Arrow 4x13: a show about rings. It reminded me of something…  


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Religions in Game of Thrones 

I’ve been all over the world, my boy, and everywhere I go people tell me about “the true God”. They all think they’ve found the right one!


Alec’s face gets me every time. I wonder how he’d react to Magnus’ flirts/suggestive comments if no one else had been around.

So trying to get something from Alec. haha. A smile at least. In the 5th one he’s like “What? Still nothing? Damn!” xD


The wench had the right of it. He could not die. Cersei was waiting for him. She would have need of him. And Tyrion, his little brother, who loved him for a lie. And his enemies were waiting too; the Young Wolf who had beaten him in the Whispering Wood and killed his men around him, Edmure Tully who had kept him in darkness and chains, these Brave Companions.

When morning came, he made himself eat.

a song of ice and fire + book quotes. ( 1/??? )

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Friend, how to escape from Chen's gorgeousness. I don't know if I can survive through this.


step 1. you cannot
step 2. see step 1 

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oh my goodness I've had the birds backwards for as long as I've been following you. I though MIA was the little pale one omg........

haha nope! blue little Mia moo and grey little Zeeby beeb

Hi :) I’m pretty new to this fandom but I’m so in tune with Lucaya/Riarkle right now. The first thing I saw of this show was the Lucaya Texas almost kiss gif and it picked my interest. First because I was like wow so much chemistry! Then I asked and was told it was a Disney program, my mind was blown! I’m too grown to get into a kiddie program I said, haha! until I found out it was a sequel to one of my favorite Tv show growing up. I was done. I had to nexflix s1, now let’s just say I’m addicted and seriously the way i understand Tv and not to brag but I’m rarely ever watching with the failing side goggles, Lucaya and Riarkle (especially these two) are THE story. Those kids got it bad BUT they don’t understand any of the meanings behind their actions. Which is as simple as what the show is hammering on its audience anyway. Plain and simple.

I was so shocked once I started lurking the SM fandom stuff to see that there are people that legit don’t get that. Not judging but the story is selling it’s self and maybe it’s just my self righteous side talking but it’s not that well hidden or much of a puzzle if one is watching with a critical eye and not just surface level. The metaphors were clear from the Pilot! Literally.

Anyway, this has been longer than I intended but I had to make my gmw coming out party with a blog I’ve been reading and feel like gets it. Now that I’m all caught up on the show, it’ll be so much fun adding my two cents. I love your blog! *thumbs up*


Haha, yeah. It’s not THAT well hidden once you know what you’re looking at. Welcome to the fandom and we’ll see you in the rabbit hole!

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Well I had my first full blown breakdown in a while, not to mention it was in the middle of the school day. So yeah *ha haha ha* my day was Greeaaaat.

awww im sorry:( do you wanna talk about it?

heres a cute gif of tyler to help you feel a bit better (its not my gif)

It’s you that I’ve been waiting to find

Gif’s not mine!

Fandom: The Hobbit
Pairing: Bofur x (dwarf!)reader
Genres: fluff
Words: 1.035
Request: Anonymous: I love your work! Especially the ones with Bofur. Do you think i could request a bofur x reader fic of having their first kiss? After developing feelings and fluff haha!
Notes: I hope you like it, love, please, enjoy! :)

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[ reaction ] When their crush asks out another members

Anonymous said:Hi can i hv a bts reaction to their crush confessing to another member?

A: Hello! and this is gonna be sad sadly (haha) - Admin Queen


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The final bell finally rung, and Jin took out his homemade food he had made this morning just for you.

He entered the lunchroom to find you but you weren’t anywhere to be found. He rushed out of the room running into the garden clutching his lunchbox. He halted when he saw you and hobi hugging each other.

“Of course I’ll go out with you!” hobi announced in a happy voice. Jin stared at his lunch, and walked away wanting to forget about his crush on you. 

Maybe hobi will make Y/N happier than I could..


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Hoseok had decided to use his advantage to come out to you. He had helped you with dancing for the past few weeks, and had caught some feelings while on the way. He wanted everything to be perfect, so he had set up a lunch with the help of Jin, and some music he wrote with the help of Yoongi.

You were running late so he had decided to text you. You immidiately responded when he asked “ where are you?” 

You responded by canceling the practice, because you were on a date with Taehyung. The one person he never told he had a crush on you, because Tae could ever keep a secret. Hobi sat there getting up and throwing the speakers on the floor due to his frustration, and had started to cry not holding back his emotions.


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Yoongi had took of restless nights of sleep and time to write the perfect song to confess to you to. He called you to the studio to finally tell you how he felt towards you.

You had to call yoongi to tell him you couldn’t come in to help him because Jungkook was taking her out after she confessed her feelings to Jungkook, breaking Yoongi’s heart. Staring at the song just reminded him of the indirect rejection you did, but he wasn’t mad because it was unintentional. It will probably take him a while before he can talk to you though. 


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[ i feel sad lol ]

Taehyung had bought you a big stuff bear and wanted to get his love for you off his chest. He went to your apartment in hopes to confess to you there. When he got off the elevator, and saw you and Namjoon embracing each other.

“Thank you Y/N.” Namjoon whispered into your ear. Taehyung quickly pressed the close button before you could see him, and tears soon dripped down his cheeks on his shirt. 

I was too late…


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Namjoon unlocked the door to the bangtan dorm, happier than 300 Jhopes combined together. He carried a gift basket with your favorite candies and gifts. He waltzed in deeper into the dorm to see Jimin and you having a conservation with each other. 

“J-Jimin I really like you..” you blushed confessing to his best friend ad band mate. He has never talked to Jimin about him having a liking towards you, so Jimin like any guy agreed, shattering Namjoon’s heart into millions of pieces. 

Let’s move on..


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Jimin was giddy, and felt he could spill all of his feelings for you. Little did he know it was gonna be thrown away like a banana peel. He had prepared a couple necklace for the both of you, and your favorite candy alongside with it. He had told you to meet him at the front of the office, but when he arrived he saw Jin molded into your small frame.

“Thanks for confessing Y/N, I was nervous to say anything to you.” 

Jimin felt a gush of water travel down his cheek, and he watched as you and Jin left the building. He coudn’t believe you forgot about him. It just further make him crumble in the inside and outside. 

He threw the necklace into the trash missing it by a little making it clink on the floor.


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Jungkook traveled through the hallway with his confection in one hand, and your favorite drink in another.

Jungkook has finally decided to confess to you after 2 years of standing by, and hearing all of your break ups. As he open the door to the studio, he saw you and yoongi laughing and chatting with one another, when you asked him “ Yoongi will you go with me for coffee sometime?”

Jungkook slowly slipped out the room, and into a nearby office and slouched down on one of the gray, wool chair. He was devastated to find out you didn’t have any feelings for him, and proceeded to throw away the chocolate he had picked out just for you.

I feel like I screwed up your request because I got carried away, but I hope you liked it. Also always read Guidelines before requesting my fellow peeps ( No Im not talking to you the person who requested this is just a friendly remnder)- Admin Queen