Keep It Safe - For @turquoiseterrier - because I just really want to bring everyone down after the wedding high. haha. sorry

So…considering that Thursday preview clip, this probably definitely won’t happen…and certainly not like this…and who knows if Robert will even get to go to court with Aaron in the first place…but…I wrote and drew this before I saw that clip anyway…so here it is… (though I did go back and change Robert’s outfit to match because I’m a crazy person….)

Robert is sitting on the edge of their bed, already showered and dressed for court. He was up early, not that they got much sleep anyway. It was their wedding night after all. With his heart in his throat, he watches Aaron move about the room getting ready, wondering how long it will be until they can be here in this room together like this again, or in their new bedroom at the Mill. It won’t be too long, he tells himself but he knows he’s mostly in denial, doesn’t stop him from trying to force the thoughts though. It still feels like he just got Aaron back and now he’s being ripped away from him again.

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You started drawing at the end of /junior year/? Thats amazing omg... considering that junior year is when you gotta apply for college, what gave you the courage to major in art/animation? Theres no way i would have felt confident enough if id only started that same year ;;;;

my brothers are tattoo artists and thats when I was getting real into cartoons and I had the thought ‘if I wanna see something, I could just make it myself’ and that hella motivated me lol

I’ve been having a bad day today for various reasons, but reading @sevi007s headcanon on Izukus first autographs really made me smile today, so I just couldn’t resist drawing something for it!

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Your blog is trash. When I clicked on it and saw the anthro tortured Mark I cringed until I had no chin. It's so gross to sexualise real people like that without their permission.

That’s totally fine, friend. But the torture stuff isn’t sexual. See, usually when you see something not inheriantly sexual as such, it’s you who are sexuallizing it. Was never my intention. Just me and my art. Let me tell you, Mark is a horror letsplayer. Torture is typically an aspect of horror. So, reasonably, some people might want to draw dark stuff.

Honey, this is my blog and these are my skills and I will do whatever the hell I damn please with that. There has been way worse stuff I’ve drawn that will never see the light of this blog. 

And, Mark himself has seen these posts, EVEN ONCE reblogging a torture piece. See, if this grown ass man had a problem, he’d speak up about it, darling. He’s done it before, and he’ll do it again. 

And your hateful ass is not welcome in this community.

ps: Funny, you come at me with this hate on ANON like the goddamn coward you are.

Hi guys! This is a sketch of Bravat ‘n Lizzy from Kuroshitsuji :-D The current arc has been sOOO interesting, so i had to draw something ;w;

Idk if you like it guys! So, do you want me to finish this sketch?

Hey Everyone! (Please read)

So i had a plan to make a face reveal at 30 followers but to show that i Love and care about you all so much i wanna draw a picture of you all!
This Will be based on the respective Avatar you currently have so Please If you want something else just Send me a private message!
Thank you all once again! ❤️
(I might make separate drawings for My SU & jojo followers but What ever)
Thanks once again and hopefully it Will be Done in a few days! 😊

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Hey, I'm sorry to bother you, especially because you said you didn't want to talk about it, so please feel free to complete ignore this ask. But you are the only one who won't get me totally wrong and be upset, so I still wanted to ask. About the white-washing thing. Even if the artist had pictured Lance and Hunk as 'white' (I didn't even see the art) or a writer wrote about, I don't know, Shiro being African, or Pidge as Asian, it's still their headcanon isn't it? Why would that be racist?(1/2)

I mean, it’s not denying that Lance is Cuban in canon or implying it would be better if he was white and being Cuban is a bad thing(isn’t this what racism is about) why would it be okay to draw him as Altean but not as as ‘white’ or something else? (I really don’t want to offend anyone, I just want to understand the problem, and sorry if I’m too stupid to figure it on my own) thanks, and have a nice day!

Hey, it’s not stupid to ask questions! It’s good to think about these things and try to understand them. I’ve spent some time thinking about this so I’ll try to put my thoughts in order.

It IS funny how no one seems to have a problem with Lance being Altean, haha, given how awful this fandom is about racial issues. Then again, maybe someone IS upset and quietly seething over it. I have no idea.

But anyway. The reason changing Lance from being Cuban or Hunk from being Samoan and making them actually white or something is actually hurtful to real people is because it feels like something is being stolen. It’s about representation. The English-speaking world is definitely white-dominated, even in our entertainment, and though there have been some attempts to change it, that is still true and probably will be for as long as America (producer of a large portion of the world’s movies and tv shows and popular music) is majority white. So it’s hard for black people and brown people to find fictional characters who look and feel like themselves. And that’s a problem. Good representation isn’t just about having role models in media, like Uhura in Star Trek, but also just ordinary folks. Non-criminals. Non-majority race characters who have strengths and weaknesses and story arcs, who are funny and heroic and smart and interesting, who are more than tropes and stereotypes and object lessons.

