aww ladybug, let the boy love you (insp)


ok so you know how theres that theory that the original goner ending music is the start to heavydirtysoul?

well i was thinking that the original goner, heavydirtysoul, and the ‘new’ goner could be telling a story. in the first rendition of goner we clearly see that tyler loses. hes a goner, theres no point to living anymore. but he gives it one more day. thats when heavydirtysoul starts. hes begging for someone to save him. his soul. and then the new goner starts and it starts off kinda like the first one but over time you see tyler fights back. he realizes whats going on and he fights blurryface. its that point in the song when he first starts to scream ‘dont let me be gone’ that starts the fight and the final gentle ‘you’ is the end. its llike a sigh. tyler won this time. he decided (story-wise or real life) to stay alive for just another day and he realized that it was worth it, he can beat this thing and live.

i just know a lot of suicidal people do this, where they decide to live just one more day, or one more week etc.

im saying its worth it, and those songs are proof. we’ll beat our demons one day. and we’ll be happy to be alive. just keep fighting. 

just one more day.

So, please, let’s rethink this grudge that you may or may not hold towards this 12-year-old fictional character. Because encountering an amazingly smart, driven, analytic, and ambitious pre-teen girl on television is something to be celebrated, and something that’s certainly worth more than a few broken shippers’ hearts.

I swear to god I’m just auto-unfollowing anyone who makes posts about why people shouldn’t like certain characters or certain ships or certain blah blah blah from TFA.


Lord fucking almighty stop it. Who cares if people like it? Who cares if the character is an asshole? Who cares if etc etc. Is it REALLY hurting you that badly that you have to make an entire POST about why anyone who likes it even a little bit – or who try to create fanon that makes certain characters a little more likeable – wrong? Urgh. It just annoys the living shit out of me.

It’s a MOVIE for god’s sake. Let people like what they want about it without turning it into a gigantic moral clusterfuck.


So I’m back from my movie tonight. I would definitely go see it again, it was awesome. Okay, that’s all I got for now it’s been a really long day and I am tired lol Tomorrow I should have a lot more energy and be more social ^^; Sorry I’ve been kind of blegh the last couple days. This whole week has been rough on me. But it’s Friday night and the start of the weekend! I’m going to try and stay up as late as I can so I can sleep in tomorrow morning.

For now, I bid you all a good night~*collective fandom and otherwise group hug*

does anyone know why the “Galaxy At War” game on the n7 headquarters website isn’t working?

because I don’t really want to play multiplayer to get 100% galactic readiness in me3 and thought I could just use the GAW game again but nope, it won’t work. is it working for anyone else?

Alec + Childish Remarks ;)
  • Tv!Clary:You're in love with Jace.
  • Tv!Alec:Forget it, you're not - YOU'RE in love with Jace.
  • Tv!Clary:Oh, okay. Middle school comeback? Nice.
  • ------------------------------------
  • Book!Alec:Izzy. My sister. She told me you liked me. LIKED me, liked me.
  • Book!Magnus:LIKED you, liked you? Sorry. Are we twelve now? I don’t recall saying anything to Isabelle...

Hannigram S4 That moment when you’ve been happily married (for 2 years) to a man who knows how to make you shut up

how to get the signs' attention

aries: talk to them
taurus: talk to them
gemini: talk to them
cancer: talk to them
leo: talk to them
virgo: talk to them
libra: talk to them
scorpio: talk to them
sagittarius: talk to them
capricorn: talk to them
aquarius: talk to them
pisces: talk to them