This is for Taylor.

Hi love! So the 1989 tour Cologne and Amsterdam shows are getting closer and that makes me so emotional. You are a big part of my life and you are my biggest inspiration. Because you are so kind, thoughtful, hardworking and ambitious, it inspires me to be a better version of myself. I wish that I get a job as a graphic designer, I’ve been studying it for two years now and I really love it :).
So I’m coming to Cologne and Amsterdam to see you with my friend Emma who has been a big fan of yours for so long, just like me. We are flying all the way from Finland and it’s going to be so fun trip!! We have cute outfits planned :) (We are going to the first show in Cologne.)
Also, I wanted to say that I hope all the best for your family. I’m thinking about you and your mom and your whole family so often and I just hope that you are alright. And I wish you so much happiness and joy because you deserve all that. Hope to meet you sometime💛.


- Essi

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hi!! im quoiromantic heterosexual! 1. i have four cats (2 siamese, 1 ragdoll, 1 maine coon) 2. i love shows about murder mysteries and drag queens 3. im going to college soon for a graphic design/japanese double major 4. im practicing making stuffed animals, i just recently made Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes 5. i love thai tea and chai tea and bubble tea


#MyNAMjaTurns22 ♡ 

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So I recently showed Night Terror to my brother. He just changed his major in college back to graphic design and he really loves your art style and the story of Night Terror. He said, "This is genius. Also painful, but GENIUS! This is why I want to be an artist again. To draw a world and tell everyone a story. While making them cry too." He was really happy and he's trying to find his drawing style again.


I Wanna Do What Bunnies Do With You | 6k | by morethantonight
Graphic by the wonderfully talented unmeshed​ ♡

“Lou.. Not here?” Harry pulled off with a gasp. “There are people in the next room. What if they hear us?“

“Then I guess you’ll just have to be quiet, won’t you, love?” Louis winked.

It’s Harry’s birthday and Louis wants to make it a birthday he won’t forget. AU where Louis is an art student, and Harry is his boyfriend and muse. 

hi guys! ok so it’s no secret that season two and especially the season finale was a low blow for skyeward and it seems more and more likely that the writers just doesn’t care about them anymore what so ever and only really created them for shock value  (╯_╰) hence i’ve been seeing a lot of people giving up on them and while i can’t blame them at all it makes me really sad since the skyeward fandom is so beautiful and i still love ward and skye and the idea of them together so so much! so i was thinking now that it’s hiatus anyway let’s gather troops and just like reminisce about old times in the form of an appreciation week yay! so here’s the guidelines:

you can make gifs, edits, graphics, picspams etc honestly whatever you like.

day 1 (monday 18th of may): favorite scene

day 2 (tuesday 19th of may): favorite overall quote (could be one that isn’t from aos but just reminds you of their relationship) 

day 3 (wednesday 20th of may): favorite moment of physical contact (kiss, hug, whatever)

day 4 (thursday 21st of may): favorite humorous moment 

day 5 (friday 22nd of may): favorite moment of either ward/skye or both being affected by one another (worried, happy, protective, talking about each other etc)  

day 6 (saturday 23rd of may): favorite parallel 

day 7 (sunday 24th of may):  favorite emosh moment

thats basically it tbh i really hope yall participate, please reblog this, spread the word and remember to tag your posts with #skyewardweek 

Because of all the J2 goodness lately, plus their recent struggles, I thought it was the best time to do a J2 network!


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  • reach 30-40 notes??

What I’m Looking For

  • mostly supernatural blogs, but multifandom’s okay
  • nice, active bloggers
  • pretty urls/themes
  • put in your tags what you can contribute, such as gifs, edits, graphics, text posts, etc (add link to your work in tags)
    • note: making things isn’t required! good old text posts are just as good :)
  • must love j2 where it be as a ship or friendship idec
  • that’s it! ❤

When You’re Accepted

  • you’ll receive a message from me asking for name/nickname, icon, email, short description
  • track the tag #j2lovenet
  • place the network page somewhere on your blog

I’ll start picking members once this has gotten a sufficient amount of notes, and I’ll keep adding members until I feel the network as gotten full. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me an ask!