Hunk and Lance are both fantastic characters. Say all you want about how Season 2 treated them, but they both have PERSONALITY. They are well-rounded. They are interesting. They have strengths and weaknesses and backgrounds and relationships. And that’s relatively rare for people with their skin color in visual media.

So changing their skin color and their race to match the majority of Americans (and no, not just playing with a piece of art or using a pastel palette), feels like erasure. It feels like something has been taken away, and that HURTS. I absolutely understand, and I would never, ever do something like that. I don’t want to hurt anyone.

I think there should be room for creativity. You should be able to imagine and write and draw whatever you want, even if it might be hurtful to someone. That’s freedom of speech, and no one should take that away. But we still want to be thoughtful and kind. We still don’t want to take away anything that’s important to other people. So yes, do whatever you want. But think about how it might affect someone else.

For some reason, white folks don’t seem to mind it when you turn white characters into different races. I certainly don’t care. Playing is fun. Probably because we have so many white characters we won’t miss a few. It’s an embarrassment of riches, really. We can deal with a few changes, or we should be. It’s harder for other folks, because they have less to lose.

That’s why I told my one nonny that if they had ACTUALLY hurt someone, they should apologize and do their best to do better in the future. Race is a tricky issue, and we need to be kind and sensitive. What I object to is the moral hysteria and lynch mobs ginned up by folks who were not personally wounded by some mistake or error, but are just looking for something to be outraged about because it feels good to have what they think is the high ground.

This feels like a subtle difference, but I hope my answer makes sense.

Real quick;

I have to move a couple of ppl from the #’s they chose cuz there are still.some blank numbers and I screwed up and wrote 13 instead of 12 cuz I’m an idiot

So here’s who I drew names to move (I literally had to draw out 1 or 2 names to see who I had to move from the numbers that had too much ppl)

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If you want to stay in your spot, let me know and I’ll try and figure something out without messing up the story

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// hi how are you guys? are you having a great day?

anyway, i have to talk about something. 

soo, this blog hasn’t been exactly active(some personal problems) and i want to say it was really stressful for me, i was trying really hard no to disappoint but in the end drawing for this blog doesn’t bring me joy as it had in the beginning, nor do i like the au anymore (my biased ass wanted taekook but oh well, life).

thank you so much for the support until now (i didn’t ever think i’ll get almost 600 followers!!) but i’ll have to delete this.  the thing is, i’m going to open another one, and i’ll colab with admin cata for that! we already know what the au is going to be about and it’s great ( i’m having a jeongguk one, she has hoseok). it’s going to be easier for me to have a just one member oriented ask blog(and i can at least draw gguk right, bless). i don’t know, i felt like i had to tell you guys and not just detele the blog right away. 

thank you again, and see you soon, i guess? 

So forever ago, @sloth-draws gave me the prompt “admire” so of course I had to do something for the ot3. This is silly but I hope you like it! Thank you again for letting me write your Aracari, I love him


This was altogether unfair. Dorian had just been minding his own business in the library attempting to get some work done when he happened to glance out of the window and all hope of concentration was immediately lost. He didn’t stand a chance. Ari and Elden were in the courtyard below sparring together; Ari all liethe muscle and fluid motion and Elden with his muscular bulk and strength. And they had even removed their shirts. Of course, the unusually hot weather could have been the cause of that, but Dorian had his suspicions.

He tried to turn away, to refocus on the book in his hand instead of the display below, but he could hear the clash of practice swords and the occasional laugh and inevitably his gaze was pulled back despite himself. Dorian never would have described either of them as cruel, but perhaps he had been too hasty in that assessment. To be doing this in clear view of the library windows they had to have planned this.

Dorian was gripped with the sudden urge to go join them. The three of them actually sparred together often, their different styles making things particularly interesting and resulting in it being educational as well as enjoyable. He quickly stomped that thought down however. He had important things to do and he most certainly did not feel left out. Besides, if they were trying to distract him, he was determined not to give in. It was a matter of pride at this point. He moved away from the window, trying not to listen, and just buried his face in his book.

Somehow he managed to succeed, becoming so engrossed in his studies that he didn’t even notice when silence fell outside. He didn’t realize they had finished until he heard the sound of laughter as Elden and Ari made their way into the rotunda. Dorian didn’t move to get up and instead lowered his book slightly to watch as they reached the top of the stairs, arm in arm, flushed from exertion but smiling and looking so content and happy. Dorian couldn’t help but smile but he was, however, disappointed to see they had both put their shirts back on. When their eyes fell on Dorian and he saw how they lit up, all other thought left his mind.

“Ah, I see you two have finally finished,” Dorian said, returning to his book, still stubbornly pretending to be uninterested. “I’ll have you know your little plan has failed”

“What plan?” Ari asked as he sat on the arm of Dorian’s chair. Elden dropped onto the ground beside them and leaned against Dorian knee. Dorian tried to suppress a sigh. Where they still at their little game then?

“Oh come now, the only way you could try harder to distract me is to carry me off. Really, practicing right outside the window was a bit much in my opinion.”

