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#23 Steve rogers, Bucky or Pietro. Which ever is fine all of them would be amazing haha thanks

23. The skirt is supposed to be this short.

A/N: I did Pietro, I hope that’s okay!

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“Babe, are you almost ready? We have to leave in five minutes.” Your boyfriend, Pietro called out to you from downstairs. Tony had invited you to a Christmas gala at his new home. At first, you didn’t want to go, but of course Pietro convinced you to accompany him.

“Yes, I’ll be down in a minute!” You replied, adding some finishing touched to your makeup and fluffing up your hair. You smoothed down your white skirt that you purchased for the occasion. As you sauntered down the stairs, Pietro’s jaw dropped.

“Wow. Y/N, you look… you look-” He stuttered before you cut him off.

“Oh great, you don’t like it? I’ll go change.” You started to head toward the stairs, but Pietro gently grabbed your arm. “No, babe, wait. I love it, you look beautiful. It’s just your skirt…” He said quietly.

“What about it?” You said raising an eyebrow.

“Did you pull it up higher? Or did you get it hemmed?” 

You let out a light chuckle. “Pietro, the skirt is supposed to be this short.”

“Oh, it is? Well, um, if you don’t mind me asking, could you maybe pull it down a little?” He said, scratching the back of his neck.

“Baby, I bought a short skirt like this for a reason, so I’m sorry but I’m not going to pull it down. Now, let’s go before we’re late.” You said grabbing his head and walking towards the door.

“Fine.” He said following closely behind you. He came to a sudden stop right when you reached for the doorknob. “Just to let you know, if I catch any guys looking at you in a way I don’t like, I’m going to take that skirt off for you when we get home.” He whispered in your ear as he walked past you and out the door.

! members announcement post !

thank you again to kaiya @bilbothorin for making the header gif for me !!

hi everybody, i’d like to start off by thanking all the people who applied, as i had so much fun going through all the responses !!! you guys are so sweet ;O; unfortunately, i had to cut the majority of applicants in order to reach the 15-20 members mark, so please don’t feel discouraged if you didn’t get in the first time !! the response to this net has been incredible which means i’ll definitely reopen another round of apps in the future 💜 and without further ado: here are the members for thetchallanet:

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Yay ヾ( ´ ∀`)ノ゙ then how would bangtan react if they see their gf dancing to Dr Feelgood by RANIA? (I'm so addicted to this song lately, haha) - curious anon

Actually I had to listen to the song I knew it but at first didn’t sound familiar. Ok let’s go.


The music will just come on the music Chanel and he would start dancing on it when she comes in the room.He would probably sit in the couch, trying to hide his boner, gasping and panting as she does more and more sexier but when he wouldn’t resist anything he would stand you and pin her against the wall, telling her:”What if you let me be your Dr. Feelgood?”

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His gf would start this when he is absorbed in the kitchen, working on something and at first, not really realizing he would start dancing, moving his butt slightly at the rhythm, with his back turned to her. As she sees he doesn’t care, she comes closer, eventually reaching him and hugging him from behind as she let’s her hands dart over his entire abdomen, going lower to grab his bulge. He would jump in surprise but mischievously smile as he realizes, action after which he would turn around to ask her: “I see you are more into games than eating. Fine, be it like you tonight. I’m all yours.”

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She would start dancing while he lays like a potato in the couch, looking at the TV. At first he would be a bit mad because she probably interrupted his favorite show but once he sees her dressed sexy and rolling her hips left and right, approaching him he would inhale her need. He would want to fuck her right there but he would just stay there, looking at her in awe, not knowing what to do because there is the battle inside his head between Should I fuck her? and Should I sleep?

