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Does Dement09s account has been hacked? Her homepage says: "if you repost my art, please credit me" or smthing

That’s the hard decision she had to make after all that mess, honestly there is no way one person can delete and report that incredible amount of reposts and accounts in just a day unless you are Globemon cuz that appmon is powerful af.

Lets be honest, we can’t keep an eye in the whole damn internet so there is no way we can see every single repost and yeah, it’s tiring to report the few ones we know about (that’s why I don’t do it) so one just gives up. She changed that description now tho.

Rabbit Applegate (for anonymous ♥)

soulmate: clumsy, vegetarian, loves outdoors
eyes (non-default), skin overlay (collection), nose mask, eyelashes, eyebrows (set #02), mouth corners, lips (pop - low opacity), hat, jeans.

download (woops forgot to include this at first)
you can also nab ‘em on the gallery if you search origin id: woodscales
(be sure to have advanced: include custom content ticked)

With all of the roiling emotions and drama surrounding him since even before the Devil’s Haze incident, Pendles found himself tired.  His head hurt and his heart ached, leaving him drained and sluggish.  He could not seem to work on the knots and coils that formed with every new feeling and decision he has made.

Pendles, the solitary predator that he intrinsically was, needed a break from the complexities of interacting.  So, he gathered as many missions, patrols and contracts he could fit into his schedule to disappear for just a few days.

It felt like a vacation, a restful peace from activity and a reminder of a simpler time.

Waging Wars (Happy x Reader)

Well this came out of nowhere. Definitely didn’t plan for this to happen but here’s a continuation of After the Storm

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Playlist: Use Somebody - Kings of Leon

All heads turned as the shiny black Mercedes G-Class truck pulled into the compound. It wasn’t every day that a car this expensive rolled in. I scanned the area, pausing to take in all the faces sitting outside the clubhouse. There was a blond that I would bet my life was Teller, but I couldn’t know for sure unless he looked up. Everyone else was someone I didn’t recognize from my days as an Old Lady. I guess things had changed. More than I had originally though.

I advanced forward, turning my gaze to the shop. A tall kid, with thick glasses and a blank cut pushed off his stool and began making his way towards me. Turning off the radio, I rolled down my window. I waited until he approached and he greeted me with a welcoming smile. It was jarring. You wouldn’t expect a kid, wearing a cut no less, to seem this friendly.

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Odd story: I wasn't able to watch TFP for about a week after it aired, so I avoided Tumblr. Then I clicked on a link to one of your old posts, which I figured would be safe; but when I saw your new URL I immediately knew what had (or rather hadn't) happened in TFP. It was actually really nice, because instead of being slowly crushed watching the episode I was momentarily crushed but was immediately immersed in TLS theories, which had taken form by then. So, um, thanks for your URL change :)

Ha! Well thanks! And you’re welcome I guess? 

I was really bummed out for like a week or two after, but now that I’m knee waist neck deep in ARG and I’ve taken some time to rationalize that it really doesn’t make sense for there to be nothing else coming, I’m really starting to miss my old URL..

↠ ↠ Araleen Mahariel, Hero of Ferelden


Archetype: The Shield

Tarot: The Chariot // Willpower, achievement

Motto: Ductus exemplo // Lead by example

Represented By: The Column //  Fortitude and constancy

Self Description: “Expendable”


Armed With: Sword and shield (Dumat’s Spine - Bulwark of the True King)

Accompanied By: Morrigan, Wynne, Zevran or Loghain

Strategy: Overpower, War Cry, Carapace

Catchphrase: “Νο.”


Core Desire: A purpose

Talent: Commitment, perseverance

Tragic Flaw: Selflesness

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Ahhhhh so maybe more then a year ago I realized I was hella ace due to lack of sexual attraction to really anything and my parents would always say "you're gonna wanna do it eventually" and I'm just "hahhahahahahahah what" and I tried explaining to my mom how I felt and it went sort of astray? She kind of had this look of disbelief like almost as if me not wanting to have sex was a strange new concept and I don't know.. It makes me feel bad? Like I know for a fact I really don't feel that way...

I’m kinda in the same boat but I haven’t even had the change to bring up asexuality with my mom, who is very science-y and technical and will probably bring out the “just wait until you find the right person” argument.

I think you just gotta learn to live with comments like those, as abrupt as it sounds. I would try to educate her about it more, if possible.

a Mumford and Sons song came on in my headphones and I burst into tears even though it’s a song I dislike. Fuck a good chord change. I had a really bad night by myself after everyone else went to bed (an Episode w memories lmao) but I am glad people still care for me even when I fuck myself up via my own brain,I’ll be happy this afternoon. Rn I am eating bad cafeteria food. 

  • Unravel
  • Ganguli // springdaes

(yes this is unravel from tokyo ghoul, so it does get a LOT louder to the chorus please turn your volume DOWN)

here we are again, those half-assed, half covers– smh @ me… 

anyway, this is still one of my favourite animes and honestly, one of the BEST opening tracks. the beginning is so rough jfc foiawnfoiawnefoienfaoiefn but– after that it was pretty okay– ah, anyway, hopefully one day I’ll be able to sing this song properly, because I had to change the pitch tbFh– but yeah, i hope you liked it !!!

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Dear person I had a crush on....

Had as in past… let’s see.

You were super cool, and honestly, we probably would be dating at this point if I hadn’t changed my mind on you.
We had so much in common, it was insane. But the one thing we didn’t have in common was our belief in God, and that’s the most important thing. I can’t date an atheist, I just know it would never work.
I wish we were still friends, we have almost an entire season of two shows to discuss. But you’ve made it pretty clear with your silence that you’re not interested. I’m still praying for you.


So, I had changed my clock last night in New Leaf and forgot to change it back. Because of that, the time in my game was off by a couple hours. I actually woke up at around 7:45 a.m. this morning, meaning the time in my game was set to 5:45 instead. I got to experience the daily town refresh this morning as a result! :3

Read please?

I just want to say to le cars fandom that I’m so happy to be a part of it and I love y'all so freaking much cuz ya guys are way better than the friends I had irl 

 Le fandom has changed me a lot better with the sweet, great friends I have met on here, really! I wish to meet you all irl and give you the tightest hug ever and tell you how much I’m thankful to have you in my life.. 

 I just have been through a lot lately but you guys are,,,amazing, I really don’t know what would I do without this fandom nor ya guys.. 

 Ik ik I seem the quiet type who doesn’t even share a thing with ya all but ya guys are doing just, perfect????? I don’t know what to say really just excuse my shyness… 

 Ilysm all,,,

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If you could travel in time, would you go backwards or forward, how much, and would you stay there if you could bring all the people that are important to you with you?

uhhhhhh actually if I could choose I wouldn’t go anywhere rofl

because a) if I went back in time, as a woman I wouldn’t have all the rights I have now, I’d pretty much be an object or a trophy etc ect 
b) I’m not fond of advanced technology and I wouldn’t like to be in a world where everything is controlled by computers/robots thx

these are… radical changes tho I think, maybe if I reaaally had to choose I’d go a few (like 5) years forward