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Amorphous (Bichie) (2/?)

Summary : Modern AU. YouTuber!Richie. YouTuber!Bill. Richie Tozier fucked up big time. After a drunken night of having fun, his name is being slandered this way and that. However, and angel appears to sweep the Trashmouth off his feet. Bill Denbrough loves making speed arts of his favorite people on YouTube, and just so happens to be a huge fan of one Richie Tozier.

Pairings : Eventual Bichie

Warnings : Some cussing, cute shit? Nothing really bad in this one

AN : This fic is meant for those over the age of 18. If you are under the age, please turn back now. I will not be keeping a tag list for this one, because I’m not going to tag anyone underaged. This will be full of smut, so be fair warned. Keep in mind that all of the characters are 21+ at this time. The characters in no way have any relation to the child actors that have portrayed them. IT does not belong to me, however if it had I would’ve changed a lot of things in the book.

Chapter 1 | 2

Chapter 2

Word Count: 1969

Should he message him first? What the hell would he even say? Should he say hi? Should he tell him he loves his music? Should he just wait for Richie to message him?

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My Guardienne for #villiansquad B)

Name: Agnis 

I suppose her only reason to join the villian squad is from the “potion episode”. First they lie and then the potion is forced on her and thus her family forgets her. That’s..pretty bad. Given that her lov is with Ezrael she spent her time studying as much as she could about alchemy and with that made her own nick knacks .

This is just a better close up before posting the other one with the group. I had to make a few changes for the outfit, since 

1,The original has a lot of details annd It was going to take me forever.

2.Thats the darkest version I could find.

anonymous asked:

Is it normal that I feel like suddenly my changes have slowed down and/or stopped. I am only 1 year and 2 months on T and my dose is not too low or high. But I am not able to see any changes at all. When I started T the changes were rapid. Do you think that there maybe some problem with my body or health. I am a little bit scared. Or this is a phase some trans guys go through while transitioning? :|

I don’t think I’ve had any real changes in the fast pew months and I’m at a almost 15 ½ months.

I think at this point, any changes will probably be smaller. I know on the paper I got, some things take up to two years to fully develop (I think voice was one of those) and other potentially even longer. But I don’t think it meant things will be definitely changing during all that time.

If they’re visual things, taking daily pictures (like selfies) can help because maybe you don’t feel like anything has changed now, but maybe it has? And if you do daily pictures for a few months then look back who knows maybe there’ll be changes.

So.. things could be done changing but tbh I doubt it I think it’s more any changes will be a lot less noticeable, partly also too because all these first changes were super drastic changes that were very obvious to notice.

I think it’s a very common phase in transitioning

- Kid