First of all I just want to say thank you all so much for making this dumb little side blog fun to update.  I really love all of the stuff I’ve learned in the last year and a half since starting this blog, and I’m very appreciative of the awesome people I’ve met because of it.

trollmonk can attest to how many times I’ve thought about doing some sort of graphics giveaway, but I always eventually chickened out because I was like ‘noBODY WANTS THIS STUFFF’ (or it would turn into a battle pet giveaway which would then be dropped because lbr none of my bpets are cool).  NOT THIS TIME THOUGH.  I really want to give back to you all in the only way I know how;  SO, without further ado

First Prize Winner: 

  • 1 Wallpaper of a character and in-game location of your choosing
  • 1 twitch banner and offline message of a character of your choosing OR (if you don’t have twitch) a (6-9) pack of tumblr/forum avatars and graphics for your blog
  • 1 forum signature of a character of your choosing

Second Prize Winner

  • 1 twitch banner and offline messege of a character of your choosing OR a (6-9) pack of tumblr/forum avatars and graphics for your blog
  • 1 forum signature of a character of your choosing

Third Prize Winner

  • 1 forum signature of a character of your choosing





  • Must be following me.  You can unfollow after the giveaway if you’d like!
  • Likes and Reblogs both count, and you can Reblog as many times as you like
  • Winners have to contact me within 2 days of the giveaway ending, otherwise I’ll pick someone new
  • Giveaway ends on AUGUST 14TH


So which one of you was it?

Which one of you incompetent monkeys just woke up…and grabbed your own shit, and just…SLAPPED IT right on the fucking screen of your computer and sat there gazing at it for like, five hours before you had a light bulb go off in your head that…

           “OH MY GOSH! If our users can’t cut posts, they’ll love the
            web site even MORE!!! THIS IS GENIUS! GRAPHIC DESIGN
            IS MY FUCKING PASSION!!!”

If you guys can’t even run a website properly, I doubt you could even do something as simple as make a fucking sandwich. 

Hire some professionals if this is so hard for you. Thanks.

fistfulofgammarays asked:

If you're still taking library meme asks, 10 and 22?

10. Favourite graphic novel.

Wandering son / Shimura Takako

I haven’t got the eyesight or spatial awareness to really get into graphic novels, but Wandering Son is utterly beautiful and I make an effort just because I care about the characters so much. The first volume was also made into a lovely, if slow-moving, anime. 

22. A recurring interest/theme.

Hmm. There’s a lot. And they all have fairly equal emphasis. So:

  • Dead greek dudes and people who talk about them. 
  • people called Njal (as told by Snorri)
  • ‘Classic Kidlit’ (Jean Webster. Susan Coolidge, Francis Hodgson Burnett, Louisa May Alcott,, Joanna Spyri, and into authors shaped by the end of WW2–so stuff by Eva Ibbsotson, Diana Wynne Jones, K. M. Peyton, Ruby Ferguson…) 
  • Female driven fantasy (notable mentions to: Tamora Pierce, Sharon Shinn, Juliet Marrilier and Isobelle Carmody in particular) 
  • Animal stories (James Herriot complete works; Ruby Ferguson’s Jill books*, all the Gerald Durrell…)
  • Urban Fantasy - Now With Ladies: Tom Pollock’s novels; Seanan Macguire’s Toby Daye series; Max Gladstone’s Craft Sequence
  • Old Greek Poetry
  • Angry Lesbian Poetry
  • Nicola Goddamn Griffith
  • Dictionaries! (Oxford Concise, Attic Greek, Homeric Greek, Ionic Greek, Latin, Old Norse, French)
  • A Shitton of David Crystal
  • New Who
  • Review books that were terrible and  I can’t get rid of them… christ I want that part of my shelf back. 
  • More yuri than is good for me

but more specifically:

  • Swordfighting Ladies and Roses. (plus some other flowers)

Every bit of me is devoted to love and art. And I aspire to try to be a teacher to my young fans who feel just like I felt when I was younger. I just felt like a freak. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m trying to liberate them, I want to free them of their fears and make them feel that they can make their own space in the world.

Played Inquisition, and so far been blown off by the amazing graphic. Praise PS4, the views are just amazing. Also so far I’m liking the game, I especially love how they bring many characters from the previous DA games!

