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Hello! I'm finally getting around to rewriting my BoS/Grimoire/etc. How do you organize yours, if you keep one?

I do keep one. I actually have four binders dedicated to witchcraft, a notebook specifically for herb correspondences, a notebook for tarot spreads, and a notebook for tarot interpretations. So yeah, I’ve got a system, lol. 

For my actual grimoire, I use a binder, because that way I can rearrange the pages and organize them exactly how I want them to be. If I ever become happy with it, I can just redo it. Plus, it makes it much easier for me to deal with any mistakes I might make. 

At the front of my main grimoire, I have a quote from a (maybe not so savory) book that I felt rang true. Then I keep the informational / correspondence posts, like on the moon phases, planets, days of the week, colors, herbs, crystals, etc. I even have pages devoted to crystal substitutions, crystal safety, poisonous herbs, and herb safety too. 

After the correspondences come the spells. I put my own spells in the front, because ego, organized by how I deem importance. After that are a few of some other people’s sigils that I have drawn - my sigils are kept in their own folder, because the way I draw them, they don’t really fit in a binder. I have them organized by intent, in a way I feel puts the most “important” matters first. The rest of the spells are all after that. Curses are at the very back. 

The second binder I have devoted to keeping my old Wicca notes, because while I may not be Wiccan anymore, I still don’t wanna get rid of them, I put time into writing those pages. When my first binder gets too full, I’ll be moving my correspondences there, in front of the Wicca biz. I have a third binder for more spells, and a fourth for more sigils / curses, when the first one won’t hold more. 

For the herb correspondences, I knew it’d take up too much space in the binder, so I got a slightly smaller notebook, so I could devote a page to each herb, and i’m thinking of drawing pictures of the herbs / plants / flowers on them later on. 

Same thing for the tarot spreads - it would be easier if it was just isolated, since my binder was already at bursting point before I started moving stuff to the second one. (The third and fourth have yet to be used, but soon.) So I have a notebook devoted to tarot spreads I have found in books and online. 

I forgot to mention, I source everything I write down. Somewhere at the bottom of the page, is a title to the book and author’s name, or the website or blog I pulled info from. I don’t write down the full post title for Tumblr posts, just the blog URL. 

And that was probably longer than it needed to be, lol. Welcome to my overly detailed system of how I work my grimoires lol. I hope it helped? 

BTS Fic Recs

P A R T   O N E

You guys, I’m finally doing a fic rec master post~! The stories below feature only the boys from BTS, but I’ll be making another post for additional idol groups as well. Also, this is only Part One because I love so many great fics, but I need to keep this post as short as possible. Some of the stories below are completed, some are still in progress… either way, these works are my absolute faves~ Hope you enjoy them as much as I do~!

→ Title ● Author
○ Universe
✓ Pairing
♡ Fluff | ✗ Smut | ϟ Angst | △ Violence | ☌ Ongoing Works


An Oath for Sinners ● gukvory
○ Vampire, Escort
✓ Yoongi/Reader

I Have Listened to Every Lie ● oppaimagines
○ Marriage, CEO
✓ Yoongi/Original Character

Paper Hearts ● eureka-its-zico
○ Friends to Lovers
✓ Jungkook/Reader
*disclaimer: read Just a Boy before starting this one


The Omega Revolution ● PinkBTS
○ Dystopia, AlphaBetaOmega
✓ Jungkook/Jimin, Taehyung/Seokjin, Namjoon/Hoseok

Bonded ● NomNams
○ Soulmates
✓ Yoongi/Jimin

Swamp Magic ● GinForInk
○ Magic, Witches, Southern Gothic
✓ Jungkook/Jimin/Taehyung

Won’t Say I’m in Love ● vminism
○ Canon, Idolverse
✓ Jungkook/Jimin

First and Last [Series] ● rosiex
○ Canon, Idolverse
✓ Yoongi/Jungkook, Taehyung/Jimin
*disclaimer: start with the prequels, move on to the actual series, and finish it up with the snapshots.

I Like How Desperate You Seem ● witchboyjimin
○ AlphaBetaOmega, Werewolf
✓ Jungkook/Jimin

Time Lapse ● NomNams
○ Soulmates, Time Travel
✓ Yoongi/Jimin

Wait Time: 70 Minutes ● GinForInk
○ Meet-Cute
✓ Namjoon/Jimin

Phosphenes ● CynoDemure
○ Multiverse
✓ Namjoon/Everyone

Snowflakes ● pornographicpenguin
○ Modern Royalty, Arranged Marriage
✓ Namjoon/Jimin

Reckoning ● wickedqriosity
○ Accounting Office, Interns, Samurai Shudo
✓ Yoongi/Jungkook
✗ϟ ☌

Golden Boy ● GinForInk
○ Olympics, Beach Volleyball
✓ Namjoon/Jungkook

Is This Yours? ● CynoDemure
○ Single Dads
✓ Yoongi/Seokjin

Sheep Among Wolves ● GinForInk
○ AlphaBetaOmega
✓ Namjoon/Jungkook

● Author Tags
@oppaimagines​ | @baeseoul | @gukvory | @eureka-its-zico | @ginforink | @wickedqriosity | @pornographicpenguin​ | @witchboyjimin | @pinkbtsme​ | @vminism 
*if any of you know where CynoDemure & rosiex are tumbling, plz let me know!

Tidings in the Hall

Komið sæl og blessuð, vinir mínir!
(Come happy and blessed, my friends!)

I will keep this post brief, since there truly is not much to say. I know that I have not been as consistent about my postings as I have been in the past, but I am hoping to get into a healthy routine soon, which should help quite a bit. Yesterday was my first day back at university and my first day as a graduate student (I have an office now, which I must admit is pretty darn cool!). That said, I will need some time to get familiar with things before I can work on the more dense academic posts, such as asks, lessons, and even videos. Until then, I will still try to post Old Norse words, law excerpts, and literary quotes.

As always, thank you all for your patience and support.

Þökk, og farið vel!
(Thanks, and fare well!)

Oh hell this is going to go nowhere because my blog is just that tiny but I am burning with need for an answer.

As we just saw like a day ago, the moon only blacks out the sun totally for a very small amount of time in a very small path, and definitely not all at once.

So how big would the moon have to be AND/OR how close would it have to be to us to block out the whole world completely?

Because I keep seeing posts about “i wish the moon would have just stayed in place and plunged us into a world of darkness and black magic” and while I am all for that happening in the future, that is not how it works. It would only stay night for like a what 10 square mile radius?

So I want to know how we could get stuck in a situation like that

Sometimes I’m really unsure if I should keep posting my kai x lyla quotes. But when I think of stopping, another one pops up, making it impossible to do so. What do you think?

Hi you tumblr reposters! I just wanted to remind you to respect artist and their captions. If you post someone else’s pictures please safe the caption and source cause it’s their art not yours who’s only work is to repost that picture. Please! Thank you. I wanna keep posting my art and not seeing my art stolen! Much love to other fellow tumblr artist! You are lovely!! XX


hey guys! here’s a good live mix to study and chill to! it doesn’t lag or buffer and it’s live for hours at a time!


I like to think they unconsciously follow Shiro around like a mother hen