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Hi, so I'm a struggling 17 year old who doesn't go to school much and it's troubling me. I know I have to go but I just can't seem to get into the mindset of going, of being determined like I have to get this done. I just.. idk, do you have any tips on how to get determined about it? There's nothing going on at school, I'm not being bullied or anything. I just can't seem to go. I have a part time job as well and I have not missed a day once, I'm not sure what's wrong with me.

You have to set yourself a goal. I wanted to become an air traffic controller once and for that I had to change schools too get the graduation I needed. Things changed and I changed my plans. Now I’m studying business administration and my goals are to make the bachelor and master.

You have to believe in yourself.You can reach everything that you want, you just have to work for it. Try to find something that you want to be. Believe me, if you don’t go to school now and won’t reach what you want in future you’ll regret it later. Sure school sucks and I skipped some classes too, but it’s still the basement you build your future on. It’s important, even if you forget like 80% of it later. 

“They’re still here!”

“So’s Magnussen. He should be at dinner, but he’s still in the building.”

Steward Animation

99% of the 2D TV animation you see coming out of big studios is drawn overseas, often in Korea. The storyboarding, editing, sound, design work, and things like that are done in the US, but the actual physical drawings are done by a bunch of talented and hardworking people in Korea. It’s probably not actually 99%, but I don’t feel like that’s too far off, so that should give you a good idea of how prevalent it is.

Occasionally, not very often but occasionally, when you’re working in TV animation you have a moment where you need a lot of control over the movement in a particular shot. In these cases you might end up either animating something yourself or hiring someone local to do it because it’s so specific.

I did this for one shot in Infinity Train. I hired Rick Farmiloe, who’s credits include Rescuers Down Under, Aladdin, How to Train Your Dragon, and Boxtrolls, to animate the Steward as she overtakes Tulip. This shot was very hard, and her movement was so specific, I thought it would be quicker and easier to just do it ourselves. We have a less of a time constraint than they do in Korea, so we could spent more time on this one shot.

Here are my original storyboards for the shot:

I wanted the steward to really move with force and weight. I wanted her to push her legs forward first, and then move her head along with it after. I wanted her to move like all of her legs are a giant confusing swarm, but still each one moves with a very specific purpose. Every moment that you see the Steward, she should make you feel scared and uncomfortable.

Wanna see a reason I wanted to do this animation here? Because the first time I told Rick what I wanted, I didn’t tell him it was a panning shot. Just neglected to mention this extremely important detail. This is one of the reasons we make pilots: to give completely inexperienced people like me practice before we’re given more responsibility and it costs the company tons of extra money:

When I apologized a million and a half times for making him do all that work, he redid it much closer to what I wanted. The steward walks across, trips Tulip, then gets all up in her face.

There were things I liked about this version and things I wanted to change a little bit. I liked the movement of the head, the timing, and some of the poses were all good, but I felt like I wanted the legs to be more of a constantly moving mass instead of sort of taking two massive steps. I also wanted the legs to sort of snake through the air, claw first, and then pound into the ground with every step.

I decided I would animate some of this myself, so I scanned in Rick’s drawings:

This is a layout guide that animators use when figuring out the sizing and movement of characters:

The problem is, it’s REALLY hard to keep track of all those legs! So over the course of a weekend, I took all the legs and drew over the top of them, each one getting its own color so it was be easier to follow. This showed me how many legs there were total, if there were any missing in any frames, and made them easier to watch and predict in general. I even ran out of colors and had to start using dotted lines. I then started adding legs, taking away others, and changing poses here and there, and generally finicking with what Rick had already done. I eventually ended up with this:

After I had that all figured out, I started drawing in the thicknesses of various legs and changing their timing here or there. That was a whole other bit of difficulty because I had to make sure legs were overlapping each other correctly and weren’t interacting in weird ways. For example, I had to make sure that in one frame if a leg was snaking by, in the next frame another leg didn’t go to where that first leg was, which would make it look like a leg was sort of standing still for a frame or two. Since I wanted each leg to have purpose wherever it was placed, I guess it kinda makes sense that I spent so much time on each individual leg? At least, that’s what I tell myself so I feel better about spending all my waking hours working on this one shot.

