;v;

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Anime always makes me feel kinda old (and it only gets worse the closer I get to 30), and I gotta be honest: having a 25-yo protag is actually really, really nice. Saitama's not old; he's still super young, guys. He's just not AS super duper puberty-is-coming young as most anime protagonists. idk, I'm rambling, sorry :(

yeah tbh!! it’s also nice that even genos is a bit more grown up than usual protag age? like at first i wouldve guessed he’d be like 16;; (thankfully he goes on about his life story right from the start so >D) i agree anon!!! like it’s nice that it’s a bit of an insight of a part of one’s life that’s not talked about much i feel?? it’s super nice! :>

Writing WIP (doesn’t have a title yet lmao)

There used to be a time when my family was extremely happy. By the time I was in middle school, everything had changed. There was also a time when I was certain about who I was and then, you guessed it, that completely changed as well. I’m still not sure if that was for better or for worse. All I know is that things aren’t exactly the way I had thought they would be. I never expected my parents to start fighting and hating each other. I never expected them to divorce and leave me, a traumatized thirteen year old, to rethink my whole life. And to make things worse my older brother decided to storm out of the house and never come back. In other words, everything (myself included) is completely fucked up. It still is actually.

The only thing that I could consider stable is my relationship with my best friend for almost ten years - Casey. She’s been with me through practically everything. She helped me through my parent’s divorce, she helped me when I was failing a few classes, and she never fails to reprimand me when I do something stupid. Which is often.

“You do realize I know you’re not listening, right?”

My head jerked upwards, my eyes meeting Casey’s. Unfortunately she was right. I wasn’t listening whatsoever because I was lost in thought. I opened my mouth as if to respond but promptly closed it.

“Thought so.” She retorted with a glare. “Well, forget it then.”

I rolled my eyes, “Aw come on. Don’t be like that.”

She let out a dramatic sigh. “I was just trying to encourage you to get your grades up. I know you think they’re fine, but you might not be able to get into a good college with your GPA as it is.”

“Here we go again with the whole college conversation…” I muttered under my breath, my eyes wandering towards my desk where a few doodles were appearing in my notebook.

“Fine. It’s just a thought. I’m just trying to help.”

She was right. She was just trying to prepare me for the future, even though my stubbornness got in the way. “I know Cas. Thanks.”

After a few moments of silence, the bell wailed above us. Lunch was next, and although I never ate, this was the perfect opportunity to chase down someone I was rather… fond of. Casey could tell by the spark in my eyes exactly what I was planning to do.

“Cohen, don’t tell me you’re going after Josh again.”

My face went a nice shade of red and I slapped my hand over her mouth instantly. I couldn’t have other people finding out. A few students glanced our way as they walked out of the classroom.

“Casey I swear to god if you-”

“I’m not telling anyone you’re bi, idiot. I just still have an odd feeling about that kid.”

“You just hate him because he’s hot as hell.”

She shivered, “Ugh, why do you have to put it that way.”

“Hot.” I leaned in closer, “As.” and closer, “Hell.” Our faces were almost touching at this point and she shoved my cheek away with her palm.

“Asshole.” Despite her statement, she let out a laugh and got up. “Go get him then.”

I rose up and stretched out my back. “Today’s the day.”

“You say that literally every day.”

Undercover Relationships (Dark Side Edition)

I kinda felt like if you were in a relationship with any of these characters, you’d kinda keep it under wraps??? idk, i just thought I’d try, I’m pretty nervous about these. Also, first time writing for Phasma! 

Kylo Ren

You honestly didn’t know what to expect when you got into a relationship with Kylo. He soon made it clear that he wanted to keep it somewhat of a secret, and you didn’t mind it. It actually became a fun challenge it a strange way. During the day, if you crossed paths you scarcely did more than glance at one another or exchange bits of information. To everyone else, nothing seemed out of place. But they didn’t see the times when you’d slip into his room and spend time alone with him. They didn’t see the tender exchanges and expressions of affection. Kylo could be distant and intense, but you always took advantage of these times to show him how you felt. No one ever saw the way you looked at him when he wasn’t masked by the helmet, the way you lightly traced over his palms when they weren’t covered by leather. They never saw the way he would kiss you, or hold onto you like you were all he had left in the world.


Hux wasn’t overwhelmingly consumed with the idea of keeping your relationship a secret, but he also made no point to make it public. You worked around each other most days, and you couldn’t help but send a few flirtatious glances his way every now and again. The first time you did this, he appeared somewhat flustered and cleared his throat before turning away in a rush. He was hoping that no one had gotten any ideas. Now, though, he dared to send some glances your way on occasion. And, there were a few times when no one else was in the room, or when you’d happen to be down an empty corridor, that he would touch your arm or sneak a quick kiss. He wouldn’t admit it but he loved the challenge of not being seen.


