Seventeen Reacts to His Ulzzang Model Girlfriend’s Fans Always Wanting to Take Pictures with Her

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Such an awesome request. Hope everyone likes it!

S. Coups:

“Can’t they find someone else’s Ulzzang girlfriend to mess with? This one is already taken.”

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“Seriously, kinda offended that they didn’t want any pictures with me….crazy.” 

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“I can take the picture for you guys! Everyone say cheese!” 

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“Yah! Pay attention to me! Don’t take anymore pictures pleaaaaseee” 

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“How did I get so lucky with this pretty and beautiful girl, huh??” 

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“I totally understand these fans because I can’t even get my eyes off of your perfect face.” 

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“I’ll wait over here, and wait until you are done with your lovely fans. Let me know if you need anything!” 

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“Hello, you wonderful fans! I agree! Isn’t she so pretty? I know, right! Wanna see the selca we took together earlier???” 

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“Yeah, of course I will get in your picture! We are such a pretty couple.” 

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“Want some cute expressions that you can do in your pictures with your fans?? Here, you just have to put your hands like this…” 

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“Yah, why can’t I get in any of the pictures, huh? Look at this face.” 

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“I can call myself the luckiest man in the world because I have a girl that everyone loves as much as you. It’s not just your looks, baby.” 

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“Want me to help you with your selca poses?” 

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Poison Demons

Title: Poison Demons

Series: Fairy Tail

Genre: Action

Rated: T (for violence)

Summary: Somehow, seemingly random wizards from Fairy Tail have been transported to feudal Japan in some way that will not be explained in this fic. They Kagome and the others, and have an encounter with Sesshomaru.

A/N: I decided the day we did all the head canoning about this crossover that I would write this for your birthday @grapefruitwannabe! Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy it!


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anonymous asked:

why alec freaked out?

if you mean why did he freak out when they were summoning the demon, it was because he was scared everyone would find out his biggest secret, which is his sexuality. I’ve seen people say “oh well he could have just said it’s cause we’re parabatai and practically brothers” etc. but the thing is alec is no where near ready to come to terms with himself because he’s part of a society that won’t accept him for who he is and he knows that and he’s so frightened of anyone finding out and the natural reaction was to freak out and that’s what he did and it’s totally understandable. He’s scared of how Jace, who he obviously loves will react, he’s scared about how everyone will react but I think mainly Jace because he loves him so much and he wants so badly to be himself but he doesn’t want to admit it to himself or anyone. I think he hopes that as long as he denies it to himself then it might go away or it will just magically disappear. I just think he’s so frightened but he’s the oldest and he thinks maybe people will think less of him and he’s got all this responsibility to deal with as well and it’s just building on top of everything. I think by this point he’s at breaking point