Heyyy so as you can see it this is a follow forever!!! Yeah this is my first follow forever because i made this blog in like november. I really wanna say thanks to all my mutuals because yall have made tumblr so much more enjoyable and i love interacting with yall because you all are amazing!!!

special thanks to amanda goldbisexual for making this lovely graphic!!!

so i will bold people that i interact with a lot/really enjoy being mutuals with/am in a friend group with or if i just like you idk or even if we talked like more than once idk i love you all,also this is in alphabetical order the groupings are weird ik.Im sorry if you feel left out thats honestly the last thing i want! If i forget you pls hmu I probably didnt mean to lol so yeah!!!


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frostbite883 asked:

In one word, how would you describe DC's Earth One Raven (from the TT EO graphic novel)?

In one word: AWESOME

Ok honestly there’s no words that can describe how much I love the depiction of Raven in Earth One. She hasn’t fully awaken to her powers, but we’ve seen a glimpse of what she can do, she’s gorgeous, her costume makes SO MUCH SENSE now. I love her relationship with her grandfather too and her exploration of her vision and her grandfather’s vision is just so good. The writer and the artist did such a good job I can’t wait for the next volume.

I’m begging everyone: read Teen Titans Earth One


Final Call for Fic Edition #12: Traditional Vampire

A creature of the night. Ready to take for his own, either your life or your body. Vampires are most of the time are practically irresistible to that of a human. Sometimes striking fear, others to seduce a wary traveler or even to let themselves be known, or be kept a secret…they are around. This week you are to write a fic dealing with Tom or any of his characters being a vampire. Either old or fledgling, at any age or knowledge. Make it as clean or gruesome as you want. (Just for the love of God please don’t make him sparkle) I’m serious.

BUT You still know how it goes:

The fic must be steamy with some fluff, but not overly graphic, but also not overly clean. Think PG-13 – Rated R.  (Not G or NC17) Pretty much straight forward.

(Can be as greusome as you’d want if you want to put the darker side into it.)

Send to: teasingtalestuesday@gmail.com

JUNE 30th, 2015 at 8:00 Pm central Time.


  • Please send a link to the fics when you send them to the Email. No documents. PLEASE! IF you don’t know if a certain story is “okay” for TTT then send a note or message the group with a linked Google Doc or Equivalent
  • If you wonder if you got the submission in, on time look at my  profile. I DO have a clock that has the TIME on it.
  • Tumblr’s tag are NOT working for me…SO if you read this post, please reblog for those who are interested in TTT
  • EDITION #13′s poll will be posted after 12 is up. SO be sure to check that out!

I noticed something the other day, and just had a chance to make it now.

He opens his mouth, and he says the word “I”, but she pushes him away before he can finish the sentiment.

He was trying to say “I love you.”

And, frankly, I think that is going to haunt him more than him just not saying the words back.


cs vs jen/colin + making the other feel at ease (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

#killian cracks a joke when emma takes a step forward in their relationship #and jmo tries to make the situation less intimidating for colin while he sings #because killian knows emma is a scared puppy #and jmo knows colin is a shy bunny #and just!!!!! #relationship and friendship goals man


nature’s top five khiii worlds wishlist! { 1 / 5 }
arendelle (frozen)

“sure, we’ll help you get your sister back!”
“sora! are you kidding?! it’s too cold out there!”

Hey there! So Jared’s birthday is coming up and I thought this was a perfect time to have an appreciation week for him. Also I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this done for him which is a shame because he deserves so much love! 

The love week will go from Monday, July 13th to his birthday on Sunday, July 19th. Tag anything you make with #jaredloveweek so we can all see and reblog them

You’re all welcome to participate in this! You can make gifs, edits, graphics, text posts, poems, anything just as long as you show your great love for Jared :3 

Here are the daily themes:

  • Monday, July 13th - Jared Padalecki + Family
  • Tuesday, July 14th - Jared Padalecki + Co-stars
  • Wednesday, July 15th - Jared Padalecki + Beanies
  • Thursday, July 16th - Jared Padalecki + Social Media
  • Friday, July 17th - Jared Padalecki + Hair
  • Saturday, July 18th - Jared Padalecki + Conventions
  • Sunday, July 19th - Jared Padalecki + Your Choice

Though it’s not required to participate, it would be really nice if you could reblog this post to help spread the word 

So that’s it. I hope to see you guys participate and spread the love for the amazing Jared Padalecki! ♥ ♥ ♥


SO by popular demand an official network has been created for all the lovely bandom pans of tumblr, this network is a network completely for pans, ANYONE WHO IS PANSEXUAL IS WELCOME like you can be pansexual, panromantic, ITS ALL COOL MY FRIEND

what we do in the network

  • support each other: aka like/reblog selfies, graphics, text posts, literally anything found in the network tag
  • send each other love: aka send some nice asks every once in a while to your fellow network friends, because who doesn’t love some kind compliments every once in a while
  • make new friends: talk to your fellow pan friends! talk about cute people, movies, bands, anything really! maybe even make some cards against humanity events or tinychat events and invite the squad for a wonderful pan time


i literally just want this this network to be just a reaaaaaally big squad like a GIANT FRICKEN FLOCK OF PAN POWER

how to apply

  • fill out this quick application 
  • reblog this post
  • follow the admins: 1 & 2
  • follow the network blog and track the network #tag

(side note: i’m not sure when i’ll cut off applications, perhaps in a week or so aka 6/19/15) 


Hello beautiful people (・ω・)ノ 

°˖✧ If anyone reads this i’ll be glad ✧˖°

Hi this is my follow forever, the reason why I made this is because I reach my big goal recently, I never thought that so many people would be following me, I really appreciate it. ♡ 

