Pairing: Jordan Smith X Reader

Rating: Mature (Smut)

“Imagine you just cant get enough of your boyfriend when he’s home from filming Vikings.”

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after midnight (in half an hour) the result of my test, which i need to have a good result to enter the college for free, will come out. i’m very nervous, because last year i did the same test and i didn’t score enough. i really want to study psychology, but the course is very expensive here in brazil, my salary doesn’t cover the costs. i need to score enough this year, otherwise i’ll have to study something i do not like, but i can pay for. i would like to ask for all the good vibrations that you can send me, please cheer for me, i depend on it. :(

anonymous asked:

Hi I was wondering if you could help me make a decision about my course load next year. Im taking AP Lit, AP spanish, AP environmental, AP European History, and AP calc. I only get one elective because i have to take a study hall with all the AP classes (which is perfectly fine lol) so i’m wondering if i should take advanced art 3 as an easy class or human rights. human rights is suppose to be fairly hard but i also really enjoy the topic and i don’t like art as much as i used to. Thanks :)) xx

honestly, i’d rather go for the class that i’m more interested in vs the one’s that’s easier. interest is one of the major things that drives me and motivates me in class, so yeah! however, everybody is different + if the easy class is better for you in terms of workload / scheduling / etc, please pick the one that is best for you!! hope that helped :)

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*splays across ur lap* not to be dramatic bc it's only wednesday but Wow i wanna just sleep for a whole week

Me too :(
I have a job interview on Friday, I have to study for my college entry exams and I have a dentist appointment on Monday bc I have 7 fucking cavities and wisdom teeth to be removed. Life is so great!!!!2!!2!11

Habits of successful students

Discipline: “discipline is doing what needs to be done, even when you don’t want to”, which means that you have to force yourself to start doing things. 

Concentration: when you make a real effort in your work (study, homeworks etc…) you will be more likely to actually focus, understand and learn. 

Organization: always set tasks and goals and organize a study-schedule. Maybe you don’t really want to plan all the week, but if you just wake up and open your agenda/bullet journal/iphone calendar and write down all the things you have to do, setting due dates and deadlines, you’ll feel more conscious and encouraged to stay on track. 

Tasks-splitting: sometimes, you write down your tasks. Some of these tasks may be very hard and complicated, and it will take a long long time to complete them. So, you can split them in smaller tasks, so you will feel satisfied after a shorter period of time, instead of studying for hours and still seeing that chapter undone on your study-schedule. 

Watch the sunrise: when I wake up late, I feel like I don’t have enought time to do my work and lose my motivation. I literally panic and then I think “whatever, I could not complete all the things anyway”. So, if you wake up earlier you will feel more positive and  controlled. 

Smart reading: try not to read your textbook just like a newspaper. For every paragraph you read, try to underline and write down key words and then your question about that subject. Literally, turn your textbook into questions. If you write down question - particularly why…? - and think about the answer, you will be more likely to remember that stuff later. 

Healthy lifestile: if you don’t drink enough water in the morning, you will be more likely to have a decrease of concentration in the afternoon/evening, so: stay hydrated. Try also to have some snaks every one-two hours: feed your brain


Ok so with these last episodes, to be specific, ‘The Trial’, most of us if not all have come to the conclusion or at least suspicion that Yellow Diamond shattered Pink Diamond and her behavior was obviously giving it away:


There’s something that still doesn’t really fit here…

“I was there. I saw it with my own eye. I watched the leader of the Crystal Gems – Rose Quartz – shatter Pink Diamond!”

Now, it’s not that wise to trust a gem’s perception and vision, when she only has one eye and a ‘gem eye’.

And hear me out here, because this is a bit nuts, what if she can see well but her eye-gem-vision allows her to see everything with a red filter?

And… what two colors look pink like Rose Quartz when mixed?

Red and White

We know gems can shapeshift into almost anything so how about a Diamond shapeshifting into a smaller gem?

What about the common knowledge that only a Diamond can shatter another  Diamond?

So what if not Yellow Diamond but White Diamond?

But that brings a lot more questions…

Why would YD try to cover WD? And why did WD even shatter PD to begin with?

But until more proof, like a Zircon, I rest my case.


I’m still not sure what this mural means but I see Rose holding a diamond and another gem in front of her with her arm lifted. In the past I saw people saying this was YD but looking at her desing and WD mural, I can almost confirm that’s indeed WD.

Honestly that’s all I have until here.

I really NEED to see White Diamond and find out more about her.


Why have them just own a flower shop when they could run a potion shop and just have a shit ton of flowers in it. 

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