“Oh, I didn’t even realize,” Elden replied. He wasn’t the best liar and Dorian could see that he was being sincere.

“You shoulda joined us! Woulda been more fun than all this,”Ari said, gesturing vaguely at the piles of books and notes as he placed an elbow on Dorian’s shoulder as if he were an armrest. He didn’t seem to notice Dorian’s half-hearted glare, so he took Ari’s wrist and placed his arm around his shoulders instead.

“Wait, you didn’t think we were leaving you out, did you?” Elden asked suddenly, looking up at them with an adorably concerned expression.

“Don’t be silly,” Dorian said, leaning against Ari while he ran his free hand through Elden’s hair reassuringly. “If I wanted to join you both, I would have simply come down.”

“Still,” Elden said wretchedly.

“Maybe we shoulda asked first,” Ari said. “We could go another round now if ya want?”

“No, I certainly do not,” Dorian replied quickly. As unnecessary as it was, it was sweet of them to be so concerned.

They were all aware how easy it was to feel neglected with the three of them together, particularly when it was impossible to do everything together. Even after countless discussions, they were still so careful and Dorian couldn’t deny that it was endearing.

“We could help you with what you’re doing here then,” Elden offered. “As way of apology?”

“I think not,” Dorian laughed. Surrounded by them, their warmth and concern, he had once again lost all hope of concentration. Instead, he wanted to \ lighten the mood and wipe the concern from their faces. Perhaps he could afford to indulge a little. “Did you come here straight from the training ring? You are both thoroughly disgusting. How about we go get you both cleaned up, hmm?”

Dorian may have been exaggerating a touch, but it did the trick and the two of them seemed to relax again as Dorian disentangled himself from them and ushered them both towards the stairs. Once on their feet, Dorian looped his arms in theirs, feeling warm and content and oh so very fond and determined to make sure they knew how happy they made him.

I was supposed to share this one when I finish but this sketch is cursed. For real. I had to start over at least 4 times. IF or WHEN I finish it I cannot tell but I hope I will be able to ink it soon…

I wanted to make Strelok look badass but I overestimated my understanding of perspective a little; I mean, this looked way cooler as wallpaper than drawing, really xd There’s something wrong with his face, I don’t know. Or rather, there is something wrong with everything :v

It’s supposed to be CNPP in the background. I mean, me and backgrounds. And a thunderstorm. Why am I doing this to myself…

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A few days ago I was going through @viria's nsfw account and I saw a Reigisa drawing that was _veryy_ similar to a Phanart I had seen recently.... I think the drawing was retraced. recolored or something, so idk if I should do something about it because it might take some time to find it again.. btw love you so much vic <333333

Yes you should try to contact her if you truly believe it’s traced from your art (but i know I’ve had this happen in the past, and it was just because we’d both used the same reference >.<) Good luck!

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(Art anon) I wasn't comparing fat people to anything, I was just saying that people draw different things and concepts. I'm also not talking about sexual art. 1/2

So by this logic - if I’m fatphobic for not drawing fat people, I’m also ableist for not drawing disabled people? Am I misandrist for drawing only woman? Am I homophobic for drawing man and woman kissing? 2/2

You literally compared fat people to something. You literally stated that fat people are as interesting to draw as bugs. 

And following your questions:

I’m also ableist for not drawing disabled people?

If all your characters are able bodied, yes of course it is ableist. Like… even when I was a boy and I had this whole story for a manga that I thought I would draw some day… Even then that i didn’t know anything about social justice I had blind characters, deaf characters, characters without one arm or without legs, characters with chronic illnesses…

Am I misandrist for drawing only woman?

Usually it is the opposite. Especially for male artists. Say Milo Manara or Frank Cho. Focusing and objetifying/sexualizing the female body.
Women, or non cis artists filling their works with good female characters is not misandry. It is an act of justice because of the unbalance between male and female representation in the arts and the media. 

Am I homophobic for drawing man and woman kissing?

Again, you said you “are not interested in drawing fat people” so I’m guessing that with this example you mean you aren’t interested in drawing gay people neither. So of course you are a homophobic pos. DUH.

- Mod Guillermo

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Do you take commissions?

// I’ve actually never taken RLC before because I feel like I stress myself out over commissions too easily haha. The most I’ve done ‘commission’-wise were probably for avatar sites like gaiaonline??? But that was for like fake currency or art trades, so it’s a lot different than RLC. (But even those still stressed me out) I feel like I just have a higher standard of what I expect out of myself if I ever had to do RL commissions because it’s for actual money. That and I have no clue what to charge lol

That being said, I find it easier to draw for myself opposed for other people– which is why I don’t really see myself doing commissions unless if something drastic changes in my life. (I usually give out freebies instead because there is no pressure on me LMFAO)

However, I have been dabbling with the thought of creating & selling BTS themed charms in the future, but I’m not sure how many people would be interested in buying. :>