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Jhoooooppppee + 38 + 40

in the voice of a certain min yoongi… JHOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE +“Do I need to spell it out for you?” + “Did you just wink at me?” 

The waiting room is nothing but chaos and you snuggle deeper into your thick coat, trying to escape the shrieks and yells of the 95 line as they chase each other around. A few seats away from you, Yoongi is dead to the world and you admire his ability to sleep through anything. Namjoon is, as usual, preoccupied with his phone in the corner, his earphones drowning out the outside world. Seokjin is trying his best to humor the two rascals, while Jeongguk is tucked away amusing himself with games on his phone. 

Waiting isn’t unusual in the entertainment industry, but today’s venue is an outdoor one and the current storm makes it impossible for the boys to perform until it dies down a little. You’ve already checked the boys’ outfits and makeup a million over times till they wave you away in impatience when they see you, so there’s nothing left to do but wait.  From the corner of your eye you see Hoseok trying to get into a comfortable position in his makeup chair, but he eventually gives up and stands, heading towards you.  He plops himself down next to you, careful not to jostle the couch too much lest he wake Yoongi up. Up close, even under layers of foundation and concealer you can see the bags under his eyes from late night dance practices, and a glance at the shape of his lips tells you that he’s more tired and stressed than he lets on. He reaches for your hand and places it at the nape of his neck, but when you don’t catch on, he turns to look at you with what can only be described as puppy dog eyes. 

“Yes Hobi?” You pretend to be ignorant as you pull away to adjust his collar.  He whines in response, reaching for your hand and pulling it toward his shoulder instead. You know he’s asking for one of your soothing massages, but just to tease him a little you frown in confusion. 

“Hobi, your outfit’s fine, don’t worry.” 

“Do I need to spell it out for you?” He pretends to be affronted, but the frown marring his brows softens when your hand slides to the nape of his neck and begins to apply gentle pressure. “Your massages are the best, even better than Jimin’s. That little brat’s hands are way too small.” 

“Are you saying I have large hands?” You attempt to be annoyed at him, but when he flashes you that sunshine smile that turns your insides to jelly, you know that there’s no way you could stay mad at Hoseok, even for a second. He sighs at your touch, and his eyes flutter shut in relaxation. The sight of him like this eases a load of worry off you, since you’ve witnessed first hand how hard he’s worked for this comeback, and how much stress he places on himself to get every single move razor sharp and committed to muscle memory. You’re too busy admiring the luminous quality of his skin, to the dainty little cupid’s bow of his upper lip and imagining the dimples that form on either side of his mouth when he’s eating that you almost don’t notice when he slides his head into your lap. 

You freeze for a moment, even though Hoseok has always been one of the most touchy feely ones of the group, he’s never done anything as outright as this before. He shifts himself to get more comfortable in your lap, and makes a little noise of protest because your hands have stopped moving.  

“That’s a nice pillow you have there, Hobi.”


“Did you just wink at me? With your eyes closed?” 


 His body is entirely relaxed with his head on your lap, and although it’s somewhat an inappropriate position, you can’t bring yourself to tell him to get off, especially since you’ve heard from Taehyung and Jimin that he hasn’t been sleeping well at home. So instead you run your fingers gently through his silky amber hair, brushing strands of it from his forehead tenderly. He’s always loved having his hair played with, which rarely happens in a house full of 6 other males and so he leans into your touch, humming softly in pleasure, and soon he’s sound asleep.

for real tho i would stroke hobi’s hair and lull him to sleep FOR FREE 

I hope you liked it!!! 

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Oh man Magnus looks amazing!!!! I'm a little confused, though. I thought his eyes were entirely cat eyes, like they didn't have any white part at all; I guess they changed them for the new season?? IDK IDK he still looks great!!

yeah tbh i think on the show they just didn’t have very good effects! it’s harder to color in just the iris than the whole eye, so i guess cgi must have done the best they could. actually, if you look at the effects closely in s1, it looks like they attempted the iris only but there was a lot of bleedover with the effect? like, it’s just a tiny bit sloppy. (gif from @bi-magnus hope its ok i link it alice)

but in the books, it’s definitely just the iris that’s yellow, not the whole eye so the show might be refining their cat eye techniques to make them look better this season. personally i think they’d look great either way; whatever they end up doing with his new cat eye effect i’m sure it’ll look amazing. :DD


@rxgueoflight i hope its ok that i upload this if not just tell me and i’ll take it down

this is… a Good Answer, goomy is. its. gelatinous, in a nice way. I would make this description better but my words aren’t great right now.

Some Fun Facts about Goomy:
-It is single-type Dragon type
-It evolves into Sligoo at level 40, which like. Seriously generation 5+ why does everything evolve so late. Why do i have to defeat gym leaders with basic pokemon. Get your shit together
-on a side note, goomy is generation 6 so i can’t really get angry about it
-it is the lightest AND the shortest dragon type pokemon, if it wasn’t friend enough already its a cute little BABY DRAGON and it’s 1’ tall or 0.3m for all my metric friends out there. And it is 6.8 pounds or 2.8 kilos so that is 1 foot and 7 pounds of friend for you.
-its japanese name is Numera, which comes from ‘numeru’ (to be slippery) and 'nuranura’ (onomatopoeia for slimy)
-it can learn iron tail. like. what tail does a goomy even have what tail is it going to use iron tail with.
-in the same lane it can also learn poison tail.
-although these moves have to be bred onto it… maybe an iron tail goomy has a longer tail?
-it can also be tutored draco meteor, which gives THE WIERDEST mental picture. Just-


forest // twenty one pilots


“It’s ok to be where I am. I don’t have to wake up tomorrow and be a pro. And I think that mentality has gone a long way for me in terms of just surrendering. To the moment, surrendering to where I am, and surrendering even in my failures. Your failures are okay, too. Be with your failures. They’re just as educational and just as opening to the process as the success is.” 

Happy 35th Birthday Christopher Robert Evans- June 13, 1981