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I adore all of your writing, but what I am most grateful for are your "Missing Scene" fics. You always find these little moments that the show forgot or couldn't include. I always, always wish they could be canon, because you write them so beautifully and the voices of the characters are spot on. I have just seamlessly folded them into my memory of Emma and Killian's love story, and they will always be there.

I heart you like woah. 


what happens when hodong asks a shy joonyoungie to sing “you and me”

+ heechul mimicking his friend

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bts reacting to their s/o insecure about their relationship and feeling that they don't really like her and they're only dating said s/o bc try feel bad for her, etc. ? ty <3

ayy, sorry for taking so long D: but here you go, I hope you like it~

kim seokjin

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Jin would immediately try to reassure you that his feelings are a 100% true and that there’s no need to be insecure about your relationship. However, he wouldn’t overdo it since that would only support your misconception about his intentions. Instead, he’d be more attentive to your emotions and would gently remind you of the reasons he loves you for when you’d need to hear it the most. He’d probably even pamper you a little too much from time to time after finding out about your worries since he’d really want you to feel as comfortable around him as he does around you. 

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This is for the amazing Kelli! I am so happy for you. As soon as I saw this video on my YouTube, I was thrilled and of course I had to gif it haha :D Anyways Kelli you’re awesome, I love you! Believe me I am in love with Ellen if this was someone else, I would die of jealousy :p Hope you’ll like this!

And Ellen, my darling, you’re an angel. 

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