I went over it a couple more times, changing things here and there with my supervising producer (Mike Roth, of Regular Show, Rugrats, and Spongebob). Eventually we sent the animation off to Korea and they gave us this final shot!

So there it is!

This is just all part of the process. I wanted you to see this because often people have this idea that “cartoons are made with computers right?” which kind of flippantly negates the tons of man hours and people that have to craft all this stuff themselves, by hand.

Another thing to know is that no matter how much time you spend on something, nothing will ever be perfect, because while I was making this post I just saw that the handle on the door in the background is SUPER low. What’s it doing down there? It’s like a foot off the ground!

Here’s a link to the pilot if you haven’t seen Infinity Train yet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY6kfVWv01k

Things Taylor remembers

  • that fight, 2.30 am
  • thinking “are we out of the woods yet? Are we in the clear yet?”
  • it all too well
  • sitting by the water
  • all the city lights on the water
  • the slamming door and all the things that she misread
  • you driving to her house in the middle of the night.
  • what you said last night 
  • the look on your face lit through the darkness at 1:58
  • the swing of your step
  • him in flashbacks and echoes
  • when we broke up the first time  
  • when we couldn’t take the heat

Things Taylor wants other people to remember

  • when you hit the brakes too soon 
  • that our mums are getting older too
  • the footsteps and the words said
  • all your little brother’s favorite songs
  • her standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset
  • today is never too late to be brand new

What Taylor can’t remember

  •  what song it was playing when she walked in

“Vidal is very loving. I sometimes worry that he might be a bit too loving, and someone will take advantage of him one day. Anything that needs to be done, Vidal does it. He does laundry. He cooks. He cleans. He always tells me: ‘Mom, you rest. I’ll do it.’ One time he didn’t have any money to get me a gift for Mother’s Day, so he wrapped up some things we had around the house, and gave them to me.”

Things I've done/said while writing

• “Oh my God this is taking too long, just shut up and get to the fucking place already.”

• Forgets I have the power to make the characters get to the fucking place already

• Constantly checks word count to see if I’ve written as much or more than I had for the last chapter

• Opens doc and rereads to remember what I was planning to write and can never remember what I was planning to write

• Opens doc and immediately closes it

• Looks over already published chapters for inspiration and feel part of my soul die when I see it’s ridden with typos

• Dad: “What are you working on?” Me: “..A story?” Dad: “Oh! When do you plan on letting me read it?” Me: “I’m lying, I’m talking to a friend.”

• Panics after I’ve closed the doc without saving, forgetting that I use Google Docs

• Forgets how to spell the word ‘wet’

• “Can I say a character tied her hair into a ponytail? Are ponytails in fantasy settings still ponytails?”

• “Why can’t I just write this part already? I really want to write this part.”

• “How many times can I mention this story to my friends before I get them to read it or make them annoyed by it?”

• Looks up definition of a word several times just to make sure it means what I think it means

“Good. Now stop crying… idiot”

65 More Years
  • 65 More Years
  • Ron Pope

(65 More Years)

Happy Birthday, Makoto!! A sappy song thing for youヾ(´︶`♡)ノ

It’s kinda long, I’m sorry for stretching your dashes, especially if you aren’t into free! or makoharu!! ; v ;


skelizard not even your dragons are safe from me. I am UNSTOPPABLE.

No but I really like Phantom and his background. He’s some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌

We just hit half a million views on youtube! Thank you all so much! This is a huge milestone that won’t go unnoticed. I didn’t think I would get to this number in less than 6 days (much less 6 years!). Thanks so much for your time and interest and love!