Phasma was always devoid of emotions around others; so, hiding your relationship was quite easy. She spoke to you like she did to everyone else, firm and toneless. You had tried to send her some looks or get her attention but had no success. It was almost as if you two had never interacted like you did when no one was around. But when there was no possibility of anyone seeing the two of you late at night when you would get together, she opened up to you. She ever been one for affection, but with you she found herself breaking that pattern a little more with each interaction. She found that when you’d even so much as touch her arm, she felt something she never had before. She grew a little more relaxed each time, a little more accepting. You were surprised the first time that woke in the middle of the night and felt her arms wrapped protectively around you.

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Can we just like start sharing nb musicians? Bc like the bassist(not mentioned in articles about the band😢) and one of the leads in PWR BTTM are nb and idk any more! Its sad

Good idea!! Okay so the non-binary musicians I know of (I suck at genres though lol):

Adhamh Roland (Riot folk/folk punk)

Evan Greer (Riot folk/folk punk)

Ezra Furman (kinda upbeat stuff, absurd music videos, indie/psychedelic rock)

Angel Haze (well known for a freestyle cover of Same Love, amazing agender hip hop artist) (Video linked could be quite triggering for a variety of reasons, be warned)

Rae Spoon (indie/country sort of songs that focus generally on growing up queer in a country town)

Eliot Sumner (Sting’s kid, kind of indie rock/electro-pop)

Miley Cyrus (Pop)

Elly Jackson/La Roux (English synthpop)

Mal Blum (Cute anti-folk stuff, personal anthems)

T Thomason (Singer-songwriter, their birthname is in the title of the video linked but it is on their own channel so assumedly they’re okay with that)

JD Samson (Electropop/Electroclash - she’s in Le Tigre as well as MEN)

Shamir (Electronic, disco, hip house)

PWR BTTM (queercore) (thanks for putting me onto them!)

Add anyone I’ve missed! I’m sure there are many more. (If I’m mistaken and any of these people are not non-binary feel free to message and let me know!)

Last Request

Originally posted by joolaw

A/N: This took me all day to write and I’m only semi-satisfied with it. I’m not good at writing passages of time yet and my first love experience wasn’t like this. I’ve always been the broken, not the breaker, so I don’t know. But I’m happy with the length and I’m sure it’s not as “bad” as I feel like it is. I’ve been reading through it all day, so… Of course it’s gonna sound weird to me. I hope you enjoy!

You and Jooheon have been together for a long time now and things aren’t the same as they used to be. You’ve fallen out of love with him and you don’t want to keep stringing him along anymore. But you still hoping you’ll be friends once it’s all over.

In the beginning, everything was almost perfect. You only think almost because perfection was nothing more than a social construct anyway and both of you guys made mistakes considering it was your first relationship. Sometimes he got jealous or sometimes you felt insecure, so occasionally you might have a falling out of sorts. You both always came back together in the end and things felt better than they had before.

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So, I see people aren’t the happiest at Tom at the moment.. and this probably isn’t appropriate but may I ask if we are gonna hate all Mianite ships that include them or are they fine? (I’m just wondering because I really like shipping syndisparklez and I just, idk.. I kinda always imagine it with a nicer-ish Tom and idk..)

EXO Vancouver in bullet points

- Disorganized setup and communication
- Unprofessional signage or a complete lack of signage was hella confusing
- Venue was tiny and mediocre, not what I’d expect for a huge act like EXO
- Met some pretty rad people in line before and after while we waited to meet someone
- Light sticks were not as fancy as the ones with the EXO emblem on top but really bright and I like the sparkliness
- Merch pick up was actually pretty quick for us so that was lovely I was just baffled by the lack of clear and professional signage to find it in the first place. They made sure our light sticks worked just in case and that was good too.
- Kinda excessive/obsessive bag rules but idk maybe that’s just me
- Xiumin is adorable and a dork and known as the sleeveless wonder in our household
- I was not prepared for the Playboy choreography at all holy shit that was great
- Kai was like 500% into his dancing and great to watch
- DO is a better singer than I realized, like damn
- Chanyeol, you hair is a lovely floof but totally out of control
- Xiumin and Chanyeol had a super cute dance together
- Lot’s of live audio, good job guys
- Actually major props in general they have to be exhausted and jet lagged to hell and back and they danced their asses off and sang wonderfully
- @pastel-pigeons cried through like two songs because she’s an adorable sap
- POV boyfriend video I expected, coffee elves I did not. Why are there no tiny kpop idols inside my keurig at home? I feel cheated lol
- Dude, way up close pit people, some of you were nuts and embarrassed the shit out of the rest of us. Not okay. There is a ton of space for a reason so maybe don’t act like assholes.
- Back ¾ of GA y'all seemed just fine. Party on, you lovely and rational human beings, you.
- ONE STEP BACK, two steps back, ten steps back, actually how about some of you mannerless nuts (not all of GA by any means, but you know who you are) just leave? No one else signed up for being crushed by your inconsiderate asses.
- Not impressed by the official merch shirts, but we got awesome sweatshirts from a lovely EXO L named Alexis who did a group order thing with a custom print

