Favourite character(s):
 ↳ Pansy Parkinson

I like my female characters to exist, much like most of the women I know in real life, in that grey area in between. Pansy can be shallow and self-obsessed, but she’s obviously fiercely loyal. She can be conniving and manipulative, but those aren’t, in my opinion, inherently negative qualities. It matters what you do with them. [x]

writing tips

this is more or less for me but if you want to reblog for yourself or your writer followers, go ahead!

  • set a certain time in the day to write. i always put writing off until later, but lately i’ve had a set time (around noon) where i sit down and writie something.
  • if you’re on your computer, turn off the wifi/disconnect. i’m always tempted to go on tumblr when i know should be writing. disconnecting takes away the temptation.
  • if you’re writing with pencils/pens, take frequent breaks. taking breaks goes for either formats of writing, but it’s really important to stop for a few minutes to prevent your hands from cramping up too badly.
  • keep two water bottles by you while you write. it’s so easy to get lost in writing and forget to hydrate, but keeping them in your line of sight will remind you to drink water. every time you pause to write something more, take a drink.
  • be careful about what music you listen to. listening to your favorite music is fun and all, but it’s very distracting. i suggest going on 8tracks and looking up writing mixes. avoid songs with words and skip songs you know.
  • try to isolate yourself. this is really hard for me because there are only certain places i’m allowed to use my laptop, but i know how distracting family can be. 
  • keep the lights on. it may seem cool to write in the dark, but you will literally ruin your eyes doing that. in the long run, you can damage your eyesight, and right after it hurts really badly. this mainly applies to writing electronically, but it still sucks to write in the dark on paper.

this is all i can think of write now, but feel free to add some of your own! these are more in general guidelines for environment, but your atmosphere is a very important part of writing. i hope this list helps!

Constantly falling sick!

i feel like somehow I just can’t seems to stay out of hospitals/clinics or being seen by a healthcare professional????? 

Somehow my body just makes me sick physically (all the time!!) and even if I’m not seeing a psych, I will end up seeing a doctor… somehow. 

Or maybe body decided that it’s a good idea to just give up fighting for me. 
Or maybe brain decided that being sick mentally isn’t enough so it decided to play this kind of tricks on me. 

Ps: perks-of-being-a-giraff is probably right about me that IM ALWAYS FALLING SICK. HAH 😩

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Ugh, I don't want to be that person but there's something that I just needed to get off my chest.. It bothers me when skinny girls cosplay as rose quartz almost as much as people who draw rose quartz skinny. I mean, it's like we fat girls never really get much of a chance to feel beautiful because we're never given any plus size women to look up to and model after like rose quartz. It's kinda just like, can't skinny people just let us have this one thing? Idk...

I believe that everyone can cosplay Rose Quartz 

You can’t just tell people that you can’t cosplay a character cause they’re skinny and the character isn’t. That’s body shaming.

Rose Quartz is a character for everyone to enjoy not just fat girls

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i'm kinda upset rn can you tell me a joke or something lol

yeS OK




☼ icon hunt masterpost ☼

one thing that always tends to happen with me when i’m in a rp is i can’t help but keep changing my icon. usually because i either find one i end up liking more or i just straight up don’t like the icon in general. what i’ve decided to do is make a pack (kinda for myself) that includes at least six of my favorite icons for the faces of my 5 muses: ariana grande, bethany mota, chachi gonzales, selena gomez, and zendaya coleman. if you found this helpful at all, please like or reblog this post!! and if ya think this is cool and would like some for a different fc, hit me up and i’d love to make a few for ya!! disclaimer: i do not take any credit for the original pictures, although i am the one who cropped and edited them.

so i had the beginning instrumental bit of a song in my head and it was replaying and i couldn’t work out what song it was so i kinda went through it in my head and it turns out it was the “du du du” bit from nice and slow by usher why am i like this

VIXEN. honestly i’m a bit annoyed at how rito made ahri , they label her to be a gumiho / kumiho yet she is just a mash up of all three fox spirits; kitsune , huli jing , kumiho . i find it ignorant && annoying but at the same time challenging because a kumiho doesn’t have these abilities so why label her as such ? she’s literally none of the three yet ALL of the three combined , idk man i need to make a  really LONG post about this because its really confusing . i know that their intentions were ‘good’ / i think because of mashing the three together just like ionia  but at the same time … it really isn’t . im just whining i can go so in depth with this but right now im kinda a dud . had a rough night tbh . 

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do you ever just sorta miss the old phandom? like a year or two ago where it was just kind of smaller and more of a community... like it seems like some of the people who were 'big' in the phandom back in the day have just sort of drifted

idk i’m not really against change??? like i think it’s great more and more people like dan and phil…i do kinda miss how close people were??? idk how to explain it but it was kinda like everyone was friends with everyone and it seems like people are either indifferent or just don’t like people but idk i try to keep my blog a friendly place where everyone is friends so it’s like the same here :)

Everyone gave Clinton shit for saying “all lives matter” but in an interview, Sanders was like “black lives matter, white lives matter, Hispanic lives matter…” like I don’t know enough about the issue to have an educated opinion but isn’t that kinda the same thing…??? I’m very much in favor of my boy Bernie but still idk how I’m feelin about that. I’m also very high