Now I feel like I have to use this opportunity to say: GO VOTE TODAY! There are a lot of much more important things in the world than my pilot. There’s more to a ballot than just presidents too, there are local things that affect your life and your community in direct ways that you need to educate yourself on. It’s a little scary, stressful, and time consuming to figure it all out, but it’s gotta be done. Not just for you, but because the things you vote on affect other people too. 

Not voting is a decision on issues just as much as voting is. It means “I don’t care about the outcome.” There’s no message to be sent by not voting. No one will come and ask you “why didn’t you vote, so that next time I can better reflect your views?” The only thing they’ll see is what’s voted on. All you have to do is choose the options that, if they’re not your perfect ideal, at the very least they don’t make someone’s life worse than it already is.

So please vote! It’s something you can do to try and get some positive change in the world.


Just like … imagine what happens when Varric’s new book gets published and Lavellan finally finds out about it.

Also, the real reason we’re going to Tevinter. (This is the worst thing I’ve ever done and I’m sorry.)

Cassandra:  May I ask you something?

Lavellan:  Sure go ahead.

Cassandra:  It’s kind of personal.

Lavellan:  … OK.

Cassandra:  Is it true that you and Solas made love beneath the stars in an Elven ruin the night before we entered the Temple of Mythal?

Lavellan:  *blinks*

Leliana:  Oh, that was my favorite part too!

Lavellan:  … what.

Josephine:  It was really romantic.

Lavellan:  What is going on right now.

Cassandra:  *blushes* I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked. Forget about it.

Lavellan:  Uh, no. Someone needs to tell me what’s going on.

Leliana:  Varric’s new book has been published and-

Lavellan:  Varric’s. New. Book.

Cassandra:  Yes, and it’s lovely.

Josephine:  The title is somewhat lacking.

Lavellan:  He didn’t.

Leliana:  “This Shit is Weird: The Inquisitor Lavellan Story.” Yes, it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

Lavellan:  *puts her head in her hands*  Get a party ready. We’re going to Kirkwall.

Leliana:  You mean like a traveling party? Just you and Cass and Harding?

Lavellan:  No, I mean a fucking war party. We are burning what’s left of that shithole to the ground.

Cassandra:  Is it … is it also true that he still visits your dreams?

Lavellan:  What.

Cassandra:  That you see a great wolf in your dreams and when you hold out your hand to it-

Lavellan:  Are you shitting me right now.

Josephine:  Ooh, that part was so sad.

Lavellan:  This is not happening.

Cassandra:  If you are worried about the scene at the Temple, I assure you it was very tastefully done.

Lavellan:  Where is my sending crystal?

Leliana:  If you really want to storm Kirkwall, I should probably send a few scouts ahead.

Lavellan:  Where the fuck is my sending crystal?

Josephine:  It’s actually quite a sympathetic portrayal of your time as Inquisitor, as well as the Inquisition as a whole. I’m sure we could use this to gather support among-

Lavellan:  I FOUND IT.  *speaking to the crystal*  Dorian! Dammit, Dorian, I know you can hear me.

Dorian via crystal:  Hello?

Lavellan:  Dorian, did you read it?

Dorian:  Read what?

Josephine:   “This Shit is Weird: The Inquisitor Lavellan Story.”

Dorian:  Oh. That. Well I haven’t read the latest version-

Lavellan:  What. What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

Dorian:  Well I read some of the early drafts. Just for fact-checking, you know.

Lavellan:  Dorian, did you tell Varric about my dreams?

Dorian:  *long pause* I may have mentioned something about that-

Lavellan:  Fenedhis.

Dorian:  You know, that takes on an entirely new meaning now when you say it.

Lavellan: *long pause* Leliana, gather another war party. We’re storming Tevinter.

First.. what is it ?
Especially in England they dug up these bottles containing the materials i have written down below, research discovered that these where so called witch bottles, people made these and buried them under the doorstep of their houses to protect them against evil energies or curses.