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Ok so this thing would probably happen out of the blue while he is at the studio. She would probably organize a little surprise for him, sneaking the song inside his practice playlist and once the song starts to play she would come in the room, making his smile, smile that vanishes as he sees her dressed really sexy and with high heels she lets buzz on the ground. He would be found panting due to the hard training, but he wouldn’t relax seeing her like so, the material of his pants would start to mold over his rising bulge and without knowing he would join her on the dance floor, guiding her hips as she moves them against his hardness. He would spin her around and smile as he caresses her face. “What did I do to deserve such an amazing girlfriend?”

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His video game would be interrupted by the video of her dancing on that song. At first he would be mad because he didn’t get to save the game but as he looks closer at the video he sees her face and immediately gets interested. After one minute of video, it will all stop, making him whine but the song would start playing in the background and she would come from over the corner dancing. As much as he would love seeing her moving that little sexy body, he would get up and take her to the bedroom. “How dare you tease me so much?”

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Hmm, he would react like a mix between Taehyung and Namjoon, not at all a sweetie as Hoseok, he would jump on her because the need would grow too much inside him. It would all happen when they would go to bed. Jimin would sit there, with her face in his hands, blinking adorably at her and suddenly her phone starts to sing, sound that would get her up and make her flirt with him. His smile will not fade and he would watch just the half of the dance, his crotch too needy for her to touch it. He would get up and push her in the bed. “You should have just told me you wanted to play, kitten.”. She would pout, saying:”I wanted to show you I can dance, I wanted to surprise you.” but he would smirk.”Oh, I knew you can dance and you did surprise me, too bad I won’t be Dr Feelgood for you tonight, but more of a Daddy Feelgood.”

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This would be more intense because the song would start playing in the background when they are out shopping. As most couples do when they go shopping, they just part, each one with their own business. It would happen for him to be closer to her when the song starts and he would stare at her and they way she moves unconsciously. He would wait and bite his lip, stare and wipe his eyes trying to make sure it’s his gf that it’s moving the way he loves. He would eventually come from behind, hug her at first and then take the hair away from her ear, coming closer and whispering:”You want a sex scene in public? Because I can so work with it babe.”

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Hope it was ok ;-; I am nervous ok..


Ok. A ghost face for you, and a face insert… Gif of Sam Winchester- it made me laugh so hard I had tears streaming down my face. So you get me laughing instead of the normal pic haha.

Good morning 😉😘😂

Hope it can give you a good chuckle too ❤️❤️

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kyttwrites said: OMG is he wearing a kilt?! oh dem legs!! DIES.

haha tbh i don’t know if it’s a kilt or just a plain black skirt, probably someone out there knows the difference but either way it’s the same outfit wentworth posted on instagram a few months ago with the hashtag #newthreads so i guess he really liked it :)

i’d been wondering why we hadn’t seen captain cold wear that on screen and thought maybe it had been cut out of an episode but it seems based on jordan roberts’ photo that he did wear it in an aired scene in ep 1x14 “river of time” and the show cropped the kilt/skirt out of the shot for some reason:

thanks to the anon who pointed out what scene it was from, i was blanking.

Side To Side (Gilinsky)

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  • Request: Please could you do the cliché imagine where you and JackG girlfriend just do not get on well and the girlfriend starts a fight but JackG take her side over yours until they realise you are right and that they’re in love with you. (Thanks for the request anon!)
  • Disclaimer: Gif creds to owner.
  • A/N: ariana’s new album is fire as fuck wow
  • Check out: master list & fan fic

♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢

When I gave this party, I thought I made it clear that I didn’t want any sense of Madison Beer in my property.

Apparently it wasn’t clear enough since Gilinsky had his girlfriend far up his blind ass. “Is she allowed to drink?” I asked Sam as I glared at the face sucking couple.

Before you say ‘it’s jealousy’, haha hell no.

My best friend is too fucking blind to see she’s playing him really hard. Hell, everyone except for him saw it.

So no, it’s not jealousy. I just don’t want my best friend to get hurt. But it was too late now.

“Of course not.” He laughed as he sipped his beer. “It’s not even legal for them to have sex, let alone drink.” I chuckled and shook my head.

