I didn’t have a lot of time to draw something up formally, but!! I found some of my favorite sketches of my favorite character: Commander Peepers! Going into the show, I didn’t think he’d be that important of a character to remotely care about. 

But man that all changed when I hit “The Funk”. Suddenly Peepers was (to me) more relatable than any character I had come across on the show. If I had to describe him I would say he is ambitious, loyal and fierce!! 

I still have a firm belief that Peepers has a lot more to do with Hater’s past than they let on. Which is why I so desperately want a season 3!! @savewoy @disneyxd

Well this took longer than it should have. Not the drawing, I mean, the process. I tried to figure out how my scanner worked and had to find a flash drive and then it turned out it was all for naught because the thing was too light for the scanner to pick up. :/

Anyway! I figured I’d draw Error since he doesn’t get nearly enough love. This is the first time I’ve submitted something via computer so I don’t know how this’ll work. I guess I’ve talked your ears off (of not? I dunno what the skele version is.) by now. Buuuuuuuut, I wanna make an Error fanclub! (Y'know, since Cherry’s got one and I looove Error. Platonically, I mean.) Maybe I’ll draw Geno too sometime. Well I'mma go now ‘cause I’m socially awkward and don’t know how to end here properly…


(Aw he looks so cute!!! QuQ I wanna finger hug him! #LoveTheSweetheartBby)

Hello, long time no see again orz

I have been taking a break from social medias, tumblr mostly because I have been experiencing some up and downs (in which most are due to money trouble and my inability to draw aha–) and I’ve been receiving hate messages through tumblr every time I submit an illustration so… 

I think I got scared in submitting doodles and such in tumblr due to that. I know that its silly I mean well getting scared of uploading stuff unto tumblr pfft but in reality that is what had happened. Every time I wanted to post something to tumblr, I always have this thing weighing on my mind.

“Will I get more hate asks after this?” 

It’s depressing and I have been a mess with my real life lately…
I can be a douche bag at times like this and to tell you the truth, I don’t want you guys to see it. 

I really don’t want you guys to see any of it.

Again, I’m terribly sorry if I haven’t been active or that I haven’t been replying to your mentions, asks and messages. I will try to reply to them all as best as I can.

Hopefully I can get back to drawing more Hidekane fluff as fast as I can..
I really misses drawing doodles of my favorite OTP and though I did manage to draw 12 keychain designs (Again, I had money trouble so I had to..) I had to force my hand to do it even though its still in no condition to, thus why my hand got worst and I had to take pain killers to cease the pain whilst before I don’t have to…

I’m trying to rest my hand at the moment, it’s not as bad as first but again, let me say how sorry I am for my inactiveness in this blog.

But first and foremost please remember that I love you all.

Thank you for being there for me when I had just started out in tumblr.
Thank you for the warm welcome.
Thank you for leaving messages in the tags when you reblog my illustrations, I read all of them and they cheered my gloomy days.
Thank you for making me, me.
Thank you for giving values to my life.
I only have drawing and without them I am probably nothing.

Without you I am really nothing.

Soooooo a year ago yesterday, I had first shared the test comic pages for DEITIES, and it was also the day I had publicly “debuted” the project online! It’s been nice to make more progress on the project since then, and with getting more accustomed to drawing the different characters.

This practice sketch was meant to be of how Set’s designed appeared in the test pages, where he had longer hair and more kingly regalia. I mentioned some time ago in a DEITIES ask that Set’s hair length and style has varied over his lifetime, tho this is about as long as he’s ever had it in DEITIES verse.

Ironically, I think the sketch looks better with color, and I’m tempted to give it another try one day with Set and the other deities, when I have the time and patience for something more polished. For now though, I’ll share this one just for the occasion.

(( Also casual reminder that the askbox has reopened for the upcoming month of September – check out the current theme and guidelines and feel free to submit your questions! ))

queenofthefaces  asked:

Ok but AU where lance sees Keith and rolo flirting and he instantly gets REALLY JEALOUS so he turns his attention from nyma to rolo, so Keith and lance are both competing over rolo, and then nyma is like "dude wtf he had me first" so now she and rolo are playfully competing over the boys and it has lots of sexual tension and ends with Keith and lance locked in a closet together while rolo and nyma steal their lions

Lance: sees Keith flirting with Rolo


ok,, but what if Lance goes over to Keith and Rolo and crashes their party, Nyma and Rolo just exchange looks like “oh my fucking god these kids have it bad for eachother”

Rolo is working on his ship and Lance and Keith are just competing for his attention and Shiro is just watching from afar like “i am a concerned Dad”

meanwhile Nyma goes off to chat with the cute Altean princess because *bangs fists on the table* god damn it i need more Allura/Nyma in my life

emberrose413  asked:

You know.... A lot of people make requests for drawings from they're favorite artists. But I have an unusual request. I want you to make something that YOU want to make. Something that YOU have been looking forward to but nobody had requested. Because the feelings of our artists matter, and they might just not be happy if they can't draw what they want. So I want to give you the opportunity to make anything you want.

O-oh… that’s very kind of you ;u; Thanks for caring! 
I’m so happy when I get feedback, I know someone likes  what I draw. It might sound ridiculous but as long as I can make others happy with what I draw I’m okay.
Anyways, if I want to draw something just for myself I will, because why the hell not? But I don’t post it because usually it’s ignored so I don’t think posting it makes any sense (i post for you all, so I get the feeling that’s not what you want to see).

But really, thank youuu ♥

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Happy early birthday, @crazylovetangoplus! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

I was originally planning to add Micah (plus a few more), but:

  • I couldn’t find any faces that would fit for Micah??
  • I’ve had little energy, and I didn’t want this to be late. c’:

Plus I thought I’d pay you back for drawing something for my birthday!! (σ≧∀≦)σ

So, have some chibi/emoji children. xD

anonymous asked:

(the asks are disabled on your 'other' blog, so... ) I like how detailed are their hands and hair and then, going down... It seems that you got embarrassed and drew Yama's butt quickly (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

hahahahaha is it really that obvious that i got embarrassed??? 😂😂 anything beyond the waist is a weak spot for me to draw in general, so i tend to put more effort in the head area since it’s something i’ve had more practice drawing + i’d much rather people focus on that area than, well… other parts… 😂 i need to put in more practice when it comes to drawing anatomy, so i should really stop focusing on just the face though… maybe in my next drawing, i’ll have more confidence!!!