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I have a theory right. So how many lesbians have died/broken up in the media this year? Too many right? I think this is them using their popularity to show how gay people are treated in the media/ always killed off. I think they'll release a colab video showing everyone's responses to show the world how gay people really react and feel when mainstream media treats us like the next cliffhanger. I swear it. They're planning something and it's all a part of it.

That would be the most amazing if it’s true (and I hope it is). That would actually be an amazing issue to be brought up by them and a good way to get attention. If it is all a prank I’d hope they did it for a good cause like that (because it could be potentially harmful to some lesbians to have both fictional media and non-fictional media portraying these negative things).

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i came off my usual sertraline and onto mirtazapine and although it helped me with my sleeping (because it completely knocks you out), I went about my days feeling completely void, binge eating ridiculously and wound up feeling worse than ever so had to go back on sertraline. Obviously this isn't the case for everyone but I definitely advise keeping an eye on the side effects and how your body reacts to it because it's so strong. good luck alina 💖

thank you for this. i heave heard very mixed things, ranging from very positive things to this kind of stuff. sertraline did absolutely nothing for me, i went right up to 200mg and i still might as well have been swallowing placebos. fluoxetine and citalopram did nothing for me either so i’m hoping mirtazapine will. hope you’re keeping well xx