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i keep getting so annoyed. all these people surrounding me while singing stressed out. like me and my friend are at school singing regional and unreleased song. whenever stressed out comes on the radio i hate it. not the song but that they are getting so popular.

i dont hear anyone singing stressed out here bc its never on the radio in aus but i still feel u man. yea now that theres a lot of fans, we have stupid things like hard clique/soft clique. and remember when all the comments on their instagram posts were just the |-/ symbol?? now all the comments are things like “dads” and “u look so good”. there’s nothing wrong with complimenting them, but i kinda miss that sense of unity on all those posts where everyone would just comment the symbol, and idk.. the clique is really different now that its grown bigger. it feels less and less like a family with every day that passes. but hey no matter what band u get into there’s always gonna be those casual fans who are like “wow those dudes are so hot i love [insert hit single here]”. ty and josh have worked v hard to get to this point and they deserve every dollar they make and every radio play they get and im super proud of them :)

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omg how did the date go????

it was kinda awful, i dont know i feel like dating isnt for me omfg…

the guy was pretty great but idk he was 2 years older than me…, we met through mutual friends, he saw a picture of me on facebook liked me and asked my mutual friends if we could go out all together too meet me. Well we met and well he liked me even more… i mean he even gave me a ride to my home which was like 45 minutes from where he lives and were.. plus he was a gentleman. He started talking to me like everyday and he asked if we would like to meet to talk. And i agreed. 

soo but idkk.. omg even though i said that i leave it up to him to where we go. In the end he said he will come to my area and i will choose a good place i know, i suck at making decisions ok. Plus it was so crowded so we were waliking for almost an hour to find a place which was not full. In the end we ended up in a bar, sat there talked for like 2 hours. He was shy and nervous , i was talking like 95% of the time… And then we left and he told me we should go sit somewhere less crowded like some benches or his car where we would not be cold, and omfg i really didnt feel comfartable to go… so i said suddendly that i should be home by 12am(which was a lie) and it was already 12.30am omfg, i told him that im going to walk home since it was only 10 minutes from my home and he said he couldnt let me because it was cold and night. anyway’s he drove me home and i was sitting in the car ready to open the door and leave, and he was looking at me intensily( was he going for a kiss>?) idk but i said goodnight opened the door and left.. I still feel so bad about that but the guy wasnt my type.. he was too mature for me like it were only 2 years but it different when u are in school and the guy was in college plus i think he was really mature for his age too… id like to be stupid okay and do stupid things i cant do this romance thingy, i like to have fun..

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hey korein whats up. okay so im somewhere on the ace spectrum (who knows where? not me) and im like not even comfortable with kissing. i mean pecks are cool but i cant make out w people. it kinda sucks bc everyone ive ever liked romantically has been a sexual person, and at the v l e a s t wanted to make out. idk. im kinda venting, so sorry abt that. i just feel like ill never be able to be in a lasting relationship with someone. im just gonna marry my best friend. tax benefits. thanks i guess.

nah man youll find someone :)

A drawing of Sora Yasutake - who belongs to @forsakenoathkeeper ovo
Sora-san, I love your blog and your writing and your responses when people ask something about the boys! Visiting your blog always makes my day brighter ^v^

((Please excuse the messy colouring~ I drew this to try to overcome art block and it uh..kinda worked~? Idk, but I like how it came out ;v;))

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this girl i really like was supposed to come over today and i was so excited all week i planned everything already like i was gonna give her a tour of my house and we were gonna hang out and hav fun and then i was gonna give her a valentines letter and we were gonna make out and stuff but she last minute canceled on me and now i'm just alone at home feeling like absolute shit on the eve of valentines

hey idk it kinda sounds like u should date me instead