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I don't know if you've already read the fic, but We Who are Young by Stoplight Delight is probably my favorite fic that explains Roy and Riza's backstories. It's REALLY long, but it's amazing!

Ahhh I haven’t yet, Nonny! But it’s been recommended to me before. I’ve heard it’s amazing! I do plan on reading it and loving it alkjdfas, I just need to find the time to ;A;

Thank you so much for bringing it back to my attention! <3

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hey I was wondering if you had any grantaire + any of the les mis gals friendship HCs?? because I don't see enough of this!! Thanks 💘💘

Yes omg! 


  • Grantaire and Cosette go thrift shopping together and say uplifting and encouraging things to each other.
  • They have a garden together at Cosette’s house and they weed and gossip about their friends. 
  • Grantaire experiments with mixing alcoholic drinks/making cocktails and Cosette is his guinea pig due to her fine palate and extraordinary alcohol tolerance
  • Grantaire teaching Cosette self defence so that she can defend herself if she needs to, and in the end she ends up becoming even better than Grantaire. 
  • Can and will sing any Diseny song from memory at any point of time including harmonies. 


  • Toenail painting sessions. Grantaire is an artist and has some great art going, but Musichetta is also quite boss at nail painting. 
  • They share a love for taco nights and often have homemade taco night. 
  • Musichetta and Grantaire are also amazing dancers, they teach Zumba classes and often choreograph dances.
  • Random dance parties and Courfeyrac asking them to teach him some moves and they light up the dance floor and basically all of the amis want to get into their pants at that moment. 
  • On the bad days, they go to dog parks with blankets and just sit in the grass and watch all of the dogs be happy. 
  • Rant to to each other about Bossuet and Joly, but only after they swear to utmost secrecy.
  • Went to a First Aid class together because Joly insisted. 


  • Love to just chill and drink wine and watch Netflix together. 
  • Eponine models for Grantaire’s art all of the time, so he’s seen her naked almost more than he has seen himself naked. 
  • They own one guitar between the two of them and are often sneaking it away/stealing it and it’s one of those passive-aggressive things that they don’t talk about but there is definitely a War going on. 
  • Grantaire gets her Eponine’s eyeliner wings just right. 
  • Share their wardrobes since they live together. Grantaire showing up in Eponine’s maxi-skirt and Eponine in Grantaire’s flannels and beanies. 
  • Up to Date on all of the Latest Memes and incorporate them in everyday conversation at the apartment. 

They all have frequent sleepovers together to experiment with straightening Grantaire’s hair or doing makeup and talking about attractive people.