- Little glass vial
- Black candle
- Hair,Urine,Blood,Nails from the one you want to protect
- War water, or just water
- Sage
- Black salt or just salt
- Sharp things, nails.. or i also put a cactus nail in it..

War water ?
War water is basically just water collected from a fierce thunderstorm and is a very aggressive protector against curses or negative energy.
Mostly people add mold, cayenne pepper or sharp things in it too.

First put everything in it, except for the black candle.. you only need the wax to seal it.
Take the vial in your hands and charge it with your intentions. meditate on what use you want it to have.
When it feels good your done !

The Signs as Bang Yongguk Quotes
  • Taurus: Life is like a piano. The white keys represent happiness and the black keys represent sadness. But as you go through life, remember that the black keys make music too.
  • Gemini: There is nothing you should give up on just because you have lost your way.
  • Cancer: Afraid that someone will catch onto my feelings, I always hide them deep into the corner of my heart.
  • Leo: It always seems impossible until it's done; a score does not define who you are as a person.
  • Virgo: I just don’t like irrationalities and unfairness. I believe that we need to talk about the things that are wrong. Our fans are young. And I don’t think there are certain things they shouldn’t know just because they’re young. I rather think that they need to get used to talking about society and things that are important when they are young because it will help them become better adults.
  • Libra: MAKE ART. NOT WAR.
  • Scorpio: Do what you like. Love what you do.
  • Sagittarius: I believe that working hard to perfect the parts you think are lacking is a must.
  • Capricorn: Alone we may be weak, but together we are strong.
  • Aquarius: A dream you dream alone is just a dream, but a dream you dream together is reality.
  • Pisces: Rather than a hundred words, I believe that you can know someone’s heart by looking at their eyes. I think it’s enough if I see sincerity and truth in someone’s gaze.

YouTuber playing Life is Strange, talking about Chloe Price

“To have friends like that, better not have them”

I strongly disagree…

…and I’ll explain why.

As a person who has had a lot of different friends, I find in Chloe a friend who I always wanted to have.

Chloe is a person with a difficult character. She is angry because she lost her father and her girlfriend. She feels lonely and she always tries to blame someone else when something doesn’t work out for her (this means that she is proud but insecure). She has her rage on, we all know it and maybe some of you hate that about her (I can’t include myself because I’d be hypocrite as I have my rage on too).


She will do whatever needs to be done for a friend.

Can’t we all agree that’s the most important thing when we have a friend?

Chloe owed a lot of money to Frank because she wanted to go away with Rachel, just in case “she showed up”.

Chloe tried to get money from Nathan because she wanted to go away with Rachel, just in case “she showed up”.

Chloe wanted to sacrifice herself for the town she hated. Moreover, she would sacrifice herself for Max, for her friend. She actually dies trying to find Rachel. She blames herself for not saving Max in the Dark Room. 

Now we can say that Chloe is not a selfish person. First reason to want her as a friend.

She is crazy

I love crazy and careless people. I love people who just don’t give a fuck about other’s opinion. Because they are the BEST people ever. They won’t listen to gossip about you, they won’t care about your hair, your clothes, your shoes… 

I love crazy people because they want to have fun and enjoy their life. I always say that Chloe is my spirit animal because I’d love to be so careless. I’d be happier for sure. Maybe, if I had a friend like her I would be happier because she’d try to do crazy things with me.

Midnight swim? Why the fuck not? I’m in. 

She is kind

I won’t say anything about this. Just see:

She is brave

Not everyone would defend you like Chloe defends Max. That’s something to think about.

I would write more and more about why I’d love having a friend like Chloe. But I think this is enough.

Keep calm and save Chloe Price

I’ve decided I need to be more spontaneous - stop thinking about things so much and just do them, or else nothing that I want is ever gonna happen. Like today, there were so many things I wanted to do - that I should have done - but I waited too long and missed my chance. So tomorrow I’m gonna try much harder to just do the things that I want - not think about it, so hopefully it will be better.