“Should I say something about it?” I asked one of my best friends.

But since this was Sam Wilkinson, this advice wasn’t a good idea. Before he could open his mouth, I interrupted him, “Don’t. I never take your advice again, not after last time.”

He burst out laughing and I rolled my eyes while walking away from him, leaving him still laughing his ass off.

When I walked towards the booze, Jack G pulled my arm, “Yo,” I gave him a nod in greeting, “thanks for inviting Mad.”

I glanced over at her. “I didn’t. You did.” I said while drinking my beer.

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I'm from Puerto Rico and its so funny to me how Seb just said that. We usually say that to a very attractive person hence Sebastian Stan lol!!>.< I just had to inform this because of the previous anon.

Exactly! Thank you! Haha I saw the gif and I literally had to see him say it because omg how cute XD I am from Honduras but grew up around a lot of people from the Caribbean, so I grew up knowing what ‘papi chulo’ meant lol. And it’s basically so fitting for Bucky. 

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I mean, ahem, come on. I’m so glad he knows what ‘papi chulo’ means lol. 


160513 @ B.A.P Live On Earth London!
So, here’s a video of all the times Yongguk, Youngjae, Jongup and Zelo would suddenly come to my side and just …kill me rip I had to remove the sound because…as you may guess, too much noise haha
Can be giffed but credit is a MUST! (either link to the original video or my blog) !


Okay I know I’m late to gif this Vine, but I think I had to for these reasons: 

  1. Luis rubbing Geri’s hair
  2. Look how innocent and non-mischevious Neymar looks in the first gif
  3. Now look at him in the second gif
  4. Geri’s reaction looks like he’s ready to throw down
  5. Mascherano looks fine af but that’s just a personal observation… 
  6. Who decided to put Leo in between the two tallest members of the team??
  7. Poor Andres and Masip… haha 

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If you had to totally guess, who do you think would have made the first move? I've heard totally legit theories for both, but i wanna know what you think :)

Who made the first move, eh? Oh, let me tell you…


Also… if cockles is not your thing… umm maybe don’t read this post haha.

To answer this as accurately as I can, we need to review their personalities, but more importantly how those personalities are altered when in the presence of each other.  (Disclaimer: I am in NO WAY a behavioral analyst professional)

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HAHA no wonder you had a hard time picking. Both gifs are awesome! I love the fact that THAT is how you face an episode of ED every day...what have Robron reduced us to?!? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Oh my dear Henrietta,

Now it’s no longer a novelity… 

For better or for worse, Robron has taken over my life. 

Each episode begins like this

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 and ends like this:

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Triple Threat - Part 15

[Parts 1-14]

Here it is! I know it’s been SOOO long since I’ve updated this series, but I just got inspired to finish the chapter today. As for the gif (which I don’t own and found through google images like always), I couldn’t find a good one so I settled on finding one of an angry/annoyed girl, and of course I thought of Claire Holt/Rebekah Mikaelson from TVD/TO because she’s the perfect candidate! Haha. Plus, she’s drop dead gorgeous! :)

It had been three days since Isaac had been admitted into the hospital, and you hadn’t seen much improvement in his condition. Even though he was still in the ICU, most of the nurses and doctors had started to feel bad and pity you so they were now letting you go in and sit with Isaac at least once every couple of hours. And, that’s exactly what you’re doing now…

“Let’s see, what’s new?” You sigh under your breath while reaching forward and pushing Isaac’s hair up and away from his forehead. “Oh, Stiles had himself committed to Eichen House. From what the others told me, he’s the one doing all this. The nogitsune is possessing him…” You bite your lip while letting your eyes take in your boyfriend’s beautiful face. It was hard to wrap your mind around the fact that Stiles, even though possessed, had done this to Isaac. Even partially burnt though, Isaac was still the most handsome boy you’d ever seen.

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