When I saw Varric I just get so nostalgic over my Hawke (I should really replay DA2 some time), and then I met an NPC in Haven named Threnn, who said that she used to work under Loghain. She praised him highly and lamented the fact that now he’s a Grey Warden, and told me that he should have stayed in Ferelden. I’m impressed that he still has so many people who are loyal to him after all these time. Kudos to Bioware for adding this kind of continuity too! I’m glad I transferred all my DA keep data to my DA:I world :D

So I made an elven mage, thanks to Naomi I managed to choose a name for her, Alcyone :D I really like Solas a lot so far, HE’S SUCH A NERD and my Inquisitor managed to flirt with him already lmao. I just can’t with his nerdery over the fade, my Lavellan obviously impressed by his knowledge so far, but here I am just muttered please not the fade again please not the fade again LMAO, but seems like the fade will be an important plot point this time. I think it’s just DA:O that makes me really traumatised with the fade, I remember in DA2 the fade actually not that bad :P

Also Cassandra is pretty awesome, I love when he just shut Chancellor Roderick up when he was being such a pain in the ass. Instant heart eyes from me, and I can’t stop laughing when she made (disgusted noises) when Varric tried ti flirt with a scout. You go Cassandra XD

Haven’t played much as I waited pretty long just now to download the updates and it’s really late already sigh, but I really can’t wait to play more!

“I  was told, “Oh, she’s a fan favorite,” and I was like, “Oh, that’s nice!” But, I still don’t know what it means. I’m beyond grateful, and it’s awesome. I love her. I’m just glad other people love her, too. That’s huge for me, to be able to help create or to symbolize a strong, intelligent woman that people like. I think that’s really important.” EBR on portraying Felicity Smoak

Killian i’m not…a tearful goodbye kiss person. But maybe just this once.

(so this is my first drawing attempt using a graphics tablet, i’d love any thoughts/critique you want to give.)  (◡‿◡✿)

I’m learning how to make watercolor edits so i I’d love it if you all reblogged & tagged or replied to this with yr selfie and photography tags. if ur ok with me putting urs on instagram, pls tag with ‘instagram ok’ and ur username on ig if u want me to tag u there and tag with ‘rectangular’ or ‘square’ if u have a preference for one or the other! if not i’ll just go with what looks good!

I love doing ‘everyone is ladies’ fancasts but it also really reinforces how much narrower standards of beauty are for actresses. It’s amazing to take a cast of men with very different kinds of faces, craggy and smooth, handsome and not, big noses and small, different ears, different jaws, and turn that into actresses who even to me look very similar.

…..and the pool gets even narrower once you step outside of white actresses.

It’s not like this is new information to anyone, but every time I start making graphics again it bothers me a little more.

alright !! so as some of you may know, i really like making themes. unfortunately, i CANNOT make themes for pietro and change them every single day, and most of the time, my inspiration isn’t even FOR pietro.

so i have a proposal for you lovely followers! this is a bit like a forever starter call ( which i will get around to posting eventually ). basically by LIKING this post, you give permission for me to do the following:

  • make theme backgrounds and possibly codes for you
  • make promo banners for you
  • make icon packs for you
  • make other graphics for you about your muse or our muses (given that we’ve interacted long enough) and tag you in them

and basically drop random edits upon you without warning. you do NOT have to use or reblog anything which i make for you; it’s just a way for me to practice my photoshopping skills and to have an excuse to make things with a purpose — it feels much better to stamp a URL onto a graphic when i’m finished instead of just letting it go unused.

you do NOT have to be mutual in order to like this post, but a follow is always nice ^^

Artists pls read

I just want to let y'all know that I’m a freelance graphic designer and I’ve been doing graphic design for a VERY LONG time now and if you guys ever want to start doing art commissions but you don’t really know how to make a commissions graphic to show your work and prices, I would GLADLY make a super awesome one for you (completely for free of course).

You can just message me and let me know you need one and email me your pictures of your art and I’ll make you one. If you want any specific colors or whatever just let me know.

I honestly just love helping out artists any way I can. :)

Oh man, I can’t believe I hit my first big milestone!! I meant to make this earlier in the week but what can I say? I’m lazy.  So before I list off everyone I just wanted to say thank you to all my followers, especially the ones from way back when I was a glee blog, I’ve definitely gone through some changes, right?  But thank you to my new followers! I love all of you~

Okay so first my favorite/close mutuals

sooyyoung i’m only putting you first because you told me to. anyways you know i love you and you’re a sweetheart and i’m really envious on how dedicated you are to sooyoung, but thank you for always listening when i need someone to talk to and even when i just want to be a little shit to you, keep growing into a better person okay?

icesicales oh man kyle im still waiting for you to find me a sugar daddy tbh and 97% of our conversations relate to random memes which is honestly great like im always laughing and you’re always trying to make me listen to new groups and even tho im hella lazy i do appreciate the exposure, also glub glub 

pyogom we actually didnt start talking to pretty recently but we’re already otp like i love all of the plots that we come up with, theyre literally the only way i make it through work (although its a struggle not to die in public) nonetheless i already love you and lets be friends for a long time

bootycalljung kim you never cease to make me laugh with your need to fight, when i say i wanna fight im joking but youre ready to go to war its so great and youre the only person who appreciates fancy water and bless you for that and one day i promise ill tag team with you 

jungssooyeon we’ve known each other for like… 4 years? that’s like insane tbh you’re only a year older than me but you’re kind of like that older brother i never had (except you refer to me as your child) but oh man havent things changed so much over the years? Also send me cards on superstar smtown even tho ive been slacking 

blondesojin bruh you need to get on line more often bc who else am i supposed to spazz over sixteen/twice with???? 

