One thing I absolutely love about manga/Brotherhood Roy and Riza is that, despite them holding different ranks in the military where one is technically subordinate to the other, it’s clear that they overall respect and treat each other as equals.


random idea: the red dwarf crew crashlands on Risa (the “pleasure planet” from tng) and then they stay there for a vacation and rimmer still can’t have fun bc he’s rimmer :’D

i wont be able to color this for some time but i just want to share haha?? imagine they all eating in a random family style restaurant in beijing on the night of first day of cup of china aaahhh im dying (is it possible tho irl)

some personal headcanon

  • i just can’t not imagine phichit bringing selfie stick even in restaurants
  • yuuri is still kinda uncomfortable being photographed but he’s trying
  • victor isn’t drunk (yet)
  • leo would totally be the guy who tries to put peace signs as rabbit ears behind unknowing people’s head
  • guanghong has a great fashion sense but sorry it’s obscured by viktuuri
  • georgi is wasted and he’s the drunk crier type
  • chris is totes chill and decent outside the ice and he doesn’t make inappropriate comments to the younger guys. fight me on this


ahaha wait, what the heck…? how does UNDYNE know anything about all that…?

i think alphys more than anyone would be very understanding of when someone makes a mistake or keeps a secret. but just what kind of mistakes were happening when they were all underground…?

this is another page that was originally 2 pages of 3 and 4 panels respectively, then combined into 1. so it’s technically like getting two pages! i guess. sorry if it’s one-page updates for awhile. it’s a busy time of year!

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Has someone analysed these scenes yet? I mean, with the way Victor smile after the question and Yuri’s frown seeing his reaction I’m pretty sure this means something but I’m too dumb to come up with anything =‘)

Imagine waking up to multiple late night texts from Mark. You rub your eyes from their tiredness and let them readjust to the bright screen. You open your messages and began to read:
Y/N? You awake?’
‘Hello, Mrs. Y/N?’
‘What happened to being up when I text you??’
‘I can’t sleep…’
‘I miss you too much.’
‘I’m coming over. You better be awake by then.’
‘Come outside. I’m here.’ 
You quickly changed into whatever you found in your closet and grabbing your essentials, you run down the stairs and slipped on some shoes. You open the door and you find Mark leaning against his car. You see him flash that famous smile of his, showing his pearly whites. You lock the door behind you and slowly make your way towards him. His arms automatically wrap around your waist and your arms find themselves around his neck. He places a soft kiss onto your lips before opening the passenger door for you.
“I love you, you know that?” He whispered, as you climbed into his car.
You smiled and spoke softly, “I love you too.”
He closes the door and makes his way around to the driver’s side. Buckling up and starting the engine, he begins to drive. He grabs onto your hand and intertwines his fingers with yours. You look down at your hands together and back up to him. He brings your intertwined hands to his lips and kisses them, bringing a smile on both of your faces. You let each other’s presence fill the atmosphere as the two of you cruise through the quiet city. 


I may or may not be a bit too far into the Overwatch fandom. I may or may not have spent almost 12h working on editing these into what you see on this post.

It’s the first four pages from Haikyuu!!’s chapter 231. I know it says on the first page but just in case.

It even fits my headcanon for Fareeha liking playing volleyball and other sports with short contact time with the ball.



we teach girls to SHRINK THEMSELVES , to make themselves smaller . we tell them : you can have ambition , but not too much . you should aim to be successful , but not too successful  –  otherwise , you will threaten the man . we teach girls that they CANNOT be sexual beings in the way that boys are .  ( q.  chimamanda ngozi adichie )

Just finished listening to the Hamilton soundtrack. The damn play made me cry. I am an Amrican, I’ve been taught American history since freaking kindergarden. I literally learned about this deul last semester. And yet I wasn’t a good enough student to remember which historical figures it happened between until Burr challanged him and then I was like…”Oh shit…I fotgot about this part.”

…I’ll tell you what, I’m never going to forget again.

Regardless, I’m crying now and I havent really even watched the damn play. 

  • friend: hey, how's your exam today?
  • me: victor and yuuri are engaged now my exam doesn't matter
  • friend: but don't you have to pass-
  • me: victor and yuuri ran to each other because they miss each other so much they can't stop and that's the whole point of my life
  • friend: but you need to graduate-
  • me: yurio smiled like an angel he's a cinnamon roll and i need to protect him that's what i live for
  • friend: but-
  • me: yuuri skated thinking of victor and crispino skated thinking of sala and they manage to do great if that's not love what is
  • friend:
  • me: makkachin is ok and i don't need anything anymore
  • friend:
  • me:
  • friend:
  • me: also, yeah, i got 6 at math. a 6 got a round circle. round and golden, perhaps. you know what else round and golden?
  • friend: i don-
  • me: victuuri engagement ring