I’m not very good at photoshop so I’m sorry for the lame graphic (╯︵╰,) I just want to you guys know that I love yours blogs and your edits and you guys always make my dash looks so perfect like how you even do those amazing graphics omfg someone please need to teach me ( •ԅ(≖ω≖ԅ)


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I just hit 500 followers and I can’t believe it! I did have 500 followers on my old blog but I was too lazy to make a follow forever, so here I am with my first follow forever! 
I never thought I would make it this far, a couple of months ago the idea of getting 200 followers seemed far fetched.
So I’m making this follow forever as a thank you (sorry about the mediocre graphic) Mutuals are bolded !!  ♥ ♥ ♥ 

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Meet Veronica, our 2D Texture Artist

What I do everyday: Oh boy… tons of stuff! I texture most of the NPCs, some environments and props. I also handle UI/UX, effects, and occasionally handle concept art, color scripting, lighting, typography and minor animations!  

Past Experience: I’ve worked about 5 years in games, but also have a background in graphic novels.

Favorite Video Game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the N64. It’s the game that made me want to make games :)

Favorite Homestuck Moment: When Caliborn reveals his love for pornography. Who knew human marriage could be so… provocative?  *vibrating eyebrows*

Best Part about working at WP NYC?: We’re all game geeks, everyone is hilarious, and we really feel like family. I don’t think I could have asked for a better team to work with! We all just compliment each others talents so well, I almost feel like it was written in the clouds that’d we’d end up together! <3

Social Media: jitenshasw.tumblr.com (NSFW)

Who do you ship? Well, I’m a classic quadrant girl myself. My matesprite is a 60 foot manbeast, my moiraill is a furless furry, my kismesiss is a gender-neutral, voluptuous [hate to admit] beauty, and my Auspistice is an adorable 4 pound terror hound.   


There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love.
               ~ Washington Irving.

We have now seen both Ruby and Sapphire cry through Garnet. The first in Season One, episode 13 “So Many Birthdays” with Sapphire’s eye crying when Steven keeps aging. The second time, was Season Two, episode 11 (or 60, overall) when they see what has become of fragments of Gems who fought in the rebellion – and what Homeworld thinks of fusion.

“I heard a few compliments saying that I was good at singing since I was in elementary school. I used to just admire singers perform inside my television when I was in elementary school but when I moved onto middle school, I think all I did was go to karaoke places. When I was bored, I’d just sit alone and sing (laughs). It wasn’t just karaoke places. I went to various places like parks or fields, wherever I could sing, I’d sing my heart out. And in my third year of middle school came puberty and I couldn’t sing for a while. Despite being at a young age, I did bottle my sufferings alone.” x

Thank you, for following your dreams; thank you, for being passionate in what you are doing now; thank you for not giving up 

Happy 22nd Birthday, Jung Daehyun ♥ #ForeverWithB.A.P

EXO Reaction when you sit on their lap and want to make out

We have more smutt for you! Love, Admin a~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: “Does it mean you want our tounges to be like.. you know..this?” *Graphical explanation*

Kris: *he is a little bit shy about it*  “Right here jagi? I want but.. there are people watching”

Sehun: “Okay!” *No problem at all*

Tao: “Will you ever stop? You always want something sex-related” *He just wants you to beg him*

Kai: *A little bit embarrassed* “Oh Y/N…”

Xiumin: *He is the one who initiates it*

Baekhyun: “Do you even know what intimacy means?? We are in a public park jagi”

Luhan: *He wants more than a make out session*

Chen: *Restraining himself* “Just some kisses.. and … yes yes.. kisses…”

 Kyungso: “Are you sure about out? Do you understand the position you are currently in?” *Naughty Soo*

Lay: *When you sit on his lap you turn to face him and you see him like this*

Suho: “Okay” *It’s okay for him because he will show the boys you are his* (overprotective boyfriend)


                                             NYMPHDORAS’ DISNEY PSD PACK

Ok so most of you may know that a few days ago I reached a HUGE MILESTONE, which is actually really insane!! And I wanted to do something for you in order to thank you for being so nice to me, inspiring me to do graphics and such, and just making tumblr a nice place to be a part of. You are all really awesome and words are not even enough to express how thankful I am. Anyway, all of you know I am BIGGEST DISNEY NERD you’ll ever meet and to honor such name I made a psd pack with my favourite disney movies (i actually love all the movies but i couldn’t do a coloring per film!!). Anyway I hope you like them.

01. big hero 6 | brave
02. monsters inc | ratatouille
03. tangled | toy story

It would be really awesome if you like/reblog this post if you download them.  Also, please i ask you politely to not to repost or take bits of them or claim any of my psd’s as your own. You are free to adjust layers as needed but just by the fact you changed bits of it doesn’t mean it’s your coloring. 


another year older, another year closer to the retirement home :)

anyway, today (june 28) is my birthday and i don’t have much to say because i just woke up and i have to go into work soon and eugh but thank you all for hanging around and supporting me through the past three hell months!!!

i’m short on time (i still have to WORK today) so no time to bold anyone but i love u all!!!!!!!
(also i’m sorry i haven’t been making graphics lately my brain is too fried!!!)

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Calm the hell down

Remember, amiibo festival is most likely a filler while they focus on animal crossing U. They wouldn’t change the game so much if that was part of they main series. I was really upset when I saw it was a board game style thing and lets be honest, before we realized it wasn’t animal crossing U it looked pretty amazing right?

They are showing us the graphics and making cute amiibos while they make the actual thing.

Nintendo knows why we love animal crossing, and they wouldn’t just take it away from us.