persefonee ok bruh i love the fact that you actually watched sixteen because of me and we honestly need to get closer because we’ve been mutuals for awhile so like dude hmu

exidorks so like we havent been following each other for long but i knew of your blog from before (kyungri and hani’s tags are to thank) so i died a little when you followed me so like lets be friends and ship kyungri/hani together because yes pls

namyulover my bby youre literally a bby and its my job to protect you, we havent talked in awhile since you started up school and time zones are horrible but ily and don’t stress yourself out too much okay?

camiladorkable annie idk what else to say other than i miss you <3

okay and next all my mutuals that I haven’t talked to before but you guys should definitely hmu like ily pls love me:

jungssiica kimheechulswardrobe officialkyungri miss-agent moon-gangie kongie-lily euaerinfanclub keumjos icegangg hallajpg yullhee steponmesoyou namyuniverse krinjib phaesyle interes-taeng loveoptionsmp3 angry-hyemi shygorls camally seulduction thenthedevilruns bananamina igotagenie9 hyoyexns justmyperfectgoddess amberlliu tabi-loves-to-choom magexe sonetrash velvetttt acciofany gayforshidae shygeneration allforchaerin uglymaknae greasybyuntae yoongstop soovvon holychoi eliza-dreams flawlesssooyoung taestefullysoshi officialkwonyuri infadedmemory redvelvetie choiswimming wetchen  sooyoungchan sooyounqster s-shikshin goddemi karolina–dean theducksinthehat

&&. katie makes a character psd #3; #wild

  • listen im posting this before i decide i dONT LIKE IT
  • 2 graphics in one day #WILD (get it)
  • a n y w a y s troye just announced his album wild and released some pngs and graphics used in the making of his graphics and i felt inspired so here we are
  • textures come from troyesivan, bruhofrps, morrisonsrph & abbeyofrp thx 
  • font is just ariel bold italic um um um 
  • 500x300
  • preorder wild on itunes when it comes out ????
  • like/reblog if u use or whatever or also just because im an attention seeking loser
  • i love troye sm
  • goodnight
i love everyone

i love everyone in this phandom man

i love the artists who make amazing art for me to admire and reblog 

i love the phanfic writers who got me squealing at 3am bc of theyre incredible writing

i love the graphic/edit makers who spend so much time on their work nd give me stuff to reblog to make my blog great

i love the ppl who make playlists to gimme something to listen to when im feelin lonely

i love the people who keep everyone updated on what dan and phil are doing so im up to date

i love the ppl who just reblog stuff for filling up my dash with great content

man i love it. i love u all. 

To every Outlaw Queen fan...

Who make art in any form (gifs, graphics, manips, fanvids, fanfics, etc.): YOUR ART MATTERS

Who simply reblogs, messages and fangirls: YOUR OPINION MATTERS


Grumpy J2M is my aesthetic. They’re probably disappointed in the fact that it’s taken me weeks to make this post. My bad, guys.


  • must be following me
  • check out my amazing July botms: beautifulbowlegs and wowsammy, and these amazing runners up   
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  • ends July 31st
  • 20 notes or this didn’t happen
  • one winner, and a fair few runners up probably (because i suck at making decisions and i just wanna love you all)


  • active, kind and friendly bloggers
  • amazing posts and content
  • rad themes, rad urls, easy to navigate blogs
  • supernatural or multi-fandom blogs are wonderful
  • any form of original content is always a plus


the winner gets:

  • a follow back from me, if not already
  • prime spot on my updates tab for the month of august
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  • my love and friendship

the runners up get:

  • a follow back from me, if not already
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  • three promos, upon request, during august
  • listed in my hall of fame for eternity
  • my love of friendship

So yeah, enter if you’d like! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.


Hey everyone, I felt the need to make a follow forever to show some love to the amazing people I have met on here. I just want to hug you all and you’re all pretty awesome for coping with me even though it is just online or just making my dashboard a lil brighter. Thank you, Ana for the amazing graphics <3. This is in alphabetical order :)

aaronramze aysenal babellerin bae-yern basicallybayern buyernliga carljerkinson cristianoisking  dergoldeneschuh dusvntvdic fearlesskiki hcetorbellerin heyalaba heymuller ihatethetransferwindow juansteiger juliebjohnstons kampls klosenough la-vie-marie lahmist lamborghiniwalcott lotzens manuelnewer matuidis merikhummels (special mention to you for being my first follower) mgoetzinho miasanwolfie (special mention to you to for dealing with me at my worst lol)  mullerswink oficialmuller permertesackers piszczy princephilipplahm punkschweinsteiger schneiiderlin sterndesuedens tameimpalicious whatsthemata8