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Things were… back to normal. Or, as normal as they could be, considering all that had happened. Hawkins had mostly forgotten about it all now, save for the few members directly involved: his family, the wheelers, hopper, Will’s friends, Steve…

It was barely past a week, nearly two. Will was still in hospital, though they’d told Jonathan and his mom he’d be able to come home in a few days. His mom had gone back to work, the eldest Byers back to school. No one talked to him or mentioned what had happened. No one brought up the bullshit theories they’d all had in the beginning or the weird predicament that had been a funeral for a body that wasn’t real. Jonathan tried to ignore it all, go back to the way things were. But it wasn’t quite that easy.

It was lunch, and rather than sit someplace in the cafeteria, he was sat in the middle of the hall, leaned against the brick mural that was right outside the darkroom, waiting for his teacher who’d be back within the hour to unlock in. His back was rather haphazardly tossed beside him. Jonathan held his Walkman in hand, headphones over his long hair he should probably get cut sometime (at least that’s what his mother insisted). Normally he’d be sat here with camera in hand, but seeing as that had quite nicely been smashed, it was just him and his music and he few rolls of undeveloped film he still had.

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“ Hey there, Alola y- WOW, you definitively aren’t from here. ”

So was he. Maybe he had an exagerrated reaction, but that arm sure looked fake. For a moment, he stayed silent, letting a electronic, static noise fill the air. Then he remembered why he got out of the mantion in the first place. 

“ Anyway, what’s your business in Po Town? Did you get lost? ”

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Do you still take requests? There is a Kaine hair at Sims2Heaven but no one haven't recolored it to maxis match... I would be very grateful if you consider to retexturing it. :)

Aaah of course, I’ve done this for you!  It does look a little strange in some places but I’m absolutely useless, but I think its ok??? I hope this is useful for you c: And if anyone has requests I am 100% up for doing them, it gives me stuff to do in my spare time !! (Also hair retextures are the only thing I can do because despite 456 attempts, I don’t have the attention span to use SimPE for anything)

- Grey linked to Black
- Compressed
- Poppet’s textures and v2 colours
- Mesh included

//Download// [4.1MB] (Simfileshare)

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“It’s ok to be where I am. I don’t have to wake up tomorrow and be a pro. And I think that mentality has gone a long way for me in terms of just surrendering. To the moment, surrendering to where I am, and surrendering even in my failures. Your failures are okay, too. Be with your failures. They’re just as educational and just as opening to the process as the success is.” 

Happy 35th Birthday Christopher Robert Evans- June 13, 1981