i’m kind of really uncomfortable with the “it’s not that deep” meme.

it’s lived long past its prime, and always used as a way to act ~coolly distant while other people are trying to analyze something or have a nuanced conversation. 

in the contexts i’ve seen it, it’s just a lazy domination technique. a tool to make others feel worse for being excited about something, or talking about it at length, while you get to sit back and feel good for ridiculing them. 

it’s a good way to make with adhd or autism who have special interests feel bad for talking about them. or just anyone talking about things they really like.

if someone wants to analyze an episode of spongebob for 20 paragraphs, you can just let them. you don’t have to comment on how ridiculous it seems to you - and not everything is simple and straight-forward. it’s ok to analyze things.

i’d talk longer, but i’m already baiting people who love that meme to only comment with that, because nuanced conversations are Bad or s/t. 

If you haven’t catched that we are in a work inspired by @monasatlantis you know it now xD THE CHILDREN QUESTION

Lets talk about the meeting between Hook and Dark Swan on the Jolly Roger.

When I first watched it all I saw was how Emma was manipulating Hook. How she was being vulnerable in a bid to draw him in and get what she wanted. Yes she was looking for something that touched Spinner!Rumple but she was also trying to convince Hook (once again) that they could still be together. I saw all that and more but on rewatch what struck me was that Hook was also manipulating Emma for his own purposes.

When Killian attempted the TLK and nothing happened, not a flicker or anything, he knew that the answer to saving Emma didn’t lie in changing Dark Swan. She has accepted the Darkness, she doesn’t want to let it go. So now he is looking for something, anything, that can thwart the Dark One’s plan and possibly lead to him helping her.

Killian came into Granny’s and went right to Robin. Not because he wanted to help him with his phone or hear about his troubles but because he wanted to enlist the help of a thief. Hook isn’t hanging out with the Charmings or researching with Belle and Regina but making his own plans and executing them. He is about to make his pitch for a little light B&E when Granny plonks down the bag. It’s clear Hook doesn’t want to go, that the idea of lunch with Emma does not appeal to him in the slightest. But he goes anyway NOT because he loves pain or wants to see her but because he wants answers.


Emma makes a surprise magical entrance. Hook responds with a power play. He scolds her for her use of magic which tells Emma he is both unimpressed and unhappy with their meeting. This puts Dark Swan in an apologetic and placating position. He knows based on the food and the note that she wants him for something so by aggressively displaying his anger he puts the pressure on her to offer an olive branch. Which she does immediately, first by apologizing and offering to return to old times. When Killian still doesn’t budge she goes further with the table setting and the wardrobe change. This screws with Killian’s emotions but it also tells him that whatever she wants is worth a lot of effort. She asks for his trust and he sees his opening.

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  • Eggsy:you look nice I want to kiss you
  • Harry:What?
  • Eggsy:I SAID IF YOU DIED I WOULD miss you so much I would scream and shout and my heart would break as I sit in your house surrounded by all those things that remind me of you and the stories you told and I would try to drink the pain away and then I would go on and do all the things you taught me, I would dress like you did and use the same weapon as you and put on glasses like you did and look in the mirror and see you in the reflection and I would go and fucking stab that motherfucker that killed you with the leg prosthetic of his sidekick whom I poisoned like you taught me and I would do all of this because I would try to repay you and make you proud